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10 Best Pool Skimmers Reviews in 2023

Summer is in full swing and that means barbecues, pool parties, and plenty of time by the water. If you’re like us, you want your pool to be looking its best all season long. The easiest method to keep your pool clean and safe is with a good skimmer. The end goal of a pool skimmer is to help remove leaves, bugs, and other unwanted items from your swimming hole.

With different models in the market, some models are handheld, while others attach directly to the side and can be used with a pole.

Below are some important details that you should consider before purchasing the best pool skimmer for your needs.

  • Type of Pools: Considering the type of pool will help you to choose the skimmer that is more compatible with your pool. For example – there are 2 types of pools which include Above ground pools and In-ground level pools. There is less maintenance cost for Above ground pools so, you should choose a less powerful pool skimmer for this type of pool. But in-ground pools can be more susceptible to algae and other build-ups, so a stronger skimmer may be necessary.
  • Size and Durability: The size of your pool will also play a role in the size of skimmer you need. A small, above-ground pool may only require a hand-held skimmer to keep it clean. But a large, in-ground pool will need a more durable and powerful skimmer.
  • Ease of Use: You’ll also want to consider how easy the skimmer is to use because some models have a handle that can be adjusted to make it easier to reach the bottom of the pool, while other models have a long pole that can be used to reach the bottom.

While choosing a pool skimmer, there can be many more other factors other than these three. We have detailed everything in our “Buying Guide” at the last. For now, let’s look at some of the best pool skimmers that can get the job done!

Best Pool Skimmers 2023

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Best Pool Skimmers Reviews

1. Evob Pool Skimmers

Evob Leaf Skimmer

The modern technology and design of the Evob Skimmer make it an essential tool for keeping your pool clean and sparkling. This durable nylon mesh netting won’t snag on rough surfaces or let small pieces of anything escape. You can easily remove all the dirt and unwanted particles from your pool without stressing your arms or back.

This strong evob skimmer also has a durable plastic frame, so you can attach it to any standard pole and quickly skim across the surface of your pool to collect unwanted leaves, bugs, and other debris.

The mesh netting of the Evob Skimmer is also very fine, so you can be sure that no debris will escape and that your pool will stay clean. Moreover, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can purchase your evob skimmer without worrying about anything.

Best Feature:

  • Made with nylon mesh
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Easy to handle


  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Fine mesh netting catches all debris


  • No poles included

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2. Hayward Pool Skimmers

Hayward Ground Pool Skimmer

The Hayward skimmer is built to last and comes with all the necessary filters and baskets such as the filter-basket, hardware, and gasket. This skimmer is perfect for pools with high usage rates as it can handle constant traffic without issue.

It is made from high-quality, durable ABS plastic that can withstand the sun’s harsh rays meaning you don’t have to worry about it fading or cracking over time. It is the perfect option for large pools as it comes with large baskets that can hold a lot of debris. Also, the Hayward skimmer is compatible with wide top seat pools.

This is an excellent option for you if you want a durable and long-lasting skimmer that will keep your pool clean and free of debris.

Best features:

  • Large basket for collecting debris
  • Made of strong ABS plastic
  • Snap-in removable weir


  • It includes all hardware
  • UV resistant


  • You will need to cut out a hole in your pool wall

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3. ProTuff Pool Skimmers

ProTuff Pool Net Skimmer

The plastic rim of the ProTuff skimmer is tough and durable, so it won’t damage or scratch your pool liner. This skimmer is also made from an 18″ aluminum alloy frame. The bag is made from fine, yet tough mesh that can capture leaves and other debris without any problem.

Also, the bag is double stitched which makes sure that the bag will not tear easily. It is effective to catch bigger leaves and bugs. The bag can be easily detachable for cleaning purposes.

The most important part about this ProTuff skimmer is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. So, if you have any kind of issues with your skimmer, you can easily get it replaced anytime.

With its solid construction and premium quality parts, this heavy-duty skimmer is a great value for your money!

Best Features:

  • Tough and durable plastic rim
  • Made from an 18″ aluminum alloy frame
  • The bag is made from tough mesh


  • The bag is double stitched for durability
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • Not efficient at removing small pieces

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4. U.S. Pool Skimmers

U.S. Pool Supply Skimmer

Ths U.S. Pool Supply Skimmer fine mesh netting  which makes sure your pools stays steer clear of dirt, debri, leaves, insects and any type of plant wastes.

The basket is 6″ deep, making it easier and quicker to cover a large surface area with each glide. The telescopic handle can be adjusted from 25″ all the way up to 50″ so you can customize its length to your needs.

The  durable aluminum frame construction provides you with years of trouble-free use. You can store this pool net after use that effortlessly collects all leaves and debris while draining water from it. The hand grip is comfortable to hold and the curved plastic frame protects your swimming pool’s surface from scratches.

If you are not satisfied with this pool skimmer, the company provides a 1-year replacement or refund.

Best Features:

  • Durable aluminum frame and fine mesh netting
  • 6″ deep basket
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Customizable length


  • Can be used on above-ground and inground pools
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Manual assembly required

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5. Sukki Pool Skimmers

SUKKI Heavy Duty Pool Skimmer 

The SUKKI Pool Skimmer comes with an 18-inch alloy frame that’s sturdy, stron, durable and ensures years of use without any bending or twisting. The durable mesh is deep from the inside means no need of frequent clearing.

Besides, the nylon mesh strainer is tough and triple weaved. It is wear-resistant in nature so it can be used for a long time without any worry. Infact, the claims to hold more than 50 pounds of weight without emptying.

It also has a universal fit that allows it to be used on most telescoping pool vacuums, making it a great tool to have on hand. The basket can handle a lot of weight as has an aluminum frame.

The curved edges are capable of scraping debris that may be stuck to the bottom of your pool. The curved edges will also help to avoid any scratches and damage to your pool’s surface.

Best Feature:

  • Ability to scrape debris without damaging the surface
  • Wear-resistant design


  • Affordable skimmer
  • Durable frame


  • The mesh may not be as fine as some other models

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6. Sepetrel Pool Skimmers

Sepetrel Swimming Pool Skimmer

The Sepetrel skimmer is easy to empty thanks to its corner-sewed design. This skimmer is great for pools of all sizes and can help keep your pool clean with its wide and inclined front lip.

The frame typically measures 17” x 11” with 15.5 inches deep net. The reinforced frame is sufficient for home pools. It will not break or twist, making the task at hand easier than ever.

While installing or removing your telescoping pole, be sure to use the EZ Clip. This button also avoids getting your fingers pinched in the process.

The deep bag provides good capacity and prevents even small debris from escaping. The bag is also easily removable for quick and easy emptying. The handle is 1’/8″ and is designed to work with standard pool poles 1-1/4″.

Best Features:

  • ⅛-inch handle
  • Sewed corners
  • EZ safety clip
  • Reinforced frame for durability


  • Great for pools of all sizes
  • EZ Clip for easy installation/removal of the telescoping pole


  • Pole not included

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7. Poolwhale Pool Skimmers

POOLWHALE Professional Pool Skimmer

The bag of POOLWHALE skimmer is made of a premium quality polyester mesh, which is durable and tear resistant. It’s fine enough to catch the smallest objects that can contaminate your pool like pollens, insects, algae and other debri.

The deep depth of this bag makes sure you can filter out even more debris than with a traditional skimmer. The ABS plastic frame is designed to handle the weight of the wet leaves and debris.

This skimmer is 17″ wide and 14″ deep, making it the perfect size for use in all types of pools. With its universal holder, this skimmer will fit any standard 1-1/4″ pool pole so you can extend your reach and pick up debris and other unwanted materials from the bottom of your pool.

It also includes an EZ clip for an easy and secure attachment to your pool pole. However, if you feel that this product does not meet your needs, the company assures you to provide a 30 days refund or replacement.

Best Features:

  • Durable and tear-resistant bag
  • ABS plastic frame
  • Fine polyester net
  • Deep depth for more debris
  • Universal holder for 1-1/4″ pool pole


  • Perfect for both in-ground and above-ground pools
  • The EZ-clip makes it very easy to attach and remove from the pool pole


  • Pole is not included
  • The warranty is only valid for 30 days

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8. SkimmerMotion Pool Skimmers


If you’re looking for an automatic pool skimmer that can help you clean your pool quickly and easily, SkimmerMotion is a great option. This device attaches to your vacuum hose and automatically skims the surface of your pool, helping to remove leaves, debris, and bugs.

It’s a pool surface cleaner. You can plug it directly into an outdoor outlet, which will help keep your pool clean and reduce the amount of time you need to spend cleaning it.

It’s designed to remove all particles smaller than 1” from your pool. It generates whirlpools that help to pull in nearby debris and other particles. It also removes chemical substances from the surfaces making it more effective at cleaning your pool..

Overall, the SkimmerMotion is a great investment for those who have more budget and want to make sure their pool is always clean.

Best Feature:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Connects to most suction-side cleaners
  • Removes small particles less than 1”
  • Connects directly to pool suction plug


  • Reduces the amount of time needed to clean the pool
  • Can help reduce the number of chemicals used in the pool
  • Effective at removing smaller particles


  • Cannot remove particles bigger than 1-inch

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9. Urchindj Pool Skimmers

Urchindj Pool Skimmer

This pool skimmer has wider and inclined scoop edges which make it easier for debris or leaves to be scooped out of the water. The weight tag is situated at the bottom of the net which makes it more balanced while you are cleaning those pesky leaves out of your pool.

The skimmer bag is designed with high-quality nylon mesh which means you can use it multiple times without worrying about it ripping or tearing. The bag is 17.4 inches wide, and 15.75 inches deep. The sturdy frame is 11 inches wide, making it easier for you to maneuver around in the water.

You can easily attach your skimmer to the standard pole with two buttons – just press the big ones to insert and release, or the little ones to lock it in place which will also ensure your finger safety. The smooth curve design of the frame will avoid damaging your pool during cleaning.

Best Features:

  • Wider and inclined scoop edges for easier debris removal
  • High-quality nylon mesh skimmer bag
  • The sturdy frame is 11 inches wide
  • Easily attaches to a standard pole


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • No rusting or corrosion
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to clean


  • Not good at removing debri off the bottom

Buy Now From Amazon

10. PoolSkim Pool Skimmers

PoolSkim Pool Skimmer 

PoolSkim has developed an automatic skimmer that is specifically made for pools with weak pumps. The suction is created by using the return water from your pool pump, meaning it is less likely to damage or wear out over time.

It is constructed with premium quality PVC and polyurethane connectors to ensure durability. We like the innovative design that makes it easy to install no matter what type or size your pool is. You won’t have any trouble installing the system because it doesn’t require you to cut new openings or make other changes to your pool.

The suction is so powerful that it can easily remove leaves, bugs, and other debris from your pool and keep the water crystal clear. The collected debris will be stored in the basket, which you can then empty out easily. The filter can also be easily cleaned so that it is ready to go for your next pool party.

Best Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Innovative design
  • Powerful suction


  • Easy to clean filter
  • Durable construction
  • Can be used with any size or type of pool


  • Net is not very sturdy

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide for the Best Pool Skimmer

The pool skimmer is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for keeping your pool clean which helps remove debris from the surface of the water, including leaves, bugs, and sticks. It also helps to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime on the walls and floor of the pool.

Also, the pool skimmer helps to circulate the water in your pool. This is important because it helps to distribute the chemicals evenly and prevents the water from becoming stagnant.

There are various pool skimmers with different workings on the market, and it can be hard to decide which one is right for you but, In this buying guide, we will help you choose the best pool skimmer for your needs.

You should consider the following factors while choosing the skimmers for your pool:

1. The Type of Pool Skimmers

  • Manual Skimmers- Manual skimmers are the perfect option if you are looking for a low-cost way to keep your swimming area clean. These skimmers are useful to catch large leaves and bugs that may fall into your pool. Also, You don’t need electricity to operate manual skimmers.
  • Automatic pool skimmers– These skimmers are usually connected to your pool’s pump and filter system. The suction from the pump helps to remove debris from the surface of your pool. Note that automatic skimmers don’t require any source of electricity since they are water powered.
  • Self-contained pool skimmers– These types of pool skimmer are powered by solar panels, which capture sunlight and use it to move the skimmer around your pool.

2. Size

The size of the pool skimmer will be determined by the size of your pool and if you have a small or medium-sized pool, then a handheld skimmer should suffice. If you have a larger pool, then you’ll need a skimmer that can be attached directly to the side or one that can be used with a containment system.

3. Weight

It is important to consider the weight of the skimmer because you’ll need to be able to move it around easily. If you have a large pool, then make sure that any given model can withstand some extra pounds before breaking down or wearing out. So this doesn’t become an issue for users in future years.

On the other hand, if you have a small or medium-sized pool, then you should opt. for a lightweight skimmer. That way, the weight won’t be an issue when you’re moving it around and trying to keep your pool clean.

4. Ease of Use

Easy-to-use skimmers are the most popular preference for the pool owner because nobody wants to waste their time with skimmers that are not easy to use. Some models come with a hose attachment that makes it easy to connect to your vacuum. On the other hand, skimmers also come with baskets that are easily detachable and emptied.

The most important thing is to find a model that is easy for you to use so that you can keep your pool clean with ease.

5. Durability

It is important to make sure that some models are made with durable materials that can withstand the elements and can bear the heavy weight of wet debris, while others are made with less durable materials that will need to be replaced more often.

In this modern generation, there are many various types, models, and sizes of pool skimmers. So, it is not easy to find the right one and that is where we come in! After days of research and testing, We have found the best pool skimmers on the market. We are sure that one of these will be the perfect fit for you and your pool!

6. Budget

Make sure to check the price when choosing a pool skimmer. The price will differ according to the size, weight, features, and type of skimmer you are choosing for your pool. If you are on a budget, then you may want to consider a handheld skimmer.

On the other hand, if you have a larger budget, then you may want to consider an automatic skimmer that can be attached to your pool. Also, keep in consideration that price does vary from brand to brand.

7. Features

When choosing a pool skimmer, you should also look up the features that a skimmer has to offer. Some models come with a telescoping pole which makes it easy to reach the bottom of the pool. Also, there are some skimmers brands that don’t provide poles so you will have to buy it separately which will add up the cost.

On the other hand, some skimmers come with an attached brush and some don’t but, If you want to save money, then you can opt. for a model that doesn’t have an attached brush. However, if you want the best possible clean, then you should choose a model that does have an attached brush.

Pool Skimmers FAQs

1. Is a pool skimmer necessary?

Yes, a pool skimmer is necessary in order to remove leaves, debris, and bugs from the surface of the water. This ensures keeping the water crystal clean and prevents clogging in the filter. These are generally installed around the perimeter of the pool so that they can effectively skim the water.

2. What size pool skimmer do I need?

A small pool will require a smaller skimmer, while a larger pool will need a larger skimmer. Pool type (inground or above ground) will also play a role in choosing the size skimmer you need. In general, inground pools require larger skimmers than above-ground pools. And lastly, consider the level of traffic your pool gets. If you have a lot of people swimming in your pool, you’ll need a more powerful skimmer and vice versa.

3. Where should a pool skimmer be placed?

There is no definitive answer, as the placement of a pool skimmer may vary depending on the size and shape of your pool, as well as the type of skimmer you have. However, it is best for you to place the skimmer near the center of your pool, so it will be able to reach the most area. Additionally, placing the skimmer near an entry point to your pool, such as a set of stairs or ladder, can help to remove debris quickly before it has a chance to sink and dirty the bottom of your pool.

4. Are all pool skimmers the same size?

There is no same size for all pool skimmers because the size of the skimmer will depend on the size of the pool. So, a small pool will have a small skimmer, while a large pool will have a large skimmer. Also, there are different types of skimmers, like above-ground skimmers and in-ground skimmers. Above-ground skimmers are designed to be smaller than in-ground skimmers.
Also, there are different brands of pool skimmers. Some brands make larger skimmers than other brands. So, it is necessary for you to choose the correct size of pool skimmer for your pool. Hayward and Pentair are two brands that make larger skimmers.

5. Why does my pool skimmer have low suction?

This is a very common question pool owners have and it happens due to a few different reasons – Firstly, the skimmer basket catches leaves, bugs, and other debris that can fall into your pool. It can get full, which reduces suction over time.
Secondly, the water level in your pool may be too low. The suction will be reduced if the water level is below the middle of the skimmer opening and Lastly, the pump may not be running long enough each day because pumps need to run for at least eight hours a day to maintain suction.


These best pool skimmers are all great options for keeping your swimming area clean and free of debris. It can be tough to decide which one is right for you, but our buying guide can help make the process a little bit easier. We’ve listed some important factors to consider when purchasing a pool skimmer, as well as some of the top-selling models that are sure to meet your needs.

As per our experience in using and testing all these skimmers, we have listed the top 3 protein skimmers in terms of quality, performance, and user-friendliness:

  • ProTuff Pool Skimmers: Its durable construction and innovative design make it the perfect choice for anyone who wants a top-quality pool skimmer.
  • U.S. Pool Skimmers: You can clean your pool quickly with this skimmer because it has a basket that is 6″ deep. The length is easily adjustable from 25″ up to 50″ with the telescopic handle.
  • Sepetrel Pool Skimmers: The telescoping pole is best installed or removed by using white button (EZ Clip). You can easily attach the handle to the pole by depressing the button and avoid getting your fingers pinched in the process.

When it comes to choosing a pool skimmer, size, weight, ease of use, budget, and features are all important factors to consider. No matter which model you choose, you can be confident that your pool will be clean and ready for a swim in no time.

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