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Privado VPN Review

“A powerful VPN service, combining robust security features, a vast server network, and impressive speed performance. With a focus on privacy, it stands out with a strict no-log policy and Switzerland-based operations. The user-friendly interface and flexible pricing plans make it a compelling choice for various online activities.”

It is critical to preserve your online privacy and security in the modern digital age. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, can assist you in accomplishing this. It establishes a secure and encrypted connection between your device and the internet. This tunnel prevents anyone, including your internet provider, from viewing your data. VPNs utilize encryption to scramble your data, making it unreadable to anyone who intercepts it. They also employ tunneling to route your data through a secure server rather than your internet service provider’s servers. VPNs are an excellent tool to safeguard your online privacy and security. They can protect you from hackers and help you avoid being monitored by ads.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) offer several additional features that go beyond the fundamental processes of encryption and tunneling. For starters, VPNs protect users’ privacy by hiding their IP addresses, making it difficult for websites to monitor their physical locations. This anonymity protects users from unwanted advertising and spying. VPNs enable users to circumvent geo-restrictions, providing access to content that would otherwise be geographically restricted. This is accomplished by connecting to servers in many countries and presenting users as if they were surfing from those areas. Users can utilize this feature to gain access to streaming services, news websites, and other online content that may be banned in their region.

VPNs also provide a safe method for connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, shielding users from potential vulnerabilities in these less secure locations. Finally, VPNs enable anonymous browsing by masking users’ IP addresses, making it impossible for websites to link online actions to specific individuals.

PrivadoVPN, based in Switzerland, is a dependable VPN service provider that prioritizes user privacy, security, and anonymity. Its strict adherence to a no-log policy prevents it from retaining user data, instilling trust in its users. The emphasis on sophisticated security and encryption, namely the WireGuard protocol, improves data transfer security. PrivadoVPN offers secure and numerous connection options thanks to its huge global server network spread across 48 countries and 65 cities. Its accessibility is aided by user-friendly programs for many platforms, as well as a SOCKS5 proxy for increased secrecy during file transfers. The service has a variety of price options, including a tempting free version as well as premium plans with unlimited data, devices, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. PrivadoVPN’s fast speeds, especially with WireGuard, distinguish it as a versatile option.

What We Like

  • Strong Emphasis on Privacy and Security

  • Headquarters in Switzerland, Known for Strict Privacy Laws

  • Advanced Security and Encryption Protocols

  • Strict No-Log Policy for Enhanced Privacy

  • Decent Global Server Network (48 Countries, 65 Cities)

  • User-Friendly Applications for Various Platforms

  • Inclusion of SOCKS5 Proxy for Added Anonymity

  • Flexible Pricing Plans

  • Very Good Free Version

  • Fast and Consistent Speeds, Especially with WireGuard

  • Multiple Simultaneous Connections (Up To 10 Devices)

  • Kill Switch, Auto Connect, and Recommended Server Features

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

What We Don’t Like

  • Not Great Speeds When Using OpenVPN

  • Couldn’t Unblock Some Streaming Sites

  • No Public Audit or Transparency Reports Available

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Bottom Line
PrivadoVPN, headquartered in Switzerland, is a formidable VPN service provider placing a paramount focus on safeguarding user privacy, security, and anonymity. PrivadoVPN uses advanced encryption technologies, VPN protocols, including the robust WireGuard, for maximum protection. A commitment to a strict no-log policy instills confidence in users, guaranteeing that no personal data is stored. With an expansive global server network spanning 48 countries, user-friendly applications for various platforms, and the inclusion of a SOCKS5 proxy, PrivadoVPN offers a comprehensive and versatile solution. Despite some limitations, such as below-par speeds in OpenVPN, limited-support in terms of streaming, the service's robust features, fast speeds in WireGuard, and flexible pricing plans make it a compelling choice for those prioritizing online privacy and security.

Initial Setup

PrivadoVPN’s initial setup procedure is simple and user-friendly. Even those unfamiliar with VPNs can effortlessly go through the installation. You have to begin by visiting the official website or downloading the application straight from their respective app stores for Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS devices after subscribing to PrivadoVPN.

You can use the easy installation wizard that leads us through each step for desktop installations on Windows or Mac. When the PrivadoVPN application launches after installation, it prompts you to log in with PrivadoVPN’s credentials.

If you are using Android and iOS devices, you can get the PrivadoVPN app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, respectively. The app’s UI is designed for simplicity, ensuring a simple installation (and later usage as well). If you already has an account, you can directly log in and if not, you can create one.

Regardless of platform, PrivadoVPN offers an auto-connect option that allows users to connect to a preferred server immediately when the application is launched. This functionality simplifies the process for consumers who want instant VPN protection without having to manually pick servers.

Security and Privacy

By adopting a variety of technologies to protect user data and online activity, PrivadoVPN prioritizes security and privacy of its users. Here is a full examination of PrivadoVPN’s security and privacy features.

PrivadoVPN uses cutting-edge encryption algorithms to protect user data during transmission. Notably, the WireGuard protocol is a standout, providing a strong mix of security and speed. This ensures that all data, including sensitive information, is encrypted with a 256-bit AES cipher, making it extremely impossible to intercept or decipher by unauthorized entities.

PrivadoVPN’s dedication to user privacy is illustrated by its strict “No-Logs Policy,” a cornerstone of its data security strategy. This policy guarantees users that PrivadoVPN does not collect, monitor, or keep any logs pertaining to their online activities. In particular, the service does not save users’ browser history, connection timestamps, IP addresses, or any other data that could be used to identify individuals. This transparency and commitment to non-intrusiveness go a long way toward developing confidence with people, assuring them that their digital trace is completely private.

The importance of this no-logs stance goes beyond guarantees. It adheres to the fundamental principles of privacy advocacy by guaranteeing that users’ personal information is not exposed as a result of hacking efforts, legal requests, or other unanticipated circumstances. PrivadoVPN’s no-logs guarantee is strengthened by the legislative framework that prioritizes customer privacy rights, which is based in Switzerland, a country known for its strong consumer protection regulations. Furthermore, the Swiss jurisdiction keeps the service out of the reach of multinational monitoring alliances like the 14 Eyes, reinforcing its commitment to protecting customers from intrusive data practices.

PrivadoVPN combines cutting-edge VPN protocols and includes a configurable SOCKS5 proxy to provide its users with strong protection and better privacy. The VPN service provides a variety of encryption methods, including the well-known OpenVPN, the quick and secure IKEv2, and the novel WireGuard protocol.

OpenVPN, known for its high security features, leverages OpenSSL libraries and provides a dependable and well-established encryption mechanism. It verifies every byte sent, assuring data integrity, although its rigorous verification procedure may result in significantly slower performance.

IKEv2 on the other hand stresses speed while maintaining security. It provides a list containing a public key, which is validated by the server when the entire file is received, providing a speedier option while retaining a noteworthy level of security.

The WireGuard protocol, an emerging technology that has swiftly acquired popularity, is the main element in PrivadoVPN’s arsenal. WireGuard combines the finest of OpenVPN and IKEv2, resulting in a secure and fast connection. It employs cutting-edge encryption to simplify the complicated process of establishing secure connections.

PrivadoVPN also provides a SOCKS5 proxy, which sets it apart from standard VPN services. This application-level proxy allows users to anonymize individual data flows. While not encrypting data, the SOCKS5 proxy changes the IP address, adding an additional degree of anonymity to activities such as file transfers.

Other Features

PrivadoVPN offers a variety of additional features that enhance the overall user experience in addition to its basic security and privacy services.

VPN Split Tunneling, a useful feature for users with unique speed or access requirements, enabling users to choose which applications are protected by the VPN. This function is especially beneficial for improving internet speeds by banning specific apps from the VPN tunnel or accessing both local and international services at the same time. PrivadoVPN currently offers Split Tunneling support for Windows, Android, and Amazon devices. It is not yet supported on PrivadoVPN’s iOS and macOS applications. However, the development team is actively working on expanding this feature to these platforms.

VPN’s Kill Switch The Kill Switch is an essential tool for ensuring privacy while using a VPN. If a user loses connection unexpectedly, the Kill Switch disables internet access until the VPN connection is restored. This eliminates the possibility of data leaks or exposure during temporary outages.

PrivadoVPN includes an ad-blocking function that improves both the user’s browsing experience and their privacy. Users can benefit from quicker connections and improved privacy by prohibiting advertisements from following their online behavior. Furthermore, the VPN features threat prevention methods, which give an extra degree of protection against viruses and malevolent internet entities.

Free VPN

PrivadoVPN’s Free VPN service demonstrates the company’s dedication to providing internet privacy and security available to a global audience. Here’s a comprehensive look at the features and benefits of PrivadoVPN’s Free VPN service. It gives consumers a generous monthly data limit of 10 GB for free. This allocation enables users to encrypt their online activity without paying a subscription cost, making it an appealing alternative for consumers with moderate VPN usage requirements.

Despite the fact that it is a free service, PrivadoVPN’s Free VPN gives customers access to a global network of VPN servers. These servers are strategically positioned in 48 countries and 65 locations throughout the world, allowing users to conceal their IP addresses and securely access material from multiple regions.

PrivadoVPN ensures that our Free VPN service is compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems. Users can get free VPN programs for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, AndroidTV, and the Amazon FireTV Stick. This cross-platform interoperability means that consumers may secure their online activity across a variety of devices.

It is simple to get started with PrivadoVPN’s Free VPN. Users may install the free VPN program on their devices, sign in, and connect to a VPN server with the click of a button. The user-friendly UI ensures that even people unfamiliar with VPNs can easily understand the setup process.

Unlike some free VPN services that rely on advertisements or compromise user privacy by selling browser history, PrivadoVPN is dedicated to providing a user-friendly experience without sacrificing privacy. PrivadoVPN free customers can use the service without fear of invasive adverts or the sale of their online activities.

Servers and Speed

The Servers and Speed feature of PrivadoVPN is critical in providing a dependable and high-performance VPN service. Let us look more closely at how the server network and speed optimizations affect the entire user experience.

PrivadoVPN has a large global network of servers strategically located in 48 countries and 65 cities around the world. This extensive coverage means that customers may connect to VPN servers from a variety of places, allowing them to access region-restricted content, improve privacy, and efficiently safeguard their online activity.

The app makes server selection easier with features like Auto Connect and Recommended Servers. Auto Connect allows users to connect to a secure VPN location as soon as they launch the program, removing the need to select a server manually. The Recommended Servers feature recommends the fastest server based on the user’s location, optimizing the connection for speed and performance. PrivadoVPN’s commitment to delivering excellent VPN speeds, especially with its implementation of the WireGuard protocol, sets it apart in the competitive VPN landscape.

To create a basis for comparison, we ran speed tests without a VPN while using a 300 Mbps Internet Service Provider (ISP) plan. The baseline findings showed a download speed of 288 Mbps, an upload speed of 285 Mbps, and ping times of just 3 milliseconds.

After connecting to PrivadoVPN, we evaluated the download and upload speeds across both local and long-distance servers to assess the impact on internet performance. PrivadoVPN provided exceptional speed performance across multiple server locations. When we tested for download speeds on local servers in New York, the VPN performed admirably, achieving an average of 90% of base speeds, or around 259 Mbps (out of the base 288 Mbps). Even when connecting to long-distance servers in Paris, France, PrivadoVPN maintained strong download speeds, averaging roughly 80% of the base rates, or about 230 Mbps.

PrivadoVPN demonstrated outstanding stability in upload speeds as well. On local servers, the VPN maintained upload rates at 80% of the base rate, hitting around 228 Mbps (out of the base 285 Mbps. Similarly, PrivadoVPN’s upload speeds for long-distance servers remained stable, averaging roughly 75% of the base rates, or approximately 214 Mbps.


  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Servers in 65 Cities and 48 Countries
  • SOCKS5 Proxy
  • Up to 10 Connections
  • Zero-Log Policy
  • Ad Blocker
  • Threat Prevention
  • Parental Controls
  • WireGuard Protocol
  • Multiple Device Compatibility (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)
  • Kill Switch
  • Recommended Server Feature
  • Auto Connect Feature
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Pricing Plans: Monthly, 1-Year, 2-Year
  • WireGuard Protocol
  • Swiss Privacy Laws Compliance


PrivadoVPN’s price approach is meant to satisfy a wide range of customer requirements, with three subscription options delivering equal feature sets. The $10.99 monthly package provides customers with unlimited internet, devices, and access to servers in 65 locations and 48 countries. The 1-year plan is $2.5 a month while the 2-year plan costs $1.99 per month, which is the most cost-effective option, resulting in significant savings over long duration. Both the 1-year and 2-year subscriptions offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

All plans include advanced security features such as a SOCKS5 proxy, ad blocker, threat prevention, and parental controls, which contribute to a well-rounded VPN experience. Users benefit from a global server network, limitless data and devices, and the freedom to select a plan that meets their needs and budget, all with the certainty of a money-back guarantee.

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Final Verdict

PrivadoVPN appears as a solid option in the congested VPN scene, excelling in several crucial areas but having some minor drawbacks. The service prioritizes user privacy, utilizing Switzerland’s strong privacy regulations to provide a secure environment. The dedication to a no-logs policy, as well as the use of advanced encryption protocols, particularly the dependable WireGuard, help to provide a full shield for user data. The addition of extra features like a SOCKS5 proxy, VPN Kill Switch, and flexible server selections improves the entire user experience and caters to a wide range of demands. The free VPN service from PrivadoVPN is one of the best in the industry.

While PrivadoVPN has great speed performance, particularly with its WireGuard protocol, OpenVPN users may encounter subpar speeds. This disparity can be a disadvantage for individuals who value both security and quickness. Furthermore, the VPN found difficulties unblocking several streaming sites, emphasizing the necessity for advancements in evading geo-restrictions. Users may encounter issues viewing material from various platforms when streaming services employ advanced methods to detect VPN usage.

The absence of public audits or transparency reports is one significant feature that might improve PrivadoVPN’s transparency. Many of the top VPN services submit to third-party audits to corroborate their security and privacy promises, giving users with an extra layer of comfort.

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