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Fasteners are used in automobiles, industries, furniture, tools, residential and many other applications to make a joint between two objects (metal, wood, plastic etc.) and

When you are dealing with electrical circuits and appliances, a multimeter is a must-have device. However, not many people get acquainted with a multimeter easily.

In the last decade, we have seen an increased concern with the quality of the environment, especially due to air, water, and noise pollution. Any

Fasteners come in different shapes, sizes and drives. While Flat-head and Phillips are the more popular types, Automobile, Computers and several consumer electronics use a

While Copper, Steel and PVC remain the popular choices for residential and commercial pipes and tubes, the PEX pipe is showing tremendous growth in demand

What is a Universal Joint? A universal joint comes in the form of a mechanical device for linking rotating shafts together. It can be perfect

In vehicle air conditioning systems, the R12 and R134a are the two most common types of refrigerant gases. All the cars that are made after

While a regular garden hose is useful for watering plants and other simple gardening tasks, a pressure washer is a handy tool to clean driveways,

A Transformer is an important device in modern electrical power systems. There are large power transformers in power plants, substations, distribution poles and relatively small

While Drilling is the process of making holes in a material (wood, masonry, metal, etc.), Tapping is the process of creating threads inside those holes