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6 Best Gas Pool Heaters To Heat Up Your Pool In No Time [2024 Updated]

Gas pool heaters stand as a pivotal choice for swimming pool owners looking to extend their pool season well into the cooler months. But how do you sift through the myriad options to find the heater that promises efficiency and reliability?

Our journey to answer this question led us to meticulously test a selection of the market’s leading gas pool heaters, putting them through a series of comprehensive evaluations. These tests, conducted in real-world conditions, focused on three main factors.

  • Efficiency: Opt for high-efficiency heaters (80-85%) for cost-effective operation, especially in large pools. Premium models offer greater efficiency.
  • Heat Exchanger: Choose cupro-nickel for durability or copper for faster heating, with cupro-nickel being more corrosion-resistant but pricier.
  • Size: Ensure the heater’s BTU rating matches your pool size by considering surface area and desired temperature increase, with higher BTUs preferred for ample heating.

Explore our top picks for gas pool heaters and consult our “Buying Guide” for key insights, ensuring you make a well-informed choice that meets your pool heating requirements.

Best Gas Pool Heater List

Best Gas Pool HeaterSizeWarrantyBuy Now
Hayward Gas Pool Heater150000 BTU 1 YearCheck On Amazon
Raypak Gas Pool Heater266000 BTU2 YearsCheck On Amazon
Fogatti Gas Pool Heater180000 BTU2 YearsCheck On Amazon
Hayward FDP Gas Pool Heater150000 BTU1 YearCheck On Amazon
Raypak Spa Gas Pool Heater105000 BTU2 YearsCheck On Amazon
Pentair Gas Pool Heater125000 BTU1 YearCheck On Amazon

Best Gas Pool Heater Reviews

1. Hayward Gas Pool Heater

Hayward W3H150FDN

If you don’t wish to waste a lot of time browsing through hundreds of options for a decent gas pool heater, top right here. The following gas pool heater from Hayward is one of the most trusted options on the market.

Our 1st choice for this list of the best gas pool heaters is the Hayward W3H150FDN. This is a 150000 BTU capacity gas pool and spa heater that can work pretty well for a wide range of in-ground pools and spas. It can be installed for pools ranging up to 400 sq. ft. in surface area. It is also an environmentally friendly option since it does not emit any toxic gases like NOx upon combustion.

As for its performance, you can expect the water in your pool to get the heater up pretty quickly as it is designed by Hayward, an experienced brand for pool accessories. Also, all Hayward products feature a heightened resistance against problems like rust and corrosion which is important for a pool accessory. The Hayward W3H150FDN features a year long warranty period along with many exciting features.

Best Features

  • It has a heating capacity of about 150000 BTU
  • Comes with a year long warranty period
  • Environmentally friendly design
  • Suitable for up to 400 sq. ft. pools


  • Quite an efficient option
  • Free from corrosion and other weather problems
  • Works for in-ground pools and spas


  • Some options are more affordable

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2. Raypak Gas Pool Heater

Raypak Digital Natural Gas Pool Heater

If you have a large pool, then you should definitely consider going with an option like the one presented by Raypak. This is the most powerful option available on this list and is perfectly suitable for large pools.

In 2nd place, we have the Raypak Natural Gas Pool Heater. This is certainly a premium option compared to other picks you will find in the market. But, this is the only option that can perfectly suffice for a large commercial pool, along with medium to large-sized domestic pools. The Raypak Natural Gas Pool Heater has a heating capacity of about 266000 BTU and the unit is built with such a shape that it can withstand any weather condition with ease.

The Raypak Natural Gas Pool Heater also features an intermittent spark ignition pilot which allows maximum safety for the user while you are using the heater. Also, the built-in ignition system surely increases the overall performance of the heater. With the Raypak Natural Gas Pool Heater, you won’t be needing an external heat sink since the unit is made up of space=age material.

Best Features

  • It has a heating capacity of about 266000 BTU
  • Comes with 2 year warranty period
  • Made up of space-age material
  • Reliable option for a gas pool heater


  • It has an intermittent spark ignition pilot
  • Safe rom environmental damage
  • Offers the best heating capacity


  • Very expensive option for a basic domestic pool

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3. Fogatti Gas Pool Heater

FOGATTI Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

Our next choice for the best gas pool heater is coming from FOGATTI which is yet another highly reliable brand on this list. However, you will find this option quite affordable compared to other gas pool heaters on the market.

In 3rd position, we have placed the FOGATTI Tankless Water Heater. This unit offers a heating capacity of about 180000 BTU which is not bad considering it is the cheapest option we could find for a water heater. It also manages to heat up to 8.1 gallons every minute, making the water ready to use within 30 minutes after you start the heater. Furthermore, the high energy conversion rate of the FOGATTI Tankless Water Heater also reduces energy loss and makes the unit cheaper to use.

Despite being the cheapest option in this selection, the FOGATTI Tankless Water Heater features CSA certification for its highly reliable build quality and internal components. It also has a built-in exhaust fan that eliminates the effects of outside wind on the performance of the heater. Unlike most other water heaters, the FOGATTI Tankless Water Heater comes with a 2 year long warranty period.

Best Features

  • It has a heating capacity of about 180000 BTU
  • Comes with 2 year warranty period
  • CSA certified design
  • 1 GPM heating capacity


  • Heat exchanger has 5 year warranty
  • One of the compact options for a gas pool heater
  • Highly reliable choice for such an affordable price range


  • Not the perfect option for large pools

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4. Hayward FDP Gas Pool Heater

Hayward W3H150FDP

Hayward is also a comparatively popular brand for pool accessories when it comes to premium range options. Just like our first option, the following gas pool heater from Hayward features a great specification set with a premium build quality.

The Hayward W3H150FDP is yet another great addition to the H-series products designed by Hayward. This is one of the best options designed by the brand for in-ground pools ranging up to 400 sq. ft. in surface area. Similar to our last option from Hayward, the Hayward W3H150FDP also has little to no impact on the environment since it does not emit any toxic gases upon combustion. And just like other H-series water heaters, the Hayward W3H150FDP also has exceptional protection against environmental problems like corrosion.

When it comes to performance, the Hayward W3H150FDP certainly does not disappoint with the heating capacity of about 150000 BTU fueled by propane. This water heater also has a high energy efficiency rating thanks to the advanced pump design which reduces the circulation of water when the temperature is maintained. It reduces the consumption of fuel and makes the heater cheaper in terms of running costs.

Best Features

  • It has a heating capacity of about 150000 BTU
  • Comes with a year long warranty period
  • Energy efficient design with no toxic emissions
  • Suitable for up to 400 sq. ft.


  • Environmentally friendly design
  • Great corrosion resistance
  • Features cupro nickel heat exchanger


  • Warranty period is only 1 year long

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5. Raypak Spa Gas Pool Heater

Raypak Swimming Pool and Spa Heater

Next we are bringing one more highly reliable option for a gas pool heater. It is also a comparatively affordable option that can be a great pick for the long term.

Rounding up our list of the best gas pool heaters, we have the Raypak Swimming Pool and Spa Heater. This is a rather smaller unit which can be perfect for a small-sized pool. The Raypak 105,000 BTU Swimming Pool and Spa Heater have a water heating capacity of about 105000 BTU that can easily get your small pool ready to use within an hour of starting the heater.

Coming to the build quality, the Raypak Swimming Pool and Spa Heater has a polyester coating on the top so that the cabinet is completely non-corrosive and more durable than standard metal cabinets. The Raypak Swimming Pool and Spa Heater is designed in such a way that it automatically drafts in outdoor installations. This unit can be installed in above-ground pools with heat pump as well as smaller in-ground pools and spas It also benefits from low-profile design of the unit which is rarely available with a gas pool heater. The Raypak Swimming Pool and Spa Heater, just like our last option from Raypak, is backed by a 2 year long warranty period.

Best Features

  • It has a heating capacity of about 105000 BTU
  • Comes with 2 year warranty period
  • Polyester coating on the body
  • Wind-resistant low profile design


  • Heat exchanger is made of up copper fin tubes
  • It has a long warranty period
  • Easy to install around small pools


  • Heating capacity might be too low for cold regions

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6. Pentair Gas Pool Heater

Pentair EC462025 MasterTemp Heater

In the end, we have Pentair. It is also a good option to consider while you are looking for a gas pool heater. Pentair also designs various other pool accessories such as filters, heat pumps, valves, and other interior components.

The Pentair EC462025 is yet another great option that can be perfect for small-sized pools having water volumes up to 15000 gallons. This natural gas heater has a heating capacity of about 125000 BTU and it can easily heat up a small pool within a short time frame. On top of that, Pentair also promises 82% energy efficiency on the Pentair EC462025, making it cheaper in terms of running costs in the long run.

The Pentair EC462025 barely makes an audible noise when it is turned ON. Thus, you can rest assured that it won’t be bothering you while you are relaxing in your pool. There is a rotatable digital dial on the Pentair EC462025 that can be easily accessed irrespective of the installation position of the water heater. It also has basic indicator lights to quickly indicate the current status of the machine and water temperature. It also has a built-in stack flue sensor that prevents the water from overheating.

Best Features

  • It has a heating capacity of about 125000 BTU
  • Comes with a year long warranty period
  • Built-in stack flue sensor
  • Basic indicators lights along with a rotatable digital display


  • Very safe option
  • Offers 82% energy efficiency
  • Suitable for up to 15000 gallons pool water bodies


  • Heating capacity is a bit low for the price

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How to Choose the Best Gas Pool Heater?

In this buying guide, we have compiled a list of the factors that should be considered while analyzing the gas pool heater models. Read through them carefully to make an informed choice.

1. Heating Efficiency

It’s crucial to assess a gas pool heater’s efficiency, especially for larger pools, to ensure fuel consumption aligns with the desired pool temperature maintenance. While standard heaters typically offer 80-85% efficiency, investing in a premium model could yield higher efficiency, reducing long-term operational costs despite a higher initial price.

2. Heat Exchanger Type

The material of the heat exchanger, crucial for heating water efficiently, is another key consideration. Copper or cupro-nickel (a copper-nickel alloy) are common due to copper’s excellent heat conductivity and cupro-nickel’s enhanced corrosion resistance. Although cupro-nickel exchangers are pricier, their durability justifies the extra cost in high-investment heaters.

3. Pool Heater Size

Matching the heater’s BTU rating to your pool size ensures effective heating. Calculate this by determining your pool’s surface area and the desired temperature increase, factoring in variables like humidity, wind, and night cooling. The formula involves multiplying the pool area by the temperature difference and a constant (12) to find the suitable BTU rating. Opt for a heater with a BTU rating that meets or exceeds this calculation to ensure adequate heating for your pool size.

4. Ease of Installation

The best gas pool heater should not only be straightforward to install but also easy to maintain. Consider units that are compatible with your existing pool setup to avoid costly modifications. Look for heaters with user-friendly interfaces, clear maintenance indicators, and accessible parts for easy servicing. Regular maintenance is vital to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your heater, so choosing a model that simplifies this process can save time and money in the long run.

5. Durability

Opt for a gas pool heater built to withstand the elements, especially if it will be installed outdoors. Durable materials like stainless steel or corrosion-resistant components extend the life of your heater, ensuring it remains operational through various weather conditions. A robust heater reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements, providing more value for your investment over time.

6. Safety Features

Safety should never be compromised when selecting a gas pool heater. Look for models with built-in safety mechanisms such as overheat protection, flame failure sensors, and pressure relief valves. These features help prevent accidents and ensure the heater operates within safe parameters, protecting your family and property.

7. Warranty

Given the significant investment in a gas pool heater, ensuring reliability and longevity is crucial. Opt for reputable brands that not only meet your performance and specification needs but also offer a substantial warranty period. Typically, gas pool heaters come with a 1-2 year warranty, with heat exchangers often covered for longer. A robust warranty covering free repairs or replacements of faulty parts can provide peace of mind.

Best Gas Pool Heaters – FAQs

1. Why might I choose a gas pool heater over an electric one?

Ans: Gas pool heaters are often favored for their quick heating capabilities and lower initial cost compared to electric heaters. They’re effective even when water temperatures drop significantly and don’t depend on a stable electric supply, offering more flexibility and faster heating times for immediate pool use.

2. How do gas pool heaters function?

Ans: Gas pool heaters use propane or natural gas, burning it in a combustion chamber to generate heat. This heat is then transferred to pool water via heat exchangers, efficiently warming the pool without reliance on external power sources, and effectively raising water temperature regardless of the ambient conditions.

3. Is it necessary to keep a gas pool heater running constantly?

Ans: No, it’s not required to run a gas pool heater continuously. Operating it in cycles based on the desired water temperature and current weather conditions is more energy-efficient. Once the pool reaches the target temperature, the heater can be turned off until a temperature drop necessitates reheating.

4. What makes a gas pool heater the best choice for pool heating?

Ans: Gas pool heaters are ideal for rapid heating, efficiency in any weather, and suitability for large or small pools, offering flexibility and performance.

5. Can I install a gas pool heater myself?

Ans: While some handy homeowners might manage, professional installation is recommended to ensure safety, efficiency, and compliance with local regulations.

6. What is the most energy-efficient gas pool heater?

Ans: Look for models with high efficiency ratings (80-85% or higher) and advanced features like electronic ignition and modulating burners for optimal energy use.

7. How often does a gas pool heater need maintenance?

Ans: Annual maintenance by a professional is recommended to ensure optimal performance, safety, and to extend the heater’s lifespan.

8. Does the type of gas affect the performance of a pool heater?

Ans: While performance largely remains consistent, the choice between natural gas and propane depends on availability and cost in your area.

9. How does weather affect gas pool heater performance?

Ans: Gas pool heaters effectively maintain temperature in various weather conditions, but extreme cold can increase heating times and energy use.


In colder regions, maintaining a comfortable pool temperature is essential, leading many to choose gas pool heaters for their efficiency and quick heating. Our curated list of the best gas pool heaters includes

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