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46 Latest Zigbee Based Projects For Electronics Students

Zigbee is a wireless  networking protocol built on IEEE  standard 802.15.4. This is standard is formed under zigbee alliance. This is simple and less expensive compared to other WPANS such as Bluetooth or wifi. Due to its low power consumption its transmission distance is limited to 10-100meters.


Zigbee network is reliable, that is the power in the network is harnessed if any product fails others will continue to communicate. Zigbee is interoperable i.e. it standardizes everything. It requires very low power that is it lasts for years on a single battery. Zigbee is used in many applications like smart homes, industries and connected lights. Here are the projects helpful for students using zigbee.

Zigbee Arduino Nano Projects

  1. Smart CarSmart car shown here has many features like theft detection, car location using latitude and longitudinal values. It uses GPS module for locating the car, a ultrasonic sensor to detect the theft of the vehicle.
  2. Smart Traffic Light: The smart traffic light is a prototype. It switches on the street lights, only when they are needed. This system initially checks for the light intensity i.e. day or night, if the intensity is less it switches on. It also checks if anyone is present on the road or not using PIR sensor. If there is no one on the road lights are switched off.
  3. Vehicle Emission and Control SystemThe main aim of this system is to control the vehicle pollution .Generally pollution is mainly due to the traffic congestion. The system can be embedded in the cars and pollution can be measured, it also navigates the vehicle in less traffic areas thus reducing the traffic congestion and ultimately reducing the emission.


Arduino Zigbee Projects

  1. Interfacing of XBee Module with Arduino: This project shows interfacing of arduino uno with zigbee.
  2. Home Automation Project using XBee & Arduino: Here is the project showing home automation using zigbee and arduino. 

Zigbee IEEE Projects

  1. Transmitting patient vitals over a reliable ZigBee mesh networkThis project builds a system that transmits patient vitals on a zigbee network to the staff monitoring the patient. This system was built using single optical heart rate monitoring sensor .This can be further extended to other sensors.
  2. Experimental studies of the ZigBee frequency agility mechanism in home area networks: Home area network consists of many wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee generally operate in ISM 2.4 GHz bands, While microwave is also operated in the ISM band. Thus there is chance of interference to occur and can be harmful to zigbee due to low transmission power of zigbee. So  a frequency agility mechanism was developed here. This paper studies this mechanism experimentally.
  3. Mine Safety System Using Wireless Sensor Network: Here a mine safety system using wireless sensor network was developed. This system accurately measures the temperature, airflow, humidity and noise. A graphical user interface was also developed this project.
  4. Wireless underwater power and data transfer: This project verifies possibility of  underwater coupling  using wireless sensor network. This requires wireless power transmission and data transmission between the hub and transducer. Results  shows that zigbee operating 2.4 GHz can up to 40mm at low power rates and up to 70mm at high power rates. These ranges slightly increase in fresh water.

Zigbee 8051 Microcontroller Projects

  1. How to Interface Zigbee with 8051: This project explains about interfacing a zigbee module to the 8051 microcontroller.
  2. Zigbee based DC motor Control from PC: This project shows the controlling of a DC motor from PC. It uses  AT89C2051 microcontroller,L293D motor driver.

Zigbee Robotics Projects

  1. Wireless Monitoring and Controlling Rescue Robot using Zigbee: The rescue robot designed is used to save the children trapped  in bore hole. This is a human controlled robot that can be controlled using PC  using  zigbee technology. It has a camera and video and audio can be heard from the this. It also has high intensity leds which can be switched on when there is darkness.
  2. Zigbee Based Defense Robot: This video shows a zigbee controlled  defense robot. It is controlled using a PC .This robot collects the information about the enemies and sends  it to control room. It then takes the necessary actions like gun shooting  according to the instruction given from the control room.


  1. Signal Strength Based Indoor and Outdoor Localization Scheme in Zigbee Sensor Networks: In this paper operational details of zigbee were introduced and modification of existing technologies to receive signal strength were shown. Two algorithms for indoor and outdoor positioning of the sensors are also proposed in this paper.
  2. Survey on-secure communication using zigbee: This project  is designed to transmit  the text from place to another. The text data is encrypted in the Zigbee transmitter while in the receiver it is decrypted and is displayed on the screen.
  3. ZigBee Light Link System Demonstration: This video shows a demo of the Zigbee Light Link system based on Atmel’s Zigbee stack – BitCloud.
  4. Design of Air Pollution Monitoring System Using ZigBee Networks for Ubiquitous-City: This project monitors pollution in air. A system is developed which has dust, co2, temperature , humidity sensors. These sensors  senses  the environment and transmits the measured data through the zigbee.
  5. RFID and  Zigbee Based Intelligent Traffic Control System: This intelligent traffic control system   has rfid card equipped with the vehicles. When the vehicle approaches near to this system the system counts the number of vehicles present in path for some duration and switches on the green light. If  any theft vehicle is detected it send an sms to the  police control room along with latitude and and longitude values. This also check for the ambulance in the traffic. If any ambulance is detected ,the system allows it by switching green signal.
  6. Automatic Meter Reading System with Power Monitoring and Load Sharing: This paper shows the automatic meter reading system. This project uses zigbee wireless technology. This system uses zigbee technology for communicating between the electricity board section and the consumer electricity consumption.
  7. Zigbee Based Sensor Networks For Temperature Monitoring and Controlling: This project shows a temperature monitoring and controlling using zigbee network. This can be used in many applications like controlling the temperature of water, industrial equipment temperature monitoring.
  8. Design and Implement of Tire Monitoring System Based on Zigbee: This project shows monitoring of pressure of the vehicle’s tire. Studies show that major cause of accidents on highways is tire break down. This system measures the actual tire pressure using sensors and radio transmitters. Then an alarm signal is given to the driver.
  9. Performance Evaluation of Bluetooth and Zigbee Using Monte Carlo Simulation: This paper studies the performance of two low power consumption technologies such as zigbee and Bluetooth. The parameters analyzed here are data coding efficiency and transmission rate.
  10. ZigBee Technology Development for Smart Home Appliance Application: This paper presents the development of smart home appliances using zigbee technology. A wireless  sensor network  is developed in this project.
  11. A Novel Medical Infusion Monitoring System Based on Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network: The zigbee based wireless sensor network proposed here can monitor the intravenous infusion. This can monitor without any faults and consumes less power. It uses STM32F103VBT6 chip as a main chip for its control.
  12. Power Theft Detection through Zigbee: This paper proposes a system that detects illegal usage of electricity from subscriber. This system employs a separate energy meter at the each subscriber. The energy consumed is noted here and is compared with the energy consumed  at  main energy meter. In case of any difference  an error signal is generated via zigbee network.
  13. Cupping Therapy System Using Zigbee: Cupping therapy is an ancient method of treatment used to remove blood statis and relax muscles. In this therapy special cups are placed on the skin for suction. The system proposed here monitors this cupping therapy and if there is any change in the treatment like over pressure or over heat it stops the process. Then the related condition is sent to the server through zigbee and is saved in the server.
  14. Design of Smart Home System based on ARM and ZigBee Technology: A smart and portable home system is designed in this paper using zigbee technology and ARM Processor. It uses  S5PV210 processor, Linux RTOs ,porting web server for  embedded gateway.
  15. A Forest Fire Monitoring System Based On Gps And Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network: This system monitors the fire on a large area network using GPS and Zigbee in forests. This system  also  controls the fire by sprinkling water on it. Same information is transmitted to the control section.
  16. Wireless Water Level Controller Using Zigbee: Water level controlling system is designed in this project. This is a wireless  automatic system. It uses two microcontrollers for automation. Zigbee transceiver module is used in this project.
  17. Wireless Monitor and Control System for Greenhouse: This paper involves wireless monitoring and controlling of green house parameters using zigbee. The green house parameters monitored  here  are  temperature , humidity and light intensity. This supports the farmer in increasing crop production.
  18. Smart Helmet for Coal Miners using Zigbee Technology: A smart helmet is designed for coal miners using zigbee technology. This helmet can sense release of harmful gases, temperature, humidity etc in the mining area. This also starts an alarm when any harm is detected.
  19. An Intelligent and High Efficiency Street Lighting System Isle based on Raspberry-Pi Card, Zigbee Sensor Network and Photovoltaic: A high efficiency street system which can be managed remotely is proposed here. This system uses  raspberry pi control card and wireless zigbee network.
  20. Remote Monitoring and Controlling System Based on ZigBee Networks: This paper focuses on remote monitoring and controlling of zigbee network. This system uses smart phones and web services on the client side for controlling.
  21. Metro Overhead Tanks Monitoring System Using Zigbee Based WSN: This  project  demonstrates   about  monitoring and controlling of over head tanks using the zigbee network. This system starts filling or stops filling the tanks based on the availability  of water in the tank.
  22. Automatic speed and torque monitoring in induction motors using Zigbee and SMS: Here speed and torque of induction motor are monitored. The system uses an embedded system for   for controlling the speed of the motor. The values calculated by embedded system are transmitted by the zigbee network to the controlling unit.
  23. Low-Power Wireless Liquid Monitoring System Using Ultrasonic Sensors: Monitoring systems are useful in understanding the changes that take place in the environment. Here liquid monitoring system using ultrasonic sensors is developed. Liquid level is monitored using ultrasonic sensors. The measured values are wirelessly transmitted through zigbee network  to the monitoring unit.
  24. Robust home automation scheme using cognitive zigbee network: In this paper, we develop a protocol to address the orphan node problem by integrating the concept of cognitive Zigbee nodes that are able to self-configure. Our proposed scheme works by quickly eliminating the failed nodes and then self-configuring the network in order to reconnect the orphan nodes in a cognitive manner.
  25. Management of Mechanical Vibration and Temperature in Small Wind Turbines Using Zigbee Wireless Network: Here various parameters of the wind turbines are monitored for its efficient operation. Parameters monitored here are temperature using temperature sensors  ,vibration using mems. A can controller is used for communication. Zigbee is used for wireless transmission and reception.
  26. ZIGBEE based Wireless Monitoring and Controlling of Automation System using PLC & SCADA: This system monitors and controls the PLC based system using wireless technology. It uses SCADA and zigbee to develop this automated system. Data from the PLC is transferred to the PC  using zigbee network.Scada software will display the data.
  27. Water Environment Moritoring System Based On WSN: Water quality monitoring system is developed here.A low cost system that  monitors PH level and temperature of the water is designed. It consists of atmega 328 controller,glass electrode to monitor PH level and  zigbee for communication.
  28. The Generic Design of a High-Traffic Advanced Metering Infrastructure Using Zigbee: A multi-interface ZigBee building area network(MIZBAN) for a high-traffic advanced metering infrastructure(AMI) for high-rise buildings was developed. This supports metermanagement functions such as Demand Response for smartgrid applications.
  29. An integrity monitoring system for substation connections using ZigBee wireless sensor network: Power grid system  grids integrity plays an important role in any smart context context. Monitoring of  equipment is very important for  electrical power system reliability. This paper designs a system that continuously monitors the connections using zigbee.
  30. Zigbee and ATmega32 Based Wireless Digital Control and Monitoring System For LED Lighting: The wireless digital control and monitoring system proposed  here  is used to control the led lighting system. This can be used   for indoor or outdoor lightings. This can switch on /off the lights and can reduce the light intensity when required. Thus it can save energy consumption.
  31. ZigBee Based Industrial Automation Profile for Power Monitoring Systems: This paper proposes a digital system for that monitors, diagnosis, controls the parameters like voltage and current in a electric system using zigbee network.
  32. Restaurant Management System ProjectRestaurant management system shown here uses zigbee technology for ordering the menu in the restaurants.