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Sequential Logic Circuits


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In this tutorial, we will learn about another important flip-flop known as the T Flip-Flop. We will learn its design, working and also couple of

In this tutorial, we will discuss about one of the basic circuits in Digital Electronics knows as the SR Flip Flop. We will see the

In this tutorial, we will learn about Sequential Circuits, what is sequential logic, how are sequential circuits different from combinational circuits, different types of sequential

Introduction Flip flops can store a single bit of binary data i.e. 1 or 0. But if we need to store multiple bits of data,

Applications of Flip Flops Flip flops will find their use in many of the fields in digital electronics. Flip flops are the main components of

Introduction JK flip – flop is named after Jack Kilby, the electrical engineer who invented IC. A JK flip – flop is called a Universal

Introduction A Flip – flop is an electronic device which is having two stable states and a feedback path which is used to store 1

Introduction D flip – flops are also called as “Delay flip – flop” or “Data flip – flop”. They are used to store 1 –

Flip Flops Do you  know!! computers and calculators use  Flip-flop for their memory. A combination of number of flip flops will produce  some amount of

Definition: Latch is an electronic logic circuit with two stable states i.e. it is a bistable multivibrator. Latch has a feedback path to retain the