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50+ EIE Projects for Final Year Students

In this page, we are publishing various projects ideas for final year EIE students. This list of contains the projects from various categories like microcontroller, electrical, GSM, robotics, DTMF, etc. We hope these project ideas would give better idea for many EIE students in choosing best projects in their final year engineering.


Read the list of electronics projects collected especially for EIE students and give your suggestions, feedback, opinions and new ideas by visiting our contact us page.

List of EIE Project Ideas:

  • Design and Implementation of Hybrid Agricultural Robot: The farming techniques like cutting crops and spraying pesticides are automated in this project by implementing a hybrid agriculture robot. This is a renewable agriculture robot that user solar energy to drive the entire circuitry. AVR microcontroller with DTMF technology is used in this project to build the circuit.
  • Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor Based Blender Controlled Application using PLC: This project achieves the prototype of MS blending plant automation using programmable logic controller (PLC). This project consists of sensors, stirrer tanks, heater, solenoid valves, stirrers and programmable logic controller.
  • Air Pollution Detection and Control in Vehicles: The main objective of this project is to design a prototype model of air pollution detection and control unit for vehicles in order to monitor and control the pollutants released by that vehicle. In this, smoke sensor continuously monitors pollutants like CO, NOx, Sox, etc. and correspondingly gives the input signal to the microcontroller where is compared with stipulated levels. If it exceeds the limit, microcontroller turns the fuel injector circuit so that fuel supply to the vehicle gets stopped.
  • Modeling and Simulation of Interacting Conical Tank Systems: This project describes the model of nonlinear conical tank system based on Skogestad tuning method. In this, process reaction curve method is used for identifying the first order model of this tank. This simulation is carried on MATLAB software.


  • Wireless Sensor Network with Virtual Instrumentation in a Hazardous Environmental: In this project, a wireless sensor network for industrial hazardous safety monitoring is implemented using wireless data acquisition unit and GUI software. Zigbee network with ARM controller collects the various sensors data and transfers to the remote monitoring PC. LabVIEW software along with Zigbee receiver receives the data and further this data will be displayed on GUI.
  • Smart Water Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Network: The main aim of this project is to design a wireless water level monitoring and control system using sensors and Zigbee communication network. AVR microcontroller with set of sensors continuously monitors the level of overhead tanks and correspondingly transfers the level information to remote monitoring devices like PC and mobile phone over Zigbee and GSM network respectively.
  • Programmable Switching Control for Industrial Automation in Repetitive Nature of Work: This project demonstrates the programmable switching of loads used in industrial automation system especially for repetitive operations. This allows the operation of different loads in three modes namely set mode, auto mode and manual mode. The SMS sent to the controller for a particular mode, operates the different loads in desired or predefined timings.
  • Automated Wireless Meter Reading System for Monitoring and Controlling Power Consumption: This project aims to provide efficient energy meter reading without human intervention and billing errors. This project uses ARM microcontroller which continuously measures the energy consumption by a load and conveys this billing information to the customers as well as utility authorities via GSM module.
  • Lignite Transferring System Using Microcontroller: The objective of this work is to implement automation of lignite handling system using microcontroller. Micrologix controller along with sensors, interlocks and indicators are used in this project achieve the operation.
  • Android Based Pick and Place Robot with a Soft Catching Gripper: This project builds the pick and place robot with soft catching gripper arrangement controlled though android mobile. Bluetooth module receives the control commands from android mobile and sends them to ATmega microcontroller. Based on the received signals, microcontroller controls the robot arm.
  • Design and Implementation of a Wireless Gesture Controlled Robotic Arm with Vision: This project uses an accelerometer for capturing the hand gestures in order to control the movements of a robotic arm. RF communication is used in this project to transfer the accelerometer signals to robot arm controller unit. Further, this controller drives the DC motors based on the signals from the accelerometer.
  • Advanced Accident Avoidance System for Automobiles: The objective of this project is to avoid the collision of automobile vehicles by implementing an alarm system using various sensors and GPS-GSM modules. IR and Ultrasonic sensors detect front and adjacent vehicles and correspondingly transmit the signals to microcontroller unit. Based on the sensors input microcontroller drives the alarm circuit and conveys the information in the form of SMS to the driver.
  • Modeling and Controller Design of PEM Fuel Cell System: In this project, Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel cell is modeled using PID controller. This fuel cell is most commonly used in power vehicles. This modeling, simulation and parameters controlling carried using MATLAB/Simulink software.
  • Voice Recognition Wireless Home Automation System Based On Zigbee: This project builds an automation system that controls the home appliances remotely through voice commands. Speech recognition module attached with Zigbee transmitter module transfers the voice commands to the receiver module to which all home appliances are connected. Upon receiving these commands microcontroller unit switches various loads like fans, lights, television, etc.
  • A LabVIEW Based Power Analyzer: The objective of this project is to create a virtual instrument that analyzes the power quality parameters like instantaneous power, power factor, harmonics, active power and reactive power. This project uses LabVIEW software and data acquisition card to achieve the design.
  • Ultra Fast Acting Electronic Circuit Breaker: In this project an ultra fast electronic circuit breaker is implemented using PIC microcontroller and current sensor. By this arrangement, the rate at which the load circuit gets isolated from source is extremely faster as compared with conventional circuit breaker. When a fault takes place in the circuit, current sensor gives the input to the microcontroller and then this controller switches the MOSFET so that load gets separated from active circuit.
  • Contact-Less Digital Tachometer : This project uses IR sensors to measure the speed of a moving object without getting in contact with it. IR sensor generates the number of pulses depends on the speed. Then these pulses fed to the microcontroller so as to calculate and display the revolutions per minute (RPM).
  • PLC and SCADA based Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motor: This project deals with fault diagnosis of induction motor using robust programmable logic controllers and SCADA HMI. Various fault parameters like over voltage, over current, over speed, over temperature, inrush currents, vibrations are continuously monitored in this project with various sensor attached with PLC and their graphical monitor is carried through SCADA software.
  • Solar Energy Measurement System : In this project solar energy parameters like light intensity, current, temperature and voltage are measured using various sensors and these values are displayed on LCD in order to forecast the loads to be connected.
  • Wireless Sensor Networks Based Railway Automation System: This project use Zigbee wireless sensor networks for automating railway system to avoid chances of collision. Sensors like vibration sensors, gap detectors and proximity laser detectors detect the vicinity of vehicles and send the sensed signals to microcontroller. The microcontroller processes these signals and transfers it to the control room via Zigbee network.
  • Precision Temperature Controller : This project achieves precise and closed loop control of temperature using PIC microcontroller and temperature sensor. This microcontroller produces the PWM control signals to heating circuit based on the comparison between desired temperature and sensed temperature from a temperature sensor.
  • Real Time Implementation of PID and Fuzzy PD Controllers for DC Servo Motor: In this project PID controller with Ziegler-Nichols tuning method and PID controller with fuzzy logic are implemented for controlling DC servo motor. This is achieved with the use of data acquisition board and LabVIEW software and results of these two methods are compared.
  • Water Quality Measurement System : In this project, water quality parameters like pH, temperature, turbidity and total dissolved solids are measured and monitored remotely using GSM technology. Microcontroller unit acquires various sensors data and accordingly conveys this information to remote mobile via GSM module.
  • SCADA System using Microcontroller and LabVIEW: The objective of this project is to illustrate Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system in order to monitor the real-time parameters. Various sensors with microcontroller unit acts as data acquisition unit which monitors the real time parameters and sends acquired data to remote control PC.
  • Inductance Capacitance and Frequency (LCF) Meter : In this work, a potable instrument is implemented for measuring inductance, frequency and capacitance using PIC microcontroller. In this, basic LC oscillator and RC oscillator circuits are used along with PIC microcontroller for measuring these parameters. This meter is provided with LCD display and two probes for displaying the results and connecting the components respectively.
  • LabVIEW based Vibration Monitoring using MEMS Digital Accelerometer : This project aims to monitor vibration signals accurately with high precision for space applications. MEMS accelerometer and ATmega microcontroller acquires vibration signals and correspondingly transfers this data to LabVIEW software where this data is further analyzed and displayed.
  • Distance Measurement using Ultrasonic Sensor and Microcontroller: The objective of this project is to measure the distance from an object using ultrasonic sensor and microcontroller unit. The reflection of an echo in ultrasonic sensor varies depending on the distance from the object. Microcontroller determines the distance corresponding to the signal from ultrasonic sensor.
  • Obstacle Avoiding Robot: This project aims to build an intelligent robot which is capable of avoiding obstacles on its way. Infrared sensors with AVR microcontroller detects the obstacles and automatically adjusts the robot direction by appropriately controlling the DC motors.
  • Wireless Sensor Networks Based Oil Well Monitoring and Control : This project aims to implement oil well monitoring system using Zigbee wireless sensor networks. This sensor network consists of various nodes where each node consists of sensors like level, gas and temperature along with microcontroller unit. All these nodes data is collected and monitored at central control room using Zigbee transceiver module which gathers the information and also sends the control signals to the respective nodes.
  • Real Time DC Motor Speed Control using PID Controller in LabVIEW: In this project, a closed loop speed control of DC motor is achieved using LabVIEW software by implementing PID control technique. This project uses Arduino control board with tachometer as data acquisition unit while control scheme programmed in LabVIEW software.
  • Implementation of PLC Based Elevator Control System: The objective of this project is to control the elevator using a programmable logic controller. In this, set of sensors and push buttons are connected to the PLC which acts as floor detection and inputs devices. Depending on the push button pressed and sensor input, PLC produces the output signal which further drives the DC motor.
  • GSM Based Home Security System: The main aim of this project is to provide security for homes and offices by implementing door control system using IR sensor, GSM modules and keypad. The operation of door is controlled through these three sources i.e., person detection, SMS opening/closing system and password operation. AVR microcontroller drives the motor of the door by receiving the signals from these sources.
  • Automatic Bell System for Institutions: This project automates the bell system in institutions like schools and colleges using microcontroller. A real time clock (RTC) connected to the microcontroller unit provides stipulated timing outputs. With a proper programming of microcontroller, predefined bell timings can switch the bell through relay.
  • Simulation of Boiler Control using PLC & SCADA: This project aims to simulate the boiler operation using programmable logic controller and SCADA HMI. The PID controller in the PLC helps to maintain the temperature and pressure in the boiler to set limits while SCADA achieves graphical HMI of the boiler operation.
  • Eye Controlled Wheelchair for Physically Challenged: This project is intended to control the movements of wheelchair from eyeball movement commands. A camera along with microcontroller unit continuously tracks the eyeball and correspondingly sends the control signals to the motor driver unit to move the wheelchair in particular direction.
  • Fingerprint Based Attendance System : This project aims to implement a fingerprint based attendance system for educational institutions and offices using microcontroller and LabVIEW software. Microcontroller with fingerprint module acquires the attendance and transfers to the LabVIEW installed PC where it is displayed and logged.
  • Implementation of Ticket Vending Machine using ARM Processer: This project describes the implementation of ticket vending machine which automatically deducts the amount from RFID cards, once the passenger enters the journey details on touch pad. This also includes the bus management service with the use of Zigbee, GSM, GPS and RFID technologies.
  • TV Remote Operated Domestic Appliances Control: The idea of this project is to use TV remote as remote controller for controlling home appliances such as bulbs, fans, kitchen appliances, etc. The microcontroller with IR sensor receives the RC5 code from TV remote signals and correspondingly controls the domestic loads.
  • Arduino Operated Robotic Lawnmower: This project implements the prototype of robotic lawnmower for mowing the grass in gardens with obstacle avoidance capability. This project uses Arduino controller with DC motor driver arrangement to perform this operation. Photovoltaic cells are employed on top of this vehicle to power the entire circuit.
  • Automatic Door Control with Visitor Counter: In this project, door of a home or office is controlled automatically by sensing the presence of humans. PIR sensor detects the presence of humans and correspondingly sends the control signals to the microcontroller. Further microcontroller drives the DC motor to operate the door. This also facilitates visitor counter by incrementing and decrementing the counter display in line with PIR sensor output.
  • Smart Trolley in Mega Mall: This project aims to build an integrated trolley for shopping malls which automatically gives the number of products in it and their cost. It is capable of tracking the paths with IR sensors. RF communication module transfers the information of products in trolley to the main server.
  • Analysis of Modeling Methods of Quadruple Tank System: In this work, quadruple tank process with four interconnected water tanks mathematical state space model is implemented using linearization principles and Jacobian matrix formation method. This system performance is analyzed using MATLAB software.
  • Automatic Crack Detection in Railways: The main objective of this project is to develop a prototype robotic vehicle to detect the cracks on railway tracks along with location information. Microcontroller, LED/LDR sensors, GSM and GPS modules are the key components in this project. On detecting the cracks, this robot conveys crack location information to the main control station remotely via GSM network.
  • Fastest Finger Press Quiz Buzzer: This project aims to build a fastest finger 8 channel quiz buzzer circuit using microcontroller which will be helpful for competitive games shows. Push buttons are connected to the microcontroller to allow the multiple users to give their input. Microcontroller determines the first pressed button accurately and gives corresponding LED.
  • Automatic Control of Water Pump with Four Different Time Slots: The objective of this project is to control the pumping operation for a fixed interval of times by implementing ARM microcontroller based automatic system. In this, four different fixed timings are provided by the ARM controller so that motor switches for these timings and automatically turns off, once the time elapsed in each slot.
  • Load Sharing Control using PIC Microcontroller: In this project, electrical consuming load is automatically adjusted to the supply source which can meet demand. This system continuously measures the power from various sources like solar, generator, wind and grid and correspondingly switches the load to the source which can optimally meets the load.
  • Design and Development of Virtual Instrumentation System for Disabled using LabVIEW: This project describes Electrooculography signal acquiring and processing instrument that can detect the eye movements. This recognition system aid with disabled persons to move their wheelchairs based on eye movements. This project uses LabVIEW software in order acquire and process Electrooculography signals.
  • Zigbee Based Indoor Pipeline Inspection Robot: The main aim of this project is to implement indoor pipeline inspection robot which detects the defects on pipeline using wireless camera upon Zigbee wireless communication network. This robot movement is remotely controlled through Zigbee network and also various sensors connected to the robot helps to monitor parameters in that environment.
  • Solar Powered Automatic Rain Operated Wiper: The idea of this project is to operate the wiper of an automobile by sensing rain water. Rain sensor and motor driver controller are used in this project to automate this system. And also this circuit is powered using external battery which stores the charge from solar photovoltaic cells.
  • Automation of Object Sorting using an Industrial Robot: In this project, a pick and place robot is implemented to inspect the color of the object with camera so as to sort out the objects in predefined quality of groups. ARM microcontroller with IR sensors controls the ARM movements while camera with MATLAB software helps to determine the color of objects.
  • Wireless Earthquake Alarm System for Early Warning: This project generates early warning alarm in the event of earthquakes. MEMS sensor with ATmega microcontroller continuously monitors the earth vibrations. If this sensor detects the earth quake, it sends the signal to microcontroller. Upon Zigbee network, this information is transferred to the central control room where the received data is processed and correspondingly alarm generated.
  • Intelligent Traffic Control System using Zigbee: The main objective of this project is to implement a wireless sensor networks based traffic control system for an efficient control of traffic. This project makes use of Zigbee technology which senses the density of vehicles at various junctions and transfers that data to main controller. After analyzing the received data, main controller turns the traffic lights accordingly.

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