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In this 21st century, MEMS technology has been showing its potential to revolutionize consumer as well as the industrial products by combining silicon based microelectronics

The most commonly used and widespread method of detecting the magnetic field is the Hall-effect method among the various sensing technologies. Based on the Hall-effect,

According to Maxwell’s equations, electromagnetic fields are produced or created by the time varying sources such as currents and charges. If these fields are produced

Full wave rectifier rectifies the full cycle in the waveform i.e. it rectifies both the positive and negative cycles in the waveform. We have already

Waves are omnipresent in nature that transfers the energy or information from source to destination. The wave is a function of both space and time.

In general, magnetostatic fields are produced by the motion of electric charges with uniform velocity whereas electrostatic fields are produced by the stationary charges. On

The electromagnetism is a branch of physics that deals with electric and magnetic fields and their interaction with substance or matter on a microscopic level.

In contrast to the electrostatics, which deals with static electric charges (also called Coulombian approach), magneto statics deals with stationary electric currents (also called Amperian

Modulation: Modulation is a technique in which message signal is transmitted to the receiver with the help of carrier signal. Here in modulation, we combine

Electronic System Every electronic device we use in our daily life is one type of system. The systems working depending up on electronic variables like