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Top 15 Best Digital Multimeter Kit Reviews In 2024

Digital multimeter is widely used in testing various electronic instruments. This tool is useful for measuring resistance, current & voltage in any troubleshooting circuits. Although, a multimeter is available in either digital or analog form but digital multimeter is a latest and most widely used tool.

The ease of reading, cost effectiveness and increased use of electronic control of this digital multimeter will provide accurate reading even in small voltages. This high-performance test instruments will make this digital multimeter suitable for testing various electrical and electronic applications.

One has to check these 2 main factors while purchasing the digital multimeter to grab the best one.

  • Manual Range VS Auto Range – Auto-Range will be connected automatically to the device and select the desired parameter you want to measure and thus reading displayed on the screen. One has to turn the knob every time for manual meter and it is annoying to use while dealing with many components and values for a project. So, auto range is best option for performing most tasks.
  • Accuracy – Accuracy is considered as the maximum permissible error lim it while taking multimeter readings. Although, most of the multimeter, especially digital one will provide reading value accuracy but one has to check it properly before using it in the project.

Also, one has to consider various factors like range limits, display resolution, testing transistor, measuring temperature, input resistance, etc. which are clearly mentioned in the below “Buying Guide”. We have also provided information of some best-selling digital multimeters in the market.

Top Digital Multimeter Kit

Multimeter KitsRangeVoltageAmpsResistanceCheck the price
AstroAI Digital MultimeterAuto/Manual600v6A/10A60MΩCheck On Amazon
Innova Digital MultimeterAuto200mV - 600V20mA - 10A200Ω - 20MΩCheck On Amazon
KAIWEETS Digital MultimeterAuto/Manual750V – 1000 V10A9.99MΩ
Check On Kaiweets
AstroAI Digital MultimeterManual500V10AUpto 20MΩ
Check On Amazon
Etekcity Digital MultimetersManual500V10A200Ω Check On Amazon
Plusivo Store Digital MultimeterDigital600v-0 MΩ - 2 MΩCheck On Amazon
Crenova auto-ranging multimetersAuto600v10A2MΩ/20MΩCheck On Amazon
ExpertPower Digital MultimeterAuto112V33 A 2 MΩCheck On Amazon
Fluke-116/323 kitAuto600v-40 MΩ
Check On Amazon
Amprobe electrical test kitManual250v-200.0 kΩ- 2.000 MΩ
Check On Amazon
Extech EX505-K multimeter kit-600v--Check On Amazon
Greenlee GFCI electrical kitManual600v-200kΩ
Check On Amazon
Neiko Digital multimeter-500v--Check On Amazon
Power Probe Digital MultimeterAuto600V 10 A 60 MΩCheck On Amazon
Thsinde Digital MultimeterAuto600V
Check On Amazon

Best Digital Multimeter Kit Reviews

1. AstroAI Digital Multimeter

AstroAI Digital Multimeter

Next on our list is the AstroAI digital multimeter. With 6000 True RMS counts, this multimeter has a wide range of measurement functions from voltage, resistance, current, capacitance, continuity, frequency and much more. 

Its test slots can hold and help you test the validity of diodes, transistors as well. With its auto-ranging capability, the multimeter, much like most of the units in the list, can measure both the AC current and Voltage as well. 

It has a large backlit LCD and can hold onto data. It has no power button and turns on automatically and turns off when is inactive. The hanging magnet and the kickstand are great storage utilities and make the measurement process hasslefree. 

Built for professional usage, the multimeter is heavy duty and the built-in F 400mA/600 Volts and F10A/600V explosion-proof ceramic fuse tubes offer better protection and more security and overall reliability. 

The multimeter comes with a 3 years warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Display: 5 and ¾ inches
  • Sampling Rate: 2 times a second
  • Automatic and Manual range selection
  • Polarity, overload and low battery indication
  • 9 Volts power supply battery (included)
  • Test Ranges: Temperature, Transistor, Diode, Continuity, External current, Capacitance, Frequency
  • 600 mV/6V/60V/600V/1000V DC Voltage ranges
  • 600 mV/6V/60V/600V/750V AC Voltage range
  • -40°C TO 1370 °C Temperature range (-40°F to 2000°F in Fahrenheit)
  • Frequency Range: 0 to 60 MHz

Package Includes:

  • Multimeter Handset
  • Test pair leads
  • User manual
  • Temperature probe wires
  • Carry storage bag


  • Detailed and precise in function
  • Automatic turn on and shut off
  • A good warranty period of 3 years


  • None too specific to mention about

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2. INNOVA 3320 auto-ranging Digital Multimeter

INNOVA 3320 is a well-known kit for electricians or home mechanics who can diagnose the car batteries or wiring. Innova Company has been designing multimeters for automation industry over the years.  Of all the multimeters, 3320 model is the best digital meter for home and is the reason for listing in the top.

This brilliant kit comes with an inductive clamp and temperature measuring probe so as to check the engine’s condition. To display the measured values (R, V, I), it uses color-coded LEDs and features the high-end LED display. The brightness of the LEDs intimates you about the battery life of the device. It can even measure resistance to a range of 10MΩ.

An instruction manual offers guidance to the users with simple instructions in English and French languages.


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Innova 3320 is ideal for accurate measuring and safe diagnosing.
  • Digital Multimeter is protected with rubber guards at the corners.


  • Not recommended for industrial usage.
  • It is very sensible to deal with the small electronic components.

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3. KAIWEETS Digital Multimeter

kaiweetsWith its 6000 true RMS counts auto-ranging, this KAIWEETS multimeter has wide range of applications for accurate measurement of AC/DC current, AC/DC voltage, frequency, resistance, capacitance & diode, battery checking, continuity, wire on/off, duty cycle, and liquid temperature.

It is an advanced tester that used widely for diagnosing industrial, automotive, and household electrical issue.Its 2.9″ LCD backlight display that has dual readings with bar graph. It is a versatile multi-functional like non-contact voltage testing, live function with sound & light alarm, date retention, low battery indicator, auto power off, max/min data, and auto ranging.

This digital multimeter is heavy duty and built-in IEC rated CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V, CE, RoHS certified. Anti-burn design with high voltage protection on all ranges. It is a double insulated unit with silicone protective case to make it last longer.It is backed up with 3 years warranty with after sale service, & lifetime technical support.


  • Display: RMS 6000 Counts, 3 5/6 digits
  • AC Voltage: 100mV – 750V
  • DC Voltage: 100mV – 1000V
  • AC/DC Current: 600µA – 10A
  • Resistance: 999.9Ω – 99.9MΩ
  • Capacitance: 10nf – 100MF
  • Frequency/Duty: 10Hz – 10MHz
  • Polarity, overload, and low battery indication

Package Content:

  • HT118A Multimeter
  • Test Leads
  • 2AA Battery
  • Thermocouple
  • User Manual


  • Offers 3 years of warranty after sale service and lifetime technical support.
  • Double insulation with robust outer case.
  • Measures various parameters accurately and safely.
  • Comes with features like overload protection, buzzer, large LCD display, and battery indicator.
  • Designed with non-contact voltage detection, & anti-burn for safety.
  • Easy to use and has wide range of applications.
  • Auto-ranging and auto power off.


  • A bit expensive product
  • The screen backlight will turn off too quickly.
  • A few reported that NCV feature is not up to the mark.

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4. AstroAI Digital Multimeter and Diode Voltage Meter

The Astro digital multimeter was designed safely to unbutton the various domestic and automotive problems. It has many features that can function for measuring resistance, current, and voltages.

Rubber protective grips are mounted at the edge of a multimeter and stand at the back to hold multimeter all the time. It also features overload protection, continuity buzzer, and low battery indicator.

The color coding LEDs allows you to check the batteries lifespan. It has a single setting 10MΩ resistance that functions both AC and DC voltages for home and automotive purposes.

Astro multimeter kit contains the following components:

  • AM33D Digital multimeter
  • 9V 6F22 battery
  • Holders
  • Stand
  • Protective rubber guard
  • Test leads (2) and
  • User manual


  • The sampling rate is 2t/s.
  • A user-friendly manual is provided along with the kit to guide you how to handle the multimeter with an ease.


  • Cannot test AC currents.

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5. Etekcity MSR-R500 Digital Multimeters

This practical toolkit is a good choice for beginners, engineers, and electricians. With this multimeter, you can also test the working of diode and transistor.

It is a small size portable device for measuring the parameters like resistance, voltage, current and used to assemble, repair and diagnose the circuits.

Specifications of MSR-500 multimeter kit include:

  • Resistance up to 200MΩ.
  • Maximum of 10Amp Dc current.
  • Backlit display
  • Hold function
  • Manual tuning
  • 130*74*36mm size and
  • Multimeter weighs 295 grams.

Kits contain the following components:

  • Multimeter (MSR-R500)
  • Testing Leads (2)
  • 9V Battery (Pre-Installed) and
  • A user manual


  • It also features the overload protection, battery indicator, and buzzer.
  • Can display 2/3 readings per second.


  • No auto power off mode.

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6. Plusivo Store Digital Multimeter


Plusivo Store Digital Multimeter

Plusivo Store digital multimeter has a wide range of applications that include DC voltage, DC current, AC voltage, and resistance. It also capable of testing circuit continuity and test diodes.

It is a perfect choice for debugging electrical circuit, electronics and other needs. It has a display value of 1999 (3 ½) digits and automatic polarity display. It comes with a protective cover to prevent any damage to the device from physical accidents.

This digital multimeter comes with an ergonomically designed multimeter which makes it easy to grip. The display has a back-light feature which makes it easy to read the numbers even in dim lighting conditions.


  • Display: 1999, 3 1/2 digits
  • AC Voltage: 0 to 600V, 200V/600V ±(1.2%+10)
  • DC Voltage: 200mV/2V/20V/200V ±(0.5%+4)
  • Resistance: 0 ohms to 2 M ohms
  • Working environment: (0~40) °C
  • relative humidity < 80%
  • Ambient temperature: (23±5) °C

Package Content:

  • Digital multimeter
  • Mini wire stripper tool
  • Black insulating tape
  • Premium probes
  • Mini screwdrivers
  • Mini alligator clip
  • Plusivo flyer


  • Easy to use
  • Good quality materials used so lasts long
  • Suitable for a wide range of application
  • Additional items are provided
  • 30-day money guarantee is provided
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Ergonomic design for easy to grip


  • Generates noise while using
  • A bit slow in showing readings

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7. Crenova MS8233D auto-ranging multimeters

Crenova is an auto-ranging multimeter kit that is widely used in schools, colleges, laboratories and other sources. It is most prominent among all other multimeter devices of various brands. You can also test the respective parameters on a circuit breaker, distribution boards, and industrial equipment.

Auto-ranging multimeter allows you to select the correct measurement range when you deal with various components from electronics to electrical sources.

This wonderful device can switch to other functions for performing specific tasks like measuring the readings of resistance, voltage, and current on display unit.

Parameters to be considered while using multimeters are:

  • DC voltage is 200mV-600V
  • AC voltage is 2-600V
  • DC current is 200μA-200mA
  • AC current is 200μA-10A
  • Resistance values are 200Ω-20MΩ
  • Frequency is 20kHz
  • 9V of power supply


  • Perfect to grab with an affordable price.
  • It is a portable multimeter that measures the readings accurately.
  • Display screen makes easy to read and select the desired results.
  • Uses PTC protection circuit for resistance and frequency measurement.


  • Batteries are included in the kit.
  • A user manual is inappropriate.

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8. ExpertPower Store Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery

ExpertPower Store

If you are looking to purchase a reliable deep cycle battery at affordable price range, then ExpertPower Store is the right place to look for.

Their deep cycle battery is one of the most reviewed sealed lead acid batteries on Amazon. They are suitable for home alarm systems, uninterruptible power supply, general electronics, emergency systems, medical devices, wheelchairs, electric scooters, lighting equipment and other applications.

As it is made of high-quality materials, this battery is durable and long-lasting. They utilize absorbed glass mat technology which ensures a wide temperature range.

They are very easy to install and don’t need much maintenance. Batteries are placed in a high-resistance battery case made from non-conductive ABS plastic which is resistant to vibration, chemicals, heat, and shock.

Because of fine fiberglass mat, valve regulation and spill-proof construction, these batteries are trouble-free and safe to operate.


  • Sealed lead acid battery
  • One-time installation
  • AGM technology
  • Maintenance-free
  • Rugged exterior construction


  • Warranty details not mentioned

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9. FLUKE-116/323 kit

Fluke Multimeter kit

Fluke 116 is one of the best and highly specialized multimeters that are widely used at the moment.  It features the temperature probe, flame sensors and microampere measurement tools for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) factors.

It has everything that can be used to measure the parameters like voltage, current, and resistance. Size of the fluke multimeter kit is small but delivers high output performance.

Low input impedance features the reduction of false readings caused by distortions.


  • Automatically detects whether the signal is AC or DC and accordingly selects the function, range and displays the information.
  • White LED backlight to work in poor light areas.
  • The accuracy of fluke-116/323 multimeter kit is 5%.


  • Too expensive.

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10. Amprobe PK-110 electrical test kit

If you are a DIY aspirant or project designer you definitely need this multimeter kit to test current and voltage passing through a particular circuit. Although it is not suitable for professionals, perfect for DIYers due to versatile nature, basic functionality, and ease of use.

It is quite different from other multimeter kits provided in the list. The digital multimeter kit contains the following components:

  • Socket tester
  • AM-multimeter and
  • Non-contact voltage stick.

Specifications are as follows:

  • AC voltage is 200-250V
  • DC voltage is 200mV-250V
  • DC current is 200uA-200mA
  • Power supply of 2*1.5V batteries
  • 110-125V of operating voltage
  • Operates even at an altitude of 2000 meters
  • Resistance is 20Ω-2MΩ


  • Checks the presence of voltages in switches, extension boards, and light fixing.
  • Features Visual voltage presence alert system.
  • Can detect 5 different wiring faults.


  • It can measure only small voltages of range 250V and currents.

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11. Extech EX505-K heavy duty industrial multimeter kit

Extech EX505 is an industrial multimeter kit that contains reliable meter and accessories required for testing the industrial equipment. All the components are placed in a soft carrying case that provides protection from being damaged by other sources.

It offers unique designs with specific features and functionalities including:

  • Storage case
  • Magnetic strap
  • Batteries
  • EX505- 600V/4000 count waterproof display
  • DV25-Dual range AC detector
  • TL808-Test lead kit (8-pieces)
  • Thermocouple probe and
  • Dimensions are 248*203*51mm


  • Reliable and affordable price.
  • The backlight can stay for 5 seconds.


  • It cannot handle high voltages and currents.

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12. Greenlee TK-30AGFI GFCI electrical kit

This amazing kit ensures the safety first when you start working electronic components.

DM-25 multimeter measures AC & DC voltages (50-1000V), resistance, tests diodes, transistors, and batteries. It also checks the outlet for proper wiring and easily displays the users to note the readings of resistance, voltage, and currents.

It also helps to identify the capacitance, duty cycle, frequencies and temperature values using analog bar graphs.

The voltage detection system will alarm even when there is a minimum voltage.

Greenlee multimeter kit contains:

  • Voltage detector
  • Tester
  • Carrying case and
  • A DM-25 multimeter


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Easy to handle the multimeter kit.


  • A basic electrical kit for limited use only.

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13. Neiko 40508 830B Digital multimeter

Neiko digital multimeter is a portable, general purpose multimeter to test wires, batteries, fuses and other electrical components. It is a very safe tool for repairing domestic and automotive settings.

An LCD screen accurately displays current, voltage and resistance. Black and red test leads help to observe the performance of diodes, fuses, transistors, and wires. This digital multimeter kit component is as follows:

  • Automatic battery indicator
  • Test Leads
  • Connecting probes


  • Very cheap.
  • Built-in protector keeps the multimeter free-from physical damages.


  • An instruction manual is not provided.

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14. Power Probe CATIV Digital Multimeter

Power Probe Digital MutimeterThis is a versatile automatic digital multimeter that provide accurate results while measuring AC/DC current and voltage, frequency, resistance, duty cycle, temperature, true RMS, and capacitance. It is equipped with large LCD screen with bright backlight for easy readings.

It features data hold, relative measurement, min/max capture, diode/continuity tones, rugged rubberized housing, 15-minutes auto-off function. It is safe to use on hybrid HV circuits and it is suggested to use proper safety equipment and manufacturers safety procedure while testing or servicing hybrid vehicles.


  • AC/DC Voltage: 0.1mV – 600V
  • AC/DC Current: 1 µA – 10A
  • Resistance: 1Ω – 60 MΩ
  • Display: 6000 counts
  • Temperature: -20°C – 1000°C
  • Frequency: 2Hz – 10KHz
  • Capacitance: 0.001µF – 60000µF
  • Duty Cycle: 0.1% – 99%
  • Continuity: <50 Ω

Package Includes

  • CAT-IV Digital Multimeter
  • Magnetic Hanging Strap
  • Color Coded Alligator Clips
  • 2X 5-Foot CAT-IV 600V Test Leads with Probe Tip
  • K-Type Temperature Probe
  • 3 AAA Batteries


  • Compact size with great backlit screen
  • Good quality leads
  • Built tough with heavy duty construction case.
  • Magnetic holding strap will let you hang it anywhere.
  • Comes with useful alligator clip tips for probes.


  • Auto-ranging function is a bit slow.
  • Won’t have any storage pouch or case to protect/carry it around.
  • Too expensive.

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15. Thsinde Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter

Thsinde Auto Ranging Digital MultimeterThsinde is a small yet reliable seller of electronic components. The brand is known for developing electronic measurement tools that are versatile and show accurate readings.

Using this digital multimeter, you can measure 10 different parameters including AC/DC voltage and current, frequency, resistance, diode and continuity NCV test, with a high precision. The multimeter features 6000 counts and can detect parameters on a wide range. Once the voltage crosses 700V (RMS), the multimeter will display a light and emit a sound so that you disconnect it.

The digital multimeter has a large backlit LCD display. So,even if it is dark, you will clearly be able to see the readings without straining your eyes. On top of this, it shows 3 times readings per second more than other other multimeters. Along with the multimeter, you get a 9V battery, user manual in english, 2 alligator clips, and 2 test leads.


  • Digital Multimeter
  • 9V Battery
  • English User’s Manual
  • 2 x Test Leads
  • 2 x Alligator Clips


  • Measures 10 different parameters
  • 3 times more reading per second
  • Overload and short-circuit protection
  • Backlit LED display for seeing the readings clearly


  • Poor quality leads
  • Backlight turns off automatically in 10 seconds

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What is a Digital Multimeter?

It is an electronic instrument used to measure various functions in a unit. It is also called as ohmmeter, voltmeter or volt-ohm meter. In general, the standard multimeter is used to measure the estimations of voltage, amperes and ohms. While this digital multimeter will perform some extra estimations, which incorporate recurrence, capacitance, temperature, congruity and so on with its advanced and rationale innovation. This advanced multimeter is much speedier, more effective and work with exactness or accuracy when compared with a normal multimeter.

What can be measured with this digital multimeter?

The standard multimeter is used to measure quantities like resistance in ohms, voltage in volts (direct & alternate) and current in amperes (direct & alternate). Whereas the digital multimeter is used to measure other parameters like capacitance, inductance, conductance, temperature, frequency, recurrence, inductance, continuity, etc.

Where this Digital Multimeter is used?

Generally, multimeter is used in repairing, testing and installing the electrical devices like batteries, household wiring and electric motors & power supplies. Here are some areas of application for this digital multimeter.

  • Automotive testing
  • Construction area
  • Electronics and Electrical Testing Quantities
  • Electricians Hand Tool
  • Installation and Testing Sectors in Manufacturing Industry
  • Repairing each & every Electronic Components.

How To Choose Digital Multimeter?

Due to huge demand for testing equipment, there are so many brands coming into the market. This will make us hard to pick the best digital multimeter for your purpose. Even though, if you won’t need all these functions but it’s a better idea to get a digital multimeter for future purpose. Here are the factors, which you need to check while purchasing the digital multimeter.

1. Manual Range VS Auto Range

When comparing the auto range and manual range, the auto range multimeter is much easier to use. In case, if you’re a beginner or budget freak then prefer to choose manual range meter.

  • Auto-Range Meter – Connect the device to this meter and select the desired parameter you want to measure and thereby turn it on to take reading/value on the screen. It selects its range by itself without adjusting manually.
  • Manual Range Meter – It is very annoying to use this manual meter while dealing with many components and values for a project. Here, you have to select the range by yourself by turning the nob each and every time.

Verdict: Auto-range multimeter is best and easy to use rather than manual range. A few auto-range models come with a button to change the range and thereby you can use both manual & auto range modes.

2. Range Limits

We don’t know what parameters we require for your projects. So, one should know the range limits before purchasing the multimeter. For instance, if the meter won’t measure current in milli range then it won’t measure some sensor current values. Hence, the multimeter ranges will have to cover the demands of both the present & future projects.

Here are some recommended ranges:

  • Range for Resistance – 10 Ohm to 20 MOhm
  • Current Range – 10 uA to 10 A
  • Voltage Range – millivolt to 600V
  • In some cases, you have to deal with small capacitance (within milli range) with this meter to measure the reading.

3. Accuracy:

Accuracy is generally considered as the maximum permissible error limit while taking multi meter readings. Although, most of the multimeter, especially digital one will provide reading value accuracy but one has to check it properly before using it in the project.

For instance, a 0.5% DC volt accuracy with 4000 – 6000 counts are fine but greater than this value means the meter is not accurate or professional for taking reading. So, a multimeter should come with true RMS reading while measuring AC voltages and bandwidth above 50kHz.

4. Resolution (Display Counts)

The meter’s resolution or display counts will refer to the display of total digits, from minimum to maximum count. The best multimeter comes with higher display count. In general, the high-resolution handheld digital multimeter has a 2000-count with 4 ½-digit display, which enables the meter to display values from 0 to 19,999. Whereas 4000 count multimeter have 4 ¾-digit display that enable to display values from 0 to 39,999.

To bridge the gap between these two counts, you have to use 3 ¾ -digit displays or else 4000-count digital multimeter. Remember that most of the digital multimeters will leave the leading digit black when it is zero.

5. Continuity Response Time

Generally, it is stated that how quicker the response time is, the better will be your multimeter. It is handy and helpful while analyzing any circuit for open or short situations. In case, if your multimeter has slow response time, then it will be annoying and time consuming when analyzing the circuit.

6. Testing Transistor

Simply hook the positive lead of the multimeter to Emitter E of the transistor. In the same way, connect the negative lead meter to the base (B) of transistor. For testing PNP transistor, the meter will show some voltage drop between 0.45V to 0.9V. For an NPN transistor, one can find OL (over limit) while testing.

7. Temperature Measurement

Choose a digital multimeter with dual differential temperature function whenever you want recurrent thermocouple monitoring needs. This will allow the user to take readings of two temperatures at a time simultaneously.

8. Frequency Measurement:

In general, any circuit or device is designed to operate at either fixed or variable frequency. If it is operated at different frequency other than specified one then it may perform abnormally. For instance, if an AC motor is designed to operate at 60 Hz then it operates fast if the frequency is above 60 Hz and slower if the frequency is reduced. Also, changes in frequency range will result in proportional change in motor speed.

Here are some optional modes of measuring frequency in some digital multimeters.

  • Frequency Counter – It is used to measure the frequency of AC signals, while troubleshooting the electronic and electrical equipment.
  • Min Max Recording Mode – It allows to record the frequency measurements over a specific period of time. The same will be provided with current, resistance and voltage.
  • Auto-range Mode – The frequency measurement range will be selected automatically. In case, if the frequency of measuring voltage is out of the range then the digital multimeter won’t display accurate readings. So, always refer to the user manual to know about specific frequency measurement range.

9. Safety Features

Safety is always a first priority to any one who are dealing with electronic tools. For those who want to learn (beginner) how to measure the resistance values with a small 5V DC voltages, then choose a cheap multimeter where safety doesn’t matter much. But if you’re looking for a professional multimeter to measure higher values of DC or AC voltages then safety will be their first priority and has to follow some safety features, especially CAT safety measures.

Have a look on some of the safety measures to be followed while dealing with electronic tools.

  • Make sure to get the best quality multimeter from a trusted manufacturer, which is safe to use.
  • Always check all the fuses used by the meter. If you want to measure high or low current values then avoid purchasing a multimeter with glass fuse. Go for a multimeter with high quality cartridge fuses while measuring current to make it safe to use. If the meter won’t have fuses then it is not at all safe to use, as it burst and may catch fire if any mistake is made.
  • Secondly, look for the multimeter with CAT III rating, as it will ensure that the meter won’t blow in hands and thus you are safe, even if you short the mains accidently.
  • Then you have to choose quality probes, which are made mostly with silicone rubber to allow you to take reading safely without any getting any damage.
  • It is must to know which multimeter you should use while working with high voltages. Depending on the amount of current flow through conductor, one has to choose a device, which is a cross between a clamp meter and multimeter.

10. Input Resistance

It may be encountered by the user who are using the multimeter for the first time. So, let’s know about it. Input resistance is the resistance offered by a multimeter to a device, which is connecting across the probes. The higher the input resistance it offers, the better will be your multimeter. Generally, 1MOhm is considered as the best value of input resistance of multimeter.

11. Battery Time

One has to consider battery running time while using the multimeter regularly. It would be better to have a battery time of about 1000 hours. So, if you want to learn electronics by using multimeter then purchase a 1000 hours battery time (but not below) for best usage of digital multimeter.

12. Auto Hold Function

This is another essential feature to look when buying the multimeter. It allows you to take measurements easily. Connect the probes with both of your hands to let multimeter read the values. The readings on the meter will remain even if you’re not looking on the screen (OR) if you remove the probes. This feature will help you to work safely with AC mains, where one has to focus on the proper connections of probes and thereby not to touch any wire accidentally.

13. Versatility

Digital multimeter will offer versatility in both functionality and measurements rather than basic multimeter. For instance, the basic multimeter comes with features used to measure DC & AC current, resistance, voltages and capacitance, whereas the digital meter offers various other tests (like battery test, diode test, transistor test & continuity test) and perform functions (like analog bar graph, auto-range, true RMS or RS – 232 PC interface), which makes the digital one is much more useful than standard multimeter. So, always check the user manual of a device to select the best meter, as per your requirement.

14. Other Features

Here are some additional features mentioned, which you have to consider when selecting the digital multimeter.

  • Diode Measuring – One can easily find this feature on the multimeter either under diode or continuity function symbol. Most of the multimeters come with this function but the test voltage range is close 2V. The best meter will have test voltage range that is close to 4V to measure in every device.
  • Buzzer Function – It is useful for continuity testing. This will make the probes won’t slip while working head-down, where you don’t want to lift the head up to view the meter reading. So, a simple buzzer will provide all the indication of required continuity.
  • Capacitance MeterThis capacitance is used for testing capacitors but its range will be limited.
  • Probs – You should know how many different types of current, your multimeter should measure. This will decide whether the multimeter have one or more sets of probes used for different applications. While some of the multimeters are specially designed to measure by contact and a few others will grip the item when measuring. Some types of probes will include SMD tweezer, alligator, grabber/hook, temperature and socket.
  • Frequency Counter – Frequency is an essential parameter measured by meter, especially for RF applications like ham radio. However, its accuracy is not to be wonderful and sending the RF along with the probe leads is not a good option.
  • Back Light Feature – This feature will provide clear display and thereby shows clear reading even in low light areas.

15. Price

In general, digital multimeters comes in a wide price ranges that start from $10 – $3500, by depending on its bands and available features. Also, the DMM at higher price will be more durable and provides accurate results when compared with low priced DMM. For instance, workbench multimeter will be more expensive than handheld multimeter.

Make sure to check how frequently you are using this device and what features you need. Like if you’re an occasional user, then go with less priced device. If you plan to use the meter regularly then prefer to use a robust design at expensive price.

Advantages of Digital Multimeter:

Digital multimeters provide higher accuracy when compared with analog meter while taking measurement. The standard digital multimeters provide an accuracy of 0.5% DC voltage whereas the benchtop multimeter will provide 0.01%. Here are some advantages of digital multimeter. Let’s have a look on it to know what are those benefits.

  • The digital multimeter will provide more accurate reading rather than analog multimeters.
  • It reduces interpolation and reading errors.
  • The auto-polarity function will prevent some problems that arise from connecting the multimeter to circuit while testing with any wrong polarity.
  • Parallax errors are eliminated. In case, if the pointer of an analog meter is viewed from different angle then you will get different value. This is termed as parallax error. But a digital multimeter will display exact results by clearing this problem.
  • DMM will display results in no moving parts. This will make them free from wear and shock failures.
  • The reading speed is increased in this DMM why because it is easy to read the measurements.
  • The analog multimeters provide zero adjustment whereas in digital meter, the zero adjustment is not required.
  • With the arrival of integrated circuits, the cost, size and power requirements of the digital multimeter will be reduced.
  • Digital output is suitable for recording, processing and used to raise the range of computer-controlled applications.
  • You will get accuracy in digital readout on LCD display of DMM but one can make mistake while reading the scale in analog multimeter.
  • Digital meter is widely used to test capacitors, continuity, transistors and diodes. A few advanced models measure frequency as well.
  • DMM offers auto-range feature will help to select different measurement ranges to prevent damage to meter, in case, if the user selected any wrong range.
  • The less meter loading effects will be caused on the circuits while it is tested by using DMM.
  • A few high-end models of DMM comes with microprocessors, which help to store the reading for future reference.
  • The digital one comes with a high input impedance and the portable one will allow you to carry it easily to anywhere.

Disadvantages of Digital Multimeters:

Just like so many advantages, a digital multimeter have some disadvantages, which are mentioned below.

  • It is recorded as an error, if it finds any fluctuations or transients.
  • The LCD display depends on any external power source or battery. In case, if the battery is low then the display will be dim and thus it makes some difficult to read.
  • DMM face voltage limitations. In case, if the voltage exceeds the maximum range then the multimeter will get damaged.
  • DMM is not suitable to adjust the tuning circuits or peak tunable responses.
  • It is expensive due to high manufacturing cost.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1.What are the types of Multimeter?

Ans: In general, there are two types of multimeters – analog and digital. Analog multimeter provides a continuous deflection of pointer that represent to measure the value of power quantity. It also measures the current, resistance, duty cycle, voltage, transistors and capacitors. The resistance of these analog multimeters will depend on the chosen range and sensitivity.

Whereas the electronic/digital multimeter comes with a digital decimal LCD display. For measuring varying voltage, a bar circuit will hold the current sample before measuring or displaying a new sample. The analog meter is rarely used in these days and sensitive than digital meter. DMM provide accurate results but while dealing with circuits having highly sensitive measurements, analog meter will provide right results. If you’re using an analog unit from longer time, then it will damage the dial pads and accuracy even in difficult condition, along with damaging the dial space with the buildup of inside dial pads.

Verdict: For ease of reading, digital multimeter will provide best and accurate results. A few DMM models will consist an LCD display and a knob that help you to select various ranges like from an analog to digital. The convertor and internal circuitry will help for signal conditioning.

2.How to prevent multimeter from getting damaged?

Ans: Never ever overpower the digital multimeter. Always reduce the signal level to minimum safety level before turning on/off of the connected equipment (OR) DUT. This process will prevent any unexpected current or voltage sag or swell from affecting either output or input of the device.

3.Why one should need to have a digital multimeter?

Ans: Generally, multimeters are essential to perform any type of electrical work like from installing a ceiling fan to changing a junction box. The digital multimeters are specially designed to measure three main components of electrical energy – volts, ohms and amps along with temperature, capacitance, etc. with accurate readings.

4.How to check whether the multimeter is working or not?

Ans: The multimeter which you’re using should read some value within your voltage range (110 – 220V). For example, to check the value of current you need for a battery (1.5V AA battery) connected to resistance (100 ohm). Connect the multimeter to the circuit and it should read value around 15 mA.

5.What is meant by Peak Mode?

Ans: Peak mode is used to measure both the extreme positive and negative voltages of a signal. For example, the peak mode of a 120V AC line will be +169 V to -169V.


The above-mentioned digital multimeters are best and widely used but we pick AstroAI Digital Multimeter as our first and best product. The reason is that it is used to measure a wide range of tests and comes with auto-range capability along with true RMS for measuring both AC current & voltage. It has various features like large LCD backlit screen, data hold, auto shut-off & hanging mangnet to take and record measurements easier than before. It comes with 3 years warranty.

Which one you’re going to pick in this 2022? Let me know if you have any queries in the below comments section. We will clarify them and help you to select the best one.

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