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40+ Sensor Based Projects for Engineering Students

Sensor plays very important role in robotics and plant automation. One of the important areas in Industrial applications is Interfacing their output to the firmware. It is very important to understand their parameters to design a control system. Some examples for the sensors that are mainly used in industries are temperature, gas, humidity, IR, PIR, Laser, Ultrasonic, etc.

Developing projects based on sensors is very good idea and we can clearly understand their applications and limitations. Fuzzy logic, SCADA, Data acquisition are some of the advanced level projects which adopt the embedded systems and require the software domain knowledge also.

So, here we have listed some of the best sensor based project ideas which are mainly helpful for final year engineering students in completing their B.Tech successfully. You checkout all these projects list and if you are interested, you may write you suggestions, new projects ideas, etc.

Sensor Based Projects Ideas:

  • Accident Prevention Using Eye Blinking and Head Movement: The main aim of this project is to avoid the accidents that are caused due to driver asleep. This project detects the fatigue symptoms in driver eye blink sensor, tilt and Turing sensors. When these sensors senses the driver fatigue, ARM based controller switches the alarm circuit and also generates an SMS to the remote mobile. In prior, it switches relay circuit for engine as well as speed control.
  • Eyeball Controlled Automatic Wheelchair: This is an optical type eye tracking system which uses eyeball movement of human to control the wheelchair. This project is helpful for physically challenged persons in order to move their wheelchair in proper direction without any assistance from other. The camera attached to the system continuously tracks the eyeball of a person and will give the corresponding signal to the microcontroller which drives the wheelchair in the proper direction.
  • Multi-sensor Based Security Robot Using Zigbee: This project implements a microcontroller based robotic vehicle with different sensors for security applications. The sensing parameters include temperature, gas, metal, surveillance and intruder. The sensing data is transferred to central location using Zigbee communication and the robot movements are controlled remotely from PC.
  • Gesture Recognition of American Sign Language for Deaf and Dumb People: The objective of this project is to implement an algorithm of American Sign Language (ASL) in the microcontroller. This project uses MEMS based gesture to produce the signals according to the hand movements. This gesture data is further converted into voice as well as alphabet by using loud speaker and LCD respectively.
  • Sensor Based Brushless DC Motor Speed Control using Microcontroller: This project implements a closed loop control system for DC motor for its speed control. In this speed sensor is used to determine RPM of the motor which is further feedback to the microcontroller for achieving precise control. The PWM technique is implemented in this project to run the motor exactly at entered or desired speed.
  • Design of a Low-Cost Contact-Less Digital Tachometer with Added Wireless Feature: This project replaces the conventional speed measurement devices which make direct contact with moving objects in order measure the speed. This project uses IR sensors to measure the RPM without any contact with moving object. This IR sensor data is processed and converted into RPM using microcontroller. Further this data is transferred to the remote device using RF communication module.
  • Design of Line Follower Robot using Microcontroller: This project implements a line following robot that can exactly tack the pained path. This project uses IR sensor to sense the path, microcontroller to process the sensed data and motor driver circuit to control the direction of the robot.
  • Street Light Glow on Detecting Vehicle Movement using Sensor : This project illustrates the street lights control system depends on the vehicle movement. This is an energy efficient method of controlling the street lights by detecting the vehicle movement on roads. The set of IR sensors are placed on the roads to detect the vehicle movement. The sensed data is processed in the microcontroller and accordingly it switches the street lights.
  • Density Based Traffic Signal System using Microcontroller and IR Sensors: This project is an advanced traffic signal system as compared with conventional timer based traffic signals. A set of IR sensors are placed in each lane at the junction as low, medium and high density zones. According to the zone IR sensor signal, the priority will be given to the traffic signals.
  • Solar Energy Measurement System using Microcontroller: The purpose of this project is to the measure solar energy parameters like light intensity, current, voltage and temperature and to display them on LCD using various sensors. This project helps to plan efficient usage of solar energy depends on the sensed data.
  • Speed Synchronization of Multiple Motors using Microcontroller: The purpose of this project is to synchronize the multiple motors in industry by using RF communication. This system consists of various RF transceiver modules where all are synchronized with one another. If the speed of one unit is changed, this will be reflected for all the units so that speed will be maintained constant.
  • Transformer Health Condition Monitoring Through GSM Technology: The main objective of this project is to monitor the parameters of a transformer using different sensors. The sensors used in this project include oil level, load voltage, load current and temperature sensors. The microcontroller acquires these parameters and transfers this data to remote mobile through GSM modem.
  • Soil Moisture Content Based Automatic Motor Pumping for Agriculture : This project implements the automatic irrigation system by switching the pumping motor based on soil moisture content. In this project soil moisture sensor is placed in the soil in order to measure the moisture and this sensor output is connected to the microcontroller. The microcontroller switches the pumping motor through relay depends on the sensor signal. GSM modem is attached with this system for remote monitoring purpose.
  • Wireless Earthquake Alarm System for Early Warning: This project deals with the low cost and high reliable earthquake alarm system to generate early warning alarms. This design uses MEMS sensor to detect the earthquakes, microcontroller unit to process the data, alarm system to generate warnings, and Zigbee module to transmit the warning signals to remote location.
  • Real Time Water Quality Measurement System based on GSM: The aim of this project is to implement a water quality parameters measuring system for industries as well as drinking water systems rural areas. This project uses various sensors to measure the water quality parameters like pH, temperature, turbidity and total dissolved solids. The sensor data is further transferred from microcontroller to remote mobile through GSM module.
  • An Efficient Monitoring and Controlling Of Bank Security by Using IR Sensors: The objective of this project is to enhance the security in banks by using different sensors like IR, Iris scanner, Vein detection, keypads, etc. This microcontroller based project receives the different sensor signals and correspondingly generates alarm and authenticates the personnel.
  • Embedded system for Hazardous Gas detection and Alerting: This project deals with the implementation of an embedded system to monitor the hazardous gasses. This is useful in industries, homes and offices for the safety of personnel against gas leaks. In this, LPG and propane gas sensors are connected to the microcontroller in order to generate the alarm in the event of any gas leaks.
  • Implementation of Railway Automation System with Sensors Network : This project aims to implement a railway automation system using Zigbee based wireless sensor networks. These wireless sensor networks include gap detectors, vibration sensors, proximity laser detectors, etc. These sensors sense the input and pass it to the microcontroller. This data further transmitted to the remote location via Zigbee network. Therefore the chances for collision of trains are avoided by this system by remote monitoring and control.
  • Development of Smart Robotic Vehicle for Border Security: The aim of this project is to implement a multipurpose robotic vehicle which can detect humans, metals, obstacles, harmful gases and surveillance of the location using different sensors. All sensors data acquired by the microcontroller is further processed to control the robot motions. This information is transmitted to the remote monitoring area through RF communication.
  • Safe Navigation System using Ultrasonic and Zigbee Technology: The main purpose of this project is to implement a safe navigation system for assisting visually impaired persons. Zigbee technology guides the person to reach their destination without any help from others while ultrasonic sensors module detects obstacles and generates alarm.
  • IR Remote Control Signal Decoder for Home Application: This project demonstrates the remote controlled operation of home appliances like fans and lights by implementing IR remote control signal decoder. The pulses generated by IR sensors given to the microcontroller which controls the load with zero crossing detection circuit and TRIAC for power control.
  • Bidirectional Rotation of an Induction Motor with a Remote Control Device : In this project induction motor speed direction is controlled using remote control device like TV remote. IR sensor at the receiver side receives the remote commands. Then microcontroller processes these signals and sends the control signals to relay driver unit to control the direction of induction motor.
  • A Zigbee Based Automatic Patient Health Monitoring System: This project presents an automatic patient health monitor system using wireless sensor networks. Various sensors like heartbeat, MEMS, body temperature and saline level sensors are interfaced to the microcontroller along with Zigbee transmitter. All these parameters are monitored remotely from central location using Zigbee receiver module.
  • A Precision Temperature Controller using Microcontroller: The objective of this design is to replace the manual setting of temperature control by implementing of highly sensitive measurement device. This project uses the temperature sensor with PIC microcontroller for sensing the temperature and correspondingly to send the PWM control signals to the temperature control circuit.
  • Battery Monitoring System using Microcontroller: The main aim of this project is to provide battery monitoring system for battery banks management in applications like UPS, hybrid electric vehicles and telephone communication systems. This system consists of various microcontroller based slave unit where each one is fitted with voltage and temperature sensors while master unit gathers all the slave unitsÂ’ data.
  • Distance Measurement of an Object or Obstacle by Ultrasonic Sensors: This project deals with the measurement of distance of an object in the path using ultrasonic sensors. This project consists of ultrasonic transmitter and receiver module along with microcontroller unit which determines the distance of the path from the object. This project will be helpful in blind people assistance devices, vehicle control, robotic movements, medical applications, etc.
  • SCADA for Real Time System with LabVIEW and Microcontroller: This project illustrates the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for real-time parameter monitoring from remote places. Various sensors attached to microcontroller gathers the field parameters which are transmitted to the local PC to achieve central supervising and control of the process.
  • Car Parking System Using Wireless Sensor Network: This project aims to implement a smarter car parking system using IR sensors. A number of wireless sensor network (Zigbee) enabled modules are placed at different slots in parking area which consists of IR sensors to detect the presence of vehicles. The sensed data accordingly transferred to central monitoring area where the data is further processed in order to display the empty slot in the parking area.
  • Microcontroller Based Automatic Door Opening System: This project implements the automatic door opening system with the detection of human presence at homes along with visitor counter facility. PIR sensor detects the presence of humans at doors and correspondingly sends the signals to microcontroller which further responsible for controlling the door movements.
  • Fire and Smoke Detection and Notification System using Zigbee: The purpose of this project is to make aware of fire accidents in commercial complexes as well as forests before it is going to be major one. This system consists of fire and smoke detection sensors with GPS and GSM module. Microcontroller acquires the sensor data and generates the SMS in the event of fire to emergency services.
  • Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System for Wind Turbine : In this project, monitoring and fault diagnosis system for wind turbine is implemented with MEMS and temperature sensors along with CAN protocol based microcontroller unit. These sensors continuously monitor the vibrations and temperature data which are further send to the microcontroller. This data is transmitted to the central computer through CAN network.
  • Implementation of a Real-Time Remote Measurement and Monitoring of Weather Parameters System: This project continuously monitors the weather parameters in industries especially at hazardous units. This project uses different sensors like temperature, pressure, humidity and gas sensors. All these parameters values are acquired using microcontroller unit. Further these are transmitted to the remote mobile via GSM modem.
  • Sensor Based Automatic Control of Railway Gates: This project demonstrates the railway gate control system at level crossing places using set of IR sensors. IR sensors placed in the different places along the track are connected to the microcontroller. With the corresponding signal from the sensor, the microcontroller not only controls the traffic signals as yellow, red and green but also controls the DC motor to operate the gate.
  • Speed Checker to Detect Rash Driving on Highways: This project presents the design of wireless rash driving detection system on highways in order to give alarm to the authorities in the event of speed violation. This project uses set of IR sensors which are placed at different positions on a highway. The IR signals to the microcontroller helps to determine the speed which is further compared with set limits. If the speed exceed with set limit, this system generates the alarm.
  • Wireless Meter with Tamper Detection and Control System: The main aim of this project is to implement an automatic energy meter reading system with tampering detection and control using wireless sensor networks. Voltage and current sensors with microcontroller unit measures the energy consumption and transfers to the utility companies via Zigbee communication. The overload condition due to energy tampering is also detected and informed through this communication network.
  • Implementation of Accelerometer Based Wireless Gesture Controlled Rover: In this project a robotic vehicle with gesture control technique is designed for land survey applications. This project uses accelerometer to detect the gesture movements. These movements corresponding voltage signals are transferred to the robotic vehicle via RF communication.
  • Auto Metro Train to Shuttle between Stations: This project demonstrates the auto metro train system that can automatically travel between stations without any human interference. IR sensors in the station as well as in train enables the automatic stopping of train and after an elapsed it automatically opens the doors and closes it and then starts moving to the next station. This overall process is automated using microcontroller.
  • Rogowski Coil for Current and On-Temperature Monitoring Overhead Transmission Lines: The main aim of this project is to determine the sag of the overhead transmission line by using Rogowski coil current sensor and on chip temperature sensor. The sensor data acquired by microcontroller unit is send to the PC for monitoring the values.
  • An Intelligent Air Pollutant Vehicle Tracker System using Gas Sensor: The objective of this project is to design air pollution detector for automobiles using Gas sensor. This system monitors the pollution generated using carbon monoxide sensor along with microcontroller unit. If the pollution level exceeds, the GPS and GSM modules generate the SMS to the authorities.
  • Touch Screen Based Digital Menu Ordering System using AVR: The objective of this project is to implement digital ordering system for restaurants in order to avoid the time delay. Touch screen sensor attached to the microcontroller receives the order from customers and this data is transmitted to the counter side module through Zigbee communication technology.
  • Advanced Car Security System Using GSM: The main aim of this project is to maximize the security to the vehicles by using different sensors in the vehicle. This design consists of vibration sensor, revolution sensor, obstacle sensor, battery sensor and microsensors. The sensor data collected by the microcontroller unit helps to generate the alarm as well as SMS to the owner in the event of stealing of the vehicle.
  • Real Time Digital Controller for a Liquid Level System: The idea of this project is to implement a level sensing device that can accurately measure the water level without using probes or any direct contact with water. This project uses ultrasonic sensor which is connected at the top of the tank which gives the depth of water in the tank. Arduino controller gets the signals from ultrasonic sensor in order to measure the level.
  • Footstep Power Generation Using Piezoelectric Sensors: This project demonstrates the power generation from human foot pressure using piezoelectric sensors. In this project, piezoelectric sensors with inverter and its battery arrangement is implemented for generating the electricity. Also, a microcontroller unit is designed to display the power generated.
  • Touch Screen based Robot using Zigbee: This project aims to build a touch screen robotic vehicle that can perform surveillance and other assigned tasks. This project uses the Zigbee technology in order to perform the remote control operation. Touch screen provided at the controlling side facilitates easy navigation of the robot.
  • Sensor Based Flood Intimation in Railways using Zigbee and GSM: The purpose of this project is to detect the floods especially at railway tracks where flood causes to drop the railway tracks stability. Flood and level sensors along with microcontroller unit sends the flood sensed data to remote computer as well as to train driver via Zigbee and GSM modules respectively.

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