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Top 10 Best Brushless Motors To Buy Online in 2024

Brushless motors are the silent champions driving modern-day machinery with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

To determine the best brushless motors available, we put a diverse selection through rigorous testing. Our evaluation process included real-world applications, performance benchmarks, and durability tests to ensure we recommend only the most reliable and efficient motors.

While finalizing the models, we have considered two critical factors that are

  • Motor Size: The 4-digit code (e.g., 2205) on motors indicates stator dimensions: the first two digits for diameter and the last two for height in millimeters. Choose based on project requirements.
  • Speed & KV Rating: Motor speed correlates with the KV rating—revolutions per volt. Higher KV results in faster rotation, influencing your device’s speed.

Our comprehensive “Buying Guide” dives deep into these considerations, providing you with the knowledge to choose a motor that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Explore our top picks to find the brushless motor that powers your next project to perfection.

Top Brushless Motors

Brushless MotorsKV RatingBuy Now
FLASH HOBBY Brushless Motor2,200 RPM/VCheck On Amazon
XTEAM Brushless Motor5400 RPM/VCheck On Amazon
GLOBACT Brushless Motor4390 RPM/VCheck On Amazon
Spektrum Brushless Motors4,000 RPM/VCheck On Amazon
ARRAROWN Brushless Motor5,900 RPM/VCheck On Amazon
Tamiya Brushless RC Motor3,370 RPM/VCheck On Amazon
Honorall Brushless Motor1,400 RPM/VCheck On Amazon
BETAFPV Brushless Motors4800 RPM/VCheck On Amazon
Goolrc Brushless Motor4,800 RPM/VCheck On Amazon
Readytosky Brushless Motors920 RPM/VCheck On Amazon

10 Best Brushless Motor Reviews

1. FLASH HOBBY Brushless Motor

FLASH HOBBY Brushless Motor

Why it Made the Cut: High torque 12N14P design, 2200KV high speed, Maximum power 342W

The FLASH HOBBY steals the spotlight for its perfect blend of power, efficiency, and durability. It is ideal for those who want their RC aircraft or drone to zip through the sky with grace and agility.

With its 12N14P motor configuration, it offers exceptional torque and efficiency, ensuring your RC planes or drones have the thrust they need for agile maneuvers and stable flight. The motor is built with high-quality components, including copper windings and 42SH magnets, supported by an NMB bearing and insulated with a 0.35mm silicon steel sheet, all contributing to its durability and heat resistance.

Compatible with LiPo batteries, it’s suited for a variety of projects, from RC aircraft to small DIY endeavors. Its 2200 KV rating and 342W max power enable it to pull up to 960 grams, making it a strong contender in its category.


  • 2200 RPM/V KV rating
  • 12N14P high torque motor
  • 342 watts maximum power
  • 3.17X41 mm shaft size
  • 27.7X26 mm motor dimensions
  • Pulls up to 930 grams
  • 50 grams motor weight
  • Compatible with 2 – 4s LiPo
  • Designed for 6-inch propellers
  • 40A ESC recommended


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Powerful with balanced performance
  • High build quality, low noise
  • Ideal for various RC models


  • Not waterproof or dustproof

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2. XTEAM Brushless Motor

XTEAM Brushless Motor


Read Customer Reviews Here …

Why it Made the Cut: High torque, efficient heat dissipation, low noise

XTEAM Brushless Motor emerges as the powerhouse ally for your RC car or boat, transforming each contest into a showcase of its dominance. Designed specifically for 1/10 scale model cars and boats, the XTEAM 3650 Brushless Motor stands out with its 5400KV rating and 4 poles design, ensuring high torque and efficiency for better acceleration and stable power output.

This motor is a masterpiece of engineering, with advanced processing technology that promotes excellent heat dissipation, extending the motor’s lifespan. Its superior bearing system not only operates with minimal noise and friction but also enhances durability and performance.

The metal construction, coupled with a solid shell and high-quality shaft, guarantees high durability and smooth operation under the most demanding conditions.


  • Metal material
  • 115A max amps
  • 11V max voltage
  • 1300W max power
  • 5400KV rating
  • 6mm mounting hole depth


  • High-speed capability
  • Superior heat dissipation
  • Durable metal construction
  • Efficient, low noise operation


  • Limited to specific models
  • Requires careful installation

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3. GLOBACT Brushless Motor

GLOBACT Brushless Motor

Why it Made the Cut: High torque, waterproof, 820W power

The Globact Sensorless Waterproof Brushless Motor is engineered for thrill-seekers and RC enthusiasts alike. This motor is a perfect match for 1/10 scale RC short course trucks, boasting compatibility with leading brands like Slash Redcat, ARRMA, and more.

Its 4 pole 12 slots high-torque design, paired with an ultra-thin silicon steel sheet, delivers not just power but precision and efficiency at speeds up to 43,600 RPM. The motor’s 3.175mm shaft is designed to work best with 60A to 150A ESCs, ensuring smooth operation and optimal power conversion even in the most demanding situations.

Moreover, its waterproof design guarantees performance in all conditions, backed by superior materials that promise durability and heat resistance.


  • 4390KV, 4P sensorless motor
  • 820 watts horsepower
  • 7.4V & 11.1V compatible
  • Iron material construction
  • For 1/10 scale RC trucks
  • High-torque 4 pole 12 slots
  • 3.175mm shaft diameter
  • Precision balanced rotor
  • Waterproof design
  • Supports 60A to 150A ESC


  • High-speed performance
  • Durable, weather-resistant
  • Smooth and reliable operation
  • Ideal for various 1/10 RC cars


  • Requires specific ESCs
  • Not for beginners

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4. Spektrum Brushless Motors


Why it Made the Cut: Smart telemetry, lightweight, easy installation

Spektrum brushless motor is like acool gadget that not only boosts your RC game but also keeps things sleek and smart. This is the tech-savvy DIYer’s dream, making any project feel like it’s been given a secret upgrade.

Designed for ease and performance, it eliminates the need for additional modules or complicated wiring, thanks to its one-wire telemetry solution. This feature allows real-time data monitoring, including temperature, RPM, battery status, and more, directly on your transmitter, enabling on-the-fly adjustments for optimal performance.

It’s not just smart; it’s also tough, boasting waterproofing, a robust 32-bit ARM M4 processor, and multi-point protection against common electrical issues. The automatic LiPo voltage cutoff and adjustable BEC ensure your project runs smoothly and safely. Plus, its compact size and lightweight design mean you won’t be weighed down by your tech.


  • 4000 RPM/KV rating
  • 85A continuous current
  • IC5, 12AWG, 160mm wire
  • 57x37x38 mm dimensions
  • 7.4 – 14.8 V input voltage
  • Waterproof construction
  • Smart telemetry enabled
  • 32-bit ARM M4 processor


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy, wire-free installation
  • Real-time telemetry feedback
  • Built-in LiPo voltage protection
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Not universally compatible

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5. ARRAROWN Brushless Motor

ARRAROWN Brushless Motor

Why it Made the Cut: High efficiency, waterproof, high torque, 5900KV

The ARRAROWN motor races onto our list like a champion, blending speed with elegance. Its high KV rating and waterproof design make it a beast on the track, ready to tackle any condition thrown its way.

Designed for 1:10 scale RC racing cars, the ARRAROWN 5900KV sensored brushless motor is a masterpiece of engineering for the racing enthusiast. It boasts a 4 pole 12 slot configuration that maximizes torque and efficiency, ensuring your car has the acceleration and power to dominate on the track.

The motor’s secondary oxidation treatment not only enhances its appearance but, along with the CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum heatsink can and super high current silicon wires, ensures durability and stable performance.

Its precision-balanced, explosion-proof rotor, capable of withstanding temperatures between 180-200°C, guarantees speed, accuracy, and longevity. Plus, its waterproof capabilities mean you can push the limits in any weather.


  • 900W maximum motor power
  • 5900 RPM/KV rating
  • 4mm golden-plated connectors
  • 3.17 X 15 mm shaft size
  • 4 pole, 12 slot motor
  • Fits 1/10 brushless cars
  • 190 grams weight
  • Waterproof for all-weather use
  • High energy conversion efficiency


  • High-speed, 5900KV rating
  • Waterproof, versatile use
  • Attractive and durable design
  • Efficient heat management
  • Smooth and stable performance


  • Some compatibility issues
  • Not optimal on 3S batteries

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6. Tamiya Brushless RC Motor



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Why it Made the Cut: Japanese quality, plug-and-play, adjustable timing

The Tamiya 54611 (TBLM-02S) is a testament to the exceptional quality of Japanese manufacturing, designed for those who demand the best in their RC projects. This 10.5T brushless motor is compatible with 2S LiPo batteries, offering a balance of power and efficiency for various applications.

Although it lacks a sensor wire, it compensates with a built-in sensory feature and comes equipped with 12 AWG leads soldered directly to the motor can for easy installation. The motor’s adjustable timing allows for customization to suit specific needs, while standard Tamiya connectors ensure compatibility with a wide range of models. It’s an all-in-one solution that promises plug-and-play convenience straight out of the box.


  • 12 AWG leads soldered to cans
  • 3,370 RPM/KV voltage rating
  • Adjustable timing feature
  • Standard Tamiya connectors
  • 2S LiPo battery compatibility
  • Japanese build quality
  • Designed for quadcopters, RC cars
  • Plug-and-play ease
  • Reliable and durable design


  • High-quality Japanese manufacturing
  • Easy plug-and-play model
  • Adjustable for customized performance
  • Soldered leads for convenience


  • Limited to 2S battery compatibility

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7. Honorall Brushless Motor

Honorall Brushless Motor


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Why it Made the Cut: High torque, precision engineering, efficient cooling

Honorall’s brushless motor ensures exceptional balance of high torque and efficient cooling, making it a powerhouse for RC cars, planes, drones, and DIY endeavors. With a robust 12 slots and 14 poles design, it ensures smooth operation and instant lift-off capabilities for drones, while the CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum heatsink can efficiently dissipates heat, maintaining optimal performance.

Precision engineering guarantees maximum energy conversion, ensuring every bit of power is utilized efficiently. The use of high RPM ABEC5 oversized bearings contributes to the motor’s smooth performance, enhancing the overall experience and longevity of your RC vehicle or project.


  • Weighs 28.7 grams
  • 28mm height, 22mm width
  • 13 amps rated current
  • 1400 RPM/KV rating
  • 3.5mm golden banana connectors
  • Aluminum heatsink for cooling
  • Precision-engineered for energy conversion
  • High torque design
  • ABEC5 high RPM bearings
  • Suitable for various RC applications


  • Longer runtime, high torque
  • Smooth and efficient operation
  • Effective heat dissipation
  • Precision-engineered for peak performance


  • Heavier than some competitors

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8. BETAFPV Brushless Motors

BETAFPV Brushless Motors

Why it Made the Cut: High KV, lightweight, efficient power

The BETAFPV 1103 motors are engineered for excellence, setting a benchmark with an 11000KV rating, a first in the brushless motor market for 2S frame racing drones. These motors are not just about raw power; their compact size (13.5mm13.5mm16mm) and featherweight design (3.25g per motor) ensure your drone remains agile and responsive.

Designed exclusively for the Betafpv 2S FPV frame, they promise seamless compatibility and optimized performance. The 1103 motors operate on a 7.4V 2S Lipo battery, striking a perfect balance between speed and efficiency, with motor mount holes tailored for precise fitment. Each motor’s efficiency and power are meticulously calibrated, offering a pull range of 23-40g, making every flight not just a journey, but an adventure.


  • 11000KV high-speed motor
  • 13.5mm motor size
  • 3.25g weight per motor
  • 1.5mm shaft diameter
  • 7.4V for 2S Lipo battery
  • 8.5mm motor mount holes
  • 1.8-3.8A load current


  • Ultra-light for better agility
  • High KV for speed enthusiasts
  • Optimized for 2S frame drones
  • Efficient power-to-weight ratio


  • Not for 80-110mm frames

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9. Goolrc Brushless Motor 



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Why it Made the Cut: High power, high torque, efficient cooling

The GoolRC 2435 is a powerhouse in the world of RC cars and trucks, designed to deliver exceptional performance with its 4,800 RPM/KV rating and a robust 25 Ampere current capacity.

This 4 pole, 12 slot motor is engineered for maximum torque, ensuring your RC vehicle has the grunt to outperform the competition. A 6061 T6 CNC billet aluminum heatsink is thoughtfully integrated into the design to effectively manage heat, preserving the motor’s integrity and performance over time.

Furthermore, the inclusion of ABEC5 oversized bearings complements the high rotational power, ensuring smooth and reliable operation. Packaged with an Electric Speed Control (ESC), this motor is ready to elevate your racing to new heights.


  • 300 watts maximum wattage
  • Includes Electric Speed Control
  • 24mm diameter, 35mm length
  • 2mm shaft diameter, 12mm length
  • 3.5mm bullet connectors
  • High torque design
  • Efficient heat dissipation


  • High torque output
  • Fast throttle response
  • Efficient cooling system
  • High RPM per KV


  • Lacks aesthetic appeal
  • Build quality could improve

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10. Readytosky Brushless Motors 



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Why it Made the Cut: Powerful performance, advanced cooling, high durability

The Readytosky RS2205 2300KV brushless motor is designed with the enthusiast in mind, offering race-spec performances that elevate FPV racing drones to new heights. Supporting 3-4S LiPo batteries, it provides a potent blend of power and speed for an exhilarating flying experience.

Pre-soldered 2mm banana plugs make installation a breeze, saving you the hassle of welding. Its enhanced anti-off U-ring, active cooling fins, and stainless-steel motor shaft all contribute to a safe, stable, and cool operation even during intense flights.

The CNC machined aluminum case not only adds to its powerful performance but also ensures durability. Perfect for 210, 220, 250, 280-sized quadcopters, it’s equipped to handle HQ 5045 BN propellers, promising thrust that can reach up to 1024g.


  • Supports 3-4S LiPo batteries
  • 2mm banana plugs pre-soldered
  • Enhanced safety U-ring
  • Active cooling reduces temperatures
  • Stainless steel shaft, aluminum case
  • Ideal for 210-280 sized drones
  • 12N14P framework, M5 shaft
  • 2300KV speed rating
  • Max thrust: 1024g


  • High power and speed
  • Easy installation with banana plugs
  • Efficient cooling system
  • Durable construction


  • May be overkill for beginners
  • Limited to certain drone sizes 

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What is a Brushless Motor?

A brushless motor is a type of electric motor that operates without the mechanical brushes and commutator found in traditional brushed motors.

Instead, it uses an electronic controller to switch the current in the motor windings, which in turn rotates the motor’s rotor. This design significantly reduces friction, wear and tear, leading to enhanced durability and efficiency.

They are widely used in applications ranging from drones and electric vehicles to industrial machinery, where reliability and energy efficiency are paramount.

How Does a Brushless Motor Work?

A brushless motor operates through a combination of its main components: the rotor, stator, and an electronic controller.

  • The stator generates a magnetic field using electricity, which is then controlled by the electronic controller to change its polarity.
  • The rotor, equipped with permanent magnets, is pushed, and pulled by this magnetic field, causing it to spin.
  • Unlike brushed motors, the electronic controller replaces mechanical brushes, enabling precise control over motor speed and position.

This setup minimizes friction and wear, leading to a more efficient, durable, and quieter operation.

How to Select the Best Brushless Motor?

Selecting the right brushless motor for your RC plane, quadcopter, or toys can be a challenging task. To make an informed decision, it’s crucial to understand the factors that should guide your purchase of these BLDC motors. Below are essential aspects to consider.

1. Motor Size

While purchasing a brushless motor, the first factor to consider the size. Manufacturers typically employ a standardized naming convention comprising a 4-digit number for motors. For example, consider a motor labeled as 2205. Here, the first two digits denote the stator diameter in millimeters, while the last two digits indicate its height, also in millimeters.

When evaluating these digits, it’s important to note that larger numbers signify the motor’s capacity to handle greater power output and consequently generate more torque. However, this tradeoff also results in a heavier or larger motor.

2. Speed

The motor’s speed is crucial for the performance of electronics or machinery. It is determined by the KV rating, which represents the number of revolutions per volt. This means the higher the voltage, the faster the motor spins. For example, a 2300 KV motor powered by a 4S LiPo battery (14.8V) will reach a speed of 34,040 RPM.

Below is a quick reference on how efficient the motor will run with chosen propeller.

  • Motors with 2600 KV or higher are suited for 4-inch propellers.
  • For 5-inch propellers, use motors with a KV rating between 2300 and 2600.
  • Motors rated at 2300 KV or lower are ideal for 6-inch propellers.

3. Motor Shaft Dimensions

The diameter and length of the motor shaft are critical factors that should not be overlooked. A 5 mm shaft diameter is commonly preferred due to its compatibility with many propellers. If your motor has a smaller shaft, you can use a shaft size adapter to fit your props.

Conversely, for motors with larger shafts, you may need to enlarge the propeller’s hole. It’s essential to ensure that the shaft size can adequately accommodate the propeller and locknut, providing enough length (ideally 13 mm or more) to securely fasten the nuts and prevent thread stripping during operation.

4. Motor Power

Motor power is measured in Watts (W), calculated by multiplying Voltage by Amps. A higher wattage indicates a more powerful motor. When selecting a motor, it’s crucial to consider its amp draw to match it with an appropriate electronic speed controller (ESC).

Choosing an ESC with at least a 20% higher capacity than the motor’s maximum amp draw is recommended for efficient operation. For example, if a motor draws 20A, a 30A ESC would be suitable. This ensures the motor operates effectively without overloading the ESC.

5. Thrust Considerations

Understanding the thrust output of a motor, across different propeller and battery combinations, is essential for selecting the right motor size for your project. If you’re aiming for a model that weighs 2 lbs, for example, you should choose a motor capable of generating more than 2 lbs of thrust. This ensures your project has sufficient power for its intended use.

6. Weight Impact

For applications such as mini-quads, where multiple motors are used (typically four), every gram saved on the motor’s weight is crucial, as the weight savings are effectively multiplied across all motors. While heavier motors may offer more power, which can justify their additional weight, optimizing the balance between motor weight and power output is key to achieving efficient performance.

Brushless Motors – FAQs

1. Can brushless motors be repaired if they malfunction?

Ans: Minor issues can often be fixed, but due to their complex internals, professional assessment is usually recommended.

2. Is it easy to upgrade from a brushed to a brushless motor in an RC car?

Ans: Upgrading requires a compatible brushless motor, electronic speed controller (ESC), and sometimes a new battery, but it’s feasible with some technical know-how.

3. How do I choose between a sensored and sensorless brushless motor?

Ans: Sensored motors offer more precise control, ideal for applications needing smooth start-ups and accuracy. Sensorless are simpler and better for high-speed uses.

4. What’s the typical efficiency rate of brushless motors?

Ans: Efficiency varies, but brushless motors often operate at 85-90% efficiency, significantly higher than brushed motors.

5. Can I use a higher voltage battery with my brushless motor for more power?

Ans: Yes, but ensure the motor and ESC can handle the increased voltage to avoid damage.

6. How does temperature affect brushless motor performance?

Ans: Excessive heat can reduce efficiency and lifespan. Ensure adequate cooling, especially in high-power applications.

7. What’s the difference between inrunner and outrunner brushless motors?

Ans: Inrunners have a stationary outer shell and rotate internally, suited for high-speed applications. Outrunners have a rotating outer shell, providing more torque.

8. How long do brushless motors typically last?

Ans: With proper use and maintenance, brushless motors can last for thousands of hours of operation.

9. Can brushless motors work in both directions?

Ans: Yes, brushless motors can run in both directions by reversing the motor phase wires or through settings in the ESC.


Brushless motors are favored by drone enthusiasts for their superior efficiency compared to brushed motors. Here are our top picks for brushless motors:

  • FLASH HOBBY Brushless Motor: Ideal for hobbyists seeking high torque and efficiency in their RC aircraft and drones.
  • XTEAM Brushless Motor: Perfect for speed enthusiasts who demand cutting-edge performance in their RC cars, drones, and boats.
  • GLOBACT Brushless Motor: Suited for all-terrain RC vehicle fans looking for durable and reliable motors with waterproof capabilities.

We’re eager to hear your opinions and answer any drone-related queries. Feel free to share in the comments!

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