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Best Above Ground Pool Lights for a Stunning Glow: Our Top 10 Picks

A swimming pool is a great addition to your house where you can relax and spend time with your loved ones. With the help of lighting, you can add a good ambiance and appealing touch to the pool area. Illuminating the pool area not only adds visual value but also serves as a safety factor at night. For this sole purpose, the above-ground pool lights become an important accessory.

The above-ground pool light usually uses the LED strip lights or halogen bulb configuration for a better spread of light. With the help of single or multiple colors, illumination and beautification of the pool area can be done. Before buying lights for your swimming pool, you must understand a few factors that affect the overall performance of pool lights.

  • Type of Bulb: Various types of bulbs can be used for the above pool lights. The selection of the bulb is dependent on other factors like power consumption, brightness, etc. Incandescent bulbs were a popular choice for above-ground pool lights. They were subsequently replaced by the new halogen and LED bulbs.
  • Brightness: The brightness of the pool light is one of its major selling factors. The pool lights have a different level of brightness as compared to the other types of lights. To select a pool light, the overall size of the pool is considered. Smaller pools can be equipped with low-brightness units. For a larger pool area, a set of powerful lights can be used.
  • Power Source: Since the pool lights are installed outdoors, a continuous power supply is a must. You can connect the light to an outdoor electrical circuit connected to the domestic power supply. Some lights also use rechargeable battery units which power the lights for a longer period. The lights are also compatible with the outdoor power generators as long as the current supply matches.

 These factors play an important role in selecting good lights depending on your taste. With so many options in the market, it is natural to be confused while selecting the right option. To ease your efforts, we have compiled a list of the best ground pool lights. A “Buying Guide” and FAQ section is also discussed to understand the governing factors in depth.

Best Above Ground Pool Lights Chart

Best above ground pool lightsPower sourceMaterialType of bulbBuying Now
Qoolife Above Ground Pool LightRechargeable batteryPlasticLED RGBWCheck On Amazon
LyLmLe Above Ground Pool LightPower cordPC and resin mixtureLED RGBCheck On Amazon
Loftek Above Ground Pool LightRechargeable batteryPolyethyleneLED RGBCheck On Amazon
Nitelighter Above Ground Pool LightPower cordPlastic and alloy steelLED RGBWCheck On Amazon
Homly Above Ground Pool LightAAA batteryPlasticLED RGBCheck On Amazon
Pentair Above Ground Pool LightPower cordPlasticLED Check On Amazon
Xiilise Above Ground Pool LightRechargeable batteryPVC plasticLED RGBCheck On Amazon
DeeprBetter Above Ground Pool LightAAA batteryPlasticLED RGBCheck On Amazon
EZ Above Ground Pool LightPower cordPlastic and alloy steelLED RGBCheck On Amazon
U UZOPI Above Ground Pool LightRechargeable batteryAcrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneLED WRGBCheck On Amazon

Best Above Ground Pool Lights Reviews

1. Qoolife Above Ground Pool Light

Qoolife Above Ground Pool LightOur first product on the list comes from a brand known for its premium quality, Qoolife. It develops home products by staying true to the motto of quality and style.

The Qoolife Above-Ground pool light is a waterproof unit. Rated with IPX8, the body of the light can survive submersible conditions under 20 meters. The plastic body houses 10 RGBW LED chips that offer good illumination and a variety of color shades. It has 11 types of color patterns that change as per the user’s input. You can access the functions of pool lights with the help of an RF remote controller.

It also features a 1500mAh battery which continues to power the lights for a long time. This rechargeable unit can be mounted anywhere due to the absence of power cables. For easy mounting, the back of this light under a pool vacuum has a suction cup that sticks to any flat surface. It also has a magnetic strip that securely mounts over metallic surfaces.

Best Features:

  • Set of 10 LED bulbs with RGBW colors
  • A lightweight construction made from plastic
  • 1500mAh rechargeable battery
  • 11 color patterns and a variety of customization
  • USB charging wire included
  • Remote controller for wireless access to light functions


  • The suction cup offers a strong and secure mounting of the light under a vacuum
  • With a wide range of customization, the light can be used for a variety of applications
  • The IPX8 rating prevents any damage under water splashes or submerged conditions


  • The built-in magnet is not strong enough to mount the light on polished surfaces

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2. LyLmLe Above Ground Pool Light

LyLmLe Above Ground Pool LightLyLmLe specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality pool lights. The lights are made from high-strength materials and cutting-edge chips to achieve good durability and performance.

The LyLmLe Above Ground Pool Light is designed to keep safety as the topmost priority. This unit features a built-in transformer that converts the higher input voltage of 110 Volts into usable 12 Volts. Pairing this feature with an IP68 rating, the pool light can function under 1-meter water without any water damage or electrocution hazards. It houses a 20-watt RGB LED setup with 16 million color pixels. With app connectivity, you can produce your favorite color shade around the pool.

The light also has various light effects, which deliver different patterns of colors. Built-in microphone sync with the music to change colors depending on the music beats. The light is connected to a standard power outlet with the help of a 26 feet cable. This cable has a 2-in-1 parallel line design which allows the self-locking of the light at the desired length. Made with high-quality PC and resin construction, the light possesses great durability.

Best Features:

  • Powerful 20-Watt LEDs with RGB configuration
  • Built-in transformer to convert high voltage into low voltage
  • IP68 rating for submerged conditions under 1-meter water
  • 26-feet long power cord
  • Body made up of PC and resin material
  • A built-in microphone that syncs with music beats
  • The average lifespan of 50,000 hours


  • The timer mode automatically turns off the lights to save energy
  • The power cord has a self-locking design that helps in adjusting the mounting length of light
  • A dedicated app helps in controlling the functions of light remotely


  • It does not have other mounting options

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3. Loftek Above Ground Pool Light

LOFTEK Above Ground Pool LightLoftek has been active in the lighting solution market for over two decades. By adapting new technologies, it has developed a range of LED products for consumers.

The Loftek Above Ground Pool light is a floatable unit thanks to the 16-inch diameter body. With an IP65 rating, the light can withstand water splashes easily. It houses a set of RGB LEDs capable of producing 16 different shades of color. With adjustable brightness, you can light up the pool area or dim the lights for soft lighting. The light has four dynamic lighting modes which can be controlled via a remote controller under a 26-feet range.

No more worrying about power connection as the light has a built-in rechargeable battery. This 2000mAh battery easily powers the light for 6 to 11 hours. The body is made up of toy-grade polyethylene material, which offers great durability. The light body shell and base are different units that keep the electronics sealed away from water and dust attacks.

Best features:

  • 16-inch inflatable body made up of toy-grade polyethylene material
  • IP65 rating for protection against water splashes and submerged conditions
  • RGB LEDs with 16 color options
  • Rechargeable 2000mAh battery with 11 hours of runtime
  • 4 dynamic light patterns
  • Remote controller with a 26-feet range


  • The spherical design of the light evenly spreads brightness in all directions
  • The sealing ring prevents the entry of water or dust particles
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty


  • The lightweight of this light is not suitable for windy situations

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4. Nitelighter Above Ground Pool Light

Nitelighter Above Ground Pool LightSPQ Brands introduced the Nitelighter sub-brand which specializes in lighting solutions. Adopting decades of experience related to outdoor products, it has developed a range of durable products.

The Nitelighter Above Ground Pool Light is one of the most powerful units on the list. It features an LED bulb configuration that churns out a 50 Watt output. The design and placement of the LED bulbs help in covering a larger area of the pool. The multicolor option has two modes: static and automatic changing cycle. You can switch to red, blue, or green color for mood lighting. When in need of proper illumination, the white color mode delivers the best brightness.

A 28-inch power cord supplies continuous power to the light. With the automatic two-hour shut-off feature, you don’t have to worry about turning the lights off anymore. For secure installation around the pool, it features a mounting bracket with an adjustable thumb wheel. For improved safety, the light is ETL-certified with UL standards. A lower voltage consumption prevents the chances of electrocution even while using the lights underwater.

Best features:

  • Powerful 50-Watt LED light
  • Static and automatic color-changing modes
  • 28-inch long power cord
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • ETL-certified with UL standards
  • Mounting bracket with adjustable wheel


  • The light consumes a very low level of power
  • The design of light spreads the light in every direction, covering every corner of the pool
  • The sealing ring prevents water or dust particles from entering the light


  • The multicolor mode only produces red, green, and blue colors

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5. Homly Above Ground Pool Light

Homly Above Ground Pool LightHomly develops and manufactures a range of lighting solutions products. The products possess good quality and performance to cater to the demands of consumers.

The Homly Above Ground Pool Light also features a unique design. It has a built-in LED setup that produces 16 different colors combined with three pattern-changing modes. Thanks to the adjustable brightness feature, the light can be dimmed or switched to the higher brightness setting. With a remote controller, various functions of light can be accessed within a range of 200 feet and 16 feet underwater.

The set of three AA batteries supplies continuous power to the lights for 50 to 120 hours. It uses a thick sealing ring that separates the electronics from the base. With an IP68 rating, the light’s body can withstand submerged conditions without leaking water into the electronic compartment. It also features a huge suction cup design which creates a vacuum to stick the light on any flat surface. You can also use the magnetic power to mount the light on metallic surfaces.

Best features:

  • A pack of 4 LED lights
  • 16 colors with three patterns
  • Remote controller with a 200-feet range
  • Supports AA batteries with 120 hours of runtime
  • IP68 rating against water splashes or submerged conditions
  • Suction cup and built-in magnet for easy mounting


  • The light supports dimming of brightness making it suitable for a variety of applications
  • It has a timer which automatically turns the light off after a certain time
  • The light comes with a 2-year warranty


  • The range of the remote controller reduces underwater

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6. Pentair Above Ground Pool Light

Pentair Above Ground Pool LightPentair is omnipresent in various fields to promote sustainable solutions. It has thereby developed a range of lighting solutions with good reliability and durability.

The Pentair 98600000 2010-Convertible AquaLuminator Above Ground Light is suitable for various types of pools. It uses the LED bulb setup to create higher levels of brightness. The design of light keeps the speed of brightness focused in one place. When a mild color setup is needed, the green and blue panels can be mounted over the light to produce a colorful light.

A 25-inch power cord continuously supplied power to the light. It can be mounted on the water return line of the pool due to its waterproofing. The light can be easily mounted over the edge of the pool due to the simple design. It also comes with a fountain attachment to light up water fountains.

Best features:

  • LED light setup
  • A focused beam of light
  • White light with green and blue panels
  • Easy mounting design
  • 25-inch long power cord


  • Waterproof design helps in using the light with a water return line
  • It can be used as a fountain light too
  • Easy mounting of the light is possible due to a simple design


  • The light is priced higher than other options

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7. Xiilise Above Ground Pool Light

XIILSIE Above Ground Pool LightXIILSIE offers a range of high-quality products for domestic lighting. It is dedicated to providing consumers with reliable products along with affordable pricing.

The XIILSIE Above Ground Pool Light has an inflatable body. The 14-inch diameter body houses all the electronics and LED bulbs. The RGB configuration of LEDs produces over 16 shades of color. It has an automatic color change mode set at a 25-second interval. All the functions of light can be accessed through a remote controller. Due to the use of lightweight PVC plastic material and the round shape of the body, this light easily floats over the water’s surface.

The light is not dependent on the wired power sources. It houses a rechargeable battery and a solar charging panel. By keeping the light under the sunlight, you get enough power to illuminate the pool for the whole night. With automatic timer mode, the lights turn off after the set time. Rated with IP68, this floating light can withstand water splashes or submerged conditions. The light can also be mounted with the help of the hanging hook. An air pump is also provided to inflate the flexible body of light.

Best features:

  • A pack of 4 pool lights
  • 14-inch orb-shaped body design
  • RGB LEDs with 16 color combinations
  • Automatic pattern change mode
  • Built-in solar panel to charge a rechargeable battery
  • IP68-rated construction to prevent water damage
  • Air pump to inflate the light body


  • The lightweight PVC construction makes the light floatable even after housing all the electronics
  • Powered with a battery, the light does not create a mesh of wires around the pool
  • The light can also be mounted above the pool with the help of a hook


  • The lightweight of the light’s body is not suitable for windy days

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8. DeeprBetter Above Ground Pool Light

DeeprBetter Above Ground Pool LightDeepr Better specializes in the production of various types of lighting solutions. It offers a wide range of products to choose from. Every product is designed by keeping the consumer’s needs in mind.

The Deepr Better Above Ground Pool Light has a more appealing design. It houses a total of 10 LED bulbs that produce seven different shades of color. The overall brightness of the light is soft to the eyes creating a soothing effect. The color gradient modes help in mixing the colors with a smoother transition. Rated with IP68, the floating light can also be used as a submersible unit without worrying about water damage.

You won’t have to worry about powering the lights with long cords. The light uses three AAA batteries to continuously illuminate the pool area. The absence of wires around the pool area promotes safety and makes the light more portable. When the floating mode is not necessary, you can mount the light on any metallic surface with the help of a built-in magnet.

Best features:

  • A pack of 2 pool lights
  • 10 LED bulbs with RGB configuration
  • Lightweight construction made up of plastic material
  • Powered with AAA batteries
  • IP68 rating and sealing ring to protect light against water damage
  • Built-in magnet for easy mounting


  • The compact and wireless design helps in keeping the pool area free of wires
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • This pool light is priced lower than the competitors


  • Due to low brightness, a single light is not sufficient to light up a large pool area

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9. EZ Above Ground Pool Light

EZ Above Ground Pool LightNu Cobalt is involved in the development, production, and discussion of various pool accessories. With good quality products and after-sales service, it has gained popularity in recent years.

The Nu Cobalt EZ 2609 Above Ground Pool Light has a hermetically sealed body design. This allows maximum protection against water splashes. This light features a set of white LEDs which produces a maximum output of 13 watts. With a 1000 lumens brightness, the light easily covers a larger area of the pool. To evenly spread the light in all directions, it is installed with an angled reflector. The light is powered with the help of a 16-feet power cord and a control box.

The light has a sturdy construction made from plastic material and hence it does not rust under moisture. To dissipate the heat produced under the powerful output of light, a built-in heat sink is also provided. To switch off the lights, it features a 24 hours timer which can be set to a manual or automatic mode. A simple mount is provided for easy installation of the lights. For added safety, the light is certified with ETL and cETL standards for low voltage consumption.

Best features:

  • Hermetically sealed plastic body with good water resistance
  • A maximum output of 13 watts
  • The overall brightness level of 1000 Lumens
  • 16-feet long power cord
  • Automatic or manual timer function with 24 hours limit
  • Study built-quality with plastic material
  • Certified with ETL and cETL standards for safe operation


  • The angled reflector spread the light in all directions
  • It features a heat sink to remove heat away from the light
  • The body is designed to resist all types of environmental attacks along with harmful UV rays


  • The mounting bracket is only suitable for thin surfaces

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10. U UZOPI Above Ground Pool Light

U UZOPI Above Ground Pool Light

U UZOPI Pool Lights are perfect for indoor/outdoor use, parties and adds a mesmerizing touch to my swimming pool. The strong adhesive and separate design make installation and removal hassle-free.

These lights have impressed me with their outstanding features. The built-in Li-polymer batteries end the need for buying batteries, and a quick 2.5-hour charge provides up to 24 hours of bright light. The upgraded waterproof design ensures safe immersion without any damage or water stains. These 13 LED lamp beads offer a comfortable and flicker-free lighting experience in 16 static colors and 3 color-changing modes. 

The remote control allows for easy change of brightness, color modes, and even timer settings. With a one-year warranty and excellent customer service, these lights have exceeded my expectations. Trust me, these Rechargeable Submersible Lights are a game-changer in the world of pool lighting!

Best Features:

  • Rechargeable batteries for convenience.
  • Long-lasting illumination.
  • Five times brighter than AA version.


  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Wide range of color and brightness options.
  • Timer function for automated control.
  • Waterproof and corrosion-proof design.


  • Limited information on warranty coverage.

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Buying Guide For The Best Above Ground Pool Lights

The above-ground pool lights help in turning the pool area into a mesmerizing place. These lights help in extending the swimming sessions beyond daylight. With the proper illumination, the safety of users under low light conditions is also improved. We have already gone through all the options available in the market. This buying guide will try to explain the governing factors related to pool lights.

1. Type Of Bulb

The selection of a suitable type of bulb is dependent on various factors like brightness, overall life, etc. Along with this, every bulb has its characteristics that affect the overall delivery of light. Incandescent bulbs were earlier choices for pool lights. These lights consist of a filament that emits light upon heating. Incandescent bulbs were known for emitting light as well as heat. The downside of these bulbs was higher power consumption. The life of the filament was also low, leading to frequent changes of bulbs. The halogen bulbs offer better brightness with lower power consumption. The CFL bulbs were also successful until the LED bulbs arrived. LED bulbs have a better brightness compared to power consumption. Its overall life is easier than any other bulbs, making it a good choice for pool lights.

2. Brightness

Pool lights have a different brightness compared to the other lights. The brightness of the light has to be enough to cover the pool area. Depending on the user’s demands, an adjustable brightness is always a good choice. Dimming the light helps in keeping the brightness levels according to the user’s taste. Measurement of a light’s brightness is done in the Lumens unit. The lumens levels vary depending on the type of bulb used in the lights. An incandescent bulb uses more power to produce more lumens. LED bulbs on the other hand use very low power levels to produce equivalent levels of brightness.

3. Power Source

No matter what type of bulb you use, it will still need power to light up the pool area. There are different ways of powering the pool lights. The most common power source is the wired connection between the light and the electrical outlet. The wired connection needs a professional installation keeping safety in mind. The overall length of the cord controls the range of power distribution. In this case, battery-powered lights become a good alternative. These lights are not dependent on the power cables and hence can be placed anywhere. The use of rechargeable batteries thereby increases the portability of the lights. Pairing the battery with solar panels further reduces the need for recharging the battery. The solar panels continue to charge the batteries and increase the overall battery backup.

4. Weatherproofing

Most of the pool lights have to spend their lives outdoors, except the lights used for indoor pools. They are bound to continuous attacks from environmental elements. To keep them durable for a long time, these lights are equipped with various types of waterproofing features. One of the most important features is waterproofing. Being susceptible to water splashes or even submerged conditions, the lights must have a good IP rating. The IP rating gives us an idea about the water resistance ability under certain conditions. It also prevents direct contact between water and electronics which may pose a hazard to humans or the light. Dustproofing keeps the lights safe from small particles of dust. A UV-resistant coating helps in avoiding damage to light surfaces under sunlight. Some lights are also covered with a chemical-resistant coating to avoid reactions with chemically treated water from the pool.

Above Ground Pool Light FAQS

1. How are above-ground pool lights installed?

Ans: The installation of above-ground pool lights depends on the type of light you are using. The floating lights need no installation and can be placed in the swimming pool. The wired lights fitted around the edge of the pool require professional installation. For the safe installation of any light, it is important to read all the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

2. Can you use above-ground pool lights for any pool size?

Ans: The above-ground pool lights are available in various sizes and configurations. They can be used for any pool size with the help of customization. The most important thing while selecting the pool lights is the area covered by the light. The number of low-brightness lights will be more compared to the number of high-brightness lights.

3. How to improve the lifespan of the above-ground pool lights?

Ans: The average lifespan of above-ground pool lights depends on various factors. Some pool lights last for many years due to their good quality or lower usage. The lifespan also depends on the type of bulb used in the lights. LED bulbs will last longer than the incandescent or halogen alternatives. Using the lights as prescribed by the manufacturer will help in maintaining them for a long time.

4. Are above-ground pool lights energy efficient?

Ans: The overall energy need of the above-ground lights is less than other lights. Due to the use of energy-efficient alternatives like LED bulbs, power consumption is reduced. These LED lights are generally more energy-efficient than normal incandescent lights. Along with energy saving, low power consumption also promotes the saving of money on energy.


The above-ground pool lights are a great addition to all types of pools. These lights not illuminate the pool area but also promote the safety of humans. A good-quality pool light will continue to light up the pool area for many years. This article helps your selection process by providing the best above-ground pool lights available. The buying guide and FAQs section further explains the importance of a few governing factors. With the help of this discussion, we have selected our favorite lights from the list.

  • To fulfill your hunger for powerful performance, the Nitelighter Above Ground Pool Light is an ideal choice. This light produces a maximum output of 50 watts, enough to produce a brighter illumination. By using LED bulbs, a large area can be covered under the light. With multi-color modes, the light can be set for static or changing cycles. The RGB colors help in producing a blend of soothing colors while the white light mode produces brighter light. A 28-inch long power cord continuously powers the light. To avoid wastage of energy, the light is equipped with an automatic shut-off feature. With an adjustable wheel and a mounting bracket, this light can be easily installed. With such powerful performance, the light is also certified with standard safety tests to ensure hazard-free operation.
  • If you do not want a limited budget to hamper your pool parties, the DeeprBetter Above Ground Pool Light makes sure to go easy on your pockets. This light features 10 LED bulbs that produce a good level of brightness. With customizable color options, the light can be adjusted for a soothing effect or more brightness. The body has an IP68 rating which makes it ideal for submerged applications too. With the help of AAA batteries, the dependency on power outlets is reduced. This portable light also features a hanging hook and magnet for easy mounting. All these features are available at an aggressive price tag, making this light the most affordable unit.
  • For a perfect combination of features and justified pricing, the EZ Above Ground Pool Light easily grabs the attention of consumers. This light is waterproof thanks to the unique hermetically sealed body design. It houses a set of White LEDs that produces 13 watts of output. With this power, a brightness level of 1000 lumens is achieved, enough to cover a large-size pool. To further spread the light in all directions, this unit has a built-in angled reflector. A 16-foot power cord keeps the lights connected to a continuous power supply. An automatic cut-off feature reduces the waste of energy. The light has also qualified certain safety standards for safer operation. Since the features outweigh the price of this light, it eventually becomes a value-for-money deal.

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