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50+ Wireless Communication Based Projects

“Wireless Communication” is the way of communication in which the transfer of information takes place between two or more points that are not connected by an electrical conductor. The most common wireless technologies use electromagnetic wireless telecommunications, such as radio.


Here, we are publishing the list of various wireless communication project ideas for engineering students. These are very interesting to learn and also helps in getting good growth in career.

Wireless Communication Projects Ideas:

  • Automated Intelligent Traffic Control System using Zigbee: This project replaces the conventional timer based traffic control system by implementing wireless sensor networks using Zigbee technology. Wireless sensor networks employed at various junctions senses the density of vehicles and transfers that data to main controller through Zigbee module. At receiver end, Zigbee receiver sends the control signals to the traffic lights after analyzing and processing the received data.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control System for DC Motor using Zigbee Protocol: This project aims to design a remote monitoring and control system for DC motor using wireless Zigbee technology. Various parameters like voltage, current, speed and temperature of DC motor are acquired various sensor is transferred to the central controller via Zigbee module. This project also facilitates the speed control of motor from remote location through employed motor driver unit.
  • Remote Monitoring System for Three-Phase Distribution Transformer using Zigbee : This project helps to monitor and control the three phase distribution transformer in order to clear the faults early in transformer. In this, transformer parameter like voltage, current, temperature of the oil, oil level, etc are monitored remotely via Zigbee module and also switching operation of transformer remotely based on these parameters violation can be performed.
  • RF Based Stepper Motor Control System: In this project, RF communication technology is implemented to control the speed of stepper motor. RF transmitter module with control unit sends the control commands to the receiver module where stepper motor is connected to it. Upon receiving these signals, stepper motor speed is controlled.


  • Wireless Patient Body Monitoring System using Zigbee: This project implements a wireless sensor network for facilitating remote monitoring of patients upon Zigbee network. Various health parameters like body temperature, ECG, heartbeat, etc are continuously monitored by various sensors and collected data is transferred to the central monitoring station or to the doctor via Zigbee network. At receiving end LabVIEW GUI displays all these parameters graphically on PC.
  • RF based War Field Spying Robot with Night Vision Wireless Camera : In this project, RF based spy robot is designed with night vision capability camera for spying purpose in war fields. At transmitting end, push button pressing generates command signal which is then transferred to the receiving end to control the direction of the robot like forward, backward, left and right directions.
  • Wireless Electronic Display Board using GSM Technology: This project builds an innovative system to update the information on electronic displays using GSM technology. GSM module attached to the electronic display controller automatically receives and updates the information whenever user sends the SMS (of information to be displayed) from his/her mobile phone.
  • Wireless Voice Controlled Fire Extinguisher Robot using Zigbee: The main aim of this project is to build a fire extinguishing robotic vehicle with Zigbee wireless technology. The speech recognition module at Zigbee transmitter circuit, reads the speech signals and transfer to the receiving end where Zigbee receiver circuit with robot controller is connected.
  • Wireless Energy Meter Reading with Power ON/OFF Circuit using Zigbee: This design measures the electricity consumption and sends the billing information to electricity utility department through Zigbee module and also to the user via GSM module. This system also facilitates the utility companies to terminate the power if user fails to pay the bill.
  • Wireless Power Transfer System using Magnetic Resonant Coupling: The objective of this project is to transfer the electricity from one circuit to the other without using wires in between them. This can be implemented where there is no chance for running electrical lines. This method uses magnetic resonant coupling method for efficient transfer of power.
  • Two-Way Wireless Data Messaging System in Rural Areas using Zigbee: This project provides the two-way message communication system for rural areas where there is no signals from mobile service providers and also for applications which require high encryption and decryption of data. Zigbee transceiver at both transmitting and receiving end enables the transferring of messages between sender and receiver.
  • Zigbee Based Weather Monitoring System: This project builds weather monitoring station to continuously monitor and record the weather data without any human intervention using Zigbee technology. Various parameters data like temperature, rain fall, humidity, wind speed and direction, etc acquired by the main controller is send to the remote computer via Zigbee module. At the receiving end, Zigbee receiver along with PC, receive, monitor and records the data.
  • Monitoring System for Induction Motors Based on Zigbee Protocol: The main aim of this project is to switch, protect and monitor the AC induction motor wirelessly using Zigbee technology. Induction motor parameter like voltage, current, temperature, speed, etc, are transferred to the remote computer through Zigbee module. Then user can monitor and switch the motor if any parameter violates its limits. This system also facilitates over loading, over current, overvoltage and over temperature protection systems.
  • Wireless Home Automation System Using Zigbee: This project implements a high efficient home automation system to have remote control operation over homes using Zigbee technology. Sensors placed in the home are connected to the central controller which automatically collects the various parameters like temperature, lighting, gas leak detection, etc. Upon set conditions this system automatically controls the home appliances. Zigbee receiver at remote control side can also has the access to operate and monitor the home.
  • Robotic Cable Inspection System Using Microcontroller and GPS Tracker: The objective of this project is to implement a mobile robot that can detect or inspect the faults occurred in underground cables. This robot can travel through the underground tunnels and inspects the obstacles, fire accidents, presence of harmful gases, supply failures, etc of the cable. This fault location detected by GPS module is transferred to the main controller through the communication module.
  • Zigbee Based Remote Controlled Automatic Street Light System: This system facilitates the remote control and monitoring of street lights by using Zigbee technology. PIR and LDR sensors at the street lights detect the motion or vehicle detection and light intensity. The main controller collects the sensor data transfers to the central monitoring area through Zigbee. According the sensors data, central monitoring station sends the automatic decisions like Dimming/ ON/ OFF.
  • Electronic Voting Machine Using Zigbee : In this project, a high efficient wireless electronic voting machine is implemented using Zigbee technology. Fingerprint module attached to the main controller takes the voter identity and compares with data stored in database. Buttons provided to this controller, accepts the respective vote from voter. Then this data will be sent to the remote computer via Zigbee network.
  • Touch Screen and Zigbee Based Wireless Communication Assistant: This project aims to build a multi-language communication system especially for dumb/ill people. Symbols and images based touch screen provides the user to enter their requirement. This data is further transferred to central computer via Zigbee network so that people get assisted quickly and easily.
  • RFID Based Library Management System: This project overcomes the disadvantages of barcode system by inserting RFID tags for every book in order to reduce the theft of books. RFID readers are attached at entrance and exit doors which can automatically detect the RFID tags if any person tries to steal the books. Library books management is also very efficient with this system.
  • Oil Well Monitoring and Control Based on Wireless Sensor Networks : The main aim of this project is to build oil well health monitoring system by monitoring and supervising various individual wireless sensor network based controllers located at different oil wells from single location. Each Zigbee controller with level, temperature and gas sensors remotely monitored from central location via Zigbee network.
  • Wireless Fingerprint Based College Attendance System Using Zigbee Technology: This project eliminates the manual attendance system by implementing fingerprint based attendance using Zigbee technology. Fingerprint module identifies the user and sends the information to remote PC through Zigbee module. At the receiver end, this data is automatically uploaded into the excel files for future record.
  • Intelligent Accident Identification System Using GPS and GSM: The objective of this project is to intimate the accident location of vehicle to the emergency services like ambulance through SMS by identifying the location with use of GPS. MEMS based controller with GSM and GPS modules in the vehicles generates SMS whenever vehicle met with an accident.
  • Dish Positioning Control by DC Motor Using IR Remote Control: The main aim of this project is to adjust the position of dish remotely using IR transmitter and receiver modules. In this, a DC motor is attached at the base of dish along with IR receiver module. Remote IR transmitter sends the control signals to the IR receiver so that motor and hence dish position is controlled.
  • RFID Based Automated Toll Plaza System: The objective of this project is to avoid long queues at toll gates by automating toll collecting system using RFID technology. This system provides RFID cards for each vehicle so that when the vehicle enters into toll gate, it automatically reads the vehicle data and deducts the amount from their cards.
  • Forest Fire Detection Using Zigbee Wireless Sensor Networks: In this project forest fires are detected remotely from solar based controller located in the forest through Zigbee wireless network. Various sensors like smoke sensor, temperature sensor, pressure sensor and rain sensor are connected to solar powered controller along with Zigbee transceiver. At the central location these parameters are monitored remotely.
  • Wireless Auto Power Trip during Gas Leakage: The main idea of this project is to reduce the chances of getting fire with electricity in the event of gas leakage. This project uses RF module to transfer the information of gas leakage to the electricity tripping circuit and alarming circuit so that electricity is interrupted as well as people get alerted.
  • RF Based Bus Recognition System for Visually Impaired Persons : This project implements a bus recognition system using RF module for the visually impaired persons. When the person enters the bus number on Braille keypad, this system automatically sends the signals to corresponding bus so that RF signal transmission is activated in the bus. When the bus enters into station, RF receiver based module at person gets vibrated and starts alarming.
  • RFID Based Automatic Vehicle Parking System: This project provides the RFID tag for every registered vehicle to build automated parking system. When the vehicle enters into the parking area, RFID reader reads the RFID tag, automatically deducts the amount from the card, allots the particular slot and then opens the entry gate with use of DC motor.
  • Automation of Ticket Vending Machine using ARM Processer: The objective of this project is to demonstrate the automatic ticket vending machine and bus management using RFID, GPS, GSM and Zigbee technologies. The design implements arm processor which can provide the ticket automatically once the user is authenticated by RFID and allowing him/her to enter destination place on touch pad.
  • A Bluetooth Tele Health, Household Security and Industry Safety Realization by Android Smartphone: This project demonstrates how the wireless communication will be helpful in industrial safety, household security and tele health systems. In this, Bluetooth communication is used in between the embedded unit and android smart phones. Various sensors like temperature, gas and pulse sensors are connected to embedded unit which sends the data to smart phone remotely via Bluetooth module.
  • SCADA Based Monitoring and Controlling Using ZIGBEE: This project demonstrates the real time implementation of SCADA system for small applications using Zigbee technology. In this, data acquisition and control is performed through set of sensors and microcontroller unit while remote monitoring and control is performed through Zigbee network.
  • Wireless Data logger Using Zigbee: The main aim of this project is to develop microcontroller based data logger system for temperature monitoring using Zigbee. The ADC with temperature sensor continuously measures the temperature. This sensor data will be acquired by the microcontroller unit further transmitted to remote PC through Zigbee module. Therefore, the data is logged as well as monitored even from remote locations. This will be useful for analyzing temperature variation over a period.
  • Real Time Traffic Monitoring System and Driver Assistance using Zigbee and GPS: This project implements a smart vehicle system which can provide various traffic conditions for assisting driver. Zigbee traffic modules placed at different junctions sends the traffic data to the drivers so that they can choose an alternate path in the event of huge traffic. GPS guides the driver along the desired path.
  • Design of Indoor Pipeline Inspection Robot using Zigbee: In this project, indoor pipeline inspection robot is designed by using Zigbee wireless communication. A CMOS camera, temperature sensor, accelerometer and Zigbee module are used in this robotic body in order to have remote pipeline inspection.
  • Voice Recognition Based Wireless Home Appliances Control using Zigbee: This system is mainly designed for elderly persons as well as disabled persons who cannot go and operate the appliances. This project allows the user to give voice commands in order to have control on various home appliances. Zigbee communication facilitates the wireless communication between user device and appliance control device.
  • Self-Balancing Robot and Control via RF: This project implements the two wheel self balancing robot which can balance on its own and can travel over different trains as compared to four wheel robot. In this, the balanced robot is controlled wirelessly using RF transmitter while RF receiver in robot module receives the commands and controls the motor directions.
  • Flood Intimation in Railways using Zigbee And GSM: This project automatically detects the floods that are flowing across the railway tracks in order to avoid the accidents. A portable microcontroller and sensor based controller with Zigbee and GSM modules sends the flood intimation to remote computer as well as to the train drive mobile whenever it detects the flood water on tracks.
  • Bluetooth and Android Based Household Appliance Control: This is a smart way of controlling the household appliances using Android mobile application via Bluetooth communication. The Bluetooth module in the main controller receives the user commands and transfers to the controller to which all the appliances are connected.
  • Development of a Low-Cost ZIGBEE and GSM Based Conductor Temperature and Sag Monitoring System: The main objective of this project is to measure temperature and sag of high voltage overhead conductor directly without disturbing the power supply through it. These parameters are continuously monitored by Zigbee module. And also if these parameters limits are exceeded, SMS will be sent to the authorized persons through GSM module.
  • Wireless Control of Single Phase Powered 3-Phase Induction Motor Using GSM: In this project, the speed of a three phase motor is controlled by implementing V/F control method. This method is implemented in PIC microcontroller which delivers the PWM signals to the IGBT unit after receiving commands from remote mobile via GSM module. This module also sends the acknowledgement of speed to the remote mobile.
  • Monitoring Wind Turbine using Wi-Fi Network for Reliable Communication : This project aims to build health monitoring system of wind turbine in order to avoid the mechanical faults that takes place in turbine. The MEMS sensor is attached with this system which continuously monitors the vibrations and sends the corresponding signal to the microcontroller. The vibration signals are calibrated for no load, on load and abnormal conditions. The analyzed output is sent to the Zigbee transmitter and further to Zigbee receiver for the purpose remote monitoring.
  • Wireless Solar Tracking System using Arm Controller: The idea of this project is to implement both solar tracking and solar monitoring system for solar power homes or industries. This project controls the solar panel direction towards the sun depends on the light intensity. Also all the parameters related to solar panel and battery voltage are transferred to the monitoring area through Zigbee wireless communication.
  • Brain Computer Interface System for Mind Controlled Robot using Bluetooth: The main aim of this project is to generate the control commands of a robotic vehicle by translating different patterns of brain activity. In this brainwave headset and PC are interlinked with Bluetooth whereas the communication between PC and robotic vehicle is established by Zigbee network. According to the patterns generated by the brain, robot movements are controlled.
  • Secure Data Transmission using Blowfish Algorithm: In this project, an embedded hardware for secured data transmission is implemented by using Blowfish algorithm. This data encryption and decryption algorithm is implemented in ATmege microcontroller while the data transmission is carried by Zigbee technology.
  • Wireless Control of Pick and Place Robot Implementation: This project aims to build a pick and place robotic arm which can be controlled through android mobile using Bluetooth technology. This robot consists of wireless camera by which it facilitates to remote monitoring of the objects. Bluetooth module in the robot receives the command signals sent from the android mobile so that robot can be moved in different directions.
  • Design of RF Based Speed Control System for Vehicles: In this project, a smart display controller for vehicles is implemented which can capable of monitoring various speed zones automatically by using RFID tags. In place of signboards, RFID system enables the vehicles to reduce its speed by giving indication of zones.
  • Automated Alarm Based Railway Gate Crossing Based on GPS and GSM : This project implements a new railway crossing annunciation (or warning) system using GSM and GPS. This design consists of train section and control section. The train section with GPS and GSM modules determines the location of the train and sends the location data to control section. The control section with attached GSM and alarm circuit receives the messages and correspondingly generates the alarm at railway crossing gate.
  • Design of Hand-Glove Controlled Wheel Chair using Zigbee: This project aims to design a cost-effective and easily controllable wheelchair for the disabled persons. In this, MEMS sensors are attached to the hand gloves which give the hand movement signals to the microcontroller. The microcontroller output signals are transferred to the Zigbee transmitter and further to Zigbee receiver located in wheelchair. Upon receiving these signals, microcontroller unit in the wheelchair controls stepper motor.
  • RFID and GSM Based ATM Money Transfer Prototype System: This project demonstrates the working of an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) in banking system. In this project a secured and authenticated transaction is achieved through the use of RFID and GSM technologies. ARM processor acts as a central processor unit which authenticates the person by RFID tags and generates SMS after successful transaction.
  • Water Purifier Controller System in Zigbee Technology: The objective of this system is to monitor and control the water purification system using Zigbee technology. This project tasks include control of the temperature of cold water in cooling system, water level measurement and water purity indication.


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