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9 Best Solar Pool Cover in 2023 Buying Guide

“Here, you can find the best solar pool covers that are efficient and durable.”

Solar Pool Covers are a cost-effective way to prevent water evaporation and protect the pool from debris. Apart from that, they can sustain pool’s water temperature for a long time and decrease the energy costs.

They are designed to use on in-ground and above-ground pools. It would be difficult to choose the right option from several options available for these pool covers.

We suggest you consider the following key factors before investing in the solar pool cover to get the best one.

Size – For optimum functioning of the pool cover, it is essential to select the right size pool cover according to your pool size and shape. For instance, oval solar cover for rectangular pools or compact blanket for square pools. If there is a custom shape or unique shaped pool, then purchase a larger solar blanket and trim it to fit on the pool.

Material – The solar cover used on the pool is made of either polyethylene, vinyl, or polypropylene. Each one has its set of pros and cons. Choose them as per your need.

  • Vinyl is strong, tear-resistant, durable, blocks UV radiation, and allows you for quick removal of the cover from the pool.
  • Polyethylene is a lightweight, affordable and quick heat transfer material with a thickness of 12 mils or less. Thus, they are more likely to tear easily.
  • Polypropylene is durable, thicker, and blocks UV radiation, yet less flexible and a bit difficult to roll or fold.

To get a clear idea of these covers, we came up with a detailed “Buying Guide”. Also, using the same information, we have shortlisted some Best Solar Pool Covers with a brief review of each product along with its specifications, pros, and cons. Read on to know how to choose the best option as per your requirements.

9 Best Solar Pool Cover List in 2023

Best Solar Pool CoverMaterialSizeWarrantyBuy Now
Blue Wave Solar Pool CoverPlastic16 x 32 feet6 yearsCheck On Amazon
Intex Solar Pool CoverPlastic12 feet1 yearCheck On Amazon
Sun2Solar Solar Pool CoverBlue plastic4 x 8 feet8 yearsCheck On Amazon
Lxkckj Solar Pool CoverDouble-sided oxford cloth6 feet---Check On Amazon
MidWest Solar Pool CoverResin18 feet10 yearsCheck On Amazon
Swim Solar Pool CoverPolyethylene18 feet7 yearsCheck On Amazon
Bestway Solar Pool CoverBlue plastic14 feet90 daysCheck On Amazon
Doheny's Solar Pool CoverPlastic18 x 36 feet3 yearsCheck On Amazon
Hinspergers Solar Pool CoverWhite plastic16 x 32 feet--Check On Amazon

Best Solar Pool Cover in 2023: Reviews

1. Blue Wave Solar Pool Cover

Blue Wave NS520 Solar Pool Cover

Present at the top, we have a solar pool cover coming from one of the most popular brands in the market. The blue wave NS520 is a highly premium solar pool cover that offers great performance.

Our 1st pick for the best solar pool cover is the Blue Wave NS520 pool cover. It is made up of 14 millimeter thick plastic material, which easily covers a rectangular pool sizing up to 16 x 32 feet. Blue wave is claiming up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit rise in water temperature upon installation. As there are thermal bubbles present all over the cover, it manages to minimize the heat loss along with up to 95% reduced evaporation.

As the pool cover has innovative cells, you can rest assured that your pool will feel quite warm even at night time. The Blue Wave NS520 is highly premium and durable as it can withstand ultraviolet rays and chemicals used in swimming pools. Thus, it is not only an ideal choice for your swimming pool but also an environmentally friendly option altogether. Blue wave is providing up to 6 years of warranty on this solar pool cover.

Best Features

  • Plastic solar pool cover
  • 16 x 32 feet in size
  • Highly premium solar pool cover
  • Up to 95% evaporation protection
  • Environmentally friendly option
  • 6 years long warranty period


  • Provides a long warranty period
  • Premium choice
  • Reserves up to 95% evaporation


  • Not a suitable choice for small pools

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Intex Solar Pool Cover

Intex Solar Pool Cover

Intex is a dedicated brand which only focuses on products related to swimming pools. This includes ground pools, floats, toys, and solar pool covers.

In the 2nd position, we are placing the most popular choice for a solar pool cover. Unlike the other solar pool covers mentioned on our list so far, the Intex Solar Cover is a circular pool cover with 12 feet diameter. Thus, it can be easily placed over a circular pool or even a smaller rectangular pool. This is a solar heat-retaining pool cover that offers up to 95% reduction in evaporation while maintaining the temperature of the water.

There are some additional drain holes provided on the solar cover so that it prevents water accumulation and makes it a perfect choice for indoor as well as outdoor above ground pools. As this cover is quite small in size, it can be easily stored when not needed. Intex is also providing a reusable carry bag for the cover which makes it much easier to store. It has a year of warranty from the date of purchase

Best Features

  • Plastic solar pool cover
  • 12 feet diameter
  • Circular solar pool cover
  • Comparatively cheaper option
  • Additional drain holes provided for better results
  • 1 year warranty period


  • Easy to spread across the swimming pool
  • Lesser chances of wear and tear
  • High quality material is used


  • Cannot be used to cover large rectangular pools

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3. Sun2Solar Solar Pool Cover

Sun2Solar Solar Pool Cover

The performance of a solar pool cover is highly dependent on its build quality and heat-trapping ability. Hence, we are including a high-performance solar pool cover from Sun2Solar, which offers a 1200 series solar pool cover.

As a solar pool cover is kept in a swimming pool for the majority of time, you should also consider the design of the cover. If you are interested in a good looking cover, look no further. The Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Cover is one of the most attractive solar covers available on our picks as it is made up of thousands of tiny bubbles spread all over the blanket. It is a 4 x 8-foot solar pool cover which manages to retain heat and keep the pool warm at all times. After applying the cover, you will notice nearly 95% lesser water evaporation in the pool.

The Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Cover can also be attached to a dedicated roller to make it easier for application. Also, it can be easily trimmed according to your preference and the shape of the pool. Make sure you keep the bubble side towards the water while placing the solar pool cover. There is an 8 years long warranty available for the Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Cover, which is retained even after trimming the cover for your pool size.

Best Features

  • Blue plastic solar pool cover
  • 4 x 8 feet in size
  • 1200 series solar pool cover
  • Attractive design and color
  • Keeps the pool warm in day as well as night
  • 8 years long warranty period


  • Highly reliable option
  • Comparatively affordable than other choices
  • Can be trimmed according to requirements


  • Overall size is quite small

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4. Lxkckj Solar Pool Cover

LXKCKJ Solar Pool CoverThe performance of a solar pool cover is highly dependent on its built quality and heat trapping ability. Hence, we are including a high-performance solar pool cover from LXKCKJ.

As solar pool cover is kept in a swimming pool for most of the time, you have to consider the cover design. If you are interested in a good-looking cover, look no further. The LXKCKJ round trampoline solar pool cover is one of the most attractive solar covers that are quite easy to install and remove, and also prevents leaves, debris, or trash from entering the pool and contaminating it.

This foldable round cover is made of heavy-duty sturdy 210D density oxford fabric with painted silver material coating. This makes the cover strong, durable, and long-lasting and offers the utmost protection to the pool in any weather conditions. It uses solar power to heat the water and also it prevents water evaporation in the pool by nearly 90%

Furthermore, the weather protective cover (water-resistant, insect-proof, Anti-UV, or snow-resistant) offers universal compatibility for almost all 6 feet round-shaped trampolines or round swimming pools. You can also get a suitable above-ground pool from LXKCKJ along with the cover for the best compatibility.

Best Features

  • Round solar pool cover with 6 feet diameter
  • Fits most above-ground pools
  • Made of premium quality materials
  • Easy to install and easy to remove
  • Weather resistance ideal for outdoors


  • Reserves up to 90% water evaporation
  • Comparatively cheaper option
  • Sturdy, durable, long-lasting, wear-resistant, and protects the pool
  • Offers proper after-sales service.


  • No information on its warranty
  • The build quality could have been better.

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5. MidWest Solar Pool Cover

MidWest Solar Pool Cover

MidWest Canvas is providing you the most reliable option for a solar pool cover. If you are investing a considerable sum for a solar pool cover, you should prefer a durable and reliable option such as the MidWest Canvas Space Age Round Solar Cover.

The MidWest Canvas Space Age Round Solar Cover is also one of the attractive options available on our picks for the best solar pool covers. Designed with a higher number of heat bubbles and an attractive blue color, this solar pool cover offers to cover up to 18 feet diameter pools with ease. While this cover will keep your swimming pool water warm at all times, it will also reduce the water evaporation rate greatly. It is made up of 12 mm thick resin, which ensures a durable build quality.

Even if your swimming pool is not exactly circular in shape, you shall not worry. The MidWest Canvas Space Age Round Solar Cover can be easily trimmed with  a pair of scissors without affecting its warranty period. Talking about the warranty period, you will be getting a 10 years long warranty which makes it the most reliable option from our listicle.

Best Features

  • Resin solar pool cover
  • 18 feet diameter
  • 12 mm thick material
  • Can be trimmed according to your preference
  • Circular solar pool cover
  • 10 years long warranty period


  • Great choice for circular pools
  • Overall size is decent
  • Can cover almost all shape and size pools


  • Does not ship with a roller

Buy Now From Amazon

6. Swim Solar Pool Cover

Swim Solar Pool Cover

In The Swim is yet another brand that specifically deals with products related to swimming pools. This also includes high-quality solar pool covers, as mentioned here.

As round solar pool covers are quite popular in the market, we are bringing you yet another highly durable and reliable round solar pool cover. The following option is coming from In The Swim, which is offering an 18-foot diameter solar pool cover at a very affordable price range. Within just a week of installation, you can observe up to 8 to 10 degrees temperature rise in your swimming pool water. Also, you will see a greatly reduced evaporation rate in the pool.

While the cover manages to retain heat by minimizing the heat loss caused by convection, the cover also helps to keep the water clean and free of debris at all times. Hence, you can enjoy extended swimming times with the In The Swim Premium Pool Solar Blanket. It is made up of 12 mm thick polyethylene material, which makes it a decent option for long term use. In The Swim is also offering a 7 years long warranty period on this cover.

Best Features

  • Polyethylene solar pool cover
  • 18 feet diameter
  • Noticeable performance just under 5 to 7 days of installation
  • 12 mm thick material
  • The number of bubbles per square feet is high
  • 7 years long warranty period


  • Premium and durable option
  • The warranty period is quite long
  • Up to 10 degrees temperature rise is possible


  • Additional trimming required for rectangular or square pools

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7. Bestway Solar Pool Cover

Bestway Solar Pool Cover

Above ground pools are quite popular as anyone with a backyard can install one in their homes. Thus, our next choice from Bestway for a solar pool cover is suitable for above ground pools.

If you have a large above ground pool, then you should consider the Bestway Above Ground Swimming Pool Solar Heat Cover. It is a circular solar pool cover with 14 feet diameter which can easily cover most above ground pools available in the market. While it will keep the debris out of your pool, it will also retain solar energy in order to maintain the temperature of your pool. It is also quite easy to use as the cover easily fits inside the frame of pools and stays in place.

Bestway is also offering a carrying bag so that you can easily store the cover and carry it around if required. Unfortunately, there is only a 90 days warranty period available for this solar pool cover. But considering the blue plastic material used for this cover, it should last as long as other premium options. You can also get a suitable above ground pool from Bestway along with the cover for best compatibility.

Best Features

  • Blue plastic solar pool cover
  • 14 feet diameter
  • Includes a carrying bag
  • Round solar pool cover
  • Fits most above ground pools
  • 90 days warranty period


  • A great choice for compact pools
  • Made with durable material
  • Multiple size options available


  • The warranty period is very short

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8. Doheny’s Solar Pool Cover

Doheny's Solar Pool Cover

The bubbles available on a solar pool cover plays an important role in retaining solar energy and trapping the heat. Thus, Doheny’s solar pool cover is a decent pick on our list as it features microbubbles over its surface.

Doheny’s Clear Tek Micro Bubble Solar Cover is a decent solution for in-ground pools varying up to 18 x 36 feet in size. As this is a 1600 series solar pool cover, it features nearly twice as many bubbles over its surface. Due to the microbubbles, the heat transfer rate is nearly double that of any standard solar cover. It is made up of blue plastic and backed by 3 years warranty period.

As the majority of heat loss in swimming pools is caused by evaporation, the Doheny’s Clear Tek Micro Bubble Solar Cover is specifically designed to prevent evaporation. Thus, you can effectively avoid up to 70% heat loss in your swimming pool. If you are worried about the size and fitting for your pool, fret not. The Doheny’s Clear Tek Micro Bubble Solar Cover can be easily trimmed with scissors without voiding the warranty period.

Best Features

  • Blue plastic solar pool cover
  • 18 x 36 feet in size
  • 1600 series solar pool cover
  • Can be trimmed according to user preference
  • 15 to 25% increase in energy absorption
  • 3 years long warranty period


  • Designed with microbubble technology
  • Can be customized according to your requirement
  • Suitable for rectangular pools


  • Cannot be used for large circular pools

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9. Hinspergers Solar Pool Cover

Hinspergers SC18 Solar Pool Cover

Hinspergers is yet another brand from our picks that is offering a solar pool cover along with a special reeling mechanism. This makes it much easier to use and store when not in use.

In the end, we are bringing you the most affordable choice from our picks for the best solar pool covers. The Hinspergers SC18 Poly Tarp Swimming Pool Solar Blanket is available at a fraction of the price compared to other premium choices on this list. Still, it is a great choice for a compact pool. A single roll will offer you an 18 x 3 foot covering. Thus, you might require multiple reels to cover a large pool.

Made by a highly durable white plastic material, the Hinspergers SC18 Poly Tarp Swimming Pool Solar Blanket offers great resistance to damage due to environmental factors and wear and tear. The solar pool cover is basically a protective shield for your pool which blocks harmful UV rays and maintains the temperature of your pool. There are special velcro fasteners present with the cover so that they can be securely stored with the reel.

Best Features

  • White plastic solar pool cover
  • 16 x 32 feet in size
  • Most affordable solar pool cover
  • Comes with a dedicated reel mechanism
  • Blocks UV radiation
  • Durable material


  • Available at a highly affordable price range
  • Long solar pool cover
  • Safer to store


  • Does not have a warranty period

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Buying Guide to Choose the Best Solar Pool Cover

Before getting into the topic, you should know about solar pool cover, why we need it, and how it works. This will help you for better understanding and aids in proper selection according to your needs.

Usually, a pool with a 4.5 feet depth will absorb around 60% of sunlight, which is used to heat the pool water by 0.7°F per hour, especially under noontime. Besides this heat gain, it leads to water evaporation caused due to water and air temperature, along with wind on the surface and humidity of the pool.

What is a solar pool cover, and why do we need it?

While the solar pool covers will capture the solar energy and use it to keep the pool water warm as a solar pool heater does. Based on the area you’re living in, a solar cover will warm water but not as a water heater, yet the trade-off is it prevents water evaporation and saves your money.

How does the solar pool cover works?

It is quite common to replace the water which is lost through evaporation or splashing. This newly added water will consume extra energy to heat. While solar pool covers will reduce water evaporation and thereby retain heat in the water to keep them warm. Also, they work like a magnifying glass to magnify the warming effect of the sun on the pool water.

What to Consider Before Choosing the Solar Pool Cover:

The solar pool covers are like plastic sheets used on different pools, that include in-ground and above-ground swimming pools of variable shapes and sizes. Without proper guidance, you may end up buying the wrong product. So, we are here with a guide that explains how to choose your best solar pool cover, as per your requirement.

Let’s get into the details of what factors to consider while shopping for solar pool covers.

1. Pool Dimensions

The size and the shape of your swimming pool will determine the size of the solar cover, as it has to fit properly. Prefer to choose the cover that is large enough for proper heat transmission from the sun to the water’s surface. There are various solar covers designed to fit on different swimming pools, in which the user has to choose the perfect fit cover for their swimming pool. For instance, an oval solar cover for rectangular pools, or a compact solar cover for square pools. While for a custom shape pool (or) unique shaped pool, you have to purchase a bit larger cover for the pool and trim it to fit perfectly.

2. Material

The solar pool covers are constructed with materials like polypropylene, vinyl, or polyethylene. Knowing about the built quality and material construction will help you to pick the right option.

  • Vinyl – It is strong, durable, and tear- and UV-resistant that prevent sun damage. This pool cover is an ideal option for those who want to quickly remove the cover, even though they are not careful in removing that not tear it.
  • Polyethylene – The polyethylene-made covers are lighter, affordable, and efficient at heat transfer. If the thickness of the cover is around 12 mils or less, then they are more likely to tear.
  • Polypropylene – These covers are durable, and thicker yet less flexible than polyethylene. They can easily block a lot of UV radiation, yet they are more difficult to fold and roll.

3. Thickness

The thickness of the solar pool cover is measured in mils, in which 1 mil is equal to 0.0001 inches. However, the common thickness range of these pool covers will be from 6 – 16 mils. You have to choose the thickness range based on your budget and requirement.

  • A thicker cover (ranges from 12 – 16 mils) offers better insulation and more resistance against tears, rips, and sun damage. They are less prone to tear while placing or removing the cover from the pool. They are expensive and ideal to use mostly in windier or colder climates.
  • A thin pool cover (ranges from 8 – 10 mils) will allow more solar energy to reach below the cover during the daytime, yet results in more heat loss during the night. They are less expensive, more prone to tear if not used carefully, and an ideal option to use mostly in warmer climates.
  • There are medium-range solar pool covers with thickness, ranging from 10 – 12 mils. These are affordable, absorb more heat than thinner covers, tear-resistant, and are an ideal option to use in any season.

4. Color

The color of a solar pool cover is not only used for aesthetic purposes but also to determine its functionality. Here are a few recommendations that help you in selecting the proper color of your pool cover.

  • Clear Solar Covers – They warm the pool by allowing a lot of sunlight to pass through the water. Thus, they retain heat and act as a great insulator at night. The main drawback is that they won’t block UV rays, which break down chlorine.
  • Clear-Top/Dark Solar Covers – They absorb and transfer solar heat into water effectively and also block some UV rays. Thus, it slows down the formation of skin-irritating chloramines.
  • Dark Solar Covers – Though they absorb the sun’s heat effectively, yet block a large amount of UV radiation. Thus, it quickly and easily warms the pool.
  • Translucent Solar Covers – They work similarly as clear solar pool covers, but block more portion of UV radiation to reach the pool and thereby quickly heat the water.
  • Light blue or silver covers – They fall in between transparent or dark covers, which are a better option to use. As they allow solar heating by blocking some UV radiation.

5. Air Bubbles

Usually, the best-quality solar pool covers come with a side covered with small air bubbles, just like a giant sheet of bubble wrap. They are used to absorb the sun’s heat effectively and retain and discharge it into water. Also, they act as insulators that avoid heat loss even in the evening time (after sunset).

However, solar pool covers that won’t have any air bubbles can absorb and transfer the solar heat into water, yet not as efficiently as pool covers with air bubbles. A general rule is, the thicker air bubbles will make the pool cover more tear-resistant and also insulate the pool effectively at night.

6. UV Resistance

The color, material, and thickness of air bubbles will determine the UV resistance of a given solar pool cover. These covers are classified into three types – Low UV resistance, Medium UV resistance, and high UV resistance.

Here is a detailed explanation that helps you to choose the best cover for protecting your pool from harmful UV radiation.

  • Low UV Resistance Covers – These are clear type thinner covers (less than 10 mils), which are made from lightweight polyethylene. Though they easily heat the pool, yet a chlorine stabilizer is needed to lessen the chloramines production.
  • Medium UV Resistance Covers – These are the most commonly used solar pool covers that range from 10 – 14 mils thickness. They are translucent blue or gray covers that are made with polypropylene or polyethylene.
  • High UV Resistance Covers – These covers are categorized into two types – bubbles and no bubbles. The covers with bubbles are dark-colored underside and clear on top or translucent with 14 – 16 mils thickness and made of polypropylene or vinyl. While covers without bubbles are dark-colored, thin, vinyl-made that absorbs solar heat and block a lot of UV radiation as well. Yet, they are not good at heat transmission to pool water.

7. Ease of Use

Always prefer to choose a solar pool cover that is simple and straightforward to set and easy to use. Since most of these covers are set and forget type, you have to be careful in their selection and avoid picking covers that are labor-intensive to operate.

8. Manual or Automatic

All pool covers are not simple and easy to use, and there are three ways to operate these covers. They are manual, semi-automatic, and automatic models.

  • Manual Operating Covers – The user has to adjust the cover on the pool with their hands. They have to place or remove the cover manually.
  • Semi-Automatic Covers – They use electric power to remove or place the cover on the pool through its reel system. But the user has to guide for the proper movement of the cover.
  • Automatic Covers – Push a button to unroll and roll the cover according to your needs. It is considered the modern and higher-end option that won’t let your hands place on the pool for its covering or removing.

9. Solar Rings Vs. Bubble Blankets

In general, the solar pool covers are designed to be either solar ring covers or bubble blankets. Choosing among them is based on one’s personal preference, yet knowing about them in detail will help you to choose the best one.

  • Bubble Covers – These covers are lightweight, affordable, UV-resistant (sustain direct sun exposure), and easy to handle. These bubbles will absorb the solar heat, trap it, and radiate it to the water effectively during daytime and act as insulators during night-time. You can easily place and take it off the cover over the pool. They are made of polypropylene or polyethylene materials that come in different thicknesses, ranging from 8 – 16 gauge. Remember that thicker materials trap heat effectively and are durable.
  • Solar Ring Pool Covers – Solar ring pool covers are efficient covers that work to enhance the collection of solar energy into the pool. They come with rings in which when attached, they generate a raft on the pool’s surface via. magnets. You can easily remove the rings whenever you want to vacuum or skim. Here, the uncovered space/gap might allow the light to pass.

10. Price

In general, these solar covers are affordable with a price range of $75 – $225. Yet one has to spend a bit more on higher-quality models. In case, having a unique pool shape, then buy a solar blanket and trim it to customize it perfectly onto the pool.

11. Warranty

It is a must to check the warranty offered by the manufacturer on their product before making its purchase. Most models out there come with a minimum warranty of 1-year, while other models offer a 2 – 10 years warranty on the product. Make sure to purchase the models offering a long warranty.

How to Use a Solar Pool Cover

When you unpack the solar blanket, it might be a bit unwieldy, yet it is easy to fix if you follow these instructions.

  • After unfolding, spread the cover over pool water in such a way that it’s bubble-side down on top of the pool. Here the bubbles make the cover float and based on the type and color of the cover, they act as magnifying glasses to heat the pool water.
  • Hang the blanket over the sides of the pool properly. If your pool has a unique shape, then ensure to use multi-purpose scissors to trim the excess blanket and make it fit perfectly on the pool.
  • It is better to leave 2 – 3 inches long on the skimmer to tuck it under its edges. This lets you remove debris from the skimmer before removing the cover.
  • Usually, we place a solar blanket while not using the pool. The best time to heat the water in the pool is the daytime (based on the sunlight). Yet placing a cover on the pool at night will prevent heat and water loss through evaporation.
  • It is completely safe to run the pump while the solar blanket is placed on the pool.
  • Ensure to put the blanket back on the pool after you finished using the pool. Never get into the swim with a solar blanket on the pool. Take it off before you get into the pool and cover it after using the pool.

How to store the solar pool cover properly?

It is quite common to fold up and store the pool cover at the end of the season. But before storing this blanket, you have to ensure that it is clean and dry completely to prevent getting moldy or nasty when you want to use it next season.

  • For proper cleaning of the solar blanket, you have to take it off from the pool and place it on the soft grass surface. Then concentrate on the bubble damages, which make the blanket less likely to float.
  • With a soft scrub brush or soft push broom, you have to scrub away the build-up, dirt, or algae on the flat blanket. Then rinse it off with water, and dry the blanket completely by using a leaf blower or simply hanging it up.
  • Avoid leaving the solar cover on the lawn for drying, as it can burn the grass.
  • Ensure to reel it up properly after the blanket dried completely. A few reel models offer weather and UV-resistant storage cover. These models offer you to store the cover outside if there is not much indoor space. In case, if the reel won’t come with a cover, then purchase one.
  • After properly folding up the blanket, keep it in a container with a sturdy lid to prevent children and pests out. Store the container in a cool, dry place that deters cover shrinking and its plastic container from deteriorating.

Benefits of Using a Solar Cover on the Pool

Besides pool water warming, the solar blankets offer several benefits, which you have to know before making your purchase.

Warm Pool Water – Solar pool covers help to maintain a comfortable backyard pool. The air bubbles on the cover will trap solar heat and radiate it into the pool water. All it depends on the amount of sunlight and how long the cover stays on the pool. It may increase the temperature in the 10° – 15°F.

Retain Heat – Usually, the solar heat grabbed by the pool during the daytime is lost after sunset, as night air cools down. While floating a solar blanket on the pool will help to retain heat, and when combined with a pool heater, it keeps a steady temperature.

Lessen Evaporation – Using a solar blanket will prevent water evaporation by about 95% compared to pools without covers.

Prevent Bugs and Debris – Solar pool covers will protect the pool from insects, debris (twigs or leaves), and bugs. If the blanket trap debris, then uses a hand skimmer to scoop it out before taking off the cover. Removing more debris from pool water will let you run the pump less on high vacuum, and thereby saves energy costs.

Low Chemical Costs – Evaporation not only lose water but also loses some chemicals used to treat the water. With the solar cover, you can minimize 35 – 60% of pool water chemicals. So, you can spend less money on chemicals every year.

Solar Pool Cover FAQs

1. When to use a solar pool cover?

Ans: Using the solar cover on the pool that is not used or cleaned, especially at night time. This will help to prevent heat loss from the water and protect water in the pool.

2. Shall we run the pool filter with the cover on?

Ans: The pool cover doesn’t impact the filter or pool pump functions, which means they can run with the cover on.

3. How to remove the solar cover?

Ans: You can remove the solar cover over a pool by simply rolling it up. There are rollers available on the sides of some pools to take off the cover without damage.

4. Can we place a solar cover on the pool after adding chemicals?

Ans: It is not at all suggested to put it on the cover right after adding chemicals. For best results, wait for at least 1 hour after doing this work to put back the cover on the pool. So that the chemicals get thoroughly mixed in the pool water and thereby do their work without damaging the cover.

5. How to clean a solar cover?

Ans: You can use a soft brush to scrub off the solar pool covers and then rinse off with a water hose. Make sure that dry the cover thoroughly before you fold or reel it.

6. How to properly store a solar cover?

Ans: Storing a solar cover after cleaning at the end of the pool season is a must. For this, you have to roll up the pool cover and fold it at least twice to make the cover fit into a protective bag. Store this bag in a cool, dry, dark place, such as a garage or shed.

7. Is it safe to use solar pool covers?

Ans: Solar pool covers are completely safe to use over the pool, as it helps to maintain a temperature and keep out the debris. It safeguards the pool as a part of the maintenance when used with other precautions like a fence or pool net. This will stop happening of some dangerous accidents, especially while having kids or pets playing near the pool while not using it.

8. How effective is a solar pool cover?

Ans: Constant use of solar pool cover will make it an effective option. For instance, using a cover overnight will minimize the heat loss and keep water warm enough that let you swim comfortably in the succeeding day.

9. How does a solar pool cover work?

Ans: They work to trap & hold heat and reduce evaporation. Usually, they absorb the sun’s heat with the help of air pockets and then transfer the heat to the pool’s water. Also, they act as an insulator at night to prevent heat loss. So, they lessen the pool heating costs by insulating from solar heat and reducing evaporation than traditional pool heaters.

10. Are algae caused by solar pool covers?

Ans: Usually, higher temperatures in pool water will result in causing algae to grow, yet solar covers alone won’t cause this to happen. However, there are a lot of reasons (like nitrate presence, rainwater, warm temperatures, or imbalanced chemicals) to cause algae growth. Low levels of chlorine in the pool will lead to quick grow algae. Ensure to remove the rainwater that won’t get sucked on the cover’s top, why because they increase the growth of algae. Regular cleaning and caring of the pool cover will avoid these problems.


As the name suggests, a solar pool cover is a simple cover that is placed on top of your swimming pool. You do not need to perform any additional installation procedure for a solar pool cover. All you need to do is make sure that your pool is covered at all times, except when you are using it. There are many additional benefits of having a decent solar pool cover, such as an additional layer to keep your pool clean and pure along with a cost-effective way to prevent evaporation of water in your pool. If you are finding it difficult to choose one solar pool cover from the best solar pool covers mentioned here, you can go with one of our top recommendations mentioned here.

  • Hinspergers Solar Pool Cover is bringing you the most affordable solar pool cover from our picks today. This cover is a poly tarp type solar pool cover that also includes a dedicated roller so that it can be easily wrapped when not in use. Even though it is a cheap option, it offers to cover a 16 x 32 feet pool without any problem.
  • If you are looking for more of a long term option, then prefer the MidWest Solar Pool Cover. It is a circular solar pool cover that offers 18 foot diameter surface area covered with resin material. MidWest Canvas is offering a 10 years long warranty on this product which makes it highly reliable.
  • If you do not want to compromise quality for the price, then the Blue Wave Solar Pool Cover is the best choice for you. Being the most premium offering from our picks, the Blue Wave NS520 is made up of 14 mm thick plastic and offers up to 15°C temperature rise. It is also backed by 3 year warranty period, which is great for its price range.

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