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15 Best LED Christmas Lights to Brighten Your Home & Garden

Add more fun and enjoyment to your festive season with these LED lights.

Christmas LED lights are a must-have holiday decoration to illuminate your home’s exterior, interior, fence, and Christmas tree.

They come in various sizes, shapes, and vibrant colors to match your décor. And they can be plugged in power or battery-operated, which supports on doors, outdoor garden, windows and staircase.

Make sure to check the length of the strand, number of strings, and color-changing LEDs before making its purchase to ensure its long-lasting performance and lifespan. Before investing in these LED lights, we suggest you consider the following key factors.

  • Indoor Vs Outdoor –

The place where you want to install these LED lights is essential to consider before buying them. We have three main options – indoor only, indoor/outdoor, and outdoor. Here the indoor-only lights have to be used inside. Outside lights are used mostly outdoors with a proper waterproofing rating of IP45 but can be used indoors. The indoor/outdoor lights are a practical option to use anytime & anywhere.

  • String Length –

The string length will let you know the lights coverage area. The length range of the string lights will be 15 – 100 feet. The longer the string, the wider it covers the area. Yet more difficult it is to wind off for its proper storage.

  • Types of LED Christmas Lights –

Most Christmas lights come in different types, styles, and generate different colors. Here are some of the bulb types of Christmas LED lights – mini string lights, icicle lights, net LED lights, C6 string lights, C7 string lights, C9 string lights, G12 raspberry lights, wide-angle mini-LED lights, and battery-operated Christmas lights.

For more information, we recommend checking out the “Buying Guide”. which has all the information on how to choose the best LED Christmas lights.

We did a lot of research work on branded Christmas lights by reviewing various products online and interacting with a lot of customers. Finally, we came up with a list of the Top 15 Best LED Christmas Lights.

Best LED Christmas Lights for Indoor and Outdoor

LED Christmas LightsCheck the Price
Twinkle Star LED Christmas Light Check On Amazon
YIHONG LED Christmas LightsCheck On Amazon
Twinkle Star Led Christmas LightCheck On Amazon
Brightech LED Christmas LightsCheck On Amazon
JMEXSUSS LED Christmas LightsCheck On Amazon
GDEALER Led Christmas Lights Check On Amazon
Ehome LED Christmas LightsCheck On Amazon
XTF2015 LED Christmas LightsCheck On Amazon
YIQU LED Christmas LightsCheck On Amazon
MYGOTO LED Christmas LightsCheck On Amazon
ZOUTOG LED Christmas LightsCheck On Amazon
SUNTHIN LED Christmas LightsCheck On Amazon
OMIKA LED Christmas Lights Check On Amazon
RATHUN LED Christmas LightsCheck On Amazon
ZAECANY LED Christmas Light Check On Amazon

Best LED Christmas Lights for Indoor and Outdoor

1. Twinkle Star 300 LED Christmas LightsBest LED Christmas Lights 1

The first product in the list is the Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light. It is one of the best LED Christmas lights that can be comfortably used both at indoors and outdoors.

We are impressed with the high brightness LEDs and you will get 300 of them that provide a powerful, widespread lighting. Also, the lights are waterproof with waterproof level of IP 44. This means that the curtain lights are designed for indoor and outdoor decorations as they can withstand small water spills or even light rain.

There are 8 modes that can be set using the mode controller.   

Specifications of Twinkle Star Christmas String Light 

  • Size: 6.6ft x 9.8ft
  • LED Colour: Warm White
  • LED Quantity: 300 LEDs
  • Waterproof Level: IP44
  • Voltage: 110V, Output: 29V safe low voltage (Includes UL plug-in transformer)
  • Plug to the controller: 1ft, Controller to the LED light: 8.9ft

The Twinkle Star Curtain Lights are very easy to use as all you need to do is to directly plug in and unplug it for power on and off. The adapter is compatible with US standard outlet for 110V.

Using the Mode Controller knob, you can switch between 8 different modes like combination, in-waves, sequential, slogs, chasing / flash, slow fade, twinkle / flash and steady on.

All the components i.e. the LEDs, the curtain, mode controller and the power adapter are made up of good quality materials. The dimensions of the curtain lights are as follows: 6.6 ft in width, 9.8 ft in length, 10 strings that are spaced at 0.8 ft and each string contains 30 LEDs.

Best LED Christmas Lights 2

Twinkle Star Curtain Lights are perfect for Christmas decoration. They can also be used for parties, valentine’s day, wedding, home, window, bathroom, festival, holiday, restaurant, hotel, commercial building, shopping center etc.

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2. YIHONG LED Christmas Lights


Make your home beautiful with the YIHONG String Lights for Christmas. Although it offers exceptional performance, it comes at a low-price to match with the user’s requirement. Hence, we’ve given this as the best budget LED Christmas light in the list.

Specifications of YIHONG String Lights

  • String length per light: 16.4 ft / 5M
  • LED Quantity: 50pcs
  • Light Color: White
  • Power supply: 3xAA battery (not included) CR2025 coin battery for remote (included)
  • Control range:12 ft / 3.6M (please point the remote to the battery case)

What is included?

  • 2 * Fairy string lights (16.4 feet)
  • 2 * Remote Controls (with batteries)
  • 1 * User manual

In this kit, you will get 2 Sets of YIHONG Battery Operated Fairy Lights (there are options of different colors though). Each string light is with 16.4 feet moldable silver wire and 50pcs glowing micro LEDs. You will also get 2 remote controls to control the lights wirelessly.

You can use them to decorate your Christmas Trees and Homes, wedding celebrations, parties, ceremonies etc.

With the remote in hand, you can easily turn on/off the lights, set them in timer-mode to auto on and off, adjust the brightness. Using the remote, you can also switch between 8 Modes of lighting and flashing which are: combination, in-wave, sequential, slo-glo, chasing / flash, slow fade, twinkle / flash and steady on.

Best LED Christmas Lights 4

Note that this LED set is battery operated and you need 3 AA batteries for each strand, which can last for up to 5 days with steady on mode. The wire parts and LEDs are fully sealed, thus making it submersible, but the battery case is not waterproof and so be careful and avoid humid conditions.

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3. Twinkle Star LED Christmas Lights

Best LED Christmas Lights 5

Give it a try with Blue colored Twinkle Star Window Curtain String Light for Christmas to decor your home during this festive season. It brings immense look to home indoors and joy in children while assembling LED lights on Christmas trees, staircase, doors, and windows.

What is in the package?

  • 300 LED Curtain String Lights
  • Mode Controller
  • Power Adapter
  • End Connector

Specifications of Twinkle Star 300 LED Curtain Light 

  • Size: 6.6ft x 9.8ft
  • LED Colour: Blue
  • LED Quantity: 300 LEDs
  • Voltage: 110V, Output: 29V safe low voltage (Includes UL plug-in transformer)
  • Plug to the controller: 1 ft, Controller to the LED light: 8.9 ft

Similar to the previous Twinkle Star LED Set, this one also has 8 different modes: combination, in-waves, sequential, slogs, chasing / flash, slow fade, twinkle / flash and steady on. The curtain lights are made up of 300 high quality Blue individual LED lights which are extremely low in power consumption, high in energy saving and have a very long operating life.

Best LED Christmas Lights 6

To use the curtain string LEDs, directly plug in and unplug it for power on and off. This Twinkle Star Curtain String LED Lights are perfect decoration for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, wedding ceremonies, simple home decoration, restaurant, hotel, commercial building, shopping center etc.

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4. Brightech  LED Christmas Lights

Best LED Christmas Lights 7

Are you looking for the best Christmas lights with a good vintage look? Then you must add Brightech Ambience Pro Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights to your collection. It is one of the best quality Christmas tree lights that is made with durable materials.

The Italian bistro style Brightech Ambience Pro lights set the mood and transform your porch into a retreat so you can relax and enjoy the evening. The lights are not too bright but not too dim either. The lighting is just perfect for entertaining or a festive atmosphere.

Specifications of Brightech Ambience Pro Waterproof LED

  • 15 * S14 Base LED Bulbs.
  • 48 ft strands with 3 ft Bulb spacing.
  • Colour: Warm Orange toned glow.
  • Each LED Bulb is rated for 2W and made for use with 110V.
  • Full 3-year warranty.
  • Bulbs are made of glass and are not shatterproof.
  • Dimmable with LED dimmers.

You can use the retro style filament-like bulbs for your Christmas decoration, wedding reception, birthday party, or other event. You can use them as indoor lights, for bedrooms, bars and restaurants. Dimming requires LED-compatible dimmer.

Brightech Ambience Pros are manufactured using an industrial grade WeatherTite Technology and hence they are very durable. These lights are waterproof and can withstand winds blowing at 50 mph.

With Brightech Ambience Pros LED carnival lights, you can a lot of money on your electric bill as they are high efficiency 2-watt LED standard base bulbs. These LED lights can be used for residential and commercial lighting and they never get hot even after being on for hours.

Best LED Christmas Lights 8

Finally, these vintage looking retro-style bulbs are one of the best decorative LED lights available and they are backed by a full 3-year warranty. Additionally, you can easily replace a failed bulb.

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5. JMEXSUSS  LED Christmas Lights

Best LED Christmas Lights 9


This is the perfect Christmas lights to have at home because of the no heat, no radiation, low consumption and high safety nature that adds stunning visuals to the home indoors and outdoors. Once the Christmas season is completed, you can also use for wedding, parties, night events, and so on.

The string lights come with 8 lighting modes to choose like flashing, blinking, chasing, fading etc. and minimize the efforts to select the colour every time you switch on the LED lights. It’s simply a plug and play type device that has end-to-end connections.

You just need to supply a maximum of 120 V using the UL-certified power adapter. The device utilizes less power and is absolutely safe to handle because of the shockproof and waterproof nature. That’s why this stylish product is considered as one of the best LED Christmas tree lights among the available brands.

Specifications of JMEXSUSS Indoor String Christmas Lights

  • Bulbs: 200 LEDs
  • Lights Colour: Multicolour
  • Wire Colour: Transparent
  • Wire Material: Pure Copper
  • Total Length: 25 m / 82.1 ft
  • Wire with Light: 20m / 65.6 ft
  • Lead Wire Without Light: 5m / 16.5 ft
  • Space between LEDs: 10 cm / 3.94 inch

The JMEXUSS Indoor String Christmas lights come with a mode button to switch between different function like, combination, in-wave, sequential, slo-glo, chasing / flash, slow fade, twinkle / flash and steady on.

Best LED Christmas Lights 10

Even though these lights are marketed for Christmas season you can use them for other applications like: romantic decoration for indoor & outdoor, night party, birthday party, bar, restaurant, bedroom, stage, etc.

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6. GDEALER  Led Christmas LightsBest LED Christmas Lights 11

If you’re seriously looking for LED lights to decor Christmas tree, home interiors, birthday parties, and other special events, then simply add GDEALER battery operated fairy lights to the cart. 

This amazing LED light kit comes with remote controller option which lets you access the different modes. You can turn ON or OFF the lights, adjust the brightness of the LED lights, adjust time and set 8 different modes. Moreover, the LED Lights are waterproof with IP67 rating and thus, we have got ourselves one of the best LED Christmas lights with remote controller option.

With the timer function, you can set LED’s to glow and shine for a maximum of 6 hours a day and if you don’t want to continue the lights, then turn off using the power-off button.

Specifications of GDEALER Fairy Lights

  • 60 LEDs with 20 ft Copper wire.
  • IP67 Waterproofing for battery box.
  • Battery Operated (you need 3 AA Batteries).
  • 13 Key Remote with brightness adjust and timer.
  • Control button on battery box to turn on / off and switch modes.

The battery box, with dimensions 2 * 2.7 inches is rated for small IP67 waterproof. This means that you can easily carry and place the LED fairy lights anywhere you like.

If you are worried about forgetting to turn off the lights, then the built-in timer function is just for you. When the timer mode is set, the lights will be on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours per day. Using the 13 keys on the remote control and 1 button on the battery box, you can adjust the brightness or switch to in-wave, sequential, slo-glo, flash, slow fade, twinkle and steady modes.

Best LED Christmas Lights 12

These fairy lights are waterproof and portable and hence they are perfect for a wide application for indoor / outdoor like setting the mood for Christmas, thanks giving day, Halloween parties, restaurant or small business.

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7. Ehome LED Christmas Lights

Best LED Christmas Lights 13

Next one in the list is from Ehome brand. It offers top-notch products at the manufacturing price or even at low-prices to sustain in the market and beat competitors. The Ehome Battery Operated Christmas Lights are one of the simplest kits available today with waterproof wire.  

Compared to other brands, it is energy-efficient as it requires only two CR2032 batteries for operation and the battery box comes with a switch to turn the LEDs on or off.

Specifications of Ehome Fairy String Lights

  • 20 micro LEDs in a 6.6 ft / 2 m string (you get 12-pack string in the kit).
  • Colour: Warm White.
  • Requires 2 CR2032 batteries and they can last for 48 hours.
  • Insulated Copper wire for low power and heat.
  • The Copper string is waterproof but battery box is not.
  • 2 years warranty.

Ehome string lights can be easily bended 360 degrees as they are flexible and ultra-thin but sturdily built. The 20 micro LED strings will sparkle with beautiful effect and they are good for Christmas decorations, birthday parties, weddings, dinner table, Halloween, etc. Since the light strings are waterproof, you can use them anywhere indoor or outdoor for lighting decorations.

Best LED Christmas Lights 14

The lights require low voltage and generate less heat, thanks to the insulated copper wire. So, this makes them not to overheat after usage and safe to touch. Also, the copper wires are super tiny and bendable so that they can be hidden easily for your DIY projects.

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8. XTF2015 LED Christmas Lights

XTF2015 Christmas String LightsXTF2015 is relatively a new brand in the market. However, their wide range of string lights have been gaining popularity.

These string lights can be used both indoors and outdoors as per your need. It is equipped with 8 different light modes that include combination, waves, slo-glo, twinkle, flash, sequential, and steady on.

Specifications of XTF2015 Christmas String light

  • Size – 105ft
  • LED Color – warm white
  • LED Quantity – 300
  • Waterproof – yes
  • Voltage – 29V low voltage

It also has memory function, so it will set to last light setting used by the user when it is turned on again. As they have strong construction, they are quite strong and sturdy. So, they will last pretty long without breaking. And moreover, they don’t get overheated even if used for long duration.

These lights are a great decorative option for Christmas, easter, Halloween, weddings, festivals, holiday season and other parties.

XTF2015 Christmas String Lights 2These LED lights are certified by UL for satisfies their safety standards. So, you don’t have to worry about the safety even if you have kids or pets at home. They come with 12-months of warranty duration.

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9. Brightown LED Christmas Lights

Best LED Christmas Lights 17

Hurry up folks! Start decorating you home with Brightown Curtain String Lights. It is considered to be the attention grabber in the list of top brands because of the unique design, durability and long-lasting performance.

Thankfully, it offers 300 LED bulbs in a 12 drop strings, with each string having 25 LEDs. The whole curtain is 9.8 ft * 9.8 ft which emits beautiful multicolours. Given below are the 8 different modes that an LED lights can operate and match with the decorative needs. Have a look!

  • Waves
  • Sequence
  • Combination
  • Twinkle
  • Flash
  • Steady on
  • Slo-glo
  • Slow-fade 

IP44 rainproof nature of this light kit makes easy to use at outdoors during light/heavy rains. You will get an instruction manual that guides the users to install, and operate with hassle-free functioning. The low voltage transformer function cuts down the output voltage to a great extent to use safely at home i.e. without experiencing shocks or overheating issues.

Specifications of PMS LED String Lights 

  • IP44 rainproof light string.
  • Includes 300 LED bulbs.
  • Input Voltage: 120V AC
  • Output Voltage: 29V DC
  • Multicolour.
  • Lifespan: 50000hrs
  • Material: Plastic, Copper
  • Plug wire to the controller: 5ft
  • Cable color: Transparent white
  • Comes at affordable price range.
  • Remote control with timer function.
  • Dimensions of the curtain 9.8 ft * 9.8 ft with 25 LEDs per string and 12 strings as a whole.

Best LED Christmas Lights 18

To summarize, the performance of Brightown Curtain String Lights is good and best to use for beginners, hobbyists, electricians, etc. The lights are suitable for wedding, party, home, kitchen, window, wall, bedroom, festival, Holiday, Christmas warm up, doors, floors etc.

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10. MYGOTO LED Christmas Lights

Best LED Christmas Lights 19

What are you waiting for? When you’ve got MYGOTO LED String lights for Christmas decorations with you. It is one of the high quality and better priced light kits that adds elegant look to the Christmas tree, garden patio, home, offices, and other public places like theatres, restaurants, pubs, etc.

In contrast to other brands, you get a mammoth 500 LEDs in a spool of 500 meters or 165 ft with cool white colour LEDs that are ideal for room decor or as wall decorations for living room, bedroom, indoor and outdoor.

Specifications of MYGOTO LED String Lights

  • Number of LEDs: 500 LEDs
  • Length: 165 ft / 500 meters
  • Spacing between LEDs: 10 cm / 0.33 ft
  • Color: Cool White
  • Power: 30V Power Adapter
  • Modes: 8 Different modes

Best LED Christmas Lights 20

The LEDs are safe from danger of electric shock as the UL Certificated power adapter has only 30V output voltage, which is lower than standard body safe voltage 36V. The modes are combination, in-waves, sequential, slogs, chasing / flash, slow fade, twinkle / flash and steady-on.

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11. ZOUTOG LED Christmas Lights

Best LED Christmas Lights 21


Another battery-operated lights for Christmas decoration are the ZOUTOG Battery Operated String Lights. These lights come in a string of 33 ft / 10 m with 100 LED bulbs. The LEDs are placed in globes and emit a warm white colour.

The string lights come with remote controller with decorative timer, to automatically turn on and off the lights. These Fairy Light are best suited for Christmas, wedding, party, etc and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Specifications of ZOUTOG Battery Operated String Lights

  • Power Supply: 3 * AA Battery (not included)
  • LED Quantity: 100
  • Copper Wire Length: 33 ft / 10 m
  • Interval between the wire and battery box: 0.98 ft / 30 cm

Package Includes

  • 1 * Globe String Lights
  • 1 * Remote Controller
  • 1 * User Manual

Different modes are:

  • Combination
  • In wave
  • Sequential
  • Slo-glo
  • Chasing / Flash
  • Slow fade
  • Twinkle / Flash
  • Steady on

The battery powered LED globe lights can be used in dark corners or around a tree. The string is 33 ft / 10 m long with 100 LEDs and the distance between lights is about 0.33 ft / 10 cm.

Using the remote Control, it is very convenient to adjust the brightness or switch to 8 flashing modes with 13 keys remote. For operation, you need 3 AA batteries. Lights can be utilized both indoor and outdoor without worry of rainy weather as they ate waterproof. Also, the high-quality wire can keep the lights cool to touch.

Best LED Christmas Lights 22

Finally, thee lights are suitable for Christmas decoration, Halloween, garden, yard, room or wherever you can imagine, they are so bright to create a warm, joyful atmosphere.

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12. SUNTHIN LED Christmas Lights

Best LED Christmas Lights 23


The next string lighting kit in the list is am incandescent looking LED String Lights that can be used for Christmas Decorations, patio lighting as well as garden lighting. It is the SUNTHIN LED String of Lights.

These are commercial grade string lights that are suitable for permanent installation and can be left up and running all year-round. These are suitable for hardwiring and many people choose these as they are great looking, long lasting and give a professional look to your decorations.

Specifications of SUNTHIN LED String of Lights

  • Number of Sockets: 15
  • Socket Type: E26
  • Number of LED Bulbs: 18
  • Wattage of LED Bulbs: 0.9 watt
  • Total power: 13.5 watts per string of 15 Bulbs
  • Length: 48 ft
  • Maximum strands and power: 12 strands of 180 Bulbs and 162 watts

The main problem with incandescent looking bulbs is that they are made of glass and are easily broken. But these bulbs are made of plastic material bulbs and they won’t easily break if dropped or blown around in the wind. Also, the sockets are weatherproof to ensure that the string lights are more durable.

Best LED Christmas Lights 24

SUNTHIN LED string lights reduce energy usage and the lifespan is much longer than halogen bulbs. This helps in reducing the maintenance costs on changing bulbs frequently.

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13. OMIKA LED Christmas Lights

Best LED Christmas Lights 25

If you in search for a lengthy string lights that emits multiple colours and has a remote control, then the Omika 66ft LED Rope Lights Outdoor String Lights will be ideal for you.

There are two variants of the Omika LED Rope lights. One is a 33 ft battery powered LED String Light with 100 LEDs and the other is a 66 ft plug-in type string lights with 200 LEDs. We have chosen the plug-in type model as it has more length and you don’t have to change the batteries frequently. Hence, it is very much suitable for your Christmas decorations.

Specification of LED Rope Lights

  • Total Length: 76 ft / 23 m
  • Rope Lights Length: 66 ft / 20 m
  • Lead Wire Length: 10 ft / 3 m
  • Bulb Colors: 16 Color + Multi Color
  • Waterproof Rate: IP68
  • Certification: UL, CE, RoHS
  • Remote Battery: CR2025 Button Battery
  • Remote Distance: 16.5 ft / 5 m

The 66 ft long LED String consists of 200 LED bulbs that offer a creative decor. These LEDs can offer much brighter lighting, more pure and stable colors. One of the important things about string lights is that they should be usable both at indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the IP68 level waterproof rope, these lights work properly in cold winter or raining day and are ideal for outdoor decorations, patio decor and outdoor lightning.

Best LED Christmas Lights 26

Also, the power adapter, which is a 12 V UL Certified Power Adapter, is waterproof with IP44 rating for protection from small amounts of water.

In contrast to other light kits, this LED Rope light kit comes with a 24-key Remote control.

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14. RATHUN LED Christmas Lights

Best LED Christmas Lights 27

The next decoration light kit in the list is an extendable string lights by RaThun in the form of globes. The string is 49 ft in length and has 100 warm white LEDs that are ideal for indoor and outdoor festive decorations.

Additionally, the lights are rated IP44 for mild waterproofing. You get an RF Remote control in the kit in contrast to an IR remote control. What this means is that you can control the lights from anywhere and any direction within 20 meters range.

What is included?

  • 49 ft Globe String Lights with 100 LEDs
  • 29V Low Voltage Transformer
  • RF Wireless Remote

Specifications of Globe String Lights

  • Wire material: Pure Copper
  • String light length: 49 ft (33 ft String Lights,16ft Lead Wire)
  • LED Qty: 100pcs
  • Light color: Warm white
  • Cable color: Transparent
  • Space between bulb: 4.2in
  • Diameter of the bulb: 0.7in
  • Power input/output: 100-240V/29V
  • Material: Adopt PP material, this kind of LED lights are break-resistant, and will last longer time than the fragile glass LED
  • Power supply: Plug in

The kit comes with RF wireless remote controller and hence you are free to operate at 360 degree and also it has a range up to 20 meters. Using the remote, you can turn ON / OFF, switch between 8 dimmable modes and also adjust the brightness.

Globe String Lights are simple to use with easy set up: simply connect the power adapter and plug in and unplug it for power on and off.

Best LED Christmas Lights 28

These string lights can be used indoor & outdoor to set the right mood and make an instant magic. Ideal for garden, living room, dining room, bedroom, wedding, party, gatherings, Valentine’s day, Halloween, Christmas, etc.

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15. ZAECANY LED Christmas LightBest LED Christmas Lights 29

The last lighting kit in the list is the perfect dimmable fairy Lights for indoor/outdoor occasion by ZAECANY. The ZAECANY LED String Lights comes with a 24 key remote control for adjusting between 10 levels of brightness and 3 modes: smooth, flash and strobe.

You will get a 99 ft LED String with 300 dimmable LEDs that emit warm white colour. These star lights can not only delight your Christmas season by creating a festival ambience, but also it is a perfect ornament for wedding, dancing party, porch, yard, home.

Specification of ZAECANY LED String Lights

  • String Length: 99 ft (30 M)
  • LED Bulbs: 300 units
  • LED Colour: Warm white
  • Adapter output: 12V, 1A or 12V 0.5A
  • Modes: Smooth / flash / Strobe
  • Adapter Cable: 4.6 ft (1.4 M)
  • Waterproof level:   IP55 (remote control and adapters not waterproof)

What is included?

  • 1 x Warm White 99 ft copper wire LED string light
  • 1 x AC/DC Power adapter
  • 1 x Remote controller

The LED String Light is eco-friendly and easy to use and is composed of micro LEDs and copper wire. As a result, it is highly efficient and never overheats.

If you are planning on a DIY project, then this super long rope light (30 M) will be very useful as it is flexible and you can shape and bend the lights into any shape you like.

Best LED Christmas Lights 30

The power adapter is UL certified and the lights are insulated for power-saving and short-circuit protection. This makes it safe for the kids and pets to touch. Also, the LED string lights are very small and light, you could take them anywhere.

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Buying Guide for the Best Christmas Lights:

The best Christmas LED lights will give your home a festive makeover. There is a huge demand for these Christmas lights in this festive season, and these have versatile functionality and an affordable price range, this Christmas LED lights will make both indoors and outdoors look stunning.

There are various parameters to consider while shopping for LED Christmas lights. Here are a few factors that make the Christmas lights worth buying and enhance the usage capabilities.

Let’s get started.

1. Indoor Vs. Outdoor:

One has to decide the place where they want to use the lights before buying these LED lights. There are three main options available – indoor only, indoor/outdoor and outdoor. However, you can use/install outdoor lights inside the house, but it is not at all safe to use indoor-only lights outside. The reason is that the weather exposure and moisture can short them and may result in a fire hazard.

Among these three types, indoor/outdoor lights are practical and an ideal choice for those who want to change the holiday décor every year (or) won’t bother to separate lights by type. While looking to set up outdoor lighting, then it is essential to check the waterproof rating of the set, and prefer to go with sets offering a waterproof rating of IP45 or more for a perfect weather-resistant outdoor Christmas lighting.

Most of the modern models can be used both inside and outside the home. Pick a set of LED lights as per your lighting requirements.

2. Type of Bulbs:

LED and incandescent are two types of bulbs used in these Christmas lights. LED lights are a modern lighting solution that has already exceeded the popularity of incandescent string lights, yet one can find these older incandescent lights.

Here is the difference between these two bulb types. Have a look at them to know which one is best for your requirement.

  • Incandescent Lights – These bulbs provide a warm glow that offers a vintage look and are less expensive are its two main advantages over LED lights.
  • LED Lights – Though, it is a bit costlier than its incandescent counterparts, yet it consumes less energy (energy-efficient) which means it runs at less cost and saves a lot of money over time. When compared two equal-sized led & incandescent bulbs, the LED’s run by consuming 10% less electricity and last for 2 – 3 times longer. Also, they burn cool and has plastic shells that are less prone to break or damage coloring.
  • Verdict – Depending upon their brands/manufacturers, the average operating lifespan of incandescent setups will be 5000 – 10,000 hours, while LED lights will offer an average lifespan of 25,000 – 50,000 hours. So, LEDs are quite efficient than incandescent options.

3. String Length:

One has to consider the string length and shape before buying these LED Christmas lights. The string length will range from 15 feet long (or less for specialty shapes) to 100 feet (traditional bulb shapes). However, the longer string is used to cover a larger area and in different shapes, but it is a bit difficult to wind it properly to store in between usages.

4. Bulb Size and Shape:

The most popular lights are the traditional teardrop light, followed by globe or round bulbs. Yet, one can find a variety of other options, like snowflakes and icicles which are termed rope lights, where the light encloses in a plastic tube.

However, the size and shape of the light bulb depend on one’s personal preference. We suggest you pick your favorite light bulb and use it around the home for perfect lighting. There are various sizes of globe and teardrop lights available, and here we came up with the most common sizes…

  • Mini Lights – Perfect to use on both the trees or shrubs and to decorate small accents inside and outside of the home. These are trending light size, yet with changing decorative style, you may prefer larger, then buck the trend. These lights are 5/8-inch long and 1/4-inch in diameter.
  • C6 Bulbs – They shape resembles little strawberries and is considered the perfect size for indoor trees. These light bulbs are 3/4-inch in diameter and 1 1/8-inch long.
  • C7 Bulbs – Compared to C6 bulbs, these are a little rounder and longer. They work well outdoors, on larger trees, and can be wrapped around stairway banisters. These light bulbs are 1 ½-inch long and 1 inch in diameter.
  • C9 Bulbs – A traditional teardrop size and shape for outdoor décor. With 2 ½-inch long and 1 ¼-inch in diameter, these lights have a big impact on outdoor displays.
  • G12 Bulbs – A globe-shaped bulb offering an etched design that resembles a raspberry. They are 1 ½-inch in diameter and a perfect option to use both outside and indoors.

5. Color:

While talking about the color, some prefer to use all white lights, or blinking two colors, whereas others desire to have a rainbow of colors. However, the choice depends on your preference. The traditional primary colors are always trendy, yet also notice new colors like purple, pink, turquoise, neon-bright or pastel bulbs.

Cool white or warm white are popular LED Christmas light colors. Here are some lighting color ideas that help you to pick the right one, as per your preference.

  • Cozy & Inviting – Here the warm white LED lights will lighten the indoor space with their soft glow, and are accompanying with traditional mini lights. The convenient hued bulbs are perfect for both outdoors and indoors and are also used to illuminate anywhere. These warm white bulbs are great to decorate Christmas trees with ribbons, accents, and gold ornaments.
  • Bright and Vivid – If you need a more snow-white tone or looking to create color patterns, then the cool white LED lights are most preferred. For instance, cool white LED is trendy with white and red (or) white and blue holiday themes. Also, it is a complement Christmas tree ribbon or bulbs with its silver accent colors.

6. Number of Bulbs and Spacing:

Mini lights are roughly spaced 4 – 6 inches away from the wire. One can find mini bulbs in 100 bulbs/50-foot strings, and 50 bulbs/25-foot strings, in which shorter and longer strings are also available in the market.

While larger bulbs spaced apart, like C9 bulbs are placed one per foot and often a distance between 25 – 50 feet long. Here are some rules for decorating indoors and outdoors that help you to determine which options suits you best to meet your requirements.

  • It is first and must to measure the length of lighting area you need to decorate both in and out of the home. Then bare stretch the wire at the plug end to know its length (mentioned on the pack). Error on the side going a bit long to prevent with another 2 feet of roof space and a single more foot of lights.
  • Try to string up 100 lights per foot upon tree height to decorate a tree.
  • Prefer to use string light nets to cover an outdoor bush. Simply, drape the net over the foliage, plugin and enjoy the display. Mostly, these nets are 4X6 feet, having 150 bulbs, yet some holiday lights offer other size options. Check it out before buying and using them.
  • Combine and plug light strings together to grab the required length by the following instruction on the pack. It states how many strings are plugged safely and never plug strings of different lengths or different size bulbs and stick with the same type. If not, it can overload the wire and cause a fire hazard.

7. Style:

It is not like older days, where the choices are limited, yet these days, there are a lot of styles & options available to choose from. So, other than standard string lights, there are ground lights, icicle lights, light projectors, and novelty lights. The only thing you need to do is to select the right style to decorate your home.

8. Power Source:

However, standard electric power and battery power are the two main power sources available to run these Christmas lights.

Most of these lights are plugged into an electrical outlet, in which some models have controllers on the plug to let you switch between modes. Also, battery-powered strings (an ideal option for spaces or spots not having a nearby electrical outlet) or solar-powered string lights (perfect for outdoor décor) are trending these days for outdoor lighting, where no more usage of extension cords all over the lawn.

9. Installation:

Attaching these strings of lights to eaves, shingles, roofing, and gutters will create a festive environment/holiday lighting at home. Usually, the bulb range in these lighting strings will be 25 – 200 bulbs.

The usage of lighting clips will make its installation quite easy that are designed to attach without poking holes in trim or roof. While specialty clips let you add lights all-around windows or onto brick surfaces.

It is essential to check the size of the bulbs in lighting strings along with considering the part of the home you want to attach the strings before selecting the lighting clips. These clips will grab the light socket and thereby allow you to position the bulbs horizontally, hanging down or upright. The price of a pack with 50 all-purpose clips will be $6.

10. Durable Material Quality:

It is vital to check the material quality before buying LED Christmas light kits, why because the durable nature of string light will ensure long-lasting performance and won’t get quickly damaged.

Most of these Christmas lights use copper inside and ABS plastic material outside. They are available at reasonable prices and enhance their usage abilities. While some cheaper model’s break out easily and also consume more power than actually needed. So, it’s better to avoid such annoying models and opt for high-end Christmas lights made of durable material quality.

11. Power Adapter:

It is essential to have a power adapter utilizing 120V/60Hz to maintain an even power flow and illuminate these LED lights effectively. Ensure that the power circuit is designed not to make noise or uninterrupted power supply. Also, it regulates the power fluctuations in the device with its internal circuitry and let it illuminate properly.

12. Weatherproof and Shockproof Nature:

One has to consider this feature while installing string lights outdoors, where it is more prone to water, dust, and other contaminants. You need to wipe it off with a wet cloth to deter the stains. In case, if these Christmas lights are not installed properly, then you may experience some minor shocks too.

So, to overcome these issues, you need to purchase the LED Christmas lights that are made of high-quality materials. As they are stronger and withstand climatic conditions (with minimum IP 45) to offer a shock-proof, dustproof and waterproof nature.

13. Extra Features:

It is a must to check for these additional features while buying the best Christmas lights. Below we have mentioned some of the special features to find out in these lights for perfect, easy, and long-lasting illumination.

  • Lighting Modes – Quite essential where a single splash of lighting is not enough. Most string lights come with small control boxes with a multitude of light patterns or settings, which include slow or fast fade, blinking, waves, sequential on/off patterns, and sequential single colors. Also, a few models have play music and switch the light patterns in rhythm/tune like dancing.
  • Remote Control – Need to install these lights in hard to reach/corner places, then a model having a remote controller will help to turn on/off the lights easily. Thus, it allows you to conveniently operate the lights (on/off) and switch the modes from anywhere without operating manually.
  • Timer – Setting a time to illuminate the space will help to save a lot of power. It allows you to set the time from 6 – 18 hours and after that time, the system will automatically shut down and turns on by itself to work within that time.
  • Novelty Design – The use of these novelty LED designs (like snowflakes) will add some additional visual advantage to the light display, which makes you enjoy it a lot in this festive season.
  • Linkable Sets – Prefer to choose the lighting sets that let you link them properly and thereby increase their coverage. Keep in mind that to link only compatible sets to prevent any electrical hazards.
  • User-Friendly Guide – Almost every Christmas light kit has a user-friendly manual, which let you know about custom designs, styles, themes, installation process, safety tips and precautions. Read on to know all about these things before you start using these lights.

14. Light Setting to Music:

Don’t want to get down your outdoor lighting display? Then it’s time to use music synchronization kits to turn your outdoor lighting into a playful and fun-fill area.

A 30-amp plug and play system splits your display into 16 separate channels (costs $800 – $1000) that includes weatherproof speakers. While pre-synched music ($30 per song) offers everything from basic Jingle Bells to Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. Or prefer six-channel sets ($150), yet you may get a single small speaker and 10 pre-loaded songs.

The usage of more sophisticated displays can run 64 channels and it includes software that let you program your own show and run by using your laptop.

15. Brand Reputation and Warranty:

The brand reputation and warranty service offered by the manufacturer will play a key role after the product purchase. All the products mentioned above are branded having trust in customers that offer top-notch Christmas lights. Also, check the warranty services to minimize the repairing costs.

LED Light Styles & Decorating Ideas:

Here are some of the lighting styles and decorative ideas by using your LED Christmas lights all around your home. Take a look at them and try these light styles and decorative ideas.

Net Lights and Trunk Wraps – Looking for an even and quick light coverage, then LED net lights and trunk wraps are the perfect option. Here the net lights will deliver a convenient way to wrap shrubs and bushes, whereas trunk wraps will cover tree trunks and branches.

LED Icicle Lights – The popular outdoor LED Christmas light style for roof lining is to have ambient indoor bedroom lighting. However, these LED icicle lights offer a wide range of solid colors and fun combinations. For instance, green & red for Christmas, and purple & orange for Halloween.

Falling Icicles and Grand Cascades – It is like traditional icicle string lights with some animated twist on them. Usually, falling icicle bulbs are used in C9 and C7 stringers to mimic dripping ice and falling snow. With the row of diodes, these grand cascade light tubes light up and descend to create an effect of snow showers and shooting stars.

LED Rope Light – This is like lay it out or wrap it up lights. This long-lasting LED rope light will stay cool that has a bulb on every inch, providing exceptional brightness. Most DIY decorators use the flexibility of tube lighting for creating custom signs and motifs. So, LED rope light is a perfect choice to line decks, walkways, or stairs. It is a great indoor option as cove or accent lighting.

LED Strip Light – It is a versatile indoor lighting option with an easy-to-use design. All you need is to remove the adhesive backing and stick it on any surface to brighten your office or home with its white or RGB LED strip lights.

Battery Operated LED Mini Lights – LED’s use less amount of energy and their batteries will last longer to offer versatile and efficient lighting solutions that can illuminate anywhere and anything. Use these LED mini lights to illuminate Christmas wreaths, craft projects, and centerpiece decorations.

Fairy Lights – Although it is small, the fairy lights have tiny bulbs, which generate incredibly bright, glowing light. Choose both plug-in and battery-operated options on green or silver wire to lighten up craft projects or glass jars or wrap around trees and shrubs.

Tips for Successful Lighting Strings:

Here are some of the tips to follow for placing or installing light strings successfully. Take a look at them.

  • It is essential to carefully map out the scheme before installing.
  • Always plug light strings into the same length strings. Avoid mixing strings of different lengths and the wires rated for different amperages.
  • Strings are designed to plug into each other to generate long runs, but avoid using more than 3 strings on one run.
  • Always use extension cords and light strings that are specially approved for outdoor use.
  • Carefully measure the distance and note down everything that has to make one trip to the store.
  • While measuring a spiraling up a tree trunk or post, then wrap a string around them and lay the string flat to measure your required length.

Safety Tips to use Christmas Lights:

Here are some safety tips to be followed while using these LED Christmas lights.

  • Avoid overloading extensions cords or electrical outlets. If stringing together multiple strands, make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions and won’t exceed their suggested amount of connections.
  • Avoiding connecting the incandescent lights instead of LED lights.
  • Avoid connecting different light strands on the same outlet or circuit. For instance, connecting a C9 or C7 incandescent strand by using a mini-light strand.
  • It is a must to test the lights before installing to ensure they work properly. Also, inspect all the wires and cords and dispose of the cords or lights showing wear or damaged signs.
  • Make sure to unplug these lights while going to sleep or going outside the home. Also, the usage of automatic light timers will help to turn on/off the lights at exact times without manually turning them on/off.
  • Always take the help of your partner while you use a ladder to deter accidents, and avoid placing the ladders on ice, snow, or throw slick surfaces or rugs.
  • Don’t run electrical cords with high-traffic areas or place them under a rug.

How to Store Christmas Lights Properly:

Here is the process that is quite helpful to store these Christmas lights properly. Its proper storage will allow you to use them easily and effortlessly every time after its storage.

  • Ensure outdoor lights are perfectly dry before you place in the storage box.
  • Use a spool designed or light reel to wrap lights for its proper storage. After that, place these lights in an apt storage box, bin, or bag.
  • Using a sturdy tube or cardboard sheet to wrap these lights. Avoid too tight wrapping before storing, why because it strains the wires and lights and results in fraying.
  • It is a must to inspect the wires and cords of these lights for nicks, cuts, and other damages while winding the lights and discarding the damaged light strands.
  • It is must storing all these seasonal decorative in dry space like an internal closet. Never store these decorations and lights in a place where the changing moisture is seen in a year, like a basement, attic, or outside storage shed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are these LED lights safer to use?

Ans: Usually, standard Christmas tree lights are hot but not these LED lights, as these LED lights remain cool. Thus, it won’t cause any burn even if you touch them and are also less prone to the risk of a fire safety perception.

2. How long do these LED lights last?

Ans: An average lifespan of an LED light can last for about 30,000 – 40,000 hours of usage before burning out if using only 8 – 12 hours a day upon Christmas period. It is all about its wiring that provides a long span of life rather than LED bulbs. So, a quality LED Christmas tree light set can last even for a decade if used for 30 days (Christmas holidays) a year, while a cheap set of LED lights may last for a few Christmases.

3. Do the outdoor Christmas lights get affected by the rain/external weather?

Ans: Usually, the outdoor Christmas lights have armored cables, which makes them suitable to use in any outdoor conditions. All you need is to check for the UL certification for weatherproofing before buying these Christmas lights. Or else the lights not having waterproofing will result in electrical hazards around the home and not at all safe to use.

4. How to untangle Christmas lights?

Ans: After storage the Christmas lights for a year, then it’s time to break the tangled mess, which may consume a lot of time to set them properly. So, the best strategy to untangle is not to get them in this place. Here is the quick guide to packing away the lights from this year.
• Take the end of LED lights between the thumb and forefinger.
• Bend the arm at the elbow.
• Circle the lighting cable around the elbow and back to fingers.
• Finally, wrap the plug and lead cable all around the lights to secure the wrap.
• Store it safely to untangle them easily for the next time you want to use these LED Christmas lights.

5. What is the best way to string up Christmas lights in the backyard?

Ans: Secure these Christmas lights to trees, fences, gazebos, sheds, and other structures while stringing up these lights in the backyard. You can do this with a pack of zip-ties.

6. How do these LED Christmas tree lights work?

Ans: LED means Light Emitting Diode. Not like standard light bulbs having lighted filaments or fluorescent coatings producing visible light from UV light, LEDs are semiconductors producing light with the electron’s movement. For its work, you have to either plug them into an outlet or press the battery to switch ON the lights and to have perfect lighting.

7. How much power does a Christmas light string consume to lighten up?

Ans: Generally, an average string of 200 LED lights run at a power consumption of 15W, while an average string of the same standard lights run at a power consumption of 50W. If assume using Christmas tree lights for 2 hours daily for a month, that works with power that costs around $1 for LED lights and $3.50 for standard lights. However, it won’t be a huge difference while using a fewer number of lights, but if using more lights, then the more you will save by using LED lights.


This brings us to the end…conclusion part. Of all, our top pick from the list is Twinkle Star  LED Christmas Light that has 300 LEDs and emit gorgeous warm white colour. They are also waterproof with IP44 rating making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. Using the integrated mode controller, you can even toggle between 8 different modes of flashing and strobing to suit youe festive needs.

Of all, which brand you like the most? Are you using any of the popular brands? If you have any doubts regarding Christmas lights, write to us in the comment section given below. We’ll clarify them as soon as possible.

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