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Goose VPN Review

“A decent VPN service based in EU. It has a relatively small network but the speeds are good. It uses AES-256 bit encryption and works with majority of streaming sites. However, DNS leaks is a concern.”

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides users with a secure and private internet connection. VPNs protect sensitive information from potential dangers by encrypting data transmission between the user’s device and the VPN server, ensuring a higher level of online privacy. When connected to public Wi-Fi networks, VPNs serve an important role in overcoming geographical restrictions, allowing users to access region-restricted material, and protecting against cyber-attacks. As the demand for online privacy grows, VPNs have become indispensable for both consumers and enterprises, providing a private tunnel for data transmission across the internet.

Goose VPN establishes itself as a significant participant in the European VPN sector, providing consumers with a solid solution for secure and private online experiences. Goose VPN uses AES-256 bit encryption, the gold standard for data protection, as part of its commitment to user security. The service supports a wide range of protocols, ensuring compatibility across platforms and devices.

Its user-friendly software enables users of all technical levels to navigate the VPN ecosystem. Goose VPN’s affordable pricing plans, notably the long-term alternatives and a lifetime offer, make it an appealing choice for individuals looking for cost-effective yet dependable VPN services. While the service’s relatively tiny network of servers may limit options, it compensates with fast connection speeds, which are especially important for streaming enthusiasts. The main source of concern, however, is potential DNS leaks, which prompts users to carefully examine their objectives and trade-offs.

What We Like

  • AES-256 bit Encryption

  • Extensive protocol support

  • User-friendly apps for various platforms

  • Affordable plans, especially long-term ones

  • Money-back guarantee across all plans

  • Multiple devices support

  • Works with majority streaming sites

What We Don’t Like

  • DNS Leak Issues

  • No Private Audit

  • Small network of servers

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Bottom Line
Goose VPN excels in providing a secure and private online experience, with relatively small number of server locations and affordable plans. While the speed reduction is notable, the service works with streaming sites. However, DNS leaks can be a significant problem.

Initial Setup

The initial setup of Goose VPN makes sure of a smooth onboarding experience on Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. Users can go to the Goose VPN website and download the application that is appropriate for their OS system. Once downloaded, the installation process is simple, with step-by-step instructions. The user-friendly interface makes configuration easier by allowing users to simply select desired settings and preferences. The application provides explicit server selection choices, allowing users to select among the various server locations. The initial configuration also ensures that users may simply switch between protocols like PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and IKEv2, providing flexibility based on individual preferences and security requirements.

Security and Privacy

Goose VPN uses a diverse method to secure the highest level of data security for its users. The adoption of AES-256 bit encryption, widely regarded as an industry-leading standard for data encryption, is in the forefront of its security measures. This cryptographic cipher is well-known for its durability and complexity, and it acts as an impenetrable shield, rendering user data indecipherable to possible threats and bad actors. Goose VPN’s steadfast dedication to customer privacy is complemented by its powerful encryption and thorough no-log policy.

This policy ensures users that the service does not store or log their online activity, conversations, or interactions. By not storing user logs, Goose VPN ensures that no critical information is compromised even in the unlikely event of a security breach, emphasizing the service’s commitment to user confidentiality.

Goose VPN for Windows, Mac, and Linux

The security of personal and financial information is significantly at risk from the vulnerabilities present in public Wi-Fi networks for Windows users who are navigating the digital landscape. Goose VPN recognizes this and offers a strong defense for Windows laptops and desktops, adding a crucial layer of security. As people consider the abundance of sensitive data—from financial and personal information to download histories—that is stored on their Windows devices, the crucial importance of this shield becomes clear.

What distinguishes Goose VPN is its continuous dedication to encrypting all user data with 256-bit encryption, the gold standard in data security. This encryption assures that all information, from personal communications to financial transactions, is rendered unreadable by potential third-party prying eyes. The assurance of impenetrable encryption becomes more important when users connect to public Wi-Fi networks, where cyber risks are common.

Installing Goose VPN on a Windows computer or laptop is a game changer in regaining control over one’s internet privacy. Goose VPN’s perfect integration into the Windows environment allows for a user-friendly experience that is accessible to both tech-savvy folks and others who are unfamiliar with VPN installations. The VPN service extends beyond encryption by allowing customers to select from a variety of protocols on Windows, including “PPTP,” “L2TP,” “OpenVPN,” and “IKEv2.”

Goose VPN respects the differences between Windows versions in order to cater to the wide Windows user population. The specialist “OpenVPN” and “IKEv2” protocols are smoothly incorporated for users using the latest Windows 10, enhancing the VPN experience for this unique operating system. Users using earlier versions of Windows are not left out, as they can use the dependable “PPTP” or “L2TP” protocols, confirming Goose VPN’s commitment to inclusion.

Apple’s macOS is the epitome of user-friendly design and seamless device integration. However, the large amount of personal information kept within these gadgets raises concerns when we go online. To address this, Goose VPN steps in as a defender of user privacy, providing a safe sanctuary, especially when connected to public Wi-Fi networks.

The heart of Goose VPN’s value proposition on macOS is its constant dedication to protecting users’ personal information. Recognizing the frequency of cyber risks, particularly on public Wi-Fi networks, Goose VPN employs strong 256-bit encryption to protect all data from hackers. This encryption acts as a powerful barrier, making user data impenetrable to hacker efforts and delivering a secure digital experience.

For macOS, Goose VPN promises not only security but also a comprehensive approach to protocol support. Recognizing the broad macOS user base, the service provides several protocols adapted to different operating system versions. Those running the latest macOS version, Sierra, have the option of using the modern and fast “IKEv2” protocol, which ensures excellent performance and security. Goose VPN, on the other hand, remains inclusive, recognizing users using older macOS versions such as Yosemite or El Capitan. In such instances, users can easily select the dependable “PPTP” or “L2TP / IPsec” protocols, demonstrating the service’s dedication to accessibility and adaptability.

Goose VPN offers full security services to Linux and Ubuntu users, allowing them to surf the internet securely and anonymously. With support for protocols such as “PPTP,” “L2TP,” “OpenVPN,” and “IKEv2,” Linux users may adapt their VPN experience to their preferences, ensuring flexibility and compatibility.

Goose VPN for Android and iOS

In an age when smartphones and tablets have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives, the security of personal data stored on these devices is an increasing worry. Goose VPN addresses this by extending its protective mantle to iOS and Android users, offering a safe and private mobile experience.

Recognizing the importance of iPhones and iPads, Goose VPN positions itself as a safeguard against potential dangers associated with extensive mobile usage. These devices act as entry points for a variety of internet activities, ranging from surfing websites to handling online banking. The inherent risk is eliminated with GOOSE VPN for iOS, which encrypts all data sent and received by Apple devices, offering strong protection and preserving online anonymity. This encryption enables consumers to explore the internet with confidence, knowing that their online actions are secure. Goose VPN separates itself even further by providing a variety of fast and secure protocols for iOS, including “PPTP,” “L2TP,” “OpenVPN,” and “IKEv2.” This variety of protocols enables users to adjust their VPN connection to their tastes, resulting in a more personalized and secure mobile browsing experience.

The widespread use of Android smartphones and tablets in daily activities ranging from internet banking to social media participation needs an increased level of online security. Goose VPN for Android acts as a defender, encrypting all data sent and received by Android devices and protecting the user from potential privacy breaches. What distinguishes Goose VPN for Android is its use of double encryption, which adds an extra layer of security when using unprotected public networks. Regardless of location, the service prioritizes a safe internet connection for Android users. Goose VPN supports a variety of fast protocols, including “PPTP,” “L2TP,” “OpenVPN,” and “IKEv2,” allowing customers to choose the protocol that best suits their tastes and security needs.

Goose VPN for Routers and Android TV

Installing GOOSE VPN on your router is a comprehensive technique for protecting all network-connected devices. This centralized security means that any device on the router’s network is automatically shielded by GOOSE VPN, providing a safety net for unlimited online activity. The VPN router acts as a security gateway, encrypting any data passing through it. This internet connection ensures that all devices on the network, including those without native VPN functionality, such as Apple TV or Chromecast, benefit from centralized protection. The range of supported protocols, which includes “PPTP,” “L2TP,” “OpenVPN,” and “IKEv2,” enables users to personalize their VPN setup to their preferences and security needs.

Goose VPN acts as a guardian for customers who use Android TV to download files and connect to other Android devices. GOOSE VPN guarantees privacy and protection against potential external dangers by encrypting all data to and from the TV. Aside from server availability, GOOSE VPN offers a specific and fast protocol for Android TV – the dependable “IKEv2.” This protocol not only adds to a safe environment for Android TV, but it also demonstrates GOOSE VPN’s commitment to providing a high level of protection for Android TV customers.

Cyber Alarm

Goose VPN’s Cyber Alarm adds a novel layer of security, aiming to give customers with real-time protection against a wide range of digital dangers. In a day when traditional anti-virus software and firewalls are becoming increasingly difficult to use, the Cyber Alarm acts as a vigilant watchdog, evaluating all internet activity within Goose VPN’s secure connection.

The need for the Cyber Alarm stems from the understanding that, in the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats, protection alone is insufficient. Users require a proactive security system due to the possibility of unwittingly downloading harmful files with a single click. The Cyber Alarm meets this demand by continuously monitoring internet traffic for potential threats such as malware, ransomware, or viruses.

The Cyber Alarm’s power comes in its capacity to completely analyze all traffic, quickly detecting and informing users of any unexpected or potentially hazardous activity. This proactive strategy guarantees that consumers have rapid access to information about potential threats, allowing them to take appropriate action.


The impact of any VPN service on internet speeds is critical, and Goose VPN is no exception. We performed a number of speed tests. The baseline for these testing was a 300Mbps ISP plan.

Without the VPN, the ISP plan performed admirably, with 288Mbps download speeds and 285Mbps upload speeds, as well as low ping rates of roughly 3ms. These speeds will serve as a baseline for measuring the VPN’s influence on both download and upload speeds.

There was a notable decrease in speed after connecting to Goose VPN. For example, download speeds averaged around 200Mbps, while upload speeds plummeted to around 100Mbps, with ping times increasing to roughly 120ms.


  • Encryption: AES-256 bit
  • Protocols: PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, IKEv2
  • Platform Support: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Routers, Android TV
  • No-Log Policy: Yes
  • Server Network: Extensive global coverage
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days on all plans
  • Speeds: Varied based on ISP plan
  • Additional Features: Cyber Alarm, Support for streaming services
  • Price: Monthly plan at $10.99, 1-year plan at $66, Lifetime plan at $76


Goose VPN has a pricing structure that accommodates a wide range of customer preferences, combining cost and flexibility. The monthly subscription costs around $10.99 and offers users a handy pay-as-you-go option. For those looking for a longer commitment, the 1-year plan is a cost-effective option, costing roughly $66, or $5.5 per month. This plan appeals to consumers who prefer a longer commitment, as it provides consistent VPN service at a lower monthly cost.

During the review period, a notable highlight was the availability of a lifetime VPN service bargain for around $76. This lifetime membership is an appealing option for those who value a one-time purchase for perpetual VPN access, as it provides both long-term protection and cost savings.

All Goose VPN services include a 30-day money-back guarantee, which adds an extra degree of security for users. This promise, however, comes with a clause: it only applies if the data usage does not exceed 100MB.

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Final Verdict

Goose VPN emerges as a dependable and user-friendly VPN service that combines solid security features with reasonable pricing. The AES-256 bit encryption ensures that user data is secure and private, and the vast protocol support caters to a wide range of user preferences across platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, routers, and Android TV. The addition of the Cyber Alarm improves security by providing real-time protection against a wide range of online dangers.

Although Goose VPN’s server network is tiny, it is strategically placed to provide customers with best speed and access to region-restricted material. The results of the speed tests show a moderate drop in speed, underscoring the trade-off between robust security measures and performance.

The pricing structure is adaptable to meet the needs of different users. While Goose VPN excels in providing a safe and private online experience, DNS leak issues and the lack of a private audit are cause for concern. The tiny network of servers may have an impact on user performance options.

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