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What Color Night Light Is Best For Sleeping?

You must have heard that staying under bright lights before going to bed is a bad idea. In fact, there are many of the opinions that you should keep your bedroom completely dark for deep sleeping. While that is not a piece of bad advice, there are many who cannot sleep in the dark for reasons best known to them.

If you are someone who sleeps with a light turned on in your bedroom, you should know the best color night light you should have in your bedroom for the best sleeping experience. In this article, we will discuss all the different night light colors and find out which one is the best for sleep.

Which is the Best Night Light Color For Sleep?

Before answering the question straight away, let us look at some scientific facts and interferences about night light color and sleep. First of all, your body sleep cycles are regulated by a hormone called melatonin. There are photoreceptors in our eyes that influence melatonin production in our body. This means if these receptors receive lights of certain wavelengths, they can influence melatonin production adversely or positively.

According to the research, these photoreceptors are sensitive to wavelengths of light falling in between 450 to 480 nanometers. Therefore, any light falling in this range will keep your brain active and prevent you from going to sleep mode.

The cool colors fall in this range of wavelengths, and therefore, it is quite certain that warm night light colors can lure you to sleep better than cool colors. More specially, certain shades of blue light fall in this range as well. Therefore, by theory, you should never have blue lights on in your bedroom while sleeping. Practically, it has been found out after various experiments and observations that red color light is the best for sleep.

Why Red Light Is Best for Sleep?

Red color light can reduce the stress and even depressive symptoms in human beings than blue color light. The experiment has been conducted several times, and it is called the red light therapy for sleeping disorders. It has been found that sleep quality improves significantly with red light therapy.

On a more technical level, the level of production of melatonin increases under red light therapy. In fact, it is also observed that both sleep quality and melatonin level are better for people under red light therapy in comparison to those who prefer sleeping in complete darkness.

Besides, red color light has an intensity of 10 lux, and anything above 10 lux can impart sleepiness faster. Anything under 10 lux has no effect at all. In short, we can say that as red color light is the least sensitive to photoreceptors in our eyes, you should install red color lights in your bedroom.

Are Blue and White Belong To Sleep Color?

No, blue and white are not sleep color lights you should have in your bedroom. More specifically, blue is the worst night color light as it is more sensitive to photoreceptors in our eyes. This sends signals to our brain that it is more of daytime and this keeps the brain active. Therefore, even when you are feeling sleepy, you are likely to take a lot of time to actually fall to sleep when you have blue light turned on in your bedroom.

White color light does nothing good. White color light is as bad as any random color. It has been found out by experiment that a person takes 20 minutes to sleep when he has white light on while he takes less than 10 minutes to fall into sleep when he has red color light on. However, turning on a white color light is as good as sleeping in darkness as per the experiment.

Tips to Select Night Light Perfectly

  • If you do not prefer red color, you can have different lighter shades of red such as pink. However, if it is not red, you can always go for complete darkness.
  • It has also been found out that individual preference on night light color plays a major role. This means if you have any preferred color, you can go for it, and it is going to be as good as red color for sleep induction.
  • If you are purchasing a red night light, especially for sleeping, you should go for the ones that can play soothing sleep music as well for a deep sleep experience.
  • In the case of babies, it is better to opt for a warm color rather than red as they are afraid of red lights in most cases.


If you are looking for the best color night light, red is the best option. However, you can also go as per your preference, and the result will not be discouraging. However, you should not go for blue shades at any cost as it can cause sleeping disorders. Besides, complete darkness is not a bad option, but red clearly is the best option for everyone.

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