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Top PIC Microcontroller Projects Ideas

PIC microcontrollers are electronic circuits that can be programmed to carry out a vast range of tasks. The name PIC initially referred to “Peripheral Interface Controller”. Later it has been changed to “Programmable Intelligent Computer”. The PIC microcontrollers are mainly used by hobbyists and experimenters, especially in the fields of electronics and robotics. The main features of PIC microcontroller are wide availability, low cost, ease of reprogramming with built-in EEPROM, an extensive collection of free application notes, abundant development tools, and a great deal of information available on the Internet. The PIC microcontrollers often appear under the brand name PICmicro.

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Today, many engineering students are showing lot of interest towards embedded systems projects in which microcontrollers are used. Among all the microcontrollers, 8051 and PIC are the 2 types of microcontroller which are playing important role due to their features. So, here we have listed out some of the best projects ideas based on PIC microcontroller which can be useful for engineering students in completing their Graduation successfully.

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If you are interested, you may check the list of the following PIC microcontroller projects and write your feedback, new ideas, suggestions and requests in our contact us page.

  • PIC PWM Calculator: In this project, we design a calculator to perform mathematical operations by using the PIC controller. To design the project, we use a keypad and an LCD display along with this project. The input is given by a keypad and the result will be appeared on the LCD screen.
  • Library Management System Using PIC: This project is used to manage the library system by using PIC controller. This is different from conventional library management system. In this PIC controller based library management project, every one (who is using the library services) will provide with an ID card, with digital data stored in it along with their details. The PIC controller is used to read the digital data in it.
  • Emergency Vehicle Flasher Using PIC16F84: This project is to design the emergency vehicle flash lights by using PIC micro controller. This is a warning device that flashes light signal when the emergency vehicle is moving, to alert the people around it. And this is very useful in bad weather conditions.
  • Automated Town Water Management System Using PIC: The automated town watering system is a great idea that helps us to manage the watering system by using PIC controller. This project automates the watering system by regulating the water speed and water flow and the amount of water to be distributed to the areas by using PIC.
  • A Real Time Clock IC (DS1307) Using the PIC: By using the PIC micro controller, we can design a real time clock to represent the time in digital format. This project uses the RTC IC DS1307 and 4 digit seven segment displays to display the clock visually.
  • A Temperature Data Logger Using PIC EEPROM: This is a very simple data logger project designed by using PIC controller. We use the temperature sensor to measure the temperature. The controller will read the values from the sensor on regular interval basis, and stores them in its EEPROM. By using a serial interface we can transfer the recorded temperatures to a computer.
  • Gas Sensor Using PIC16F84A: The gas detector project is a home automation project which uses the gas sensor to detect the gas leakages. This gas detection task is controlled by using the PIC controller. If the sensor detects any leaked gas in surroundings, it will be wil alert the user by sounding the alarm (piezo buzzer) and lighting the LED.
  • Prepaid Electricity Billing System: This prepaid electricity billing system is used to provide the cost efficient manner of paying the electricity bill in real time. This concept provides the recharge card of some amount. If only the recharge is done, then the electricity meter will run, so in this way it prevents cheating and fraud in electricity usage.
  • Making a Binary Clock Using a PIC Microcontroller.: We can design a binary clock by using PIC controller and LEDs. The real time clock IC IS CONNECTED TO THE PIC CONTROLLER AND LEDs to display the clock. The whole system is powered by a 9V DC battery.
  • Temperature Controller Using PIC Microcontroller: This automatic temperature control system is designed by using PIC controller and temperature sensor. The temperature sensor detects the room temperature and sends the information to the controller. If the temperature levels exceeds the preset levels, then the programmed PIC controller will control.
  • Humidity Controller using PIC microcontroller: The humidity controller project is used to detect and control the humidity level by using PIC. The humidity sensor is connected to the PIC controller. It measures the humidity level and sends the report to the PIC controller.
  • Car parking monitoring system: The automatic car parking system is very good real time project idea. This Automatic Car Parking enables the parking of vehicles-floor after floor and thus reducing the space used. Here any number of cars can be park according to requirement. These makes the systems modernized and even a space-saving one. Automatic Car Parking System here we work on the thought of display the number of parking available at parking site.
  • Solar Energy Measurement System by PIC controller: This project is used to measure the solar energy. This project uses voltage sensor and current sensors to measure the solar energy and the voltage levels are displayed by using an LCD.
  • A PIC Sonar (Ultrasonic) Range Finder Using a Seven Segment Display: The distance finder circuit is used to find the distance of an object. This project is developed by using PIC controller and ultrasonic sound sensor. The sensor is connected with the controller and the distance will be displayed on LCD screen.
  • 3 LED Bike Light using PIC10F200: The 3 LED bike light project is used to display the LED by using PIC controller. The multipurpose LED lights are connected to PIC controller and they will glow by based on the bike condition and movement.
  • 3-Switch Mini IR Remote Control: This project is used to control the house hold devices with a wireless remote. This uses the IR sensing remote and PIC controller. The IR remote control hs 3 buttons to control the 3 appliances, remotely.
  • PIC Based Greenhouse Monitoring and Controlling System: This PIC controller based system will use the humidity sensor, temperature sensor and light dependant resister to monitor the humidity, temperature and light. The information collected by these sensors will be sent to the PIC controller and thus the it controls the surroundings by adjusting the weather.
  • LED Chaser Using PIC: This LED chaser circuit is used to adjust the intensity levels of the LEDs by using the PIC controller. The PIC controller adjusts the voltage levels in a sequence to control their intensity.
  • electronic voting machine using pic microcontroller: This PIC controlled voting system project is very useful at the time of conducting quizzes and audience polls. This project uses a piezo buzzer and LED to create an alert when the user press the push button.
  • Telephone Operated Remote Control Using PIC16F84A Microcontroller: This project is used as DTMF remote control by using pic controller. this device does not need the call to be answered at the remote end so the call will not be charged. This device depends on number of rings given on the telephone line to activate/deactivate devices.
  • How To Use PIC Microcontroller For Voice Input And Output: In this project we use the PIC controller to read the analog voltage input. The read input is sample at the same instant and produces the same signals which are strong enough to produce sound effects by using loud speaker.
  • How to Implement SPI Using PIC18F4550: We can implement the SPI (serial peripheral interface) by using PIC micro controller. The SPI is most popular device that is used to transfer the serial data. In this project, we introduce two types of serial interfacing devices, like SPI master and SPI slave. The output of the master SPI will control the data flow of the slave SPI.
  • How to work with inbuilt Analog Comparators of PIC18F4550: The analog comparator is a device which compares the voltages of 2 voltages sources and indicates the high voltage source by using an LED. We implement the PIC controller in this project to work with the LED, to visually indicate which voltage source is high.
  • How to use Timers in PIC18F4550 Microcontroller: In this project we implement the timer modules in PIC controller to generate the exact delay of time. This module is used in various devices like auto triggering peripherals and in PWM signal generation devices.
  • How to configure EUSART in PIC18F4550 Microcontroller: In this project we configure the EUSART (enhanced universal synchronous asynchronous receiver transmitter). This concept is used in serial communication because the configured EUSART has the capability of transmit the data for long distances with error detection capability.
  • Seven Segment Multiplexing using PIC18F4550 Microcontroller: The main goal of the project is to display the numbers by using multiplexed 7- segment displays controlled by using PIC controller. The multiplexed seven segment display concept is used in calculators and digital display boards.
  • PIC USB HID (Human Interface Device) Interfacing: PIC controller is used to design a USB human interface device. The interface is able to send and receive commands from the USB Host on the Laptop computer. Which means the USB should be able to toggle some LEDs on and off, recognize when a switch is pressed and visualize the value of a variable resistor, trimpot.
  • Single Phase Offline UPS using PIC Microcontroller: This project coal is to control the PIC controller based UPS device. We use the specific features of PIC controller to control the functioning of UPS. The PIC controller is used for the voltage regulation of the supply and to produce the linear voltage output.
  • Fingerprint Based Biometric ATM Authentication System: This biometric project is used to authenticate the userÂ’s identity by using thumb impression or face recognition or palm print methods. The PIC microcontroller is used to authorize the data from the ATM user database.
  • PI Control for Brushless DC Motor Running at Entered Speed: By using the PIC micro controller we can control the speed of brush less DC motor. We can make the motor to run at our desired speed. The PIC controller is connected to a keypad to enter the desired speed.
  • Remotely Controlled Android based Electronic Notice Board: This PIC based notice board project is used to display the message on the electrical display. an android smart phone is used to send the text messages which we need to display on the board. The GSM module is used to send and receive the text messages and the LCD screen is used to display the messages.
  • Android based Remotely Programmable Sequential Load Operation: The android based remotely programmable sequential load project is used to control the electronic devices by using an android smart phone. this is like remote operation of electrical devices. The commands to control these devices are given by android mobile Bluetooth technology.
  • Remote Operated Domestic Appliances Control by Android Application: The remote appliances control system based on the Android smart phone GUI is designed on Android Smartphone. A user logs into the smart Android phone interface, and clicks the buttons to send message commands from the GUI which will be transmitted to home information center through the GSM network. Then the processor recognizes the specified command, and controls the home appliance switches in the wireless radio frequency manner to achieve remote control of appliances ultimately.
  • I-button lock by using PIC controller: The PIC controller based I-button lock system is a home security project, which is used to lock the door by using PIC programmed I-button. The I– button is a device that is used to communicate with only two wires.
  • led based rolling display PIC controller: This PIC controller based project is used to display the scrolling text information by using LED display. this project uses the shift registers and counters to scroll the data. The bunch of LEDs (or an LED bed) is connected with the PIC controller, to display the scrolling text.
  • PIC controller based security lock system: This is a password based home security project controlled by using PIC controller. The door is locked by using a security code and this code is stored in micro controller. When the person enters the correct password or Pin through the keypad, then only the door opens otherwise the door remains locked.
  • 48 Channel Mono / 16 Channel RGB LED Controller: Here a 48 channel Led controller is proposed. It can control 48 groups of mono-color LEDs. It uses 3 Led drivers along with a pic microntroller.serial peripheral interface
  • Mood Vase: A beautiful vase which is switched on in dark is detected. This vase can be used a decorative item.
  • DTMF Touch Tone Decoder Using Microchip PIC Microprocessor: A DTMF touch tone decoder using Pic is explained here. Here PIC12F683 microprocessor is used to decode the DTMF tone.
  • 53Â LED CUBE Controllers: This project shows a 53 Led cube controller. Here single color LEDs are used for building the LED cube.
  • UFO round LED Chaser with speed control: Here Led Chaser uses PWM to control the Leds.PIC 16F628A microcontroller is used as heart of the project.
  • F1 Gantry Race Start Lights : A race start sequence using 5 lights for simple F1 race circuit is designed.The circuit can have fixed or random delay.
  • Real time monitoring of ECG signal using PIC and web server: A wireless sensor network , to monitor the patients health was designed here. It uses PIC microcontroller .
  • LED DICE with PIC: Here is project showing LED Die circuit using PIC microcontroller. Tumbling dice is designed using RED Leds. This is a simple and low cost circuit.
  • PWM Fan Controller: PWM technique is used to control the speed of the fan. Here Pulse width modulation is produced by PIC16F877A controller. It is tested with two fans.
  • The Super-Simple pocket size mp3 player!: A simple pocket sized MP3 player is designed here. It uses PIC 16LF877 microcontroller and 100gb Flash card.It also uses a decoder chip vs1001k with built in DAC.Song are stored in SD card and then there are processed by the MCU unit ,finally given to decoder.
  • LED Strobe for PIC12F629 / 675: Here a simple LED strobe circuit is designed using pic microcontroller. Strobe leds are used as warning signals for police or fire etc. They flashed for particular time in regular intervals. Here the microcontroller drives this strobe LED.
  • Geek Clock: A binary clock is designed using PIC 16F874A microcontroller.It uses 6 coloumns of LEds to display the time in binary fromat.It uses DS1307 RTC IC to retrieve the time.
  • Infra/radio remote control transmitter/receiver with PIC: Here encoder and decoder circuits for 433mhz radio transmitter and receiver circuits are designed.These circuits takes care of transmitting digital signals using radio or infrared waves.
  • Power Pic RGB with voltage control: RGB lights are used to produce different color lights from a single light source. This a simple project showing RGB lights controlled using two different voltage sources to change its color. A pic 12F675 microcontroller is used here for controlling these lights.
  • DIY Grid Charger/Discharger : This articles explains in detail about DIY Gris Charger. This project can be build using components available at eBay. For more information go through the article.
  • Line Identification (CLI): This project shows the circuit ,that identifies the caller on phone .The telephone wire connected in the circuit so that it will display the name of the caller by matching it with the numbers stored.
  • A simple RF/Microwave frequency counter: This project shows a simple frequency counter using PIC 16F876Amicrocontroller.Range of this counter is extended up to 180MHz using two 74FXX device.Results are shown on the LCD conneted in the circuit.
  • Darkroom Timer using PIC16F84 microcontroller: This project shows a timer that can be used as countdown circuit. When button is pressed it starts counting time in minutes and seconds. When the unit is stopped it displays the time on the display. Again it can reset if the unit is switched.
  • Universal Serial Infrared Receiver: The universal serial receiver can be used to control the pC using a TV remote .It uses PIC microcontroller to characterise the demodulated signal and transmit it to the receiver.
  • Interfacing Stepper Motor with PIC Microcontroller: Here is the project showing Interfacing of uni polar and bipolar stepper motor with Pic 16F877A microcontroller.

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