The 13 Best LED Strip Light Kits To Buy Online at Lowest Price

LED strip lights are getting popular these days for home lighting, why because they are brighter, energy-efficient, long-lasting, and easy to install & control. They come in a compact pack, flexible, durable, and shock resistance, which makes it an affordable option for both residential and commercial lighting applications.

As a buyer, you have to keep these 2 main factors in your mind when buying the LED strip lights to grab the best one.

Length of Strip – The length should never be too long or too short for your needs. The minimum length will be 5 meters per reel. But one can customize their strip length by depending on the strip type and placing location.

Light Brightness – To determine the brightness of LED strip lights, we measure in terms of lumens per foot (or meter). A high-quality LED strip is going to provide at least 450 lumens per foot (or 1500 lumens per meter). The brightness of the light is determined by the light efficiency of the LED emitter, the number of LEDs per foot, and its power consumption. It allows depends on the placing location.

There are so many things, you have to consider while buying these LED strip lights, which are clearly explained in the below “Buying Guide” to make sure you will get the right type of LED light, as per your requirements. Also, we are providing a list of best-selling LED Strip Lights in the market to reduce your shopping time.

Top 13 LED Light Strips

LED Strip Light KitsLengths of StripLEDsControlsWarrantyBuy Now
Daybetter LED Strip Lights32.8 feet300IR Remote1 YearCheck On Amazon
Minger LED Strip Lights16.4 feet150IR Remote90 days satisfaction
window and 1 Year
Check On Amazon
Govee LED Strip Lights32.8 feet300IR Remote1 YearCheck On Amazon
Daybetter Led Strip Lights32.8 feet150IR Remote1 YearCheck On Amazon
Phopollo LED Strip Lights32.8 feet300IR Remote1 YearCheck On Amazon
Gusodor LED Strip Lights32.8 feet300Wifi & IR RemoteN.ACheck On Amazon
Govee LED Strip Lights32.8 feetN.AWifi & IR RemoteN.ACheck On Amazon
Nexillumi LED Strip Light65.6 Feet600Wifi & IR Remote1 YearCheck On Amazon
Pangton Villa LED Strip Lights 65.6 FeetN.AIR Remote1 YearCheck On Amazon
Qzyl LED Strip Lights39.42 feet360Wifi ,IR Remote & Audio50 Days satisfaction
Window and 1 Year
Check On Amazon
Alitove LED Strip Lights32.8 Feet1200Control BoxN.ACheck On Amazon
Xprite LED Strip LightsN.AN.AIR RemoteN.ACheck On Amazon
Tenmiro LED Strip Lights50 FeetN.AWifi & IR RemoteNo warranty but 1
Year after sales service
Check On Amazon

13 Best LED Light Strip Reviews

1. Daybetter 32.8ft 10m LED Strip Lights 

daybetter light

First on our list is the DayBetter, a 32.8 feet long remote-controlled 5050 RGB strip light. Incredible for DIY interior decoration, these lights really bring out the best look of your house and are very easy to set up as well. 

Top Features:

  • Comes in rolls of two with each roll being about 16.4 feet in length (or 10 meters). 
  • Includes a strong self-adhesive to its behind. With this, these lights can easily stick onto a wall.
  • The lights are built-in parallel connection and not series thus if a single unit fails, it will not affect the entire line.
  • Of all the 300 LED bulbs in the strip, if you do not wish to use the entire large lines, you can the light strip in counts of 3 LEDs and still use them. For this, you would be needing a 10 mm non-waterproof connectors (not included in the packaging)
  • High quality and ultra-bright LED lights wherein the single light will shine bright for better output. They are both colorful and durable to build at the same time. 
  • Can be controlled and toggled with a remote control too. The IR remote will let you dim the lights, turn it on, set it to different modes of lighting as well. 
  • Great for any room and once connected to a 4 pin port, it is ready to go. 

Warranty: The Day better LED light strip comes with a 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase


  • Neat and easy to use; perfect for rooms and background lightings as well
  • The remote lets you turn on the lights and off and much more
  • 20+ colours available to switch from


  • Sometimes individual lights may cause flickerings

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2. Minger LED Strip Lights

minger led

Next on our list is yet another 5050 chip based RGB lights. The Minger LED strip lights to come with 16.5 feet of chord length and can change colors and flicker to various modes too. But unlike the day better lights, these have an outward appearance to them. 

Top Features:

  • Long enough parallel-connected 16.4 feet in length, the line is also available in 32.8 feet length as well
  • Very strong 3M self-adhesive tape to the back of each LED for better sticking to the wall. 
  • Colour changing RGB LED strip with a total of 16 color changing options. 
  • The line is studded with 150 premium 5050 SMD LEDs. Please understand that the strip is not waterproof in nature
  • All of the lines are parallelly connected and you can also cut the LEDs 3 each and use it as well. 
  • Infrared Remote control gives you the ability to change a wide range of mode selections
  • Built from Superior and safe material, the line comes with a double layer of copper on the PCB board. This will give out an even feel of the colors in lighting and also prevents any overcharging and offers short circuit protection as well. 
  • The IR Remote also has a memory function that will remember the previous settings and act on it

Warranty: The lights come with a worry-free 90-day satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. Email-based customer support is also available.


  • Simple stick and use model. 
  • Remote also has a memory function for various modes as well
  • 16 Colours available to switch from


  • The adhesive is not so strong as advertised

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3. Govee LED Strip Lights

Govee Led Strip Lights

Next on our list is yet another remote-controlled LED strip light. The Govee LED strip lights come with a considerable gap between each LED bulb and the open nature gives greater flexibility as to how you can stick it for decoration.

Top Features:

  • The lights come in color-changing format and are equipped with a total of 20 colours and also 6 different DIY Colouring options
  • Dual control of the lights with the remote control up to a total of 32.8 feet distance and also comes with a separate practical control box. 
  • The control box contains single switches for on and off and also can be used to adjust the colours and the brightness of the lights as well.
  • The dimming feature lets you adjust the brightness in increments of 6 levels each. The rope light can also be warm or bright. 
  • Easy to install, the lights come in an all in one package kits with a simple one-step installation. 

Warranty: The lights come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase and There is no extended warranty window but it does have a 90 days satisfaction window of replacement. 


  • Dual control options
  • Comes with extra support clips as well.
  • 1 year of warranty.


  • Could have had better warranty windows.

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4. Daybetter 32.8ft Led Strip Lights 


Next on our list is yet another DAYBETTER product. The DAYBETTER LED strip lights are just as same as the DAYBETTER LED multicolor lights mentioned above. Except that these lights are waterproof in nature when compared to the previous lights. 

Top Features:

  • Available in two rolls of 16.4 feet or 32.8 feet rolls each. 
  • Have a very strong 3M adhesive factor to them that is self-adhesive. This makes it not only easy to stick to the wall but also very strong in its hold as well.
  • Parallel connection build makes it easier to cut and use in increments of 3 LEDs as well. One LED failure will not impact the whole lot.
  1. Has a total of 150 bulbs in the entire 16.4 feet strip. As mentioned, cutting of LEDs in 3’s increments is possible.
  2. Ultra Bright and high-quality durable LED lights. The bulbs are also waterproof in nature. 
  3. The IR Remote control lets you control the lights with great ease and smoothness. You can not only turn on the lights, but also control brightness, tune, change the colour settings, and whatnot.

Warranty: Daybetter LED lights strip provides you with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase and also has a customer satisfaction team on standby as well.


  • Easy to use and install as well
  • Highly precise and functional 44 Keys based IR remote control
  • Waterproof nature of the lights is a win
  • 20+ colours available to switch and toggle


  • None too specific to mention

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5. Phopollo LED Strip Lights

phopolo led

The Phopollo LED strip lights that come with a similar design schema as most of the products listed today. Phopollo’s 5050 lights are non-waterproof in nature but they have a huge number of LEDs in them (300 in total)

Top Features:

  • 10 meters long strip lights (also available in 32.8 feet variants as well) and all of them operate on a low voltage power to provide more than 50,000 hours of service life
  • Multi-coloured LED lights with over 20+ colour variant options that can be changed to single light or multi-light modes of lighting. 
  • Comes with a 44 key IR remote controller that can let you dim, power on, off and adjust the brightness of the LED lights from great distances
  • Comes fuelled with a very strong 3M adhesive that easily sticks down to the sides and does not easily come off. 
  • Cuttable design. You can cut down the lights in counts of 3 LEDs into desired lengths and connect to work normally
  • Double layers of copper on the PCB board for heat, short-circuiting and other forms of protection. 

Warranty: Phopollo provides a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase and it also seems to have pretty compelling customer support too


  • Great for layering designs in the interiors 
  • Strong adhesive and easy to install
  • Bright enough for interiors 
  • Great 44 Keys based remote control


  • None too specific to mention

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6. Gusodor LED Strip Lights 

gusdoor led

The GUSODOR LED is a very uniquely designed strip of LED lights. These strips of lights might look normal to you but they are actually smart LED lights. These lights can not only be controlled using a control box or a remote but also through a mobile APP. they are also audio sensitive through a microphone and are thus great for parties too.

Top Features:

  • First App-based controllable LED lights on the list, the Gusodor LED strip lights to come with a three-way control design. One is the mobile app, one is a control box, the other is a remote control. With the App, you can choose which kind of lighting mode you want, switch colours and do much more light and also brightness manipulation
  • Through the controller, you can turn the lights on and off and also control the brightness and switch colours too. The 25 keyed IR based remote will give you the same range and control as the mobile App like colour switching, dimming the lights and others.
  • The light’s control board comes with an inbuilt microphone in it. This sensitive and adjustable microphone can absorb any musical beats and respond to the lights accordingly. This is perfect for house parties, romantic evenings and much more.
  • The microphone further comes with a Music Sync LED memory function. Thus when you use the lights again, they remember the last settings of the mode and then they will repeat the same mode.
  • With 300 of the LEDs, the 5050 SMD RGB strip lights can also be shaped into DIY for unique and different colours for different spaces too. 
  • The PCB Board uses a double copper layer on it to keep for the mixed colours to look even all over.
  • Cuttable design at 3 LED bulbs apart and has 28 different modes to choose from
  • Made out of IP65 Waterproof Material thus suited for outdoor usage too.

Warranty: No warranty has been mentioned anywhere in the product literature


  • APP and 25 keyed Remote control (App is iOS 8.0 or Android 4.3 or higher)
  • Sound sensitive Microphone and Music Sync memory functions
  • Waterproof design
  • User-friendly design


  • No warranty

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7. Govee LED Strip Lights 

Govee 32

Next on our list is yet another Govee LED strip lights. These strip lights are also smart LED strip lights that not only work with a smartphone via an App or not just with a control box or remote control, but with Alexa and Google assistant too.

Top Features:

  • The Govee Strip has a 32.8 feet long LED strip of 5050 SMD lights of colorful ambiance
  • These LED lights are smart in nature and work with Alexa and Google Assistant as well. They can be switched on, switched off, dim the lights, change colors and much more.
  • The same control can be done using the control board as well. The 25 keyed IR based remote control will also let you control basically all of the functions of the lights. 
  • There is a Govee Home app that lets you control the lights over the WiFi as well making it a 4 way controlled LED lights strip. Make sure that you are turning the control box while using the WiFi control box.
  • The LED bulbs are very bright in nature and are available in dual rolls of 16.4 feet each. The design is cuttable in about 3 LEDs each
  • Strong self-adhesive 3M that sticks firmly to the back of the wall or any decorative

Warranty: There is no mention of any warranty on the lights which is kind of a let down for such a great product.


  • Smart LED lights that can be controlled over WiFi, Remote control, control board wise and also through voice control through Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant too
  • Easy to install 
  • Vibrant colours and schema


  • No warranty

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8. Nexillumi LED Strip Light

ultra led

Next on our list is more of a local branded but highly reviewed and good quality and unusually long LED strip lights. The Nexillumi LED strip lights are ultra-long in nature and have a massive number of LED bulbs to them. The lights are also smart in nature and can also be controlled using a smartphone app as well.

Top features:

  • Incredibly ultra-long LED strip light with a length of about 65.6 feet (about 10 meters).
  • All along the line are about 600 LED bulbs soldered onto the PCB board 
  • Also comes with extra 4 X 4 connectors as the strip is cuttable and can be used in any customized DIY fashion.
  • As a smart LED light strip, the lights can also be controlled using a smartphone app called Ehome Light (available both on the iOS App Store and the Google Play store as well). Using this, you can toggle brightness, change colours, dimming and much more. 
  • The controller switch also has a built-in microphone that will make the lights pulsate and change colours for a lively party like music environment 
  • Has an upgraded 44 key and 4 music mode IR based remote control that will control the lights and also enable the memory model of the lights.
  • As the lights are cut friendly and can be customized with 3 LED lights each, there are exclusive 4×4 connectors for this. 
  • Has 20 preset colour changes and thus can be used with various permutations as well.

Warranty: The LED lights come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that has a direct replacement in regular usage. And also a good customer support as well.


  • A durable piece of strip lights that is long-lasting
  • Easy to use and user friendly
  • Great connectivity and super connected/controlled through the app and remote and wireless.


  • None to mention specifically

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9. Pangton Villa LED Strip Lights 


Next on our list is a small strip light that fits the back of your TV set to act as an ornate giving out great light. Pangton Villa is a USB enabled LED strip light of a small length.

Top Features:

  • Comes in two length options of 6.56 feet or 14.3 feet variants and each of the strips has 5050 SMD LEDs studded to them. 
  • Perfect for a 40 to 60 inches or 78.1 inches flat-screen TV
  • Colour changes on the TV would enhance the mood and create a theatre-like experience
  • Comes with a 24 key-based remote control. This lets you switch the colours in 16 different variants and also has 4 dimmable modes. The control distance on this remote is about 19.6 feet to about 26.2 feet
  • Easy to install on the back of a TV as it comes with a self-adhesive strong 3M Tape.
  • Can work when connected to the USB interface of the TV

Warranty: These lights are highly rated and also come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase


  • Simple and easy to install
  • Remote controllable with fading, changing and switching
  • 1 year of warranty
  • Gives a great look onto the TV


  • Not so long enough for general decorations

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10. Qzyl LED Strip Lights


Next on our list are the QZYL smart strip lights, yet another addition to the smart lights on our list. The QZYL strip lights can be controlled with a remote, a mobile app and also through the control box on the lights. 

Top Features:

  • Comes with a 39.42 feet long LED strip with about 360 of high-quality LED lights studded onto the light. 
  • The light stirp is smart in nature and can be controlled using the duoCO Strip App, which acts as the remote control. 
  • It also has an IR based remote control that lets you program different colour settings to the light as well. 
  • The audio sensitive microphone will adjust the lighting to suit the mood and also swap between colours for a party-like atmosphere. 
  • You can also program the lights to turn on at sunset and off during the sunrise time using the app. 
  • The lights can also be dimmed during movie time and up high when you play music
  • The light has a memory function that remembers the last mode of selection and operates in the same way when you turn the light back on 
  • A total of 28 dynamic modes can be chosen
  • PCB Board is coated with a double layer of copper for better protection

Warranty: Comes with a 50 days 100% satisfaction return window and also a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase


  • Easy to install with the self-adhesive tape
  • Great in operation and highly rated product as well
  • Great economic pricing 
  • Good length and super smart control features for great indoor use and party use as well
  • Good warranty and satisfaction window


  • None specific to mention about

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11. Alitove LED Strip Lights 

leiovo led

While most of the lights in the list are multicoloured and can switch or dance around in various vibrant colours, the Alitove LED strip lights is plain bright cool white in colour. It has a bright output and an incredibly dense LED placement within its length. 

Top Features:

  • 32.8 feet long strip light with a very dense placement of “1200” of 2835 SMD LEDs of daylight white colour. 
  • The LEDs have a brightness capacity based on their 5700 kelvin to 6200 kelvin intensity with a 18 lumens per LED luminosity. 
  • The high-density placement makes the lights look more bright and lively
  • New generation 24 Volt strip that is much safer than a 110 Volt LED strip. 
  • Built with IP 67 Waterproof material thus it is great for any water-filled placement or the outdoors as well. Please be sure that the power chord is placed elsewhere apart from the 
  • Cuttable design makes it highly customizable as well. But unlike most LEDs, you have to cut with 6 LED lengths each but owing to the high density, it is ok to have a similar length cut as those LEDs
  • Comes with 10 mini screws and 5 mounting clips for easier fitting

Warranty: No warranty is provided to this otherwise highly rated produce


  • Great and simple in design
  • Good ratings and reviews
  • Flexible and can be moulded to any DIY shapes
  • Also available in a warm white light colouring as well
  • Waterproof in build thus is suited for the great outdoors as well


  • Single colored
  • No remote control
  • No warranty

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12.  Xprite LED Strip Lights 

xprite led

Next on our list is a strip light that is built for motor vehicles. The XPRITE strip lights are a kit of Underglow Neon Accent Strip lights with 8 different colour combinations and are also sound sensitive. 

Top Features:

  • Highly bright 5050 SMD LED chip based lights with uniform and bright lights. When placed under the vehicle, they would emit out a really cool and vibrant coloured outlook to the vehicle. 
  •  Multi coloured in function, the undercar strip lights have a total of 8 preset static colours which amount to 4 different lighting effects. These include 2 preset jumps and 2 preset fading patterns. 
  • Sound sensitive, the lights can be activated in 4 different sound active modes. The Lights change according to the sound that comes
  • Has an IR based remote control that lets you switch on, program or turn off the lights in a 100 feet distance
  • Has a pre applied adhesive tape to it that makes installing it under the vehicle very easy. 
  • The quick-connect plug makes it simple enough to plug it into the cigarette lighter and use it
  • Made out of IP 67 Waterproof material, the device can withstand high or low temperature, made in a flexible rubber tubing, it can withstand any water or rain as well

Warranty: The product does not come with any warranty or return or satisfaction window


  • Simple stick, plugin and use model
  • Gives a great and appealing look to your car’s exteriors
  • Remote controlled from within the car itself
  • Sound activated and has memory function as well


  • No warranty

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13. Tenmiro LED Strip Lights 

Tenmiro Smart Led

Last on our list is the 50 feet long, app controlled smart strip LED lights by Tenmiro. The Tenmiro smart LED strip lights come with high quality 5050 SMD LEDs with multiple dynamic modes of operation. 

Top Features:

  • Has a very long 50 feet (or 15 meters long) SMD LED light strip.
  • Much like most of the smart LED strips, this one too can be controlled via an App, remote control and also a physical controller. 
  • The remote control has 23 keyes and can have multiple modes of connection 
  • With either of the controls, you can toggle with different colour combinations, switch it on, switch it off, try various dimness levels( from 1% to 100% and much more) and much more. 
  • Has a sensitive and adjustable microphone that makes the light audio sensitive. The lights can be programmed to change according to the rhythm of the music and sound played.
  • Can be switched between 28 dynamic modes and can also be programmed to DIY colour scheme as well. 
  • Has a self adhesive tape that also has 4 buckles and 2 four pin connectors. Easy to install or extend as well.
  • Highly customizable in design and can be cut in 3 LED apart for DIY Customizations

Warranty: Comes with a 1 year after sales service but no proper warranty is mentioned


  • Great controls and 28 dynamic modes 
  • User friendly
  • Easy to build and use. 
  • Bright LEDs


  • Though they offer a 1 year after sales surface, no warranty is provided

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What is an LED Strip Light?

LED strip lights offers a versatile form of lighting, which definitely help you to add some stylish look with its accent lighting in the surroundings. It transforms anything from simple to stylish in a couple of minutes. One has to look at the following characteristics to make it use best.

  • It should consist of various individual LED emitters that are mounted on a flexible, narrow circuit board.
  • It has to be operated on low voltage DC power to prevent any damage to the LEDs.
  • The strip lights are available in a vast range of variable or fixed colors and its related brightness.
  • It should be shipped in a long reel (5 meters / 16 feet), in which you can cut to length and for proper mounting, it comes with double sided adhesive.

Anatomy of LED Strip

Anatomy of an LED Strip

A Brief Study of an LED Strip Light

An LED strip light comes with a width of 1/2 -inch (10 – 12 mm) and length of 5 meters (16 feet) or more. One can easily cut this strip to any of your desired length along the cutlines (copper ovals) by using a pair of scissors. The cutlines acts as electrical connection points to feed the power and they are located every 1 – 2 inches in the strip light.

Generally, they are individual LEDs that are mounted along the strip of the circuit board, typically at densities of 18 – 36 LEDs/foot (or) 60 – 120 LEDs/meter. So, the quality and the light color of an individual LED will determine the overall quality and light color of the LED strip. The most commonly used LED types are 2835 and 5050 SMD.

The backside of any LED strip will come with a pre-applied double-sided adhesive. All you need is to simply peel off the liner and stick / mount this LED strip on any surface. The flexible circuit board will allow you to mount the LED strips on any curved or uneven surfaces easily.

How to Choose the Best LED Strip Light?

Selecting the best one from a vast array of LED strip lights that available in all color temperatures, sizes, IP ratings, lumen outputs, etc. is somewhat a difficult task. So, to assist you in choosing and buying the best LED strip light.

In case, if you still have any queries, then feel free to contact us by using the comments form at the end of this buying guide.

1. Types of LED

types of led strip

source: Wikipedia

There are various models of LED available in the market, which you have to choose, as per your requirement.

  • 3528 MD – This subtle light is perfect to use for ambient or task lighting in small areas like on stairs, ceiling coves, around windows and under cabinets.
  • 3014 LED – It is small and efficient when compared with 3528. The small size diode will fit properly on the length of PCB strip, and thereby offers uniform lighting with more brightness.
  • 5050 MD – It emits bright light and is ideal for either domestic or commercial use, which covers longer distances or larger areas. It is perfect to use in high ceilings, wall washes, and outdoor lighting. It also works best for color changing RGBW / RGB LED strips.
  • 2835 MD – It is smaller and thinner than 5050 MD. One can replace the 5050 MD efficiently with this 2835 SMDs, as it produces 20% more light with same power consumption.
  • 2216 MD – Much thinner and smaller than 3528 MD. One can get this model in 300 LED/m or 420 LED/m, which are used to get a best even lighting without using LED dots.
  • 5630 MD – It is a stretched version of 5050 with a wide viewing angle. This wider angle allows the LEDs to emit brighter light output with same wattage.

2. Types of LED Strips


The LED strips has broad category with various types of LED lights. You can select a particular type of LED strip lights that based on how you’re going to use these strips. Here is a brief explanation of each type of LED strip light.

  • DC LED Flex Strips – It is powered from 12V DC and these are flexible lights that comes with adhesive backing for an easy mounting. It is cuttable every 2-inches and offers waterproof feature. One can find this strip lights in 30 LED/M – standard density (or) 60 LED/M – high density.
  • AC LED Flex Strips – These flexible lights will run direct from the outlet. All you need is to plug in and it is ready to illuminate your area.
  • High Output LED Strips – One can easily mount it to rigid strips within the board circuitry and drivers by choosing this high-power LED from Nichia, Cree and Luxeon.
  • LED Rope Light – The encased, omni-directional LED in the standard rope light packaging.

 3. Color Temperature

With this color temperature, we can easily differentiate the various white colors which LED can produce while lighting. This temperature will let you know how cool or warm the light appears / illuminate lighting. The color temperature is measured in terms of Kelvin (K). The higher temperature will represent cool colors and lower temperature represent warmer yellowish light color. After deciding the place to install these LED strip lights, you can easily decide the color of the light, which has to complement and enhance your home decor.

  • 2100 – 2400K: The color temperature within this range will provide a light with soft & relaxing glow. This range is mostly used in bedrooms, dinning rooms and other intimate spaces.
  • 2700 – 3000K: It provide a cozy light, which makes it ideal for interior designers with most of wood elements, why because it brings out detailed grain.
  • 3000 – 4000K: It gives a warm white light and this color works well in offices, kitchens and vanities, where it requires task lighting.
  • 4000 – 4500K: A neutral white light is emitted by LED in this temperature range. It reduces eyestrain effectively and ideal to use in offices or educational buildings.
  • 5000 – 6500K: The LED emits a bright yet cool blue-white light within this color temperature range. It is best for displays and work area where high illumination is required.

Note – One can easily get LED strip lights that comes with color adjustable temperatures. These are useful for those who want to change the light color by using light strips for various types of mood lighting.

Color TemperatureLight ColorArea of Application / Suits Best for
2100K – 2400KSoft & Relaxing lightBedrooms, Dining Rooms, & other intimate spaces
2700K – 3000KCozy lightLiving rooms, Bedrooms
3000K – 4000KWarm White lightKitchens, Hallways, Offices & Vanities
4000K – 4500KNeutral White lightOffices & Educational Buildings
5000K – 6500KBright Cool White lightOutdoor LED lighting, Bathrooms & Other Places where Bright Light is needed.

4. Power Supply

Power consumption is a main reason for most people to switch to LED. Wattage is used to measure the power supply (how much power the light is consuming) required to run these lights. This will let you know how much you have to pay. So, before purchasing these strip lights, you have to verify the wattage per meter, foot or reel.

The voltage which travels all the length of the wire and thereby drops gradually in DC circuits. Thus, results in glowing LED lights with one end of strip light brighter than other one. We always suggest you to use constant-current strips (or) 24-volt strips for long run applications, rather than 12-volt strips, which lose voltage quickly.

The maximum rated current (Amps) or power (watts) are listed in every DC power supply. You can easily determine the total power consumption of an LED strip by using a simple formula.

Power = LED power (consumption per foot) X LED strip length (in feet)

For example, if you want to calculate the total power consumption of a LED strip of length 5 ft with 4 watts power consumption per foot. Then power = 4 X 5 => 20 Watts.

Also, remember that power draw per foot / meter is listed in an LED strip lights datasheet. So, always know about the voltage that LED strip lights use. For instance, a strip light that uses 24 volts won’t work well for a 12-volt power supply and may result in risk of fire. Prefer to choose 24V rather than 12V while buying these lights.

Here is the maximum run length of LED strip lights, as per voltage.

  • For 12V, the maximum length is 5 meters.
  • 5 – 10 m is the length for 24V.
  • Constant Current comes with length of 10 – 15 m.

 5. Light Brightness / Lumen Output

The lumens are used to determine the brightness of LED strip lights. Different LED strips comes with different levels of efficiency. So, wattage rating will not alone used in determining the output of the light. We measure LED strip brightness in terms of lumens per foot (or meter).

A high-quality LED strip is going to provide at least 450 lumen per foot (or 1500 lumen per meter), which is same as light output of a traditional T8 fluorescent lamp per foot (for instance, 4 ft T8 fluorescent = 4 ft of LED strip = 1800 lumen). Generally, the LED strips light’s brightness is determined mainly by 3 factors.

  • The efficiency and output of light per LED emitter
  • The count of LED per foot.
  • The power consumption of LED strip per foot.

A Led strip light without any specification of lumen brightness is not recommended. Also, avoid the low-cost LED strips which claim high brightness will lead to failure. The level of lumen will depend on how you’re going to use this LED strips. Here is a table that let you know how much lumen are required as per your lighting requirements.

Type of UsageRequired Lumen Per FootRequired Lumen Per Meter
Mood or Accent Lighting150 – 250510 – 1150
Under Cabinet Lighting175 – 550570 – 1700
Task Lighting near Light Source250 – 450910 – 1430
Task Lighting far from Light Source350 – 7001120 – 2250
Indirect Lighting (for hotels & bedrooms)375 – 5751230 – 1840
Industrial Lighting / linear lighting / signage500 – 7501640 – 3220

6. Density (Standard or High-Density)

We already came to know that DC flex strips comes with two density options – standard density strips (30 LED/M) and the brighter upgrade High-Density strips (double LED count, 60 LED/M). People who want brighter light will definitely choose high-density strips. But before going to purchase, you should know their difference, which are given in the below table.

DensityNumber of LEDsLumensWattage (Per Reel)CuttableMax. Run
Standard Density (SD)30 Per Meter540 Per Meter27 WattsEvery 4 inches32.8 Feet
High-Density (HD)60 Per Meter1080 Per meter40 WattsEvery 2 inches16.4 Feet

The standard density flex strips are perfect to use for accent or indirect lighting or tight spaces. however, they are not intense as high-density strips, one can easily use them in places where it requires less brightness of light like back lighting, shelf-lighting, and another soft accent lighting.

One of the main advantages of using this 30 LED/M standard strip is that they connected easily up to 32 ft, which is 2 X times of high-density strip. This will be an added benefit for those who need longer length irrespective of light brightness.

The high-density LED strip will make use of the high-quality diode and thereby delivers quality lighting brighter than the standard one. So, the high-density strip lights are an upgrade version of standard density strips. It is used in various applications like higher ceiling coves with more light and other places where you use them as a primary light sources in a specific area. Suits best for task lighting but to adjust the light brightness whenever required, you need to have a dimmer.

7. Protection / Waterproof Rating

Generally, the flex strips come with two different styles of strip – IP65 waterproof & IP20 style.

The IP65 waterproof LED strips suits best to use for both outdoors and indoors. A think silicone layer on the top of this strip will make it withstand various elements. It suits best to use for outdoor lighting, bathroom lighting, patio/ pool lighting, under cabinet lighting, and other areas where dust or moisture gets collected.

The flex strip with an IP20 style basically comes with the same features of IP65 strip but without the protective silicone layer. It is perfect to use in areas where we won’t have to worry about any dust or water ruining the strip and components.

Here are some protection ratings, as per the waterproof feature are mentioned.

  • IP20 (Non-Waterproof) – Mostly used in dry indoor areas like living rooms, bedrooms & cabinets.
  • IP62 (Silicon Glue) – It has a perfect waterproof feature that makes it ideal to use in any potentially damp areas like kitchens and bathrooms.
  • IP65 (Silicon Sleeve) – Perfect to use for damp or outdoor areas without having any water immersion.
  • IP68 (Silicon Seal) – Used widely for underwater applications like for docks or swimming pools.

 8. Strip Dimension

The dimensions of LED strip lights will range from 4 – 58 mm wide to fit for all kinds of lighting applications. Have a look on these measurements.

  • For cabinet or cover lighting, use a strip of 4 – 8 mm
  • Regular lumen output for domestic or commercial use, choose a strip of 10 – 12 mm width.
  • For task lighting or large profiles with super high lumen output, go with a strip of 15 – 58 mm wide. 

9. Controller or Dimmer or Sensor

There are various options (like controllers, dimmers, and sensors) available for operating and controlling these LED strip lights. Dimmers are widely used to adjust only light brightness. Controllers are used to adjusting the colors, speed, modes and brightness of the strip lights by using wireless remotes. Motion sensors are used to operate strips automatically when some reach near to these strip lights.

For single color LED strip lights, one can select options that include dimmers and controllers with remotes, in-line dimmers and controllers, and knob dimmers. These controllers allow you to change the color temperature (from ultra warm white to cool) and brightness of the tunable white strip lights (OR) RGB/RGBW strip lights. So, choose between any static or dynamic color-changing or single-color modes.

Simply, use dream-color controllers and remotes to adjust or select the color changing /chasing patterns, brightness, speed on Dream color LED strip lights. One can easily control your RGB/RGBW LED strip lights by using their tablet or smartphone with a Wi-Fi hub or Wi-Fi controller. All you need is to download the app, sync your device to controller for operating the strips from anywhere.

10. Number of LED per Length

Always, it is essential to check the number of LED per length before buying these strip lights. To get brighter light output and high-quality lighting, you have to choose a strip lights that comes with highest number of LED per foot/meter/yard. In case, if the LED are placed too far across the strips then it produces spot lighting rather than clean & constant line of lighting.

Make sure to stick to certain set of measurements rather than using different units of measurement. Then check which strips have most LED per unit of measurement. Even the LED rope light and brightness of LED along with number of LED will determine the light brightness and quality.

11. Other Considerations

Here are a few considerations that you have to take while purchasing these LED strip lights.

  • Strip Length – The length should never be too long or too short for your needs. The default length of this strip lighting is 5 meters per reel. But one can customize their strip length by depending on the strip type and placing location.
  • Connectors – We require to carry a various section of clips, connectors and end caps, which suits to connect for your strips.
  • Strip Light Color – Mostly, we see a wide range of single colors (like green, blue, white, orange and yellow) or multi-color strips (like RGB/RGBW) in any LED strip. The color changing strips like RGB will let LED to display Red-Green-Blue combined colors. The controller will change the colors in flashes or stay on any selected color that suits perfect and enhance your home décor.

 12. Amplifiers

To avoid any voltage-drop in this LED strip lighting, one has to use LED amplifier between maximum runs of strip. It amplifies power from ending point of one strip to the starting point of next strip to prevent any power loss. Thereby the power will extend the maximum run of LED strips. There are many types of amplifiers available for LED lighting but mostly used are single color LED light amplifiers, tunable white amplifiers, and RGB/RGBW amplifiers.

13. Thermal Management

The LED strip lights are specially designed with proper thermal management and heat dissipation. If they won’t have, the lifespan of LED 50,000+ hour will be dropped to 10,000 or 20,000 hours. So, heat will reduce the lifespan & brightness of LED light. This is done on a PCB level and chip level but don’t rely completely on aluminum heat sink to keep away the heat from LED. To get a longer lifespan, a product has to be designed at a component level.

14. Accessories

You may require various accessories based on the installation of these lights. For instance, to join strip sections, you need interconnect jumpers or pigtail connectors, CPS adapters to connect strips to the power supply, and to cover gaps in the installation area, you have to use extra wires. Other than these, you require adhesive foam pads, mounting clips, end caps, silicone tubing, & heat shrink tubing for waterproofing, wire nuts, etc. for proper installation and usage.

How to Determine the Quality of LED Strip?

It can be somewhat difficulty to differentiate between LED strip lights which are designed for high performance and longevity and others which are not. So, here are some pointers that let you know where to look and differentiate.

  • Quality and Composition of Circuit Board:

The specification and quality of any underlying circuit board is important to consider for a high-power LED strip lights. Why because, the high levels of electrical current have to travel through each section with sufficient copper material. So, always choose LED strips with at least 2 oz of copper weight. 4 oz is perfect for circuit board to handle the higher power or else you can experience the voltage drop.

  • LED Quality & Quantity:

The quality, stability and efficiency of output light are determined by LED emitters. So, choose LED strip lights that comes with stringent quality controls on the LED emitters. Look for LED strips that has high power without a low LED count. This may overdrive the LED emitters and thereby results in premature failure.

  • Surface of LED Strip:

In general, the LED strips of high quality will come with an extra coating of white paint to increase light reflectivity and thereby the overall light output. Whereas most of the low-quality LED strips will skip this extra coating and keep the copper color exposed. Thus, it affects both color and brightness of the light, particularly when installed in an aluminum channel.

Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Strip Lighting

Before buying and installing these LED strip lights, one should know about its benefits and drawbacks, they will get while using this lighting.


  • Easy Installation – Even a novice user will easily handle these strip lights. They are convenient, flexible and easy to install. After installing these lights in a required spot, you have to plug them in any standard power outlet and you will get instant illumination.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – Sometimes, these lights not only provide illumination but also make the area look good (aesthetically pleasing). So, the elegant glow of LED lights will provide a luxurious look to the surroundings.
  • Affordable – These LED lights are energy efficient, affordable, and requires less maintenance. All these factors will make it as an economical choice in these days.


This type of lighting comes with a few drawbacks, which we have explained below.

  • Replacement – Whenever a few lights are not working in the strip then the whole thing will look something like unappealing and patchy. You may not replace any single bulb in the strip and thus results in replacing or buying a whole set.
  • Less Brightness – Solid substance is used to manufacture these LED, which means some lights generate dull lighting and thereby results in lower levels of brightness than other bulbs.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How long does this LED strip lights will last?

While buying these LED strip lights, most people concern about their lifespan. In general, this type of lighting can emit light for about 50,000 hours under ideal conditions. This means you can use this light strips continuously for about 6 years. If you install these lights under cabinets or counters then you’ll grab more years of usage.

What is the maximum length for this LED strip lights?

Always, avoid exceeding the recommended strip lights length, why because the voltage of LED strip will be dropped and thereby results in less brightness of lights. Also, it may cause inconsistent lighting throughout the strip. Here is the maximum length of LED strip lighting as per their voltage rating.
* For 12V DC strips, the max. length will be 5 meters.
* For 24V DC LEDs, the length will be 10 meters.
* For 57CC LEDs, you can run up to 20 meters.

Does this strip lighting consume more energy?

The LED strip lights are economical than any other conventional types of lights like fluorescent or incandescent lamps. So, you can use it without any fear about the electricity consumption. When once installed, they will use up to 18% less electricity than other lights with same lighting output.

Is this LED lights affects the eyes?

Most people think, this energy saving LEDs may have some effect on their eyes. But it is not at all true. However, all lights emit radiation while illuminating, which means using any type of light will be a threat to their health. So, when we control its usage properly, then this lighting will be safe to use without harming your vision.

Is it essential to place these lights close to power source?

You can run the low voltage wire / control cable for a length of 50 ft. for most of the LED strip lighting. But remember the longer strip wire will incur more drops in their voltage. This, in turn results in less brightness of LED lights than those which run with shorter wire. So, it’s always best to keep short wire and in case, if you want to make it run longer, then simply thicker wire is best option.


Among the above-mentioned Best LED strip lights, we pick Daybetter Led Strip Lights as our first best product. The reason is that it is 32.8 feet long remote controlled 5050 RGB strip light. Perfect for DIY interior decoration with strong self-adhesive and easy to set up. It comes with 300 LED bulbs in a strip to provide a high quality and ultra bright LED lighting. They are colorful and durable to build and can be easily set to different modes of lighting.

Which one you’re going to pick in this 2021? Let me know if you have any queries regarding on its selection process & purchase in the below comments section? We will come back with your answer as early as possible.

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