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DC Circuit Theory


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Star and Delta Connection are the two types of connections in a 3 phase circuits A Star Connection is a 4 wire system and a

For analysing the linear electric circuits that consists of two or more independent sources Voltage or current or both superposition theorem is extremely used particularly

As we have seen in previous articles for simplifying the circuits we used series and parallel combination of resistors to reduce the circuit complexity In

For analyzing DC circuits generally we use different methods such as ohm 8217 s law network theorems and other circuit simplification tools A DC circuit

In circuit analysis simple circuits can be analysed by using the basic analysing tools like ohms law KVL and KCL But for a complex circuit

The main concept behind the nodal analysis is that in a given circuit if the node voltages are known then we can immediately determine all

Source transformation methods are used for circuit simplification to modify the complex circuits by transforming independent current sources into independent voltage sources and vice versa

In this tutorial we will learn about Maximum Power Transfer Theorem MPTT It is one of the basic yet important laws that states the necessary

In this tutorial we will learn about Thevenin 8217 s Theorem It is an important theorem in the field of electrical circuit analysis and is

In this tutorial we will learn about Norton 8217 s Theorem Together with Thevenin 8217 s Theorem Norton 8217 s Theorem forms an important concept