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A simple project on Obstacle Avoiding Robot is designed here Robotics is an interesting and fast growing field Being a branch of engineering the applications

In this project we will learn about HC 05 Bluetooth Module how to interface this Bluetooth Module with Arduino and how the HC 05 Bluetooth

In modern solar tracking systems the solar panels are fixed on a structure that moves according to the position of the sun Let us design

Microcontrollers are the heart of embedded systems There are various types of embedded systems for different applications The applications of embedded systems range from controlling

The concept of prototyping in electronics was limited to research centers and laboratories with complex equipment big budgets and technical expertise But this has changed

A Tilt Sensor or a Tilt Switch is a component that detects orientation of an object One of the best example for the application of

In this project I ll show you how the MPU6050 Sensor works and also how to interface Arduino with MPU6050 We will be interfacing an

A DC Motor is a type of electric motor that converts DC electrical power to mechanical power i e a DC supply is converted to

In the previous tutorial we have seen how to write our own sketch for a circuit of our own We have also seen some new

1 Lithium Ion Batteries Lithium Ion is a type of battery in which the cathode negative electrode is made of a Lithium based compound During