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How To Hang Outdoor String Lights

What Are The Best Type of String Lights?

The best types of string lights are industrial and traditional LEDs. Both are heavy-duty making them last for a long time. Using these types of LEDs will provide year-round lighting for years. You can even use them for commercial purposes. There will rarely be any problems when you take them out during wind storms and freezing temperatures.

Where To Place Industrial LED String Lights?

Industrial LED string lights can be suitable for different spaces. Even though they tend to be expensive, they can last longer. However, there are also inexpensive ones if you are having a limited budget. You can use them in the following places.

  • Restaurant patios.
  • Waterfront settings.
  • Covering a long distance between buildings, trees, or posts.
  • Areas with the wind.
  • Locations without roofs like decks or patios.

Where To Place Inexpensive String Lights?

Inexpensive string lights serve great for locations where there is no fear of wind. Apart from being budget-friendly, these types of lights do not require much space for storage. They are also very lightweight and can come in cute designs. You will have to hang them in any protected location like

  • House or building.
  • On a covered deck.
  • Children’s fort or playhouse.
  • Under a gazebo roof or pergola.

What Should Be The Color Of The Bulbs?

As light bulbs are available in different colors, a light color bulb can be a perfect choice. You can use warm white light bulbs for both indoor and outdoor purposes. There are light bulbs that come with a diagram that highlights the lighting facts. However, not all of them can include this diagram. When choosing the color you must consider the one that offers a warm glow like orange or yellow undertones. If the bulbs mention the color is “cool” or “daylight”, there will be a blue cast.

Where From Can You Hang String Lights?

You can attach string lights on trees, walls, fences, or deck railing. They are also suitable for garage, shed, house, or other types of buildings. Poles in the ground, umbrella stands, or DIY posts also can be great for hanging string lights. However, you may need more than one of these things if there are no strategically located trees.

How To Place String Lights on Outdoor Space?

When you are trying to have string lights on your outdoor living space, you must come up with a plan. You will have to measure your space and know the accurate dimensions. It would be best to draw a rough sketch of the area to have a quick reference. This will also enable you to select the hanging pattern. Another great advantage would be to calculate the length of the cord. After you make a rough sketch you will have to consider how many lights and extension cords you require.

You can decide how you are going to hang the lights. It can be in a zigzag pattern that will provide full coverage illumination. Square for grid design will provide a simple outlining. The horizon point design can be great for professional installations. Again the maypole or tent design features a wheel arrangement that will require a professional. Finally, you will have to select the best light for your outdoor space. It must be perfect for outdoor settings and last longer.

What Hardware Do You Need?

You will need different items for hanging string lights. These are

  • String light hanging kit.
  • Screw-in hooks with vinyl coating.
  • Stainless steel screw eyes.
  • Galvanized finish nails of 3.5-inch.
  • Q-hanger screw hooks.
  • Shock cord of 1/8-inch.

How to Hang String Lights From Trees?

Hanging string lights from trees can be great as trees offer natural support. By draping the lights across the branches, there will be a casual look. This method is also very simple and quick.

If you are looking to have a secure installation, you need to drill guide holes on the trees. Ensure that the holes are at the right distance. Install the hook and securely place the string lights.

You will need support cables to expand the string lights to a long distance. Support cables or extension cord serves great to span a long distance.

How to Hang String Lights From Poles?                     

  • In-Ground Poles

You will have to get poles or posts if there are no trees or buildings for attaching the string lights. While looking for string light poles, you can see if it comes in a removable design. This will enable you to store them conveniently during the off-season. The ones constructed from PVC pipe and electrical conduit can be an ideal choice.

  • Portable Poles

By using in-ground poles, you don’t have to worry about digging holes in the ground. These offer a perfect solution and you don’t have to deal with any mess. It comes in the form of conduit string light poles that are similar to patio umbrella stands with base.

  • DIY Planter Poles

One of the simplest methods of making string light posts is by using large flower pots. You will have to partially fill the flower pots with cement and leave the poles. The remaining space can be filled with soil as well as plant flowers.

How to Hang String Lights Over a Deck?

A deck with a railing serves as a great alternative for a backyard without trees. You can begin by measuring the string lights with the deck railing. The height will depend upon the light style. You can begin with the string light which is closest to the power supply. In some cases, you will also have to attach an extension cord. For attaching the light strings to each post, you will be requiring screw eyes or cup hooks.

How to Attach String Lights to A Building?

Attaching string lights to a house or building is pretty simple. All you have to do is to drill a pilot hole. You will have to screw in a cup hook. For smaller lights, you can use smaller cup hooks. Alternatively, outdoor command hooks can also be used for the purpose.

How to Hang String Lights On a Patio or Deck?

An outdoor living space with a roof lets you hang string lights with ease. Best of all, a covered space also offers protection to the string lights. On a covered deck or patio, you can hang the lights year-round. Even inexpensive lights will serve the purpose and can last longer.

How to Hang String Lights Alongside A Fence

You can easily attach the string lights to a fence. In industrial lights, you will find a hole on each bulb that lets you use it for attaching. You will have to first remove the lights and pound a 3-inch nail.  Here are some of the tips for hanging string lights.

  • Too much light can attract bugs and other insects. Always begin with limited lights for any particular space. It will be better to have a nice soft glow.
  • If you hang the light with bulbs, there will be a risk of breaking the bulbs. So hang the light first and then screw the bulbs.
  • Industrial string lights are packed in a box that has dividers. These dividers help to protect the bulbs. Make sure that you keep the box so that you can store the lights safely during the off-season.


Hanging string lights will not be a deal on trees and buildings. You can even do it on poles. However, you need to manage poles for the same. By making a rough sketch you can have an idea to choose the design and have the appropriate length. You will also have to get the right hardware and quality string lights to have a secure installation.

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