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3 Monitor Setup | Best Way To Enhance Your Productivity

You might be wondering why you need a triple monitor setup when you can get the job done with a single monitor. You must have come across many gamers and coders who prefer a triple monitor setup over a single monitor.

This is because one single monitor is not enough for a comfortable experience as well as for their required productivity. Besides, a triple monitor setup enhances the aesthetics and brings in a wider viewpoint. We will discuss everything you need to know about the 3-monitor setup.

Pros and Cons of the 3 Monitor Desk Setup –


  • Enhanced Productivity – People opt for a triple monitor setup to enhance their productivity. They can open multiple applications on different monitors and make a smooth transition among them. For example, data analysts open different applications to analyze the same data in different ways.
  • Multitasking – Along with increased productivity, you can do multitasking when you have multiple monitors. You can open multiple applications and work on them simultaneously as per your requirements. For example, coders use one monitor for coding, the other for debugging, and another for output.
  • Aesthetics – When you have a triple monitor setup, the aesthetic of your working desk enhances multiple times. It is essential for gamers to have a wider viewpoint for a better gaming experience. Similarly, watching videos and movies will be awesome on a 3-monitor setup.


  • Expensive – There is no doubt that a triple monitor setup is expensive with all the hardware requirements.
  • Space Required – Setting up three monitors needs enough space on your desk. In fact, it needs a very spacious desk so that there is enough space for keeping other items as well.
  • Time For Adjustment – For any user, it takes a certain time to get used to. It may seem great from the outside but adjusting your eyes to different dimensions of the monitors quickly takes some practice.

How to Set Up Triple Monitors?

Here is the complete guide containing all the steps to set up triple monitors.

Check if your Computer Supports Triple Monitors

It is important to note that not all computers support triple monitor setup. That is why you should first check if your existing computer supports a 3-monitor setup or not. If you have an old computer or laptop, it is very unlikely that it will support a triple monitor setup. Basically, your computer needs to have 3 video ports to support a triple monitor setup and your computer must allow using all of them simultaneously.

Using a desktop –

For desktop computers, check the backside of your cabinet to find out how many video ports are there. For a desktop, there could be an integrated graphics card as well as an additional graphics card and both of them have video ports. Check if they have three ports each because you need to either use your additional graphics card or an integrated graphics card on your motherboard to avoid lag issues. If there are three ports, check the manual to see if the graphics card allows using three ports simultaneously.

Using a laptop –

It is very likely that your laptop will have at most two video ports. Naturally, you cannot run a triple monitor setup with your laptop under normal circumstances. That is when you need to opt for extra hardware so that you can set up 3 monitors to work simultaneously.

1. Extra Hardware Needed When your Computer Does not Support Triple Monitor Setup

In the previous step, if you find out that your desktop or laptop does not support a triple monitor setup, there is nothing to be worried about. You need to purchase the following hardware items to set up three monitors to work simultaneously.

a. A Graphics Card

If you have a desktop computer, you need to buy a graphics card that supports a triple monitor setup. You have to also ensure that the graphics card is compatible with your existing motherboard. The compatibility depends on the PCI slot available, the size of the card, and the power requirement. Check your motherboard’s manual and when you buy a graphics card, make sure that the above parameters match perfectly.

b. An External Multi-Display Adapter

When your computer has only one video port, you can use an external multi-display adapter to extend one port into three ports. Therefore, you can make three monitors simultaneously and it is the best solution for a laptop. In fact, an external multi-display adapter is cheaper than a graphics card.

c. A USB to HDMI Adapter

An even cheaper solution is using a USB to HDMI adapter. In fact, for a triple monitor setup, you need to buy two such adapters as one monitor is already running on the existing video port. However, the video quality will not be as flawless and smooth as you will get on a graphics card or external multi-display adapter.

d. A Docking Station

A docking station is increasingly becoming popular for setting up triple monitors. A docking station contains different types of video ports such as DisplayPort and HDMI ports. However, a docking station tends to get heated up when used for a long time.

2. Ensure you Have the Required Cables

Depending on the type of video ports available for connecting three monitors, you need to have the required cables. For example, with two HDMI ports and one DisplayPort, you will need two HDMI cables and one DisplayPort cable for perfect setup. If there is any need, you can also opt for adapters such as VGA to HDMI or DisplayPort if your monitor is old.

3. Configure your Display Settings

Now that you are done with the hardware setup, you need to concentrate on the software setup. Here are the steps to set up triple monitors on Windows.

a. Configure Display Settings on Win 7 or 8

  • Right-click on the blank area on the desktop.
  • From the menu, click on Screen Resolution.
  • You will see three monitors and click on the Identify button.

If you are not seeing three monitors, make sure you have connected them perfectly. Otherwise, click on Detect button.

  • After clicking Identify button, you have to arrange the monitors in order as per your requirements. You have to drag and drop the monitors for rearrangement.
  • Thereafter, click on the drop-down menu for Multiple Displays.
  • Select Extend these displays option.
  • Finally, click on Apply button to save the changes.

b. Configure Display Settings on Win 10

  • Right-click on the blank area on the desktop.
  • From the menu, click on Display Settings.
  • You will see three monitors and click on Identify button.

If you are not seeing three monitors, make sure you have connected them perfectly. Otherwise, click on Detect button.

  • After clicking Identify button, you have to arrange the monitors in order as per your requirements. You have to drag and drop the monitors for rearrangement.

You can also customize the scale and layout if you want.

  • Go to Multiple Displays and from the drop-down list, select Extend these displays option.

4. Update the Drivers for Monitors

If the drivers of your monitors are not updated to their latest versions, there could be lag issues, black screens, and much more. Not just your monitors, you need to update your graphics card’s driver.

  • Option 1 – Download & install drivers manually

You can download the drivers for your monitors and graphics card from the manufacturer’s website. Make sure that the model number matches your hardware before downloading. Moreover, make sure the driver is compatible with your Windows OS version.

  • Option 2 – Automatically update your graphics drivers

You can use Driver Updater to update drivers of the required hardware items. We recommend download Driver Easy which can automatically search and install drivers for all the hardware items on your computer. You can update all available latest drivers as well as update only monitor and graphics card drivers selectively.

Conclusion – Is A 3 Monitor Setup Worth It?

Definitely, a triple monitor setup is worth it and that is why professionals invest their money in transforming their regular setup into a triple monitor setup. You will find a marked increase in productivity if you are a programmer, data analyst or gamer. You can do multitasking and improve the aesthetic of your working desk.

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