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What Is An Aspect Ratio? As the name suggests, the aspect ratio is the ratio of the screen’s dimensions; this ratio depends on your device

When you are thinking about purchasing a monitor or TV and start checking out the products available, you will find that they have different resolutions.

What is the Definition of Cable? Cables are quite a common sight in the modern world. You use it to recharge your Smartphone or tablet,

DVI and HDMI are two cables that are used to connect your pc to a monitor or a TV. DVI is slightly old technology and

When you want to purchase a monitor for your computer, you will be overwhelmed with the different types of monitors available in the market. Broadly,

A lot of times, you would notice unpredictable behaviour from your monitor. An image or a certain frame would appear distorted. The root cause behind

You might be wondering why you need a triple monitor setup when you can get the job done with a single monitor. You must have

Overclocking is a common term among avid gamers. Overclocking refers to the process of tweaking settings to make an electronic device work faster and more

If you are planning to buy a new monitor or upgrade your old monitor, then one of the important specifications that you have to look

Now-a-days, 4K resolution has become very common in the latest TVs. This trend of 4K resolution is slowly catching up to computer monitors as well.