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10 Best Robot Dog Toys for Kids in 2024 Reviews

Just like a real puppy, a robot dog toy will talk, walk, sit, jump and interact with you. A robot dog responds to your commands and thereby allows you to feel a real experience of having a puppy. As it is a toy, you won’t have to deal with its feeding or messes. This kind of robot dog toy is quite useful for kids, older adults or those who feel alone, as it attracts and entertain them.

So, one should keep these 2 main factors when selecting the robot dog toy. So that they can grab the best and most suited one.

Functionality: A few robot dogs will walk, sit, bark, jump and intuitive with their personality. Whereas a few models have limited abilities and their originality may wear off quickly. So, its functionality will make a huge difference on the level of playing and enjoying with it.

Material : The product is made with BPA-free material without phthalates and any other small hazardous in it. Also, check not any part of this toy will come off/break easily, as it not only to keep your child safe but also to make your family enjoy with this robot dog for a longer time.

Apart from these 2 key factors, there are various other features like age of the child, interactions, power supply, & durability to consider while buying the robot dog toys. All these are clearly mentioned in the below “Buying Guide”. Also, we provided a list of some best-selling robot dogs in online market.

Just scroll down to let you know all about robot dogs, how to choose and from where to purchase the best one, as per your requirements.

Top 10 Best Robot Dog Toys Chart

Robot Dog ToysBuy Now
Ageless Innovation Joy For All Companion Pets Golden PupCheck On Amazon
FurRealGoGo My Walkin’ Pup PetCheck On Amazon
Electronic Pet Dog Interactive Puppy - Robot HarryCheck On Amazon
Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog ToyCheck On Amazon
Westminster Chi-Chi ChihuahuaCheck On Amazon
Little Live Pets - RollieCheck On Amazon
Fisca Remote Control Dog Programmable Robot PuppyCheck On Amazon
Zoomer responsive Robotic Dog with Voice RecognitionCheck On Amazon
Dimple Wireless Remote Control Robot PuppyCheck On Amazon
Contixo R3 Robot Pet Toy for KidsCheck On Amazon

Top 10 Best Robot Dog Toys Reviews

1. Ageless Innovation Joy For All Companion Pets Golden Pup

Ageless Innovation

This is called the Golden Pup, designed by Hasbro, it’s one of the best companion pet toys available on the market. It has a very simple but attractive design with a fur that looks and feels real. It also features heartbeat, the most realistic bark and life like responses. This is an amazing interactive puppy designed for comfort and convenience. According to us, this is the best interactive puppy in this list which deserved to be on the first place.


  • The advanced BarkBack tech was used to makes it sound so real.
  • Touch sensitive, responds to your touches accordingly like a real puppy.
  • The soft and quality fur and the real-life design makes it very comfy and attractive.
  • It runs on 4 C batteries which are included in the package.


  • The fur quality is not so good.
  • Battery runs out pretty quickly.

Buy Now From Amazon

2. FurRealGoGo My Walkin’ Pup Pet

FurReal Friends Get Up

This interactive dog toy provides rich real pet like experience. This toy is engaging, exciting and creates a life-long bond with the kids. You use the leash controller to take her for a walk, you can even pet and talk to her. She responds to your voice and the movements are life-like. This Get Up&GoGo puppy is designed by FurReal and it is one of the best looking interactive robot puppy we have seen; and thus currently it is holding the 2nd position on our list.


  • A very attractive robot puppy, perfect for kids.
  • Comes with a remote control leash, you can take it to walk. Feels like a real pet.
  • If you pet it, it sits down.
  • Covered with soft fur which is very life-like.
  • Sounds just like a real puppy.


  • Does not have a wrist band or a remote.
  • Bit over-priced.

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Electronic Pet Dog Interactive Puppy – Robot Harry

Electronic Pet Dog Interactive Puppy

The cuteness and functionality of this robot dog has attracted a number of customers, including us. This is the 3rd toy robot on our list and it is quite attractive. The big cute eyes of robot puppy Harry attract kids. It is a portable battery operated toy. Very durable and capable of interacting with its owner in a fun lovable way. Although the sounds are a bit below par, it makes it up with its functionalities.


  • This robot dog works on most of the surfaces.
  • It is equipped with Bump n Go feature.
  • The robot dog harry runs on 3AA batteries.
  • The sensors are touch sensitive and they are very responsive.
  • The tuff plastic case provides it an extremely long life time and much wanted durability.


  • Robot Harry is a bit on the expensive side.
  • The sound it makes are not good at all.

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog Toy

Remote Control Robot Dog ToyThis Top Race smart robot dog is just like a personal puppy pet that can be operated with both voice control and remote control. It suits perfect for the kids with 3 years and above to entertain them.

It comes with various features like imitates 10 animal forms (with sound and body), 12 voice directives, and has 7 core function remote control. Also, it will dance with sing/music with lifelike movements that will make kids love this robot dog.

It let you program this smart robot dog to perform as per your demands/requirements. Its 12 X 10 inches size is a perfect puppy size for kids. It uses 7.4V (600mah) rechargeable battery and for remote it need 2 AA batteries for its smart functioning. It is not recommended to recharge the battery immediately after its usage.


  • Works on most of the surfaces
  • Remote controllable & voice controllable
  • It can dance with music, walk and jump.
  • Comes with rechargeable battery.
  • Imitates 10 animals with sound and body.
  • Perfect puppy size for kids with 12 voice directives and 7 core functions.
  • Value for money


  • A few reported that charging takes too long and also have some issues for charging.
  • Not very durable.
  • Remote batteries are not included in the pack.

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Westminster Chi-Chi Chihuahua

Westminster Chi-Chi Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is a very popular breed of puppies and Westminster went straight for it. It is one of the best looking cuddly robot dog for your kids. The inside is made of plastic but the outside is coated with good quality fur that is almost life-like, making it best suited for the 5th position on our list.

It acts like a real Chihuahua too. It can move its tail, nod its head and makes cute noises. Very suitable for kids above the age of 4.


  • The fur is very soft and realistic.
  • Suitable for kids above the age of 4.
  • Movements are very real.
  • It can nod, walk and even move its tail.


  • If your kid is older then, this puppy will be too small for them.

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6. Little Live Pets – Rollie

Little Live Pets

The 6th position is taken by Rollie. It may not be so technologically advance but it is the cutest puppy you will ever find. It has the most amazing look, the fur is soft and it is super huggable making it one of the best choices for you.

It can kiss, cuddle and move just like a real puppy. It also makes cute puppy sounds.


  • It’s cute and cuddly.
  • The most huggable puppy ever.
  • It licks and kiss and it is very adorable.
  • It can also wag its tail and makes realistic movements.


  • The build quality is not so good.

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7. Fisca Remote Control Dog Programmable Robot Puppy

fisca Remote Control Robotic Dog

The 7th position is taken by the robot dog manufactured by fisca. It is an amazing intelligent and programmable robot dog that interacts with you if you just pat its head. It is great for children and its 4 dance number with music makes it so cute and attractable to our kids.

It has a very smooth and shiny surface and a power saving mode designed to preserve energy.


  • The setup is very easy.
  • It can dance with music, walking movement is also available.
  • Remotely controllable. The remote control and its batteries are included.
  • After charging it can play for an hour.


  • Charging takes too long.

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8. Zoomer responsive Robotic Dog with Voice Recognition

zoomer Playful Pup

The playful pup by Zoomer is an ideal friend for your child. It responds to your voice and capable of learning new tricks. It has a smooth robotic body but it has pair of cute fur coated ears and a fur coated tail. This pet robot is very adorable and responds to your touch and it deserves to be at the 9th position on your list.

Needless to say, this puppy is very interactive and engaging. It will keep your kid busy for a long period of time. It barks and movements are excellent too.


  • The design is outstanding and different.
  • Responsive if you touch it.
  • It learn ticks like “Puppy Sit” or “Lie Down”.
  • It barks and begs.


  • The use is too complicated.
  • Not very durable.

Buy Now From Amazon

9. Dimple Wireless Remote Control Robot Puppy

Dimple DC13991 Wireless Remote Control Robot Puppy

The Dimple’s wireless toy robot is very responsive to voice commands. This hi-tech interactive puppy has a sleek design and with the help of the provided remote control you can operate this puppy even from 50 meter distances. This futuristic looking robot puppy is the last product on our list due to its conveniently accessible nature.

It has an interesting design, the eyes are equipped with large LED lights which can turn into screen and display alphabets. Basically, this robot toy helps to educate your kid.


  • It comes with a rechargeable battery.
  • It can sing, 4 cute songs are included.
  • It is designed with BPA free plastic.
  • Comes with a remote control which can be used from 50 meter distance; very convenient.


  • There are no additional features.
  • Not very engaging.

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10. Contixo R3 Robot Pet Toy for Kids


Contixo R3 Robot Pet Toy for Kids This is the smart puppy designed by Contixo. It is responsive to voice and even touch and it also comes with an app. The remote control is amazing and it is integrated with quality speakers.

A rhythm feature is also added which makes the one of the best robotic puppies and 8th best choice on our list.


  • It has a futuristic robot type look.
  • If you just rub its chin, it will react.
  • It is also susceptible to voice commands.
  • An infrared motion sensor is also added.
  • The app controlled features are amazing.



  • The operation is just too complicated for the kids.

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How To Choose The Best Robot Dogs:

A robot dog is a best alternative to a real puppy and it comes with all real character traits. It helps to teach the children how to treat the real dog. They clean up themselves and come with late-night walks. It walks and sit as per your instructions and thus offers many hours of fun till the battery lasts.

What does it do? – Robot will intelligently combine the sensors, computation and motors to get interact with the environment. These toys have to be cheap and robust, why because they are used as playthings.

There are so many things to check while purchasing the robot dog. However, there are so many robot dog toys available in the market, in which one has to avoid cheap versions. So, to help you in selecting the best robot pooch, here we are providing a guide with all essential information of what to consider when you’re buying.

1. Functionality:

It is always essential to know about the functionality of a product before purchasing it. A few models of robot dog have limited abilities and their originality may wear off quickly. Whereas a few robot dogs will walk, sit, bark, jump and intuitive with their personality. So, this will definitely make a huge difference on the level of playing and enjoying with this toy.

2. Material:

However, the robot dog is an electronic product that may pose some choking hazard to your little ones. So, you should look for the models which are safe to use and prevent accidents.

The material used for the construction of this pet dog will come first in the list of safety priorities. The product made with sturdy, & safe BPA-free material with no phthalates and without any small hazardous add-ons. Also, check that the batteries are safe and leak-proof. Make sure to check that not any part of this toy will come off/break easily, as it not only to keep your child safe but also to make your family enjoy with this robot dog for a longer time.

3. Child’s Age:

Kids will be more attracted to this type of toys. So, you should consider the age of your child while purchasing this robot dog. To make sure that this toy is safe to use without having any dangerous parts. A few models are made with tiny pieces which are unsafe to use for little ones who are under 3 years of age. Also, the selected toy has to promote activities to enhance the skill levels and challenging tasks of your child.

The robot dog which you’re going to buy should be age appropriate for the kid. It should not be too simple or too complicated, as it may result in either boring or frustration in the child and thereby lost their interest. So, it’s better to purchase an advanced version to make your kid enjoy and learn things.

4. Look:

This will depend on their personal choice. A few people though to have a robot dog, which looks like robot rather than a dog, while a few other people desire to have smooth curves on the robot dog to make it safe to use with a dog-like appearance. Most people prefer to have a robot pet dog with soft touch and strong performance.

Size of the robot dog is also essential to consider. The smaller robot dogs are easy to handle and look attractive rather than big bulkier dogs, which put up a bit rough and tumble for kids.

5. Interactions:

Interactions is another essential feature to check while buying the robot dog. Some high-quality robots will come up with more options and ways to play. Most of the robot dogs will come with a sensing technology, they sense whenever you come near to them and make it seem as they look at you. Some models respond to the sound while other will react when they touched or even feel any object coming close to them. So, choose according to your requirement.

6. Power Options:

The robot pet dogs have multiple power options. All those should provide a compartment for battery and slot for USB charging. Most of these robot dog toys uses lithium ion battery type for its functioning. So, they generally run either by using batteries or USB charging.

However, which one you’re going to choose will depend on your preference. In case, if you prefer to use a robot dog that has USB then it contains lithium-ion battery, which is averse to water and may cause any effect, if your child thought to give a bath to the dog. Also, the batteries are not allowed to carry in airplane while travelling from one place to another. So, one has to think about these points while selecting the power option of the robot dog.

7. Durability:

The robot dog toy should be durable and strong enough to withstand any abuse by children and won’t get wear & tear. For this, the built quality and construction material should be strong and unbreakable.

8. Skills:

One can find various robotic dog toys like from cute & cuddly to hard & rough in the market. A few models attract users and allows the owner to take care of them and be more playful. For instance, a robot dog for a younger child should encourage fine motor skills and critical thinking, while for an older child, it should come with a coding games and various smart features.

So, robot dogs are considered as an excellent STEM learning toys. Parents don’t think the robot dogs for only to entertain their kids but also to educate and learn so many things.

9. Value:

The price of this robot dog toys is slightly higher by depending on the features it contains (like $20 – $200). But avoid buying a cheap quality product which comes at low price. If purchased, then you have to compromise on the quality and functionality of the product. To grab the best one at reasonable price, one has to look for a mix of performance and value of the product while buying.

10. Warranty:

The robot dogs are built and runs with technology. So, you have to know what would be the next step if the robot dog fails to work or any of its functionality fails after purchasing. Simply to say, check whether your product is covered under a guarantee or warranty option or not. As most of the reputable companies offer warranty to their robot dogs with a minimum of 1 year. Consider this option while selecting your best robot puppy.

Benefits of Robot Dog:

Here are a few benefits of robot dogs, which you have to know before purchasing them.

  • Responsibilities – It is not a real puppy and there is no need to feed this robot dog or not to deal with after dinner walks, regular baths, and thereby keep your home free from odors. So, with this robotic pet, you won’t have to do all these things.
  • Good Pet – In general, a real pet requires some training or else, it may damage furniture and bite while feeding or playing with them. Also, in some cases, a pet will make unwanted noises. While the actions of robotic pet will be controlled without any training.
  • Cost – In general, the price of the real pet will depend on its breed, heritage and market value. Whereas the cost of this robot pet will depend on its size and features. The initial purchasing price and maintenance cost of the robot pet is less than real puppy.
  • Convenient to Use – Studies shown that robot dogs will prevent loneliness among children & older people. They have full control over the action of puppy and it is playful and entertain them. Also, one can easily leave home and go for a vacation without thinking about their robot dog.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What things robotic dog do while live pet can’t?

Robot dogs are generally programmed to perform certain functions like communicating with the owner. The user can train a few high-end advanced robot pets whereas a few models vary in technical capabilities. They become better as technology gets advance and a simple model is stationary and have limited actions like facial movement – opening & closing eyes and mouth.
Others may follow owner around and recognize the voice commands. Although, robot dogs will not fulfill the aspects of real pet and possess their own advantages, but some negatives are associated with the real pet. However, it is a personal choice of having either or both of these pets (real & robot).

2. What tricks can be performed by the robot dog?

Most of the robot dogs move in clunky walking style and some comes with adopting wheels to get an enjoyable user experience. Apart from this, a few common tricks a robot dog can perform some common tricks like singing, sitting, begging and dancing. A few advanced versions may develop some personality.

3. Is there any chance that robot dog turn against user?

No, it won’t turn against you and take over your world. Just relax and enjoy with your robotic pet. If you get scared at any time, then simply remove the batteries and all the things will turn to normal.

4. Is it easy to train and use this robotic dog toys?

Rather than its durability or attractiveness of a robotic dog, one should know how easy to train and use them. A robot dog will take forever time to get trained and understand the commands of both voice and touching sensors. In general, a good quality robot dog is easy to use why because it includes a manual to respond for their user commands.
Also, one has to respect the age limit of the robot dog. For instance, if the robot toy marked as 5 years and above then avoid purchasing it for your little one whose age is 2 years why because it is hard to get interacted with them.

5. What are the three main things that make it as a robot dog?

The three main parts which make this toy as a perfect robot dog are controller, sensors and mechanical parts.
·        The Controller, also called as the brain of the toy, as it runs by simply with a computer program.
·        Sensors will let the robot to know about its surroundings.
·        Mechanical Parts like pistons, motor, wheels, gears and grippers will make the robot to move, turn, grab and lift.

6. How long this robotic dog will last?

Depending upon the reviews of various customers, you have selected a list of few models of robotic dog which are strong and durable. The above robot dogs are durable and made with quality material and it should be scratch resistance. So, avoid purchasing a cheap quality and low-price robot dogs.

7. What is a CHIP and how it used outside?

CHiP works good on floor surfaces with smoothly paved road. The rollers on wheels will make it not to perform well on gravel or rough pavement. So, most of the manufacturers designed CHiP wheels as swappable / removable and thereby release outdoor wheels. However, the CHiP can handle only on smooth pavements but the system uses some infrared light that operates in 940nm frequency.
The CHiP can function outdoors with that frequency but with limited range, less than a couple feet. It also has interference in strong sunlight and one can drive this robot outdoors by using this CHiP app with limited tracking skills. Always remember that this CHiP is not waterproof and it won’t get wet at any time for the proper functioning of the robot dog. 


Toys are important and they are one of the most essential parts of your kid’s life. Hopefully, after going through this article you won’t have any problems to purchase the best interactive dog toy for your kid that fits perfectly within your price range. You can simply choose any one from the mentioned list or use the buying guide to make a different choice.

Our personal recommendation is the Ageless Innovation Joy For All Companion Pets Golden Pup. The life-like responses, heartbeat and the close to perfect bark are its USP. It also looks very real when compared to other products here. Given the price and the overall package, it is very hard to beat this product!


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  1. I bought the Robot Harry pet dog for a two year old and he loves it. It was hard plastic so when he pulled it over the house it didn’t break. The cute sounds features are cute. It was bigger than expected. It was lovely and I was satisfied with it.

  2. I wonder why Chip the robot dog is not on here I have most of them and Chip and Chip is the best one you can do anything with it the only con about it is that he is so fast and not the best for little kids

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