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In this tutorial we will learn about Sound Transducers Two common Sound Transducers are Microphones and loud speakers Introduction Sound is a generalized term given

In this tutorial we will learn a little bit about Sensors and Transducers how to choose a Sensor requirements of Sensors and Transducers what are

Introduction Temperature is the most widely sensed parameter of all physical parameters because of its significance on materials and processes at the molecular level Temperature

Relays can be used for switching as well as protection application A relay is used to switch a circuit such that current through it can

Detection of light is a basic need for everything like plants animals and even devices Device researchers have worked on techniques for light detection and

Almost every mechanical movement that we see today is accomplished by an electric motor An electric motor takes electrical energy and produces mechanical energy Electric

Infrared technology addresses a wide variety of wireless applications The main areas are sensing and remote controls In the electromagnetic spectrum the infrared portion is