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The traditional electronic measuring instruments had the drawback of measuring only one specific parameter or two at the maximum. For instance, an instrument can measure

Digital Caliper – an essential measurement tool for every DIY or professional. A digital caliper provides more accurate measurements with small resolutions which makes it

Digital multimeter is widely used in testing various electronic instruments. This tool is useful for measuring resistance, current & voltage in any troubleshooting circuits. Although,

What is an Ohmmeter? With an ohmmeter, you will be able to measure electrical resistance. The device is also suitable for measuring the continuity and

A Voltage Tester is a very useful test equipment/device for home owners, DIYers and electricians. Its main job is to test whether AC Voltage is

What is a Manometer? With a manometer, you will be able to measure the fluid pressure. The instrument balances and creates a hydraulic pressure for

You may find a barometer and a manometer in many homes, especially the old ones and the cottages or hotels beside the seashore or a

An oscilloscope is probably the most commonly used lab equipment by electrical and electronics engineers (apart from a multimeter). But what is an Oscilloscope? What

There might be many cases where you might be working on different electrical circuits or electrical devices and face a short circuit issue. This becomes

The rate at which electrons flow, i.e., current through a conductor is measured using an ammeter. To perform the measurement of current using ammeter, the