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9 Best Projector Ceiling Mount For Your Homes | Reviews

If you own a projector, you must know that using the projector on the floor or a desk is not the ideal way of using it as it distorts the projected footage and also delivers the wrong angle of projection. And most importantly, such installations are not safe for a projector. On the inside, the projector has a lot of intricate parts, such as the light source and lens, which can easily get damaged if the projector falls.

While it can permanently damage the projector, the projector can’t even be repaired in some cases. You should get a proper ceiling mount for your projector to avoid that. These are simple mounts designed to securely install a projector on the ceiling to offer a secure positioning. Here are some important qualities of a projector ceiling mount that you must know before you buy one.

  • Adjustment Options: The adjustment options are pretty much the selling point of projector mounts as they make the projector easier to use and allow you to use the same projector for different screens. There are many different adjustment options available on the projector ceiling mount such as tilt adjustment, roll adjustment, swivel adjustment, etc. However, you should also check the adjustment angle available in each case.
  •  Weight Capacity: The weight capacity of a projector ceiling mount is an indirect assurance of its build quality and reliability of design and construction. It tells you the maximum supported weight of the projector you can safely install on the mount. As you can imagine, any ceiling mount with a lesser weight capacity than the projector will not be a safe option for the unit. Therefore, you should always pick up an option that offers a 3 to 4 lbs higher weight capacity than the projector.
  •  Ease of Installation: While the projector ceiling mounts need to be tough, it also needs to be easy to install and use. Not only will that save a lot of time and effort at the time of initial installation, but it will also make it possible to change the position of the ceiling mount if needed. Therefore, we have specified the available installation method for each of our picks on this list so that you can choose the best option at your convenience.

 Today, we will offer you the best solutions present on the market for a projector ceiling mount. These are very sturdy and durable options that we have carefully handpicked from hundreds of options available. So, you should check out our picks if you wish to save time and avoid browsing through all other options. We will also talk more about these projector ceiling mounts in our “Buying Guide” for the best projector ceiling mount that will surely help you to pick up the best option, even if you are buying such an accessory for the first time.

Best Projector Ceiling Mount Tabulation

Best Projector Ceiling MountAdjustment OptionsWeight CapacityInstallation TypeBuy Now
Vivo Projector Ceiling Mount360°Up to 30 lbsQuick release hooksCheck On Amazon
Yiephiot Projector Ceiling Mount360°Up to 11 lbsScrews, accessories and 3 adaptersCheck On Amazon
Suptek Projector Ceiling Mount360°Up to 30 lbsHeavy duty Aluminum alloy baseCheck On Amazon
Amer Projector Ceiling Mount360°Up to 30 lbsAdjustable mounting armsCheck On Amazon
Wali Projector Ceiling Mount360°Up to 30 lbsCeiling mountCheck On Amazon
Videosecu Projector Ceiling MountUp to 44 lbsNo-slip adjustment systemCheck On Amazon
Henxlco Projector Ceiling Mount45°Up to 66 lbs3 hole / 4 hole patternCheck On Amazon
Dynavista Projector Ceiling Mount360°Up to 30 lbsPre-assembled ceiling mountCheck On Amazon
Yizerel Projector Ceiling Mount360°Up to 7.71 lbsMount with adjustable anglesCheck On Amazon

Best Projector Ceiling Mount Reviews

1. Vivo Projector Ceiling MountVIVO Projector Ceiling Mount

As you are going to trust the projector ceiling mount for your expensive projector, it is wise to choose a brand that has been offering such mounts for a long time. And for that, we are starting our list with this product from VIVO.

The VIVO Universal Adjustable Ceiling Projector Mount is the 1st, and one of the many fine choices for a projector ceiling mount from Vivo, apart from many other high-end desk and projector accessories. It is a very compact option compared to other choices on the market and offers compatibility with mini projectors as well. And for the weight capacity, this projector mount offers up to 30 lbs load support, including almost all standard projectors.

Coming to the build quality of the ceiling mount, it is completely made out of high-grade steel so you can trust the reliability and rigidity of the construction. Thus mount will let you adjust the projector in multiple directions with ease. Specifically, it allows you to adjust the projector within 15 degrees in tilt, 15 degrees in swivel, and up to 360 degrees in rotational movement.

 Best Features

  • Up to 360 degrees adjustment options are available
  • Up to 30 lbs weight capacity
  • It has quick release hooks for installation
  • Supports mini projectors


  • Most popular brand for projector and desk accessories
  • Weight capacity is pretty good
  • Very easy to install


  • Proper installation height may not be available for some applications

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Yiephiot Projector Ceiling Mount

YiePhiot Projector Ceiling MountYiePhiot is also bringing a very popular option for a projector ceiling mount, which also happens to be one of the highest selling options from our picks. Thousands of customers have responded positively to this mini ceiling projector mount.

In the 2nd position, we have the YiePhiot Mini Ceiling Wall Projector Mount Stand. Just like most other standard options, this mount is also compatible with majority of popular projector brands on the market, such as QKK, Dr.J, Anker, PVO, TMY, etc. Apart from standard models, it also supports mini-projectors, making it ideal for schools and offices. This is also a universal projector ceiling mount that only requires 3 crews for a secure projector mounting.

And with that, you also get a minimalistic setup for the projector with no restrictions on its ventilation system whatsoever. As there are almost no covers from the sides, you will be able to adjust the projector in multiple directions. You can tilt the projector 90 degrees or rotate it in 360 degrees. The ceiling mount offers up to 11 lbs weight capacity, which is more than enough for any mini projector model.

 Best Features

  • Up to 360 degrees adjustment options are available
  • Up to 11 lbs weight capacity
  • It is supported by screws and ships with 3 adapters
  • Simplistic and pretty design


  • Cheapest option for a projector ceiling mount
  • Very easy to install and use
  • Multiple adjustment options are provided


  • Not as reliable as other options for heavy projectors

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Suptek Projector Ceiling Mount

Suptek Projector Ceiling Mountsuptek also has an elegantly designed projector ceiling mount which is surely the perfect option for offices or other professional workplaces. Apart from that, suptek also designs many options for TV and monitor mounts.

In the 3rd position, we are keeping yet another popular option for a projector ceiling mount on this list. The suptek White Projector Ceiling Mount is still one of the budget choices on our picks and ensures compatibility with the majority of projector models with its heavy-duty Aluminum base. And because of that, it also offers up to 30 lbs weight capacity.

Unlike most other choices, this is a 3-in-1 option that can be used for ceiling, sloped ceiling, and direct wall installations. As for compatibility, if your projector has mounting holes under 11.41 inches, the ceiling mount can easily support its weight and size. The material used for the construction of the ceiling mount is cold-rolled steel, making it completely resistant to rust and corrosion.

 Best Features

  • Up to 360 degrees adjustment options are available
  • Up to 30 lbs weight capacity
  • Ships with a heavy duty Aluminum base
  • Highly resistant to rust


  • One of the most elegant designs for a ceiling mount
  • Height adjustment setting is available
  • Supports projectors having mounting holes under 11.41 inches


  • Installation is a bit complicated

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Amer Projector Ceiling Mount

AMER Projector Ceiling MountComing to the premium selection of ceiling projector mounts, we have a great option designed by AMER. This brand also delivers a variety of workstations, projectors, and wall-mounting accessories that are favored by thousands.

The AMER Projector Mount is yet another popular choice on our list of the best projector ceiling mounts that offer a rigid design and advanced adjustment settings. This projector mount can bear up to 30 lbs weight, supporting almost all projectors. And for adjustment, it has a highly articulated design that allows 360 degrees rotations along with 180 degrees tile and 180 degrees swiveling.

The projector ceiling mount is completely made out of cast Aluminum, which adds up the strength and reliability of the product. You will also find adjustable arms on the projector mount to make the installation even more flexible. Even with these features, the mount itself is very compact and measures only 7.5 x 4.5 x 9 inches in size, making it one of the most compact options to make it to our list today.

 Best Features

  • Up to 360 degrees adjustment options are available
  • Up to 30 lbs weight capacity
  • It has adjustable mounting arms
  • Measures only 7.5 x 4.5 x 9 inches


  • Universally compatible design
  • Adjustment options are very good
  • Very compact projector ceiling mount


  • Height adjustment settings are missing

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5. Wali Projector Ceiling Mount

WALI Projector Ceiling MountWALI is also a fairly popular brand choice for projector accessories alongside heavy duty rigid mounts designed for monitors, TVs, and even speakers. So, it would be better to trust this brand with your projector.

The WALI Projector Ceiling Mount is yet another low-profile projector available on our picks today that ensures the best safety for your projector along with retractable arms for better compatibility. With that, this projector ceiling mount can easily support any projector having mounting holes 2 inches to 12,5 inches apart. This is a very wide range that includes mini projectors as well as larger options.

Coming to the adjustment options, this projector ceiling mount is capable of 15 degrees tilt, 15 degrees swivel, and up to 360-degree angular adjustment for best results. This is also one of the compact choices on our picks, offering ease of installation for multiple applications, including compact office spaces and classrooms. The retractable arms of the ceiling mount is one of its best features since it allows compatibility with many different projector models.

 Best Features

  • Up to 360 degrees adjustment options are available
  • Up to 30 lbs weight capacity
  • It offers standard ceiling installation
  • Supports projectors having mounting holes 2 to 12.5 inches apart


  • Brand designs many mounting options
  • All important accessories are included
  • Appropriate weight capacity


  • Not as adjustable as few other choices

Buy Now From Amazon

6. Videosecu Projector Ceiling Mount

VideoSecu Projector Ceiling MountWe have a few more budget options to include on our picks today, one of which is coming from a brand called  VideoSecu. This brand also offers a variety of VESA-approved mounting options that can be used for projectors, TVs, and monitors.

The VideoSecu Flat Vaulted Ceiling Projector Mount is yet another budget option from our picks for the best projector ceiling mounts that you should look into if you want a compact yet durable option. Compared to other options, this projector ceiling mount has a much higher weight capacity of up to 44 lbs, which is quite difficult to get at this price point. And you also get a height adjustment option with this mount which makes it much easier to get the best output from your projector.

Apart from that, you also get an integrated cable management option on the mount itself so that your setup can appear more elegant and hassle-free to use. With that, you can use this mount for flat as well as vaulted ceiling installations. Even without the additional extension pole, you still get up to 5.9 inches in height on the ceiling mount, which covers almost all basic applications. And with the pole, you can adjust the height between 18.1 to 26.7 inches. A higher weight capacity is possible on this ceiling mount because of the steel construction and no-slip adjustment options.

 Best Features

  • Up to 5 degrees adjustment options are available
  • Up to 44 lbs weight capacity
  • It has a no-slip adjustment system
  • Up to 26.7 inches projector height can be maintained with the extension pole


  • Very safe and secure installation with no-slip adjustment settings
  • Can be used without the extension pole
  • Comparatively better weight adjustment


  • Standard hardware is required at the time of installation

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7. Henxlco Projector Ceiling Mount

Henxlco Projector Ceiling MountHenxlco is also bringing a cheaper alternative to our picks for the best projector ceiling mount today with its excellent offering. Just like many other brands on our list, Henxlco is also a very versatile brand that offers many essential accessories.

The Henxlco Universal Projector Mount Wall is yet another cheaper alternative to a projector ceiling mount which is definitely the right choice for many buyers. Despite the budget-friendly price range, it still offers many premium features, such as adjustable height, a wide compatibility range, and a built-in extension arm. But most importantly, it has a maximum weight capacity of up to 66 lbs, making it the most reliable option on this list.

With such a high weight capacity, this projector becomes the ideal choice for a lot of special-purpose projectors that are simply too heavy to be compatible with standard mounting choices. Coming to the adjustment options, you can use an extension arm to adjust the height of the projector up to 25.6 inches. And if you think the arm might be problematic for installation, you can simply remove it and still get 5 inches of height. You also get to adjust the orientation of the projector up to 45 degrees in different directions.

 Best Features

  • Up to 45 degrees adjustment options are available
  • Up to 66 lbs weight capacity
  • 3-hole and 4-hole installation method is supported
  • Removable extension arm for up to 25.6 inches height adjustment


  • Highly durable material with black coating finish
  • It has the highest weight carrying capacity
  • Compatible with both 3 holes and 4 holes projectors


  • It is not a compact projector ceiling mount

Buy Now From Amazon

8. Dynavista Projector Ceiling Mount

Dynavista Projector Ceiling MountAs we are discussing the best options to pair with a premium projector, you should check out the following option from DYNAVISTA. It is also a unique brand that offers many different options for a mount along with a wide range of smart products.

The DYNAVISTA Full Motion Universal Ceiling Projector, as the name suggests, it a highly adjustable projector ceiling mount with extension arms that ensures perfect compatibility with almost all projectors. It manages to support projectors having mounting holes up to 12.1 inches apart or lesser. And it goes easily on almost any flat ceiling.

Since this is a highly premium choice, it is crafted with heavy-duty steel which offers up to 30 lbs weight capacity. Coming to its main feature, this projector ceiling mount can be adjusted for 25 degrees vertically, 90 degrees horizontally, and 360 degrees in terms of rotation. Another great factor of this ceiling mount is its extension range, offering up to 43.6 inches of mounting adjustment with the extension arm.

 Best Features

  • Up to 360 degrees adjustment options are available
  • Up to 30 lbs weight capacity
  • Completely pre-assembled ceiling mount
  • Up to 43.6 inches mounting distance with the extension arm


  • Very easy to install since it is pre-assembled before shipping
  • Quick release hooks for faster installation
  • Supports many popular brand projectors like Sony, BenQ, Acer, Epson, etc


  • Very expensive choice compared to other projector ceiling mounts

Buy Now From Amazon

9. Yizerel Projector Ceiling Mount

Yizerel Projector Ceiling MountIn the end, we are bringing yet another budget option for the best projector ceiling mount. This is also a great choice considering Yizerel’s variety of product choices and popularity.

The last pick for our list of the best projector ceiling mount is the Yizerel 2 Pack Mini Ceiling Projector Mount Set. Unlike any other option that we have seen so far, this is a set of 2 projector mounts which makes it a perfect choice for offices or schools. And it also brings down the effective price of each option to make it highly affordable. Each of these projector ceiling mounts has adjustable height settings offering 6.88 inches to 9 inches height setting.

On the bottom, there is only a single screw holding the projector in its place. Even though it makes the setup much quicker, it reduces the weight capacity of the projector ceiling mount down to 7.71 lbs. So, it is only suitable for mini projectors. The material used for the construction of this projector ceiling mount is aluminum alloy, which offers the advantage of a corrosion-resistant as well as lightweight body.

 Best Features

  • Up to 360 degrees adjustment options are available
  • Up to 7.71 lbs weight capacity
  • Mount offers adjustable angles
  • Highly corrosion-resistant and lightweight body


  • Set of 2 projector ceiling mounts
  • Best and cheapest option for mini projectors
  • Height adjustment setting is available


  • Not an ideal choice for larger and heavier projector models

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best Projector Ceiling Mount

As you may already know, a digital projector is a very expensive and delicate accessory, and you should handle it with the utmost care, whether you are using one in your office or at your home. These projector mounts are very handy fixtures that you can install on your ceiling and secure your projector’s position. As it keeps the projector firmly secured in its place, you will surely get a much better performance and image quality while using these mounts.

And on top of that, you can also adjust the projector direction and angles as per your requirement, allowing you to use the projector for a versatile range of applications. But before you decide which projector ceiling mount is perfect for you, you should first check out our buying guide for the best projector ceiling mounts and consider the qualities mentioned here. These are the most important factors of projector ceiling mount that directly affect the installation as well as the performance of a mount.

1. Adjustment Options

The adjustment options on a projector ceiling mount are one of its most important factors as it allows you to use the projector at different angles and adjust the orientation of the output depending on your screen size and distance. With that, you get to use the projector with almost any type of screen, whether it is a whiteboard, white wall, or a flexible large white sheet. There are quite a few adjustment options available on the projector ceiling mounts such as tilt adjustments, roll adjustments, swivel adjustments, and distance adjustments.

The tilt adjustment lets you directly change the angle of the projector up or down whereas the roll adjustment lets you level the projector in either direction. The swivel settings are also important since it is basically the degree of rotation for your projector, allowing you to place the results in the perfect center.

2. Maximum Weight Capacity

If you wish to get an idea about the build quality, material quality, or construction quality of the projector ceiling mount, you simply need to check its weight capacity. Instead of checking all the factors in detail, the maximum weight capacity will directly tell you the maximum supported weight capacity of the unit, allowing you to get an idea about its reliability. The maximum weight capacity of a projector ceiling mount directly refers to the weight of the projector, letting you choose the right type of ceiling mount depending upon the make and manufacturer of your device.

As you may already know, projectors are quite heavy already, and premium options continue to get heavier, offering better results. If the ceiling mount does not offer enough weight capacity for your projector, it won’t be the right choice for your device as it can’t securely keep the projector in its place. On the other hand, if you choose a heavy-duty projector mount with a higher weight capacity, it will be an ideal choice for future projector upgrades.

3. Ease of Installation

There are many different factors that affect the overall installation method of the projector ceiling mount as well as its usage. To help you get a better idea, we have explained the required installation method with each of our picks for the best projector ceiling mount. With that, you can easily understand which of these options are easier to install and which options would require professional assistance.

Usually, basic types of projector ceiling mounts are quite easy to set up and offer a lot of time and cost savings during the initial installation. But, if you want a higher weight carrying capacity or adjustment options on the projector ceiling mounts, you will have to invest some more in a premium projector ceiling mount with a rather complicated installation method. With a secure installation method, even if it is a little difficult, you get a much lesser chance of errors which makes the overall setup a lot more secure. And not to forget, there is always the added advantage of flexibility and adjustment options which are simply good to have.

4. Compatibility

Last but not least, you need to check if you are buying a perfectly compatible projector ceiling mount for your projector or not. This is a very important property since it depends upon many other factors such as weight capacity, size, installation method, etc. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are checking the compatibility of a projector ceiling mount:

5. Size and Fit

The compatibility of a projector ceiling mount with your projector completely depends upon its size and overall form factor. Since all projector models are different in terms of size, projector ceiling mounts are also quite different compared to each other. So, it can get quite difficult to find the one that matches the exact dimensions of your projector. However, most of these options offer a range of supported devices and you just need to make sure that your device falls in the compatible list.

6. VESA Rating

VESA rating is something that you will find on almost all standard mounts and mounting arms, whether those are designed for a projector, TV, or monitor. Not only does it ensure the proper connectivity of the mount with your device, but also ensures a reliable grip on the product so that you can trust the mount completely.

7. Electrical Features

Some projector ceiling mounts also come with built-in adjustments for cable routing, which makes the installation much easier and safer. So if your projector model requires a lot of cables, it would be better to buy a projector mount that has a built-in cable management setting. 

Projector Ceiling Mount FAQs

1. Why did the projector have to be mounted to the ceiling?

Ans: There are many reasons behind mounting a projector on the ceiling instead of putting it on a desk or on a wall. First and foremost, it utilizes the empty space on your ceiling which couldn’t be used in other cases. And with a secured mount, it also reduces the risk of damage and manages to deliver a sharp and clear image quality from the projector. But more importantly, it allows more degrees of freedom to the projector, offering more adjustment settings.

2. What are the other devices that can be used instead of a Projector on a mount?

Ans: To put it simply, no. Projector ceiling mounts are specifically designed for projectors and the attachment options available on such ceiling mounts are only suitable for a projector. So, you probably won’t find any other device which is compatible directly with a projector ceiling mount. With that being said, you can find some adapters that you can attach to the ceiling mount and attach additional devices to the adapter such as document cameras or digital signage displays. But, it would be wise to not do it as it may exceed the weight capacity of the projector.

3. Does the Projector need ventilation?

Ans: Yes, projectors do need proper ventilation since they generate a lot of heat while they are functional. It is mainly caused by the strong light source which passes the footage onto the screen. But with proper ventilation, you won’t find the excess heat troubling at all. There are dedicated vents provided on the projector itself for proper heat dissipation. However, make sure that your projector ceiling mount is not covering up the vents to ensure proper ventilation.

4. What is the maximum height to place the Projector?

Ans: Again, it depends upon what type of projector you are using as well as the distance of the projector from your screen. To get the correct idea about the installation height for your projector, you need to check the throw ratio of your projector. It is basically the distance between the display and the projector by the edge-to-edge width of the footage. It will give you the correct idea about the installation height of your projector.


If you are using a projector on a regular basis, you need to get a projector ceiling mount right now. These are dedicated mounts designed to safely install a projector on your ceiling to offer a cleaner setup along with a proper footage output. As you may already know, it is very difficult to find a replacement for a projector, especially since they are very expensive units and you will have a hard time finding the one that suffices for your needs. So, it is mandatory to take proper care of your projector and secure it with the right projector ceiling mount. To help you with that, we are bringing the best projector ceiling mounts on the market on our picks today. You will also find a  helpful buying guide that will lead you toward the perfect option for your needs. Lastly, we will leave you with some of our top choices for the best projector ceiling mount.

  • There might be many if you are looking for a budget option for a projector ceiling mount to pair with a similar basic option projector model. If you are, you should take a look at the YiePhiot Projector Ceiling Mount. This is a pretty basic and affordable choice on our list today which is compatible with many popular projector models from brands like QKK, DR.J, DBPOWER, Anker, etc. This is a universal projector mount that offers 360 degrees of rotational adjustment and 90-degree tilt. It also makes the setup much cleaner as it only needs 3 screws for installation.
  • On the other hand, if you are going to use the ceiling mount for a heavy and expensive projector, it would be ideal if you go with the Dynavista Projector Ceiling Mount. This is one of the most reliable choices on our picks, offering a maximum weight capacity of up to 30 lbs, even with the minimalist design approach. It also manages to offer 25 degrees tilt, 45 degrees swivel, and 360 degrees rotational adjustment on the setup. But more importantly, the whole ceiling mount comes pre-assembled which makes your job much easier.
  • Lastly, we will suggest going with the VIVO Projector Ceiling Mount as thousands of other buyers also trust this brand with their projectors. This option from Vivo is compatible with QKK, Jinhoo, DBPOWER, Anker, TMY, and many other popular projector brands and models. And it also offers up to 30 lbs weight capacity, making it compatible with most projectors. It also brings additional adjustment options with 15 degrees of tilt, 15 degrees of swivel, and 360 degrees of rotation. On top of that, it can hold your projector up to 6 inches away from the ceiling for the correct height setting.

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