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Floor lamps are very important for making a room look good and work well This guide is for both designers and homeowners to help them

Stick on lights are those lights which can be installed anywhere with the use of double sided adhesives and without the limitations of electricity or

Illuminate your space creatively with these classic decorative motion lamps Lava lamps are invented by Edward Craven Walker in 1963 Initially known as Astro lamps

If you have been following the latest trends you must have seen a new type of lamp appearing on almost every social media platform These

Light Emitting Diode or simply LED is one of the most commonly used sources of light now a days Whether it may be your car

Creating an ideal ambiance requires excellent lighting When it comes to your bedroom touch lamps can be able to achieve that beautifully Unlike conventional lamps

The outdoor lights of your home give a lot of benefits It offers better visibility and some security cover and allows you to check out

If you are looking for accent lights for installing in your bathroom staircase above a mirror or painting or any other similar usage then going

Black light bulbs produce ultraviolet light making materials glow in bright colors for striking effects Ideal for theme parks nightclubs and forensic work black light

Life filled coral reefs are natural beauties Replicating this vibrant habitat in a home tank is complex LED reef lights can make this possible However