The 7 Best Firewood Racks Of 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

“Stack Up Your Firewood in Style and Function”

Whether it is a fireplace, outdoor fire pit or wood stove, stashing firewood nearby is a safe, stable, and convenient way to store the dry wood logs, without getting them frozen or wet to use.

And moreover, it will look more clean, neat, aesthetic and improve the interiors of your fire place area.

Though it looks simple, purchasing a firewood rack isn’t an easy task. You have to consider several factors to consider while finalizing a product. We have mentioned some of them below…

  • Material: The material used to make a firewood rack will define the durability of the product. In general, these racks are made out of wrought iron, steel, plastic, polymer and wood. Among them, powder-coated wrought-iron and steel tubing firewood racks are durable, hold heavyweight, and last longer. This makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use than others.
  • Capacity: Based on your need/usage and space availability, you have to choose the rack capacity. Smaller one’s store a few finely chopped blocks while larger ones used to store longer and a large quantity of wood pieces. How often you use the rack to fire (on occasional weekends or regular evenings). Also, the storage space – where you want to store (indoor or outdoor) should also be considered.
  • Airflow: The best firewood rack will help the wood to season effectively. It should be open in the front and back to allow air circulation pass through firewood chunks to make them dry properly.

If you want more detail information on how to choose a firewood rack, then we recommend reading our “Buying Guide”. Along with that, we took the privilege to pick out the Best Firewood Racks for your reference.

7 Best Firewood Racks Of 2021

Firewood RackWeight CapacityWarrantyBuy Now
Shelterlogic Firewood Rack1,100 pounds1 YearCheck On Amazon
Sunnydaze 4 Foot Decor Firewood RackN.A1 YearCheck On Amazon
Amagabeli Garden & Home Firewood Rack330 PoundsN.ACheck On Amazon
Sunnydaze Decor Firewood Rack N.A1 YearCheck On Amazon

7 Best Firewood Racks Of 2021 Reviews

1. Shelterlogic Firewood Rack


First on our list is ShelterLogic’s Adjustable heavy duty outdoor firewood rack. This highly rated and reviewed rack is made out of high-quality and tough stainless steel. With its powdered finish, it stands sturdy and is corrosion resistant.

Top Features:

  • 46.6 inches in height (4.6 feet in height), 15.5 inches in width and 49.7 inches deep after assembly.
  • Light in weight weighs about 28 pounds and can store up to an area of 5.33 square feet.
  • Comes with an adjustable polyester cover that can be slid up and adjusted in height till the length of the wood stored.
  • Can hold 1/5 cord of wood and up to a heavyweight of 1,100 pounds.
  • The frame is all steel and has a black powder coating finish to it to prevent any rusting.
  • 5 minutes assembly using a 1/2 inches wrench thus has great ease of assembly
  • The open-air design facilitates free flow of air when needed so that no mould forms on the wood stored and thus they stay dry and fresh to fire up.
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase


  • None too specific to mention

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2. Sunnydaze 4 Foot Decor Firewood Rack 


Sunnydaze is a 4 feet long firewood log rack made out of high quality and heavy-duty tubular steel material. The material also has a powder-coated finish to prevent any corrosion of sorts. The product is highly reviewed and rated and though it does not have the rack depth like the ShelterLogic, it sure has the height to compensate.

Top Features:

  • 4 feet tall and almost 5 feet wide with 13.5 inches in width
  • Very light in weight as the entire rack weighs about 16 pounds.
  • Comes with a 50 inches long and 22 inches wide and 38 inches tall overlapping protective cover. Can protect the firewood from any air, moisture, mould thus prevent it from being unusable.
  • Cover has a zip mechanism for easy open and close
  • Can hold 1/2 face cord of firewood and enough to hold wood for more than 2 fires.
  • The sturdy and heavy-duty tubular steel used in it is about 30 mm in diameter and 1 mm thickness with powder-coated finish
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase


  • None too specific to mention

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3. Amagabeli Garden & Home Firewood Rack 

Amagabeli raclk

Next up, we have yet another 4 feet long Firewood rack. The AMAGABELI GARDEN Outdoor Firewood-Rack has a sturdy build structure and good reviews and ratings. The steel used in its construction is tubular thus gives good structural integrity.

Top Features:

  • 4 feet long height and 4 feet wide width. This square-shaped frame had about 1.4 feet in depth.
  • Can be easily assembled in just about 20 minutes of time
  • Mostly fit for outdoor porches, backyard decks, under eaves, tool sheds etc.,
  • Has a Black powder coating but of adequate quality
  • Equidistant racks fixed up using screws and bolts so the racks don’t bend due to weight.
  • Can bear a very high Weight of 330 pounds of Firewood


  • No cover provided
  • No warranty
  • There have been some.reports of adequate powdered finish leading to rusting.

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4. Sunnydaze Decor Firewood Rack 

daze rack

Last on our list, we have yet another SunnyDaze product. This is a very stylish firewood rack and kindling holder that suits both indoors and outdoors. The Sunnydaze firewood rack comes with a great style element to its design all while not compromising on its structural integrity. Speaking of the structure, the frame of the rack is made out of heavy impacting steel material which can withstand any kind of impact.

Top Features:

  • Highly compact design that will look impeccably stylish internally next to the wood based stove or to the fireplace indoors.
  • Has a 30 inches height (3 feet) and 33 inches width (3.3 feet) along with a 13-inch depth (1.3 foot).
  • Though it looks tough on construction, the rack is light in weight at just about 20 pounds of weight.
  • The steel metal has a heavy-duty powder coating for resistance against rusting and corrosion. This adds longevity to the rack and improves the life of the rack.
  • Can easily accommodate 1/4 face cord firewood chunks for storage that can aid in multiple fires.
  • Has a separate kindle holder for easier splinter throwing.
  • Available in Brown and Black colours with great aesthetics
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.


  • None too specific to mention

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Firewood Rack Covers

You might already be having a wood storage rack but need a cover for it. Or you just have a wood stockpile and need to cover it up, you will need a cover. Here is a small list of firewood covers that have a universal fit to them.

Firewood CoverWarrantyBuy Now
Himal Firewood Cover Fit 1 YearCheck On Amazon
Sunnydaze Firewood Rack Cover1 YearCheck On Amazon
Khomo Gear Rack Cover N.ACheck On Amazon

1. Himal Firewood Cover Fit 

himal cover

The Himal Log Rack Cover is a waterproof firewood cover that can fit a 4 feet wide wood storage rack. The universal rack cover is also available in 8 feet size as well.

Top Features:

  • Has a universal size of 4 feet and is also available in 8 feet size as well.
  • Rack cover sizes vary from 48 inches by 24 inches by 49 inches in dimensions.
  • Made out of high quality 600 D Polyester fabric that has a very thick PU waterproof coating. Can keep your wood dry in all and any season.
  • 100% Waterproof thanks to the double-stitched seam all over the cover
  • Includes 2 air vents and 6 highly durable velcros that will enable fixation, windproof and reduce the condensation inside the rack.
  • The rack itself comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.


  • None too specific to mention

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2. Sunnydaze 4-Foot Firewood Rack with Cover

Sunnydaze 4-Foot Firewood Rack with CoverSunnydaze has a strong mission to bring relaxation and convenience into people’s lives through its indoor and outdoor decor products. With 8 years of expertise, the brand is well known for fast shipping.

This firewood rack from the brand is made of tubular steel with a powder coated finish, making it sustain all weather conditions. You also have a cover with it that quickly opens and closes using its toggle straps.

Moreover, you get a 1-year warranty on the product, so you are assured of hassle free service whenever in need.

Top Features:

  • It measures 49 x 13.5 x 48 inches in length, width and height. So, it fits 1/2 face-cord of firewood. This means you store sufficient wood for multiple fires.
  • It comes with a PVC cover that is easy to put and remove.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • 30mm x 1mm diameter tubular steel with powder makes this firerack sustain all temperatures.


  • A bit heavy.

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3. Khomo Gear Rack Cover 

khomo gear

Finally, we have the Khomo Gear, a heavy-duty log rack cover for 4 feet wide firewood racks. The panther series of the rack cover is also available in 8 feet variants for larger rack’s coverage. This rack is one of the highest-rated and reviewed products with a very tough exterior and interior.

Top Features:

  • A very tough cover material that is made out of durable PU and Oxford fabric which is heavy duty and water-repellent.
  • The front of the cover flap can open easily with the rip and grip tabs that make loading of the wood pieces easy and neat.
  • The rack cover has a highly elastic hem cord that will help you toggle and adjust the tent structure for a custom fit.
  • Handles of the cover are reinforced with paddles and also contain double-stitched seams that add strength and an aesthetic style to it while making removal and re-dressing easier.
  • Comes with air vents that reduce the internal condensation and the wind lofting thus improve stability


  • Pricing could have been a tad bit lower but is right by the quality
  • No Warranty

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How to Choose the Best Firewood Rack?

Choosing the best firewood rack is not an easy task, as one has to consider various factors while making its selection. Have a look at these factors and pick the right one, as per your requirement.

1. Indoor Vs Outdoor:

The location where you want to place the rack is essential to consider. Most of these firewood racks are meant to be double duty as an outdoor or indoor rack. They are made with either powder-coated steel (or) wrought iron, which makes most racks are to be weather resistant and decorative.

With certain features, these racks suit better for one type of atmosphere over another. Let’s know what are those features, which make them use conveniently for particular applications – indoors or outdoors.

Indoor Applications – Some rack features like built-in hooks for fireplace tools, compact sizes, kindling holders, and a shelf for fire starters will make it ideal to use indoor (room) with a wood stove or hearth purpose.

Outdoor – Firewood racks that come with overhangs and covers are specially designed to use for outdoor applications. A rack with larger capacities will make it suit perfect to hold a sizable hoard of wood, which takes a lot of space inside the home.

Verdict – Most people have both indoor rack and outdoor rack, which is considered the most convenient option to use whenever and wherever needed.

2. Material:

Check out what kind of material is the firewood rack is made out of.

In general, most firewood rack manufacturers use wrought iron to make their racks. Here this wrought iron is durable, heavy, and weather-resistant, which is produced as a result of splashing pig iron when it is hot. This makes the iron as a perfect material, mostly for an outdoor rack, which you can be leave outside, even for a longer time without getting damaged.

While some other racks are built with steel tubing having a powder-coated finish. This type of racks is lighter and more portable yet won’t last longer than wrought iron models. Here the powder coat will add durability to the steel tubing and thereby helps to resist corrosion and chips. Thus, it is easy to move around while placing or redecorating the rack in storage (not using) during summer.

Other materials include firewood rack kits that are powder-coated steel brackets, which attach 2X4s to generate a rack. They are thicker when compared with steel tubing, which makes them suits for outdoor usage. Also, plastic or polymers are used to make this firewood rack but they are not durable and unable to hold large quantities of wood.

Verdict – The wrought-iron & powder-coated firewood racks are perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. While the so-called indoor racks result in a little beating during its loading. So, prefer to use durable finishes to help the indoor rack stay stronger and longer.

3. Size and Capacity:

Based on how you use a fire burning fixture, you can use the firewood rack for cottage or home. For instance, if you’re burning firewood occasionally on a cold evening, which is different from the one who uses a wood stove as their main heat source.

So, the size of the firewood rack depends on the purpose of wood usage and its storage. If you store wood for occasional use, then a small rack is suitable to hold wood for starting a fire is enough. The smaller rack won’t take much of your space and look attractive. In case, if it has matching fireplace tools, the firewood rack will add to your home’s décor and offers an extra storage option.

While people using a wood stove as their primary heat source should have a larger rack having a plenty of wood storage capacity. Here one has to store amply of wood to keep the stove burning, without going outside to woodpile in cold winter season.

Usually, the firewood is measured (quantified) in terms of face cord or cord. A cord is a simple measurement of 4 feet wide, 8 feet long and 4 feet tall. Whereas the measurement of a face cord will be 8 feet long by 4 feet tall, in which each log measures between 12 – 20 inches.

A cord focus on the volume and the face cord focus on the area. For instance, a larger wood rack can easily hold a quarter to a third face cord of wood, whereas a small rack may only hold a handful/armful wood quantity.

4. Airflow:

Dry and seasoned wood will provide the perfect burn out. Most times, airflow will do it naturally. A good firewood rack will help to season wood more efficiently. The racks are designed to horizontally store the wood and above the ground with open in its front and back. Thus, they allow the air to flow through the firewood chunks and dry them out properly for efficient burning.

Remember that not all wood species season in the same rates/way. For instance, maple and oak wood may take up to 2 years to season, whereas softwoods like cedar and pine may season in under 1 year.

5. Portability:

It is not an easy task to fill a firewood rack. As you have to hold the heap with one arm and stacks the wood on top of the rack with another arm. Many racks offer portable features to help you fill them quickly and easily.

Some firewood racks offer removable slings or totes with handles that aids in easy carrying. Here the slings are made of nylon or heavy-duty canvas, which makes them durable and lightweight. Take out the empty sling into the woodpile, then fill it with enough wood. Finally, carry it back to the rack. You can easily attach its handles to some heavy-duty hooks. Thereby provides you with a suitable way to hang the tote, even when it is full.

6. Aesthetic:

Some people look for a firewood rack, which fits their home’s décor or style (or) to look aesthetic on the front entrance. There are various designs available in the market and you can choose as per your style.

The rack style should suit the interior of your home. For instance, a vintage designed firewood racks such as curled feet, & leaf patterns will add a classic look, rustic, traditional, farmhouse and country décor. While, a hoop or circular-style rack will act as an attractive accent for a minimalist, modern, or mid-century modern décor. So, choose it wisely.

7. Installation:

Assembling or installing a wood rack is easy and straightforward. Some manufacturers offer tools that are essential to assemble the firewood rack, as per the manual instructions. In case, if your manufacturer won’t provide any tools, then all you need is a simple adjustable wrench to construct most of these racks.

All the hardware & kits, including a handful of bolts and nuts to install a sturdy rack, will come along with the package. Most racks won’t require any hardware for their assembling. In case, prefer to use a rack which slides together, then check out for the models that meet your needs.

8. Cover Type:

In general, there are two types of cover available in the market. This essential functional feature will help to keep the wood dry and safe. It can be either a seasoning cover used to cover only the top 1-foot of wood (or) one that stretches to the ground. Choose them as per your need.

We notice that most firewood racks come with a 1-foot top cover to protect the wood pieces from the top. This type of cover may leave the firewood exposed to sunshine, wind, and also protect the top part of the rack from rain. Thus, it allows the wood to get season properly, yet the sideways rain might soak the wood and can setback for a seasoning process while wet summer seasons.

While a full cover stretching to the ground will protect the wood from rain, even from sideways. But hold moisture in a little much. Keep an eye out for that and in case, if it is important to get a full-length cover, then consider purchasing it separately.

9. Kindling Holder:

An integrated kindling holder is found in firewood racks for storing small pieces of wood, which we use to build and start a fire. This feature is quite useful on indoor racks, which are positioned near the fireplace. These small thin wood pieces won’t need to stay long to a season in a kindling holder. So, you can easily use them for the winter months (or) stack up the kindling later in the summer.

10. Durability:

Steel and iron are considered strong and the most durable material to choose for best outside firewood racks. But both these metals should feature a powder coating finish to prevent any scratches, rust, and other wear. Thus, it extends the metal life and thereby rack life.

Quality of the structure and rack assembling is another essential factor to consider. For this, welding should be stronger and last longer than screws. A firewood rack should be easy to assemble and disassemble for its storage and mobility.

11. Fire Tools:

One can find these fire tools mostly in indoor firewood racks. This tool is quite useful for those who are new to open fires but not an essential tool for those who already have these fire tools.

12. Cover Included or Not?

We already came to know how important a cover is for a firewood rack to store the wood properly. So, check out whether the cover is included in the pack or not while purchasing a firewood rack. A few models offer cover while others won’t. Some covers are adjustable and some come with hooks and latches for safety and security.

This cover is made of a variety of materials, in which some are durable and waterproof, while others need to be replaced regularly after a few years. So, while considering the firewood rack model with the proper size and sturdiness, you have to choose the right type of cover for it.

For instance, if you are placing the firewood rack in the covered area, then this rack cover is not needed and become an extra cost. But if storing the firewood in an uncovered area, then a rack cover is essential to keep the wood safe, dry and for reliable storage.

13. Price:

One can find the price range within $25 – $35 for small, basic firewood racks. While the price range for some medium firewood racks for both indoor and outdoor use will be $50 – $100. For large outdoor options, the price will over $250. So, choose the model as per your requirement and budget range.

14. Warranty:

Though it is not a deal-breaker, yet it will surely add value and weightage to the overall quality of the rack. So, it is always essential to pick a rack that offers a minimum of 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty. This will ensure that a service/repair is provided to you if the rack ends up with any manufacturing defects.

Safety Tips for Firewood Storage:

Here are some safety tips to be followed for the proper storage of firewood in your home. Take a look at them.

  • In general, the firewood has to be stacked at least 200 feet (60 meters) from the home to protect the house during a wildfire.
  • Always ensure that you maintain less quantity of fuel close to your home. This will reduce the likelihood that an ember attack may lead to catching fire in the house.
  • Another reason to keep the firewood away from the house is that they get easily attracted by rodents and insects. If not, it will result in causing a pest control issue.
  • It is essential to keep small debris and loose kindling a few feet away from the firewood rack. Also, ensure the area should be clear of the potential kindling, which causes the rack to catch alight.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do you need to cover the firewood?

Ans: Yes, the firewood needs to be covered properly to dry out and protect the wood for its proper usage in cold weather. In some cases, the firewood remains uncovered to season properly. So, it’s always worth investing in a good cover for firewood rather than cheap covers, which won’t stand up and quickly degrade. Or else simply choose the firewood racks that come with a cover.
If not, have to purchase it separately, then look for the one that provides a good overhang. Also, it can be able to open up along the sides to keep proper airflow. So, one should select the firewood rack cover that protects the wood, rack and positioned slanted to keep away the moisture from the wood base.

2. How to stack the firewood properly?

Ans: When you want to stack up the firewood in a rack, then you should pile it evenly so that the wood will stay stable in the rack. But with outdoor racks, you have to stack the logs with enough space for wind/airflow to pass through. This makes the strong breeze don’t take the rack and logs down.

3. How much does a cord of firewood cost, & how many wood pieces are there in a cord?

Ans: The cost of a firewood cost will be anywhere from $120 – $250. While coming to the number of pieces of wood in a cord will typically have 600 – 800 logs of firewood. Whereas, a face cord should have roughly 200 – 275 pieces of wood.

4. How long it takes to season firewood?

Ans: It is the time length of firewood that takes to season. For this, you have to place firewood out in the spring and let it exposed to the sun and wind till around October. However, it varies depending on the particular type of firewood. Yet it takes up to two years (in general) for most firewood to season fully. A general rule is – the longer the wood left to dry out (season), the better it will burn. So, season it accordingly for a better output.

5. Is it easy to store firewood in a garage?

Ans: Though it is not considered a great idea to store the firewood in a garage/inside the home. The reason is that many more pets & insects get attracted to firewood when it is stacked close to a warm house. Also, they freak out and host a rave while moving indoors out of the rain, snow, and cold.
Insects like spiders, termites, beetles, and carpenter ants will like to have a good stack of firewood to make themselves get warm and active insider the garage or home, when once the logs are brought inside the home.

6. How to check whether the firewood is seasoned or not?

Ans: In general, a seasoned wood appears dry and cracked. The outside bark of the wood should be easy to peel off. The wood may lose its fresh sappy smell and look faded color like grey or yellow color rather than rich brown.
In case, if you are not sure about its seasoned – then there is an easy way to check whether it is seasoned or not is that try to burn a piece of wood. If it burns, then it is properly seasoned. If not, season it properly.


Of all the available options, the ShelterLogic’s firewood rack has been our best pick. It wins this place thanks to it being a highly rated and reviewed product. It has high-quality stainless steel build, powdered finish, the great weight-bearing capacity of 1,100 pounds and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. All these factors make it the best firewood rack to buy online.

While that was our list, we are interested in hearing out about your choices. Did we miss out on anything or do you want us to add or remove anything from the list? Or is it that you have got some questions for us regarding fireplaces, firewood racks or firewood pokers? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below and our team will write back to you as soon as possible.

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