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A Computer Port is an interface or a point of connection between the computer and its peripheral devices Some of the common peripherals are mouse

Star and Delta Connections are the two types of connections in a 3 phase circuits A Star Connection is a 4 wire system and a

Majority of modern communication is Digital in nature i e it is a combination of 1 8217 s and 0 8217 s The digital data

We live in a World of Sensors You can find different types of Sensors in our homes offices cars etc working to make our lives

In this tutorial we will learn about Different Types of Diodes These include Small Signal Diodes Zener Diodes Light Emitting Diodes Schottky Diodes Tunnel Diodes

In this tutorial we will learn what is a switch what are the different types of Switches Mechanical Switches Electronic Switches their symbols and many

Boolean Logic in SOP Sum of Products and POS Product of Sums forms is foundational to digital circuit design providing a systematic way of expressing

Imagine sending HD video music emails phone calls and internet all down one wire Multiplexing is the magic trick and multiplexers MUX for short are

In this tutorial we will take a brief look at two important Combinational Logic Circuits called Multiplexer and Demultiplexer A Multiplexer is a circuit that