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In this tutorial, we will see how to test a Capacitor and find out whether the capacitor is working properly or it is a defective

In this tutorial, we will learn about one of the major applications of Capacitors as Bypass Capacitor or Decoupling Capacitor. We know that a Capacitor

In the previous tutorials, we have seen what is capacitance and charge?. In this tutorial we are going to learn how to read the capacitor

Capacitors are the standard components in electronic circuits. Different combinations of capacitors are used in circuits practically.This article explains about series and parallel combinations of

What is the use of a capacitor? Capacitor is one of the passive components and it stores energy in the form of electrical charge. Capacitor

What is Capacitor? Capacitor is also known as condenser. This is one of the passive components like resistor. Capacitor is generally used to store the

Introduction When DC supply voltage is applied to the capacitor,the capacitor is charged slowly and finally it reaches to fully charged position. At this point

Introduction In a voltage divider circuit,the supply voltage or circuit voltage is distributed among all the components in the circuit equally,depending on the capacity of

Capacitance Capacitance of a capacitor is defined as the ability of a capacitor to store the maximum electrical charge (Q) in its body. Here the

Introduction A capacitor has large number of specifications and characteristics. By observing the information printed on the body of a capacitor, we can understand very