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Top 9 Best DIY Digital Clock Kits: 2024 Reviews

A digital clock kit is one of the easiest and simplest DIY kits that you can get and create on your own. The end result is a fully functioning digital clock that you can either gift this DIY kit to kids or DIY enthusiasts as well. 

In this article, we are going to list down, rate and review the top best available DIY Digital Clock kits. This list has been rated and reviewed based on three important factors.

  • Quality of the materials used

The first and foremost thing that we have considered is the quality of the parts used in the DIY Kits. Cheap plastic-based PCB boards and low-quality products are not considered

  • Ease of assembly:

Given that a Digital DIY kit is for beginners, we have made sure that the kits listed here are beginner-friendly and easy to assemble and use

  • Analyzing Verified reviews

Finally, all of the products mentioned in the list have been taken after careful evaluation of verified reviews for quality assurance. 

Apart from these three, we have considered quite a lot of other factors as well. There is a separate FAQ section at the end of the article that may answer some of the frequently asked questions for you. So do check that out as well. 

Now let us jump into the list and review the best DIY Digital clocks available

The Best DIY Digital Clocks List

Digital Clock KitsNumber of Digits Display
Buy Now
WHDTS 4-Digit Digital Clock Kit4 DigitsCheck On Amazon
Icstation Clock DIY Electronic Soldering Kit6 DigitsCheck On Amazon
WHDTS C51 DIY Digital Electronic Clock Kit6 DigitsCheck On Amazon
FyeTa DIY Electronic Clock Kit4 DigitsCheck On Amazon
DAOKI C51 LED Electronic Clock DIY Kits Set4 DigitsCheck On Amazon
Gearwoo 4-Digital DIY Clock Kits4 DigitsCheck On Amazon
Gikfun C51 Digital LED Electronic Soldering Clock Kit4 DigitsCheck On Amazon
KISSTAKER DIY Digital Clock Kit4 DigitsCheck On Amazon
AlumiGogo DIY LED Electronic Clock Kit4 DigitsCheck On Amazon

Top DIY Digital Clocks Reviews

1. WHDTS 4-Digit Digital Clock Kit

WHDTS 4-Digit Digital Clock Kits

First on our list is the WHDTS 4 Digit DIY Digital Clock Kit. It is a great kit that helps teach PCB Soldering and also teach basic electronics to children and a fun kit for DIY enthusiasts. 

Easy to assemble and get it running, this STEM educational tool demands no programming language knowledge.  This will teach you the basic soldering skills among much more. 

Once finished, the clock has a seconds correction function and you can switch the display from seconds or to minutes interface. It has an hourly chime function that makes the clock chime from 8:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Even when you turn off the clock and turn it on, 

With memory function, you can expect the clock to show the correct time even when you turn off the clock and turn it on after a long while too. 

Inclusions in the kit:

  • STC 11F02E Master Chip
  • DC 5.5*2.1 Power Port
  • 3.5 MM USB Power cable
  • Plug-in USB Charger
  • 4 Digit 0.56 Inches RED LED Module

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Icstation 6-Digital Clock DIY Electronic Soldering Kit

Icstation Clock DIY Electronic Soldering Kit

Next on our list is the Icstation 6 DIY Digital Clock. This one is available in either 1 piece or 5 pieces package so you can buy it just as a DIY hobby kit of for your entire class if you are a tutor. 

Great for a middle school project or even for a high school, the DIY clock comes with easy to manage soldering kit. While the WHDTS was a 4 digit clock, the Icstation is a 6 Digit clock. 

Easy to assemble and use, the kit has a power cut memory function. This will store on the memory when the power is off and when you turn it back on, it accurately displays the time. This is a 24-hour clock and you cannot switch it to 12 hours simply.

With two alarm clock channels, the clock also chimes every single hour from 8:00 PM to 8: 00 PM (20:00 Hours). This function can be turned on and off. The error range for the clock is about 1 second for every 24 hours.

This kit demands no programming or high-end mechanical skills. All you need to do is to follow the clear instructions provided in the PDF and you are good to go. Rated with good reviews, this clock is a great buy.

Inclusions in the kit

  • STC 11F02E Master Chip
  • Military-grade FR-4 PCB of 1.2 MM Thickness
  • 3 Red LED displays 2 digits each 
  • Resistors and Power cables needed to assemble it

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3. WHDTS C51 6-Digit DIY Digital Electronic Clock Kit

whdts diy digital electronic clock kit

Next on our list is yet again the WHDTS DIY Digital Clock. While the WHDTS clock mentioned before was a 4 digit DIY Digital Clock, the WHDTS C51 is a 6 Digit DIY Digital clock. 

A STEM Based toy, building this DIY kit will be of a great education as it requires no programming language knowledge requirement. All you need to do is some basic soldering and this watch will be up and running. 

With its seconds’ correction, you can switch it from seconds display to minutes too. It also has an hourly chime function that sounds a chime every hour and this is available from 8 AM to 8 PM.

This clock can switch between a 12-hour format to 24-hour format too. It can also be set for a specific alarm, time set and even as a countdown timer as well. 

As the clock comes with a memory function, if the power is cut off, the clock remembers to tick on and when powered back, it will continue to show the correct time. 

Inclusions in the package:

  • AT89C2051 Master Chip
  • Military Grade FR-4 PCB Board
  • 150 mm power supply
  • Three 2-Digit LED screens
  • Resistors and other wires for connections

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4. FyeTa DIY Electronic Clock Kit

FyeTa DIY Electronic Clock Kit

fyeTa is a lesser-known brand and relatively new to the market. However, this DIY digital clock kit provided by them is exceptional in quality and performance.

With this, you have the option to change the time range to 24-hour or 12-hour. This clock kit also has different beneficial features that include time correction, time-temperature cycle display, time-day-week display and others.

It also has 4 nixie tube color option that change randomly. The brightness of the display can be changed as per your wish like fixed high brightness, low brightness, and auto-brightness.

Inclusions in the package:

  • Display
  • Electric circuit
  • Battery CR1220
  • User manual
  • Clock box

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5. DAOKI C51 4 Bits Digital LED Electronic Clock DIY Kits Set


Next on our list is the DAOKI C51 DIY Digital ClockLED Electronic Kit. This is a simple DIY clock that comes with simple features and aesthetics.

It comes with a military-grade PCB that, once built can display the clock in either 12 hours or 24 hours format. It has a seconds correction available to change the format from minutes to seconds as well. 

You can set up to two alarm in this clock as it has an alarm function in it. You can also switch to every minute based independent display interface as well. The 800 to 2000 Hours set up can be turned on or off. 

When turned on, you can even set every hour chimes as well that will sound a small alarm to indicate hour change. The clock has about + or – 1-second error range for every 24 hours.

Inclusions in the package:

  • AT89C2051 Master chipset
  • User manual
  • Military-grade 1.2 mm thick FR-4  PCB
  • 0.56 inches large red LED Display
  • Wires and connectors

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6. Gearwoo 4-Digital DIY Clock Kits


The next digital DIY clock kit is from Gearwoo. This 4-digit digital clock is a talking LED clock that is great for teaching kids the science of soldering and basic electronics knowledge. This DIY kit is great for DIY enthusiasts and school projects.

The kit comes with prefabricated boards, which you need to connect them properly. The finished clock comes with hourly chime function and useful alarm function, which rings up for every hour and thereby changes its brightness automatic depending on the day/night. 

The clock can be switched easily from 12 hours mode to 24 hours mode display. It let you set up temperature in the clock and warm white nightlight function by long-press the voice key. Other than this, it has an alarm clock, date & day display, temperature, and voice key functions. 

It is convenient to supply power to the clock by using its USB power cable. One can easily change the time display mode by pressing the button. With its convenient transparent case, components are protected and the finished clock look stylish.   

Simply scan the QR code to get the detailed instructions for its easy installation. The only drawback is that batteries (CR1220/CR1216) are not included in the pack. For any queries, you can contact them with 

Inclusions in the Package:

  • USB Power Cable
  • 4 Digit LED Module (Green / Blue / White)
  • Transparent Case for Clock Storage
  • Master Chip Clock Set
  • User Manual 

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7. Gikfun C51 4 Bits Digital LED Electronic Soldering Clock Kit

Gikfun clock kit

While most of the DIY kits in the list come with a USB power or a button battery option, the Gikfun C51 comes with a conventional AA battery sized design. 

It has a 4-bit digital LED display and is an easy to assemble, simple soldering clock kit. As the chip given is pre-programmed, all you need to do is to place it and solder it. 

As the board has accurately labelled PCB, once you place the components and solder it, you need to place the battery and it turns on. It can display time, date and week as well.

Unlike the other DIY clocks in the list, this one does not have an hourly chime nor does it have alarm functions as well. It has an about 1-second margin error

Inclusions in the box

  • 3V to 6V supply voltage Battery holder
  • Pre-Programmed IC 
  • Good quality PCB
  • Components for soldering
  • User manual

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8. KISSTAKER DIY Digital Clock Kit

KISSTAKER DIY Digital Clock Kit

This DIY clock kit from KISSTAKER comes with all high-quality components. Using the instructions provided on the product page and some electronic soldering experience, you can complete the project without any issues.

It has a 12/24-hour system which can be switched any time as per your requirement. Once the clock is completed, you can use it as desktop or hang it on the wall (brackets and hanging holes are provided in the kit).

This clock is suitable for placing in kitchen, bedroom or living room where you need time, data and temperature insights frequently.

It comes with auto power-off memory function. So, when there is power cut, it will run in background. Once the power is back, you don’t have to manually correct the time. It will automatically show the right time.

Manufacturer KISSTAKER provides 24-month quality guarantee on this product and 24-hour friendly customer service as well.

Inclusions in the Package:

  • Master chip
  • PCB board
  • LED digital screens
  • Power supply
  • Resistors
  • Wires for connectors
  • Capacitors

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9. AlumiGogo DIY LED Electronic Clock Kit


Next on our list is the AlumiGogo DIY Digital LED Electronic clock kit. It is a simple DIY clock that offers simple features and aesthetics. It is easy to assemble, as the chip given is pre-programmed and you have to place and solder it.

It comes with a power memory function that let the clock remembers to tick on, when power cut off and shows the correct time when the power is back. It allows you to set up two alarm in the clock with its alarm function.

This 4-digit 1-inch large screen of this kit can be either red, blue, or green, in which you can choose the LED light. It let you charge by using your cell phone charger. It has work precise function and whole point timekeeping that changes its brightness automatic depending on the day/night. It won’t have any hourly chime.

Inclusions in the box

  • 1-inch 4-digit LED screen
  • PCB board
  • User manual
  • 5V supply voltage battery
  • Components for soldering
  • Pre-programmed IC
  • Crystal case

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a DIY Kit?

Ans: A DIY kit is a DO It Yourself kit. These kits come with components and manual instructions that let you build the end product all on your own. 

2. How can I make a digital clock at home?

Ans: The simplest part is to first get all the supplies (the best is to get a DIY kit online). Now place the PCB board and all the components on their respective areas. Solder them firmly onto the board. Connect the display and the power supply and the clock is good to go.

3. How do digital clock displays work?

Ans: Digital clocks use an electronic power supply (which can either be AC power or a DC battery power). This power is used to light up the LED or the LCD screens which will display the oscillator in the background that moves about in time and displays the changes on the screen as the time.

Wrapping up:

The WHDTS is a 4-Digit Digital Clock Kit that has great reviews and ratings. Its simple design and easy to build module made it one of the best DIY Digital Clock you can buy either for yourselves for DIY projects or for your kids as a gift. 

While those were our picks, we are intrigued by what you think? Did we miss out on anything? Or do you want us to add something to this list? Or do you have any questions or doubts for us? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below and our team of electronics experts will write back to you as soon as possible.

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