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TorGuard VPN Review

“A solid choice for users seeking internet privacy and security. With a massive network of 3000+ servers spread over 50+ countries, it offers global accessibility, unlimited speeds, and a strict no-log policy. It’s extensive features, like as AES-256 encryption and dedicated IP options, make it a versatile and dependable solution for people who value both performance and privacy.”

It is more important than ever to protect online privacy and security in an era of digital innovation and connectivity. Now enter Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), an advanced technology created to provide an encrypted, safe tunnel over open networks, protecting users’ online activity from prying eyes and any dangers. By establishing a private network on top of a public one, a virtual private network (VPN) protects users’ online activities from prying eyes and enables data transmission and reception as though the devices were physically linked to a private network. Of all the VPN service providers, TorGuard stands out as one of the best, providing a full range of services for users who want security and anonymity while accessing the internet.

An important part of TorGuard’s services is TorGuard VPN, a feature-rich and extremely safe virtual private network service. TorGuard VPN shields user data from being intercepted or tracked, including by Internet service providers (ISPs), by creating a secure, encrypted tunnel for internet traffic.  TorGuard was founded with the goal of giving users strong solutions in the face of expanding online threats, and it has established a solid reputation as a dependable VPN service provider.

TorGuard VPN sets itself apart with an extensive array of security measures, highlighted by the industry-leading AES-256 encryption. With support for several VPN protocols, such as OpenVPN, WireGuard, and OpenConnect, as well as special secure protocols like IKEv2 and Tunnelling, the service guarantees user data protection and secrecy from potential online dangers. With a focus on privacy, TorGuard gives customers access to an Anonymous VPN IP, hiding their true IP addresses from websites, online businesses, and adverts. This dedication includes a stringent no-log policy that ensures user activity stays private.

TorGuard cleverly tackles issues like stringent firewalls and deep packet inspection by incorporating Stealth VPN technology, which makes VPN traffic blend in with regular online traffic. This invisibility comes in quite handy in areas where using a VPN is prohibited. With more than 3000 servers spread over more than 50 countries, TorGuard’s global network enables users to connect virtually from any location and unblocks websites, applications, and games while guaranteeing dependable and quick connections.

Users have a wide range of device options thanks to the VPN’s flexible compatibility with popular operating systems and VPN routers including DDWRT, Tomato, and pfsense firewalls. TorGuard’s three customizable pricing plans—Standard, Pro, and Premium—each catered to distinct needs and price ranges, further demonstrating its dedication to diversity in user base. With its exceptional download and upload speeds and round-the-clock customer service, TorGuard VPN is a complete and user-friendly virtual private network solution.

What We Like

  • Advanced Security Features including AES-256 encryption

  • Multiple VPN Protocols supported (OpenVPN, WireGuard, OpenConnect)

  • Unique Secure Protocols (Stunnel, IKEv2)

  • Anonymous VPN IP for enhanced privacy

  • Strict No-Log Policy

  • Stealth VPN Technology for bypassing deep packet inspection

  • Extensive Global Server Network (3000+ servers in 50+ countries)

  • Versatile Device Compatibility (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, VPN routers)

  • Flexible Pricing Plans (Standard, Pro, Premium)

  • 24/7 Customer Support

What We Don’t Like

  • Noticeable Increase in Latency during performance testing

  • Potentially overwhelming interface for beginners

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Bottom Line
TorGuard VPN stands out as a reliable choice for users prioritizing download and upload speeds. Its extensive server network and advanced security features contribute to a robust offering. However, the noticeable increase in latency may be a concern for users with specific latency-sensitive requirements.


Initial Setup

TorGuard VPN’s setup procedure is designed to be as simple as possible, making it suitable for users of varying degrees of technical proficiency. Now let’s explore the detailed procedures for the first setup:

To begin the installation process, users need to go to the TorGuard website and download the application that corresponds to their operating system. The website makes it easier by directing users to the version that is compatible with their devices. The subsequent installation follows conventions and guides users through a sequence of steps to install the software on their computers or other devices.

After a successful installation, users are asked to create an account with TorGuard if they don’t already have one. This means providing necessary information, including an email address, and setting a strong password. The program asks users who already have accounts to sign in with their pre-existing credentials.

After registering or logging in, customers are granted access to the TorGuard VPN dashboard, which functions as the primary control center for monitoring the VPN connection and adjusting different settings. Users can choose a server from a classified list thanks to TorGuard’s vast global server network, which gives them the freedom to customize connections to meet their unique requirements.

Preferences are another area where TorGuard VPN can be customized. Users may choose between VPN protocols (such OpenVPN and WireGuard) and change things like auto-start preferences and kill switch capabilities. Expert users can adjust parameters even further to meet particular needs.

A safe and encrypted connection is established between the user’s device and the selected server when initiating the VPN connection, which entails choosing a server and setting preferences. TorGuard VPN regularly checks to make sure the connection was established successfully and that the encryption techniques and assigned IP addresses are operational.

Safety and Privacy

TorGuard VPN stands out with a comprehensive set of security and privacy capabilities, forming a solid barrier for customers navigating the complexities of online privacy. TorGuard uses the renowned AES-256 encryption to ensure that user data reaches the pinnacle of security, making it practically impenetrable to unauthorized access or interception. TorGuard’s adaptability is reflected in its support for multiple VPN protocols, including OpenVPN, WireGuard, and OpenConnect, allowing users to personalize their VPN experience to their tastes and security requirements.

TorGuard goes beyond traditional protocols by incorporating innovative secure mechanisms such as Stunnel and IKEv2. Stunnel provides an additional layer of encryption, while IKEv2 provides robust key exchange procedures, reinforcing the VPN against potential threats. TorGuard prioritizes user privacy by offering an Anonymous VPN IP, effectively masking users’ real IP addresses from internet entities, ads, and websites. This layer of anonymity enhances user security by prohibiting external entities from tracing online actions based on IP addresses.

The company’s commitment to user privacy extends to a stringent no-log policy, which ensures that no user activity is recorded or retained. TorGuard’s revolutionary Stealth VPN technology overcomes the obstacles faced by deep packet inspection and stringent firewalls, leaving VPN traffic indistinguishable from regular web traffic and VPN usage completely invisible, particularly in restricted countries. TorGuard’s global network of 3000+ servers in 50+ countries allow users to evade geo-restrictions and provides fast, dependable connections, improving the entire user experience.

TorGuard VPN is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including major operating systems and VPN routers such as DDWRT, Tomato, and pfsense firewalls. This adaptability enables customers to select their preferred gadgets with ease. Users can further customize their VPN experience by selecting specific protocols, establishing auto-start preferences, and enabling kill switch capabilities. Advanced users can modify more variables to match their individual needs.

TorGuard prioritizes user security with automatic software upgrades, recognizing the ever-evolving nature of cybersecurity. This ensures that customers receive the most recent security features, bug fixes, and upgrades, ensuring a strong defense against developing cyber threats. To summarize, TorGuard VPN’s security and privacy features form a comprehensive shield, encompassing cutting-edge encryption, diverse protocols, anonymous IP protection, a strict no-log policy, and innovative technologies, ensuring users’ data remains confidential and secure in the ever-changing landscape of online privacy threats.

VPN Protocols

TorGuard VPN provides a wide range of VPN protocols to users, giving them flexibility, compatibility, and varied levels of protection. Here’s a detailed look at the VPN protocols that TorGuard supports.

OpenVPN is one of the most widely used and adaptable VPN protocols. OpenVPN, known for its rigorous security and open-source nature, offers a safe and dependable connection. TorGuard makes use of OpenVPN, allowing users to take advantage of its encryption standards and portability across many devices and operating systems.

WireGuard has gained popularity as a modern and lightweight protocol due to its efficiency and speed. TorGuard embraces WireGuard to provide consumers with a VPN protocol known for its ease of use, performance, and robust security features. The simplified design of WireGuard leads to speedier connection times and more efficient data transfer.

TorGuard has OpenConnect integration, which is an open-source VPN client designed to provide safe communication with VPN servers. This protocol is famous for its ability to handle a broad variety of devices and operating systems, giving consumers more alternatives for secure connections.

In addition to standard protocols, TorGuard introduces Stunnel as a secure protocol. Stunnel works by providing an extra layer of encryption to the communication path, hence increasing overall security. This protocol is very useful when users need an extra degree of encryption for increased security.

TorGuard uses IKEv2 as a VPN protocol with strong key exchange methods. IKEv2 is well-known for its speed in re-establishing connections after interruptions, resulting in a seamless and secure experience. This protocol is very useful for consumers who want reliable and fast VPN connections.

Dedicated IP

TorGuard VPN stands out by providing a Dedicated IP function, which provides customers with a personalized and exclusive IP address for their online activity. Dedicated IP addresses, as opposed to shared IP addresses, ensure that a given user is assigned a unique, static IP address. This function is especially useful for users who need constant and secure access to specific web services or resources.

Users can benefit from increased stability and reliability in their internet connections when they use a Dedicated IP. Certain applications or services may demand a stable IP address for seamless access, and TorGuard’s Dedicated IP functionality meets this need. It is especially useful for distant workers, gamers, and others doing activities that require a static IP address.

Users’ privacy needs are also met by the Dedicated IP option. While popular VPN services frequently employ shared IPs to anonymize users within a pool of addresses, a Dedicated IP connection is more individualized and identifiable. This can be useful for users who value maintaining a consistent online identity while yet benefiting from a VPN’s encryption and security capabilities.

Furthermore, the TorGuard VPN Dedicated IP feature offers port forwarding, giving customers full control over their online experience. Port forwarding allows users to route specific types of internet traffic through their dedicated IP address, increasing the efficiency of online applications or services that require specific ports to work properly.

Servers and Speed

TorGuard VPN has a large and geographically diversified network of servers that are purposefully placed to give customers with the best speed and accessibility. The combination of a large server architecture and innovative technology helps to the VPN service’s overall speed and dependability.

TorGuard maintains a powerful network of over 3000 servers spread over more than 50 countries. This global presence enables users to select from a diverse range of server locations, allowing them to circumvent geo-restrictions and ensure fast, dependable connections from nearly anywhere on the planet.

Users can connect to TorGuard VPN servers in countries such as Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, the United States, and many more. This varied choice of server locations increases users’ freedom in choosing a server based on their individual requirements, such as accessing region-restricted material or optimizing for speed.

TorGuard VPN has performed admirably in independent performance tests. The service performed admirably in upload and download speed tests. While download speeds were reduced by about 21%, this is considered very decent, demonstrating that TorGuard has little effect on customers’ download capacity. Upload speed testing revealed a 42% decrease, which is still within an acceptable range for this category.

However, in latency tests, TorGuard VPN performed poorly, with a nearly 60% increase after connecting to the VPN. While the increase is significant, consumers may still find the overall delay acceptable based on their unique requirements.


  • Speed and Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Speeds
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Server Network
    • 3000+ Servers in 50+ Countries
  • Connection Capabilities
    • Up to 12 Simultaneous Connections (Even 30 with Premium Plan)
  • Security Features
    • Shadowsocks Built-In
    • Internal Encrypted DNS
    • Port Forwarding
    • Dedicated IP’s
    • Double Protection
  • Accessibility
    • Access Anywhere
    • Fast 24/7/365 Support
  • Privacy Assurance
    • No Log-No Leaks-100% Private
  • Compatibility
    • Supports All OS and Devices
  • VPN Protocols
    • SSL VPN via OpenVPN
    • SSL VPN via WireGuard
    • SSL VPN via OpenConnect
    • SSL Proxy via Browser Extensions
  • Firewall Bypass and Security
    • Break Through Firewalls
    • OpenVPN Obfuscation
  • Online Protection
    • Advertisement Blocking
    • Malware Blocking
  • Application Support
    • Excellent Mobile Apps
    • Security Focused Desktop Apps


TorGuard VPN offers a flexible and tiered pricing system, with a variety of options to meet a variety of demands. The pricing levels are meant to meet a wide range of preferences and needs, with users able to choose between monthly and yearly memberships. Here is a full examination of TorGuard VPN’s price options.

Standard Plan

  • Monthly: The Standard Plan, which costs $9.99, provides users with the fundamental functions of TorGuard VPN. This includes the ability to encrypt up to eight devices at the same time, a static IP pool, port forwarding, ad and tracker blocking, maximum security features, and excellent connection speed.
  • Yearly: For consumers looking for a lengthier commitment, the Standard Plan is offered for $29.99 each year. This yearlong subscription delivers the same features as the monthly plan but at a lower rate for individuals who prefer a longer commitment.

Pro Plan

  • Monthly: The Pro Plan, which costs $12.99, expands on the features of the Standard Plan. Users can secure up to 12 devices at the same time, get a dedicated IP address, port forwarding, ad and tracker blocking, maximum security features, and best connection speed.
  • Yearly: The Pro Plan’s annual subscription is $59.50 and includes the same advanced capabilities as the monthly plan with the added benefit of cost savings for those who commit for a year.

Premium Plan

  • Monthly: The $14.99 Premium Plan is intended for users with more extensive demands. This subscription allows customers to secure up to 30 devices at the same time, includes a dedicated IP address, port forwarding, ad and tracker blocking, maximum security features, and best connection speed.
  • Yearly: The annual subscription for the Premium Plan is $64.99, giving users a longer commitment option and financial savings over the monthly pricing. Additionally, the Premium Plan offers a free router for customers who subscribe on a yearly basis.

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Payment Options

TorGuard VPN stresses user convenience by providing many payment alternatives. Users can choose between standard payment methods such as credit cards (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover) and alternative payment methods such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via CoinPayments. TorGuard accepts BTC and LTC payments via their BTCPay Node. Users can add more flexibility by using PayPal through Paddle, as well as gift cards and other payment alternatives through PaymentWall and PayGarden.

Final Verdict

TorGuard VPN appears as a strong and versatile solution for consumers looking for a combination of privacy, security, and high-performance features. TorGuard offers global accessibility with a network of 3000+ servers spread across 50+ countries, allowing users to traverse the internet with ease while circumventing geo-restrictions. The service’s commitment to unlimited speeds and bandwidth leads to a smooth online experience, balancing security and performance.

TorGuard’s commitment to privacy is clear in its no-log policy, which ensures that users’ internet actions stay private. The inclusion of strong security measures, such as AES-256 encryption and compatibility for several VPN protocols, demonstrates the service’s dedication to protecting customer data from potential cyber threats. TorGuard’s adaptability is further enhanced by the addition of dedicated IP possibilities, a Shadowsocks capability, and the ability to bypass firewalls.

While the service excels in many areas, its latency testing performance may be a factor for consumers engaged in real-time activity, especially gaming. However, the general majority favors TorGuard VPN as a dependable and safe option. TorGuard VPN stands out as a comprehensive solution, with multiple price plans adapting to diverse user needs, offering users with the means to navigate the digital space with confidence and anonymity.

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