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9 Best Projector For PS5 Reviews in 2024

All professionals, as well as casual gamers, can agree on the fact that the bigger the screen, the better the gaming experience. It is especially true for couch gaming sessions with a console connected to a large TV. But, you will need a gaming console along with a similar TV in your living room to experience that.

And usually, large TVs with high resolutions come at a premium price point, sometimes even pricier than the console itself. But, what if there was an alternative to this problem? The answer to that question is a projector. Yes, a lot of gamers these days are switching to projectors for gaming with their high-end consoles like a PS5. Here’s what you need to know before you can buy a projector for your PS5 as well.

  • Brightness: Brightness is one of the key features of a projector as it determines the overall quality of the unit and its compatibility with your room. The brightness level that you need to prefer depends upon the natural light in your gaming room. If you are playing games in broad daylight in your living room, then you will need a very bright projector to properly see all the details of the game. On the other hand, a lower brightness option can perform pretty well in darker rooms.
  • 4K Support: The strongest selling point of PS5 is its capability of offering 60 FPS gameplay at 4K resolution. Thus, a lot of gamers have shifted to a PS5 to experience 4K60 gaming. But, it can only be experienced if the display device you are using offers 4K support. Similar to a TV, your projector should support 4K output so that you can enjoy your games at a high resolution. The same goes for the refresh rate at which the footage is projected by your projector, which should be 60 FPS, if not higher.
  • Display Size: One of the main reasons for buying a projector instead of a dedicated TV designed for console gaming is the display size. While a standard TV size is limited up to 60 inches, a projector can offer 300, 300, 400, and even 450 inches wide display output based on the option you are going with. As you can imagine, this is a strong advantage of having a projector paired with your PS5. So, you should carefully check the display size offered by the projector and make sure if it is the right option for your viewing distance.

Even though a lot of gamers are turning towards using a projector with their consoles, these units haven’t become mainstream in the market, nor are there any officially licensed options for console gaming. So, it might get a little confusing for a buyer to choose the right option for a projector for gaming. To make sure you don’t face this problem, we are bringing the best projectors for PS5 right here. These are the best options for gaming as you find a lot of attractive features on these projectors that are perfect for a PS5. We will talk more about these features in our Buying Guide for the best projector for PS5, so make sure you check that out.

Best Projector For PS5 2024

Best Projector For PS5Connectivity OptionsBrightness4K SupportBuy Now
JIFAR HD WiFi Bluetooth ProjectorVGA, USB, HDMI, Bluetooth 510000 lumensYesCheck On Amazon
Artlii Energon2 Bluetooth ProjectorVGA, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI340 lumensYesCheck On Amazon
BIGASUO Outdoor Movie ProjectorHDMI,USB,AV,TV8000 lumensNoCheck On Amazon
YABER V10 Bluetooth ProjectorVGA, USB, HDMI, Headphone, Bluetooth 5400 lumensYesCheck On Amazon
SMOENT Movie ProjectorVGA, USB, HDMI, 3.5mm Audio7500 lumensNoCheck On Amazon
GROVIEW Projector with WiFiBluetooth, AV Port, USB, HDMI, 3.5mm Audio9500 lumensYesCheck On Amazon
BenQ TK700STi 4K Gaming ProjectorUSB 2.0 Type A, HDMI3000 lumensYesCheck On Amazon
UVISION Native 1080P ProjectorAV Port, HDMI, USB 2.03600 lumensNoCheck On Amazon
DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi ProjectorVGA, USB Type-C, HDMI9500 lumensNoCheck On Amazon

Best Projector For PS5 Reviews

1. JIFAR HD WiFi Bluetooth Projector

JIFAR HD WiFi Bluetooth Projector

The main reason why people go for a projector is the availability of a large display size that is preferred by many. So, we are starting off our list with the projector from JIFAR that offers the best display size.

In the 1st place, we have a great option for a projector for PS5 from JIFAR. The JIFAR WiFi Bluetooth Projector is one of the affordable options on the market that features outstanding specifications. This projector is capable of offering 450 inches wide display output that you will definitely find pleasing while playing a game on your PS5. And even with such a large display size, the overall projection quality of the unit will not be affected as it supports 4K output.

The JIFAR WiFi Bluetooth Projector is offering 10000 lumens projection brightness so that you can clearly see the projected video, even in a bright room. And with a nearly 12000:1 contrast ratio, the details of the footage will be almost like an actual digital display. Even if you are putting the JIFAR WiFi Bluetooth Projector in a smaller room, you can adjust the display size between 60 to 450 inches to get the best results.

Best Features

  • Offers VGA, USB, HDMI, Bluetooth 5, WiFi connectivity options
  • Features 10000 lumens brightness capacity
  • 4K enabled projector
  • Supports up to 450 inches display size


  • Great specifications for the price
  • It is offering the best display size
  • Built-in 6 watts speakers


  • Some options are more affordable

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2. Artlii Energon2 Bluetooth Projector

Artlii Energon2 Bluetooth Projector

ARTlii is one more popular brand for projectors that has currently sold over 2000 projectors. This option is preferred by a versatile range of users like PS5 owners, smartphone users, and even as a movie projector.

The ARTlii Energon2 is our 2nd choice for this list of the best projector for PS5. This is also a high-end option as it supports 4K resolution output and offers a display size measuring up to 250 inches. The ARTlii Energon2 manages that with the help of 5 layers of highly reflective glass lenses. This projector works with 340 ANSI lumens brightness level and is capable of producing almost 17 million colors to ensure the perfect color accuracy while you are gaming.

Along with the 250 inches display size, you will also get the option to use the projector with 60 to 100% image zoom, offering even more adjustability with the projection. Therefore, the ARTlii Energon2 is a suitable option if the viewing distance in your room is between 5 to 27 feet. Apart from the wired connectivity options, the ARTlii Energon2 also offers multiple wireless connectivity options like 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi connectivity.

Best Features

  • Offers VGA, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI connectivity options
  • Features 340 lumens brightness capacity
  • 4K enabled projector
  • Produces nearly 17 million colors


  • Suitable for 5 to 27 feet viewing distance
  • Display size is adjustable between 44 to 250 inches
  • Reliable wireless connectivity


  • Brightness level is low

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3. BIGASUO Outdoor Movie Projector

BIGASUO Outdoor Movie Projector

Moving towards the budget range of projectors that can be used with a PS5, we have a great option coming from BIGASUO. It is a solid choice in an affordable price range that can be ideal for most setups.

The BIGASUO Outdoor Movie Projector is our 3rd pick for the best projector for PS5 that lets you enjoy your favorite games on a larger screen with minimal investment. The BIGASUO Outdoor Movie Projector supports 100 inches display size which is not bad considering it is still a lot bigger than a standard TV. and with the native 1080p output resolution, you can expect a sharp image quality at 100 inches wide projection from the BIGASUO Outdoor Movie Projector.

There are built-in dual 5 watts speakers present with the BIGASUO Outdoor Movie Projector that allows you to get a powerful sound output without needing any additional device. As for video adjustment, the BIGASUO Outdoor Movie Projector supports around 15 degrees keystone corrections and digital focus function to avoid blurry projection. You can also adjust the zoom level between 70 to 100% via the included remote for hands-free operation,

Best Features

  • Offers HDMI,USB,AV,TV connectivity options
  • Features 8000 lumens brightness capacity
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty
  • One of the budget options


  • Supports 70 to 100% zoom level
  • Great video adjustment options
  • Built-in dual 5 watts speakers


  • Display size could have been better

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4. YABER V10 Bluetooth Projector

YABER V10 Bluetooth Projector

YABER is also bringing a pretty decent option for a projector for PS5. This unit offers both wired as well as wireless connectivity options for a wide range of functionality.

This product is one of the latest offerings of a projector from YABER that can be an ideal choice for gaming with a PS5. This projector has FHD 1080p resolution support and reaches up to 350 inches projection size thanks to various projection modes and adjustability. Even though this is a 1080p resolution projector, the BASIC smart engine of the YABER minimizes the loss of light to ensure nearly 50% brighter projection quality compared to other standard options.

The BASIC smart engine of this projector also enables the projector to deliver high-quality video along with sound. This unit works with a full-color gamut coverage and enables stereo effects with the sound. As for the quality of the projection, the YABER  offers a 15000 lumens brightness level coupled with a crisp contrast ratio of 12000:1. So the image projected by the YABER actually looks realistic and does not mess up the dark parts.

Best Features

  • Offers VGA, USB, HDMI, Headphone, Bluetooth 5 connectivity options
  • Features 15000 lumens brightness capacity
  • 4K enabled projector
  • Ensured for about 100000 hours of lamp life


  • One of the most reliable options
  • Contrast ratio is very high


  • Offers only 4-point keystone correction

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5. SMOENT Movie Projector

SMOENT Movie Projector

SMONET is also bringing a great budget option for a projector for PS5. This option from SMONET is one of its wide range of products from various categories like smart home accessories, camera systems, projectors, and much more.

The SMONET Movie Projector is arguably the cheapest option we have for you today for a projector for PS5. This handy little projector lets you play your favorite games at FHD 1080p resolution, projected across a 200 inches wide screen. Even the contrast ratio of the SMONET Movie Projector is 3000:1, which is not too bad for a dark room installation. You can also adjust the display size between 30 to 200 inches based on the room size.

This projector offers about 7500 lumens brightness level, which is pretty good considering it is quite higher than other options within this price point. Since this is a mini projector, it is almost 80% brighter than similar options in this form factor. There is a built-in cooling system present inside the SMONET Movie Projector, ensuring nearly 55000 hours of lifespan. Still, the overall noise of the fan on the SMONET Movie Projector is reduced by up to 30% compared to standard projectors.

Best Features

  • Offers VGA, USB, HDMI, 3.5mm Audio connectivity options
  • Features 7500 lumens brightness capacity
  • Most affordable option for a projector
  • Nearly 80% brighter than standard mini projectors


  • Projection size can be adjusted between 30 to 200 inches
  • Ensured for nearly 55000 hours
  • Easy to control


  • Native projection resolution is 720p

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6. GROVIEW Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth

GROVIEW Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth

Much like our last pick, Groview is also a brand that focuses on a particular product to ensure the best quality and performance of the product. Groview projectors are quite famous on the market for their affordable price point and feature set.

The Groview Projector is yet another great pick on our list of the best projector for PS5 that will be a great choice for those who like to play games on a large screen. Just like a handful of premium projectors, the Groview Projector is capable of projecting the footage at nearly 300 inches wide screen. Therefore, you can get a true home-theater experience with the Groview Projector. You can also project the content directly via your smartphone to the projector via WiFi. and since it supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi bands, you will get a reliable connection.

Apart from the 9500 lumens brightness levels that enable you to use the projector in broad daylight, the Groview Projector also manages to improve the image quality tenfold with a 12000:1 contrast ratio. It also has dual 5 watts speakers to further increase its applicability. As for the display size, the Groview Projector offers 50 to 300 inches display size adjustment to ensure compatibility with every room of your house.

Best Features

  • Offers Bluetooth, AV Port, USB, HDMI, 3.5mm Audio connectivity options
  • Features 9500 lumens brightness capacity
  • 4K enabled projector
  • Features 50 to 300 inches variable display size


  • Comes with a 2 year warranty period
  • Very high contrast ratio and brightness level
  • Supports 4K resolution projection


  • Low power speakers

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7. BenQ TK700STi 4K Gaming Projector

BenQ TK700STi 4K Gaming Projector

If there is one projector present in the market that is best suited for gaming, it is the following option from BenQ. Even though this unit costs more than 3 new PS5s, it is more of a quality of life upgrade for all your entertainment needs.

The BenQ TK700STi is one of the finest projectors developed by BenQ, a renowned brand for monitors and display devices. Not only does the BenQ TK700STi support 4K resolution output, but also HDR output which is also one of the strong suits of a PS5. So, you can enjoy truly mesmerizing gameplay with 4K HDR output, available at 60 Hz. And since PS5 also supports higher refresh rate output at a lower resolution, the BenQ TK700STi offers up to 240 Hz output at 1080p resolution for extra gameplay options.

The BenQ TK700STi is also the best choice if you wish to play competitive games on your PS5. while you are using the projector at 4K resolution, it will display the footage at a response time of 16 ms. And if you lower the resolution to 1080p, the latency will be reduced by 4 times, offering a quick response time of 4.16 ms. This projector is rated for 3000 lumens brightness level and suitable for up to 6.5 feet viewing distance with 100 inches screen size.

Best Features

  • Offers USB, HDMI connectivity options
  • Features 3000 lumens brightness capacity
  • 4K enabled projector
  • Offers low latency output


  • Best option for gaming
  • Offers HDR support
  • Built-in Android TV for complete entertainment bundle


  • Very expensive option, even for a 4K projector

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8. UVISION Native 1080P Projector

Coming back to budget options, we have one more great option developed by Uvision. This is also a highly compact and portable option offering great specifications for its size.

The Uvision Projector is one of the advanced options we have for compact video projectors present in the market right now. This unit is about 30% smaller than standard projectors. But, it still offers native 1080p projection resolution, offering a sharp output quality. What’s better is that this projector is enclosed in a completely dust-proof casing, ensuring a longer lifespan. Along with the native FHD resolution, the Uvision Projector also has a 5000:1 contrast ratio for correct black levels.

Unlike most other options in the market, the Uvision Projector offers about 40 degrees of keystone correction so that you can adjust the output footage until the last pixel for ultimate perfection. You can also change the display size from 35 to 200 inches depending on the projection distance and installation location in your room. The Uvision Projector is also backed by a year of warranty.

Best Features

  • Offers AV Port, HDMI, USB connectivity options
  • Features 3600 lumens brightness capacity
  • Comes with a year of warranty
  • Adjustable display size from 35 to 200 inches


  • Offers 40 degrees keystone correction
  • Native 1080p resolution output
  • Nearly 30% smaller than other projectors


  • Does not support 4K output

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9. DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi Projector

DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi Projector

There are a lot of brands in the market that offer a 4K-enabled projector that can be a great choice for general applications. But, only a handful of picks like DBPower are more suited for gaming and other similar tasks.

The DBPower WiFi Projector is our last choice for this list of the best projector for PS5. This is more of an outdoor projector since it has a 9500 lumens brightness level coupled with a 300 inches display size. You will get a nearly 10000:1 contrast ratio with the DBPower WiFi Projector which is mostly available with a premium range of options. Therefore, the brightness and sharpness of the DBPower WiFi Projector are nearly 50% higher than other options in the same price range.

It also has native 1080p resolution and supports 4K resolution output for the best gaming visuals you can get from a PS5. The DBPower WiFi Projector also has a unique 4-point 4D keystone correction feature, allowing you to adjust each of the 4 corners of the projection separately to match the background screen perfectly. Even though this is a considerably cheaper option than a few other projectors in the market, you will still get a 3-year warranty period on the DBPower WiFi Projector.

Best Features

  • Offers VGA, USB Type-C, HDMI connectivity options
  • Features 9500 lumens brightness capacity
  • Comes with 3-year warranty
  • Ensured for 1000000 hours of lamp life


  • Offers 4D keystone correction
  • Display size is adjustable between 50 to 200 inches
  • Can be used with any background


  • Not the best option for competitive games

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Buying Guide For The Best Projector For PS5

Having a projector is always a great option, especially for entertainment purposes as you can get a theater-like experience right in your living room. With a decent projector, you will be able to watch your favorite movies, TV shows, plays, etc. right on your living room wall. And with exceptionally wide display size, a projector is definitely an entertainment unit for the whole family. Nowadays, there have been a lot of improvements in projector technology, making them a preferable option for gaming as well.

With increased resolution output, faster refresh rate, and reduced projection latency, one can most certainly enjoy a casual game on a premium console like a PS5 with a projector. If you also wish to do the same, make sure you go through our list of the best projector for PS5 mentioned on this page. If you are finding it difficult to choose an option from our list, worry not. We are presenting this special buying guide for the best projector for PS5 to make the decision easier for you. So before you make a choice, take a look at these factors that will certainly improve your selection.

1. Display Size

There are a lot of buyers out there who might’ve decided to go with a projector instead of a licensed smart TV for a console for only one reason – the display size. Usually, even the most premium option for a smart TV would be around 70, 80, or 100 inches max. On the other hand, even the most projector for a PS5 would offer you up to 200 inches display size, making it twice as large compared to a TV. and if you are planning to go with a premium projector, then you can get a truly mesmerizing gaming experience with up to 450 inches display size, making you feel like you are playing your favorite game in a theater.

So, it is very important to check the available display size of the projector before you make your choice. Also, the display size affects the output quality of the projector based on its resolution. If the display size is too large for the resolution, the output will cover the said display size, but it will be a bit blurry and will leave out details while projecting the footage. So make sure that you are going with a high-resolution projector if you are preferring a larger display size.

2. Brightness

The most crucial feature of a gaming projector, or any digital projector for that matter, is its brightness. Unlike digital displays where the brightness of the panel refers to the amount of light being displayed on the screen, the brightness of a projector actually means the intensity or illumination level of the footage which is projected on a wall or a blank screen. So, just like a typical lightbulb or LED light, the brightness level of a projector is represented in the ‘lumens’ unit, unlike digital displays where the brightness is checked in the ‘nits’ unit.

Apart from these features, the effect of the brightness factor is more or less the same for a projector as it is for a TV or a desktop monitor. If there is a lot of natural light in the room, then the image being projected by the projector will be difficult to comprehend. The effect is even worse in projectors than in a TV because there is no backlight to compensate for the natural light in the room. Therefore, you should carefully select a projector that offers sufficient brightness levels according to your room. Usually, it is better to go with a high brightness option in any case as you can adjust the brightness to a lower level if you are putting the projector in a darker room.

3. Resolution & Refresh Rate

The most recent addition to the console family from Sony is the PlayStation 5 or PS5. When the PS5 was released, Sony promised to deliver 4K resolution gaming with this console at a smoother and enjoyable 60 FPS. And not only did Sony deliver on its promise, but also improved the FPS of lower resolution games on PS5 up to 120 Hz. Therefore, officially licensed smart TVs designed for gaming offer 4K 60 Hz and 1080p 120 Hz display options.

If you want to get the same experience with your projector, you should make sure that it is capable of offering the same. Usually, the resolution and refresh rate of a projector is mentioned alongside the unit, allowing you to shortlist the best options for you with ease. If you want to use your PS5 up to its full potential, then you need to make sure that you are getting a 4K enabled projector with at least 60 Hz refresh rate output. But if you are in the market for a budget option, then even a 1440p or 1080p resolution projector can be a good choice, considering you would choose one with a comparatively smaller display size to maintain the image sharpness.

4. Latency

If you are a gamer, you are probably familiar with the term ‘latency’, or as it is more commonly known in the competitive gaming scene, ‘ping’. This latency or ping is nothing but the delay between the input being registered by your system, to the output you see on your display, or in the game. Since this delay is quite small, it is measured in milliseconds. But if you ask a professional Apex or R6S player about the importance of low latency, you will get the same answer every time.

The difference of 50 ms latency can be brutal for competitive games like R6S, Apex, Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc. And if you are planning to play these games on a projector, you should be aware of the latency of the unit as you might not be able to utilize your skills completely with delayed output. On the other hand, the latency is not that big of an issue for casual games that you would enjoy in a relaxing position on your couch. Even if you are playing such a game with 150+ ms latency, you will get used to it in a small span of time and forget it even exists once you get immersed in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need wireless connectivity options with my projector?

The wireless connectivity option on a projector, powered by WiFi or Bluetooth, is usually introduced to allow remote access and data transfer to the projector. These options are ideal for those who want to use the projector with their smartphone or laptop. But if you are going to use the projector only with your PS5, then you probably don’t need wireless connectivity options. While it is still beneficial for additional entertainment, it is not crucial for gaming.,

Q. How to mount a projector?

Projectors that are designed for gaming are usually quite premium and offer a great set of specifications. And along with that, manufacturers of these projectors also ship these units with all necessary mounting accessories in the package. So, you will most likely find detailed instructions along with tools and accessories in the package to mount your projector. Generally, projectors offer multiple mounting options like tripod mounting, wall mounting, ceiling mounting, etc.

Q. Do I need a white screen with my projector?

A white background or screen is considered to be the best background to use a projector as it does not overlap with the colors or details of the footage, letting you see the imagery with utmost clarity. But, it is not important to use a dedicated white screen with a projector as you can also project the footage on a clean white wall or any bright-colored wall. However, a lot of projectors come with a dedicated white screen of appropriate size, preventing any additional expenses after buying the projector.


Before, projectors were only suitable for learning and professional places where a certain set of videos or imagery would be projected on a screen in a loop. But, all of that has changed with the new generation of projectors that offer a wide range of attractive features and offer a wide range of applications with these new features. Right now, projectors can even replace a TV for entertainment, and intense applications like gaming. Today, we featured the best options available in the market for a projector designed to be paired with a PS5. If you want to know more about how we selected these specific options for our list, take a look at our buying guide for the best projector for PS5 present above. We will also offer some of our favorite picks from this list that can be the suitable choice for many readers.

Buying a projector for gaming does not necessarily mean that you need to invest a fortune in your setup. There are a lot of options like the GXX G3 that can be a great choice for a budget-gaming setup. Despite being the cheapest option for a gaming projector, it still supports 4K resolution output and offers a display size of 220 inches. It is also a pretty bright option compared to other picks since it has the highest brightness level reaching up to 9600 lumens.

On the other hand, if you want an unparalleled gaming experience with your projector, then the BenQ TK700STi is the best choice for you. Not only does this projector support 4K resolution, but also HDR image projection for more lively and accurate color production. Plus, BenQ is promising 60 Hz output at 4K resolution so that you can get full advantage of your PS5 with this projector. You can also reduce the resolution to 1080p to get up to 240 Hz refresh rate projection.

Lastly, we will suggest the JIFAR Projector as this is the perfect option for large rooms. This is the only projector on our list that is offering a 450 inches wide display size, almost double of what you will get with many premium options. And, it projects footage at 4K resolution, making sure that the image quality is untainted even at such a large display size. And to compensate for such a large coverage area, the maximum brightness level available with the JIFAR Projector goes as high as 10000 lumens.

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