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11 Best Pool Skimmer Nets

A good pool skimmer net is crucial for keeping your pool clean and attractive. Without regular skimming and cleaning, leaves, bugs, and debris can build up on the water’s surface. This buildup can cause water quality problems and block your filters.

Key Factors to Consider:

  • Material: The most crucial aspect of a pool skimmer is its material. Opt for a durable build to ensure long-term functionality. A high-quality plastic frame offers better durability and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Size: consider the size of the skimmer net. A larger net, about 17.5 inches wide, can cover more area with each swipe, making pool cleaning faster and easier.
  • Weight: The weight of the skimmer depends on its size and material. A larger metal skimmer will be heavy, while a lightweight material is preferable for ease of use. Choose a lightweight option for effortless skimming and debris removal.

By focusing on these factors you’ll be able to choose the best pool skimmer net that suits your needs. we will find out in the later section of the “Buying Guide”.

Best Pool Skimmer Net Table

Best Pool Skimmer NetMaterialSizeBuy Now
Sunnyglade Pool Skimmer NetABS Plastic17.5 x 11.8 x 1.2 inchesCheck On Amazon
Evob Pool Skimmer NetPlastic16.06 x 11.02 x 1.5 inchesCheck On Amazon
GKanMore Skimmer For PoolPlastic frame and Aluminium pole.17.5 x 11.8 x 1.2 inchesCheck On Amazon
U.S. Pool Skimmer NetAluminium14.84 x 10.94 x 1.73 inchesCheck On Amazon
Atie Skimmers For PoolsPlastic16.69 x 11.26 x 1.46 inchesCheck On Amazon
Poolwhale Pool Skimmer NetABS Plastic17.36 x 10.71 x 1.5 inchesCheck On Amazon
Sepetrel Pool Skimmer NetPlastic17.24 x 10.71 x 1.54 inchesCheck On Amazon
Crepro Pool Skimmer NetPlastic16.45 x 11.61 x 1.46 inchesCheck On Amazon
Urchindj Pool Skimmer NetPlastic17.28 x 10.83 x 1.97 inchesCheck On Amazon
Poolaza Pool Skimmer NetABS Plastic17.24 x 10.75 x 1.61 inchesCheck On Amazon
Unco Pool Skimmer NetPlastic17 x 10.3 x 1.4 inchesCheck On Amazon

Best Pool Skimmer Net Reviews

1. Sunnyglade Pool Skimmer Net


The Sunnyglade Swimming Pool Cleaner is a great quality pool skimmer net that is designed for heavy-duty use. This high-quality skimmer is made with a nylon net and a strong ABS plastic frame. pool cleaners is capable of collecting more debris and leaves from the surface without breaking the skimmer net. You can stay assured that both your time and money are saved from hassle.

This pool skimmer net is made with high-quality plastic, which makes it lightweight and durable. It has a curved border design to keep your pool safe and prevent scratches. You can easily pull off more work with this pool skimmer net. It has a size of 17.5 x 11.8 x 1.2 inches which helps it to use and reach different corners easily.

The thick net design makes it an excellent choice for wide applications. It can easily scoop insects, leaves, and other floating debris from the in-ground swimming pool. You can use the skimmer net itself or attach it with the pole just by a press of a button. It has a weight of only 4.2 ounces, making it a great choice for wide application and easy usability.


  • Manufactured with ABS plastic.
  • Thick quality net.
  • Curved edges to prevent scratches.
  • You can easily install it on the poles with the press of a button.
  • It has a size of 17.5 x 11.8 x 1.2 inches.
  • Heavy duty usage.


  • Works great.
  • Heavy-duty use.
  • Great price structure.
  • Easily goes through the water.


  • Very cheap quality.
  • The net size is smaller than expected.

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2. Evob Pool Skimmer Net

Evob Pool Skimmer Net

The Evob Leaf Skimmer is a great quality above ground pool skimmer that can easily scoop out the bags, glasses, leaves, algae, and other debris. It is highly efficient in keeping your pool completely clean. It is not only a good choice for pools but also fountains, spas, and other places.

This product is manufactured with a high-quality plastic frame that delivers additional durability to the product. The fine mesh on the skimmer allows you to swiftly glide it on the surface and take out the debris and leaves. It is one of the best choices for pool cleaning kits. The sturdy yet lightweight frame allows you to use this without the need for help effortlessly.

This standard pool skimmer net can be great for a wide range of views. You can easily attach it to any standard pool or use it itself. It is a great choice to be used for different places. It will keep your pool clean and let you reach the corners without facing any hurdles. It weighs only 5.3 ounces and has a dimension of 16.06 x 11.02 x 1.5″. This makes it an easy-to-use material for everyone.


  • It has a dimension of 16.06 x 11.02 x 1.5″.
  • Manufactured with high-quality plastic.
  • Lightweight and strong material.
  • Fine mesh to collect the debris and insects.
  • It can be easily installed with a telescopic pole.
  • You can use it for a wide range of applications.


  • Lightweight to use easily.
  • Mesh quality is fine for collecting debris.
  • Works properly.
  • Easy to use.


  • Very cheaply made.
  • Very small than expected.

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3. GKanMore Skimmer For Pool

GKanMore Pool Skimmer Net

The GKanMore Pool Skimmer can perform a diverse range of actions. It is manufactured with a high-quality plastic frame that provides additional durability to this product. You will be able to reach the corners with the curved edges. It prevents scratches or any damage caused to the pool.

The inclusion of polypropylene mesh on this skimmer net will help you to scoop up even the fine debris from the pool surface. The curved edges allow it to glide seamlessly on the surface. Additionally, it comes with an aluminum pole to reach the different corners without facing problems. Fine mesh netting is capable of scooping even the tiniest particles.

The size of the aluminum pole is 44 cm and can be adjusted to 105 cm. So, it is a great choice for quick cleaning of the pool. The mesh netting size is 17.5 x 11.8 x 1.2″. You can stay assured that this skimmer net will seamlessly glide and help you to reach even the toughest corners. It leaves your water clean and ready to take a bath.


  • The size of the product is 17.5 x 11.8 x 1.2 inches.
  • It is manufactured with aluminum and plastic material.
  • The aluminum telescopic pole can be adjusted from 41 cm to 105 cm.
  • Fine mesh net to scoop the tiniest debris.
  • Curved edges protect your pool from scratches.
  • Lightweight plastic material for durability.


  • Works properly.
  • Glides easily.
  • A great size of the handle.
  • Very lightweight material.


  • Quality needs to be improved.
  • Broke after a few uses.

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4. U.S. Pool Skimmer Net

U.S. Pool Supply Skimmer Net

The U.S. Pool Supply Skimmer can be used in a swimming pool to get rid of debris, leaves, and other particles. This high-quality skimmer net makes it easy and efficient to clean the pool and make it ready for a great swimming session. It is a good choice for a wide range of usage in kids’ pools, ponds, spas, and a lot more.

It is a 5 feet net that makes sure to clean your pool easily. The fine mesh net becomes ultra-durable and catches even the tiniest particles. It comes with an aluminum pole that you can attach with the skimmer for reaching tough places. The pole can be adjusted to a length of 5 feet. The dimension of the frame is 11 x 12 x 6 inches.

The inclusion of an ultra-fine large voluminous net bag basket helps you collect a good amount of debris at one time. So you can easily clean the pool within a shorter amount of time. The durable plastic frame provides durability and longevity. It is built to last and suffice your needs. Apart from this, you also get a one-year guarantee from the manufacturer.


  • It ensures fast and easy cleanup of the spa and pool.
  • Depth in the net to collect more debris.
  • 11 x 12 x 6″ size can collect a large amount of debris.
  • Fine quality nets collect the finest debris.
  • It is safe and effortless to use.
  • Comes with an aluminum pole to reach the tough spots.


  • Works properly.
  • Sturdy choice.
  • Fine mesh to collect debris.
  • Lightweight to maneuver easily.


  • A bit flimsy.

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5. Atie Skimmers For Pools

ATIE Pool Skimmer Net

The ATIE Pool Skimmer is a helpful product that you can keep in your pool cleaning kit. This high-quality pool skimmer is manufactured with plastic material to make it sturdy, portable, and durable. Besides, using plastic materials also makes it lightweight, ensuring easy usability.

It is designed with a good quality mesh with fine nets that helps to scoop out debris and leaves from your pool. It is also an excellent choice for a range of other applications like hot tubs, ponds, fountains, sparse, and much more. It has a dimension of 11.3 x 9.2 by 11.2″. This proper mesh dimension can remove an adequate amount of debris and helps to keep your pool clean in less time.

It has a curved edge design that not only prevents the chances of scratching your pool but also easily glides on the surface. You can use it with a 1 to 1 x 4″ pool. However, if you want to use it alone without installing poles, you can also do that. The high-quality plastic frame and mesh netting adds to the durability and longevity of this product.


  • It has a dimension of 11.3 x 9.2 by 11.2 inches.
  • You can use it alone or with a standard pole.
  • This is a durable product.
  • Manufactured with high-quality plastic materials.
  • Great for wide applications like spa, pond, fountain, and much more.
  • Fine mesh to scoop out the tiniest debris.


  • Works properly.
  • Long and great handle.
  • Get your job done.
  • Wide range of applications.


  • Smaller than expected.
  • Poor quality.

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6. Poolwhale Pool Skimmer Net

POOLWHALE  Skimmer Net

The POOLWHALE Professional Net is a high-quality pool skimmer net designed to collect maximum debris at one time effectively. The large capacity of this pool net makes it a perfect choice to save precious time. It has 14 inches of deep net to ensure easy scooping out.

The unique design of the net is specifically made so that it becomes a perfect choice for both in-ground and above-ground pools. The use of a durable ABS plastic frame on this product makes it a high-quality skimmer net that can bear wear and tear consistently. Included with a wide mouth enables you to catch every dirt and dust from strong wind.

It has a fine mesh net to ensure collecting even the tiniest dirt. It can thoroughly filter your pool and helps to maintain clean water. It is a good choice to get rid of leaves, insects, leaves, and other debris from your pool. The rounded border design ensures maintaining your pool by preventing any type of scratches on the wall.


  • It has a dimension of 17.36 x 10.71 x 1.5 inches.
  • Strong and durable ABS plastic ensures longevity.
  • Good choice for in-ground and above-ground pools.
  • The 14-inch net is capable of taking huge loads.
  • Rounded borders to prevent scratches.
  • Good choice for multipurpose use.


  • Very lightweight material.
  • Scoop a large amount of debris in one glide.
  • It reaches the bottom of the pool.
  • The netting seems very sturdy.


  • A part of it has the tendency to rust.

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7. Sepetrel Pool Skimmer Net

Sepetrel Pool Skimmer Net

The Sepetrel Pool Net is an excellent choice if you are looking for a great skimmer net with good durability. This high-quality product is manufactured with non-commercial grade plastic to get improved durability. It can be a valuable choice for you to get rid of maximum debris in a single swipe. The sewed corner design makes it even easier to get rid of debris.

The inclined and wide front lip of this product enables scooping dirt and leaves from the bottom of your pool. It makes sure that it does not cause any harm to the pool or pool liners. The reinforced frame of this pool skimmer net makes it a great choice for your home pool. You would not require calling a professional pool cleaning solution as this product makes it simpler for you.

The inclusion of a big white button on this product prevents it from getting pinched during installation. You can quickly push the white button and install or remove a telescopic pool. This is a great choice if you want to reach the bottom and sides of your pool. With a dimension of 17.24 x 10.71 x 1.54 inches and 9.1 ounces, it can quickly help you to use.


  • It measures 17.24 x 10.71 x 1.54 inches.
  • Manufactured with plastic makes a durable and lightweight choice.
  • Easy push button to install and uninstall telescopic pool.
  • Reached depth with the long telescopic pool attachment.
  • Sewed corners to easily empty dirt and debris.
  • Inclined front to prevent damage.


  • Reaches the bottom.
  • It can easily take out maximum debris from the pool.
  • Works perfectly.
  • It Looks sturdy.
  • Fantastic design.


  • Requires a little practice.

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8. Crepro Pool Skimmer Net

CREPRO Swimming Pool Net 

The CREPRO Pool Nets is a professional cleaning net manufactured with high-end plastic, which ensures durability and easy maneuverability. You can stay sure that this pool skimmer net can ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of your pool.

The high-quality plastic frame has a fine mesh that allows you to scoop out even the tiniest particles. It is carefully designed so that you can easily clean your pool and enjoy swimming. It has a curved edge design that prevents scratches on your pool. This high-end skimmer has a size of 11.8 x 16.5 inches.

The perfect design combined with seamless installation makes this an ideal choice. It is both lightweight and durable. You can easily connect this pool skimmer net with a standard telescopic rod. Its wide applications in hot tubs, swimming pools, large tanks, ponds, and much more make it a versatile and affordable choice. You can reach any corners with this pool skimmer and keep the surroundings clean.


  • Manufactured with high-quality plastic.
  • Curved edges prevent scratches and lines.
  • Fine mesh to collect fine debris.
  • It can be connected easily with standard poles.
  • The mesh size is 11.8 x 16.5 inches.
  • Wide range of use like in hot tubs, swimming pools and a lot more.


  • Works perfectly, as mentioned.
  • Fine mesh to collect dirt.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Glides easily.


  • The plastic is flimsy.
  • Cheap quality material.

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9. Urchindj Pool Skimmer Net

urchindj Pool Skimmer Net

The urchindj Pool Skimmer Net ensures maintaining an attractive pool. No doubt that you would like to spend time swimming after a long day’s work. With this perfect pool skimmer net, you can easily remove leaves and debris and maintain a clean pool to enjoy a great time. This is a fantastic choice if you want to make your life easier by minimizing your efforts and time.

This product has been designed with a proper scoop edge that enables it to catch debris, leaves, and floating garbage faster and easier. You can also reach the bottom and scoop out the dirt. The dip bag provides an enormous capacity to get rid of maximum dirt and dust at one time. Therefore it can save your energy and time.

It has a reinforced frame structure that is manufactured with strong ABS plastic. It enables you to use the product for the longest time. The use of high-quality nylon provides a longer lifetime. You can easily attach it to any telescopic pole, which helps you to reach different parts without facing any problems. It has two buttons that you have to push to install and uninstall the telescopic pole. Choose this product if you want to get rid of dirt and use it for different purposes.


  • Properly scooped edges to collect leaves and debris.
  • Requires less effort and time.
  • Large quantity netting to collect dirt.
  • Strong ABS plastic to ensure durability.
  • Smooth corners prevent scratches.
  • Attaching a telescopic pool is easy with push buttons.


  • Great products.
  • Easily reaches deep water.
  • Extra added weight on the net makes it easier.
  • Excellent design.


  • The net tends to wear off easily.

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10. Poolaza Pool Skimmer Net

POOLAZA Pool Skimmer Net

The POOLAZA Pool Skimmer Net is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a multipurpose skimmer net that can scoop out debris from any type of pool surface. It has an easy scoop edge that makes this pool skimmer easily get rid of leaves and debris from the surface. You will be able to use this skimmer easily with its easy scope age.

The reinforced grid structure of this product provides the durability and longevity you are looking for. It is not only a great choice but also a fine decision for long-term use. The premium quality ABS plastic with grid structure improves the sturdiness of this product. The net included has been manufactured with durable nylon material. This makes it stay for a longer time and delivers a great cleaning experience.

It is a multifunctional product that eases the scooping process. You can easily install any standard pool with this skimmer net. It has two button sets that allow you to install and uninstall a telescopic pole easily. The depth in the net enables you to scoop more dirt, leaves, and debris at one time and save your time and effort. The curved edges are an additional advantage in preventing any type of scratches on pool liners.


  • Easy scoop edge to get rid of dirt and debris.
  • It is compatible with any standard pole.
  • The use of ABS plastic provides sturdiness.
  • A reinforced grid structure makes it robust.
  • Nylon netting for longer durability.
  • 4 inches of width and 15.75 inches depth in net for larger volume.
  • Safe to use.


  • Works perfectly well.
  • Pool cleaning becomes easier.
  • Easily scoop large amounts of leaves.
  • Quality scoop design and net.


  • The net keeps turning.

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11. Unco Skimmer In Pool

UNCO- Pool Skimmer Net

The UNCO- Pool Skimmer Net is a great choice if you are looking for a heavy-duty pool skimmer net that can easily clean up the mess created in your pool. Whether it is dirt, debris, or leaves, this high-quality pool skimmer can easily scoop out the debris. The high-quality plastic used on this frame makes it a study choice. The mesh basket enables you to glide effortlessly through the pool.

He will find cleaning up the debris and leaves exceptionally easy and fast. This great design of the net enables you to get rid of algae, leaves, bags, grass, and other debris from the water surface. If you wish, you can easily attach standard poles to this skimmer. However, The pool is not included in the package. If you want to reach nearby areas, you can use the skimmer itself.

It is the perfect choice for above-ground and in-ground pools. Apart from this, it can be easily used on inflatable pools, spas, and a lot more. Curved edges in the skimmer net prevent any types of scratches on the walls.


  • Ensures a fast and easy cleanup of debris.
  • A high-end plastic frame makes it durable.
  • Curved edges prevent scratches.
  • Glides on easily through the surface.
  • Good choice for inground and above-ground pools.
  • It can easily attach to any standard pole.


  • Cleans properly.
  • No trouble using the skimmer.
  • Great value for the price.


  • The net is slightly loose.
  • Does not fit standard poles.

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Buying Guide For The Best Pool Skimmers

From all the top brands and products mentioned above, it will be easier for you to choose a pool skimmer with a perfect design and netting to scoop out the debris and dirt from your pool. The specifications mentioned will help you to choose one accordingly. However, if you decide to move out from the names mentioned above, you need to check the factors that you must consider effectively. So here we will talk about the major considerations you have to make while choosing the best pool skimmers.

1. Material

The very first thing that you need to check is there material quality of the pool skimmer net. Remember that if you are looking for a long-term solution, you have to ensure the material quality is good. Most of these are made with plastic materials, and only a few are made with metals. Irrespective of the material, you have to ensure its durability and lightweight. This will help you easily glide the pool skimmer nets from the pool surface. While we have mostly provided plastic products, you can also choose aluminum or other metals few want. Just make sure it’s lightweight.

2. Size

The next most important thing you need to be sure about is the size of the pool skimmer. If you are looking forward to finding the best quality skimmer net, you have to make sure to be versatile. If you want to reach the depth of the pool, you can choose a deep pool skimmer. It will reach the depth and ensure cleaning of the pool both on the surface and its depth. Also, ensure that you take the size and that it fulfills your purpose.

3. Weight

The next most important thing that will ensure easy use is the weight. You have to make sure that the product is lightweight so that you can easily keep using it. Remember that heavy-weight material becomes tougher to maneuver throughout the surface. However, when you choose a lightweight pool skimmer, you can quickly get the job done without putting much effort. So look for the light weight of the product and then select.

4. Design

The next most important thing that you should check is the design of the product. Remember that you have to choose products that can be easily used. Hence, the design will play a significant role in it. So look for a product that has a straightforward design to ensure easy usability. Check out the manufacturer details while choosing for seamless functionality and operation.

5. Mesh Quality

The next most important thing you must check is the quality of the mesh or net. Since this is something that will collect the debris, you have to make sure that it is manufactured with a quality product. No doubt nylon products are the best for use; you can check different manufacturers. It will be better if you find double layers of the net, as it can collect even more fine particles than others.

Pool Skimmer Net FAQs

1. Which is the best pool skimmer?

Ans: The names that we have mentioned above are some of the best pool skimmers you can find in the market. While there are different brands included in the list, each brand has specific specifications. Since different brands have different offerings, you can choose to read the features provided in detail before deciding to make an informed decision.

2. Is double-layered net good for use?

Ans: Whether you are choosing a single-layered net on a pool skimmer or double layer, you have to make sure about the performance. No doubt that double layered net is definitely a great inclusion as it can easily get rid of dirt and debris from the pool surface.

3. Does the pool skimmer reach deep inside the pool?

Ans: Yes, there are many pool skimmers that are designed to reach deep inside the pool and collect the dirt and dust accumulated. However, for this, you have to use a telescopic pole. So also make sure about the installation to ensure versatile usage.

4. How much depth should the net be?

Ans: Different pool skimmers have nets included with different depths. Some do not have depth at all, which is just meant for surface gliding. So, according to your requirement, you need to decide on the depth. However, if you want better quality and versatile products, it is better to look for a deep net design that can collect more debris at a time.


Selecting the correct pool skimmer net is vital for maintaining a clean and safe swimming pool. It should be sturdy, user-friendly, and efficient in removing debris. Opting for a quality skimmer net contributes to a cleaner pool and extends the lifespan of your filtration system. You’ll find all your answers in the details above for the best pool skimmer nets, check the following list:

Here are the Top recommendations:

  • The Evob Pool Skimmer Net is made of high-quality plastic, offering both durability and lightness. It’s easy to install using a telescopic pole and can be used for various tasks.
  • The Poolwhale Pool Skimmer Net, measuring 17.36 x 10.71 x 1.5 inches, is designed from durable ABS plastic. Its 14-inch net can handle large amounts of debris, suitable for in-ground and above-ground pools.
  • The Poolaza Pool Skimmer Net is compatible with standard poles and made of sturdy ABS plastic. With a width of 17.4 inches and a depth of 15.75 inches, it offers a larger capacity. Its reinforced grid structure ensures strength and safety during use.

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