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Buy 11 Best Jumper Wire Kits Online In 2023

Choosing Jumper Wires is a bit tricky when you have a lot of options available in the market. That is why we have compiled a list of Top 11 Jumper Wire Kits 2021. Have a look at these colorful jumper wires and pick the best one that meets your project requirements.

There are loads of popular brands that offer jumper wires to connect the hardware tools with an ease.  Which one should you choose?

It is up to the individual to take his own decision!

But there are some features that should be considered when you purchase Jumper wires like nature, design, length, color options, performance, and lifespan. Given below is the list of best 11 jumper wires and each of it has unique specifications.

Read below to know more about them…

Best Jumper Wire Kits Chart

Jumper Wire KitsPiecesWarrantyBuy Now
Elegoo Multi Colored Wire Kit120 PiecesNoneCheck On Amazon
Edgelec Breadboard Jumper Wires Kit120 PiecesNoneCheck On Amazon
AUSTOR Jumper Wire Kit560 Pieces18 monthCheck On Amazon
Elenco Jumper Wire Kit350 PiecesNoneCheck On Amazon
WayinTop Jumper Wire Kit485 PiecesNoneCheck On Amazon
Pre-Formed Jumper Wire Kit140 PiecesNoneCheck On Amazon
TEKTRUM Jumper Wire KIT140 PiecesNoneCheck On Amazon
Makeronics Jumper Wire Kit560 PiecesNoneCheck On Amazon
DaFuRui Jumper Wire Kit205 PiecesNoneCheck On Amazon
MCIGICM Breadboard Jumper Wire Cables560 PiecesNoneCheck On Amazon
QISF Breadboard Jumper Wire Kit560 PiecesNoneCheck On Amazon

Best Jumper Wire Kits Reviews

1. Elegoo 120pcs Multi Colored Dupont Wire Kit

Elegoo 120pcs Multi Colored Dupont Wire KitElegoo is a popular manufacturer of Arduino kits and 3D printing devices. The brand uses open source codes on its electronics and Arduino kits so that you can easily access the codes and customize them to develop different projects.

This kit comes with 120 multi-colored dupont wires that can be reused for quick circuit testing. You can also use them for the expansion of experimental board pins and increase the experimental projects. Each cable has a length of 8 inches for flexible connections.

You can separate the cables to form an assembly with the required number of wires for connections and for supporting non-standard odd-spaced headers. Thcome package includes a colored box that you can use to store the wires and the breadboard.


  • Pieces: 120 pieces
  • Lengths: 8 inches/20 cms


  • 40-pin male to male wires
  • 40-pin male to female wires
  • 40-pin female to female wires
  • Colored box for storage

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2. Edgelec 120pcs Breadboard Jumper Wires Kit

Edgelec 120pcs Breadboard Jumper Wires KitEdgelec is another popular manufacturer of electronic components and accessories including jumper wires, LED diodes, resistors, and capacitors.

This kit is ideal for DIY experiments with Breadboards, PC motherboards, and PCB projects. The kit comes with 120 pieces of Breadboard jumper wires with a standard 2.54mm pitch connector type.

The cables are made of 12-core copper wires with a length of 7.9 inches for flexible connections. The jumper wires have separable multicolored ribbon cables for easy identification and assortment. The jumper wires include male to male wires, male to female wires, and female to female wires.


  • Pieces: 120 pieces
  • Length: 7.9 inches


  • 40-pin Male to Male jumper wires
  • 40-pin Male to Female jumper wires
  • 40-pin Female to Female jumper wires

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3. AUSTOR 560 Pieces Jumper Wire Kit

Austor offers multiple things in this jumper wire kit at a very low price tag. And it is highly rated on Amazon due to its quality wires.

The Austor 560 pieces jumper wire kit is in the 1st position in this article as it offers the highest number of pieces while being quite affordable. And it also offers an 18-month warranty which is not available in any other wire kit.

This jumper wire kit comes in an organizer box which allows you to manage all of your wires easily. And since this kit has 560 pieces you can find all kinds of pieces in it which includes various connectors and lengths.


  • Pieces: 560 pieces
  • Lengths: 14 different lengths


  • 40 pieces for each length
  • 2-125 mm length wires
  • Free toolbox

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4. Elenco 350 Piece Pre-formed Jumper Wire Kit

Elenco is another jumper wire kit which includes multiple wires and connectors. And just like the previous one, all these wires come in a plastic case for proper organization.

This jumper wire kit from Elenco is in the 2nd position due to its high quality wires. You can use them in any circuit as you get multiple length options. Elenco is more than 30 years old due to which they make high quality reliable connector cables.

The included box has a total of 14 compartments which can be used to store all the cables. And the compartments have different sizes for different lengths of wires.


  • Pieces: 350 pieces
  • Lengths: 14 different lengths


  • 4 different lengths of 25 pieces
  • 14 different lengths of 10 pieces each
  • Organizer Box

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5. WayinTop Jumper Wire Kit

Wayintop’s jumper wire kit is properly organised and assorted due to the box that it comes in. You can find multiple compartments in this kit for easy access.

The 3rd jumper wire kit in this article offers more than just jumper wires. It also comes with male to male wires for breadboard. And you can also find a tweezer for easy working on a breadboard.

Another great thing about this kit is that it has U shaped jumper wires which are quite easy to use. And you get a total of 14 lengths for easily connecting them in a circuit.


  • Pieces: 485 pieces
  • Lengths: 14 different lengths


  • 30 pieces each fo 14 different lengths
  • 2-125mm length wires
  • Includes a free tweezer
  • Male to male solderless wires
  • Free storage box with compartments

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6. Pre-Formed 140-piece Jumper Wire Kit

Unlike many other options out there, Pre-Formed offers a very simple and straight forward jumper wire kit. It is a great option if you are new to making circuits.

As its name suggests, you get a total of 140 pieces in this jumper wire kit. And just like other alternatives, this one comes with an organizer box for storing the various jumper cables. The length of the wires in this kit are quite accurate and fit perfectly for a given distance.

All of the wires included in this jumper wire kit are pre-formed. This means that you do not need to bend them for fitting in a breadboard for making circuits.


  • Pieces: 140 pieces
  • Lengths: 14 different lengths


  • 10 wires of each size
  • Fits standard breadboard separation
  • Comes in an organizer box
  • Pre-formed cables for easy connection

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Tektrum is another great option if you want a simple and basic jumper wire kit. You get multiple lengths of wires organized in a box with this kit.

All of the wires and cables in this kit have different solid colours for easily making circuits. And as you would expect, these cables come in standard 14 different lengths for using on a breadboard.

The wires have a great build quality and can be easily connected and disconnected while working on circuits. Its included box also has pretty good build quality.


  • Pieces: 140 pieces
  • Lengths: 14 different lengths


  • 10 different wire lengths
  • Solid coloured wires
  • Includes a free storage box
  • Fits perfectly in a standard breadboard

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8. Makeronics Jumper Wire Kit

Makeronics Jumper Wire KitThe next product on our list comes from a reliable brand called Makeronics. Their jumper kit comes with 560 pieces of wires with different lengths.

These jumper wires are carefully organized and packaged in a plastic storage box. This makes it easy to fetch and store.

It also comes with a tweezer which makes it easy to plug and unplug jumpers. These wires are precut, pre-stripped and preformed.


  • Pieces: 560
  • Lengths: 14 different lengths


  • 14 different lengths of 40 pcs each
  • 1 storage box
  • 1 tweezer

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9. DaFuRui Breadboard Jumper Wire Kit

DaFuRui is one of the only jumper wire kits which comes with a breadboard. As a result, it is the only kit that you need for making circuits.

It includes a 400 point breadboard which allows you to make upto 400 connections. You also get 65 pieces breadboard jumper cables along with 140 standard jumper wires. All of these allow you to create a circuit quite easily.

Another great thing about this kit is that all of the cables are pre-formed. This allows you to easily connect them on the included breadboard.


  • Pieces: 205 pieces
  • Lengths: 18 different lengths


  • 4 lengths of breadboard jumper wires
  • 14 lengths of standard jumper wires
  • 11 to 26 cm breadboard wires
  • 2 mm – 125 mm standard wires
  • Comes with a 400 point breadboard

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10. MCIGICM Breadboard Jumper Wire Cables

MCIGICM Breadboard Jumper Wire

MCIGICM is another jumper wire kit that includes multiple wires and connectors. It offers the highest number of pieces at an affordable price. 

They comes in 14 various lengths from 2mm to 125 mm (each of 40 pieces) with different color-code, flexible, insulated, rigid jumpers, which can be used repeatedly. These durable jumper wires are reusable on breadboards, Arduino, PCB boards, prototyping boards and so on.

Since, this kit has 560 pieces, which includes wires of various lengths and connectors. All these high-quality wires come in a plastic case for proper organization. 


  • Pieces: 560 pieces
  • Lengths: 14 different lengths (2 – 125 mm)


  • 40 pieces each of 14 different lengths
  • 2mm – 125mm length wires
  • Free storage box with compartments.

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11. QISF Breadboard Jumper Wire Assorted Kit

QISF Breadboard Jumper Wire

The brand QISF provides high quality electronic accessories. Their kit comprises of breadboard jumper wires that helps to create circuits and electronic repairs.

This kit is suitable for a wide range of applications that include medical, electronics, jewelery, fine crafts, and others.

It also comes with a set of tweezers made with high-quality stainless steel and matte black coating. The wires are provided in an organized plastic box for easy storage.


  • Pieces: 560pcs
  • Lengths: 14 different variations


  • Jumper wires
  • 6pcs anti-static tweezers
  • Storage box

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Jumper wires Buying Guide

Jumper wires are quite useful for building all kinds of circuits. And this includes both simple as well as advanced circuits. But buying separate jumper cables can be quite time consuming as you have to find different kinds of wires and cables. As a result, jumper wire kits are quite useful. Although, there are various things that you have to look out for before buying one which are as follows:

  • Pieces: The most important thing to check before buying a jumper wire kit is the number of pieces it includes. The more pieces you have in your kit, the easier it is to make a circuit on a breadboard.
  • Accessories: Some jumper wire kits even come with accessories that offer more than just jumper and connection wires. This can include things like a breadboard, tweezers, organizers, and much more. All these things can be quite useful while making a circuit.
  • Wire Lengths: Different circuits require different wire lengths for making a proper connection. As a result, you need to check the length of the various wires and connectors that are included in a jumper wire kit.


If you also work on circuits at your workplace or for a school project, then jumper wire kits are one of the most important items. And you can find all kinds of jumper wire kits on websites like Amazon. All these kits have different kinds of cables, connectors, accessories, and much more. Due to this, choosing the best one for you can be a bit difficult. Therefore, today we are here with some of the best jumper wire kits. And you can also find their features along with a buying guide to easily choose the best one for you.

For those of you who are on a budget, the AUSTOR jumper wire kit can be a great option. Despite its affordable price tag, you get a total of 560 pieces and 18 months of warranty. And all of the cables and wires come organized in a box.

But if you want multiple with your jumper wire kit, then you should buy the Elenco 350 Piece Pre-formed Jumper Wire Kit. Apart from offering standard jumper wires, you also get other kinds of connector cables. All of these connectors can be helpful for making circuits easily.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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