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When you have a home or car stereo system, there is no doubt that amplifiers and subwoofers enhance the sound quality by adding power and

In this tutorial, we will learn about Summing Amplifier, its configurations, types of summing amplifiers (inverting and non-inverting) and a few applications of Summing Amplifier.

In this tutorial, we will learn about Schmitt Trigger, some basic implementations using Transistors, Op-Amp, how a Schmitt Trigger works and few important applications as

In this tutorial, we will learn the working and implementation of an Operational Amplifier as Differentiator or a Differentiator Amplifier. Differentiator Amplifier can be Passive

In this tutorial, we will learn about one of the important circuits in analog circuit design: A Differential Amplifier. It is essentially an electronic amplifier,

Another major application of Op-amp is its use in mathematical applications. An Operational Amplifier can be configured to perform the mathematical operations of Integration and

In electronics, an Amplifier is a circuit which accepts an input signal and produces an undistorted large version of the signal as its output. In

In this tutorial, we will learn about Operational Amplifiers in general, its characteristics, few applications and some of the important Operational Amplifier Basics. Operational Amplifier

Besides the obvious Amplification applications, an Op-amp can also be used for a ton of other applications and circuits. In this tutorial, we will learn

A special implementation of Operational Amplifiers is the Instrumentation Amplifier, a type of Differential Amplifier with Input Buffer Amplifier. In this tutorial, we will learn