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AVR Microcontroller

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Automatic Railway Gate Control System is a simple but very useful project which help is automatically opening and closing the railway gate upon detecting arrival

Biometrics is the emerging technology used for identification Biometric refers to automatic identification of a person based on biological characters such as finger print iris

Generally you can see the digital displays which display the score when buttons are pressed on score boards The main heart of this score board

In this project we will see a simple Sun Tracking Solar Panel circuit which will track the Sun and position the solar panels accordingly Introduction

Temperature sensors are widely used in electronic equipment to display the temperature You can see the digital clock displaying the room temperature value It is

In this article we have implemented two different RFID based Attendance system Projects using 8051 Microcontroller and AVR ATmega 8 Mirocontroller Attendance in colleges is

Generally appliances used in our home are controlled with the help of switches These days you can see many technologies used in home automation projects

Generally street lights are switched on for whole night and during the day they are switched off But during the night time street lights are

Street lights are controlled manually in olden days These days automation of street lights has emerged But one can observe that there is no need

Nowadays controlling the traffic becomes major issue because of rapid increase in automobiles and also because of large time delays between traffic lights So in