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How To Connect My Canon Printer To Wi-Fi?

Tired of printer cables getting tangled in your workspace? Want to print from anywhere in the house/office without being tethered to your computer? This guide will show you how to get your Canon printer hooked up to Wi-Fi in just a few simple steps. No techie talk, just easy instructions to get you printing wirelessly in no time!Connect My Canon Printer To Wi-Fi

Considerations Before Connecting A Canon Printer To Wi-Fi

Before you begin the process of connecting your Canon printer to Wi-Fi, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind:

  • Power and Connectivity: Make sure your Canon printer is plugged in and turned on. This step is essential to prepare your printer for setup.
  • Installation Software: Check if your printer comes with installation software. If it does, you can use the CD to set up the printer. However, many modern printers install automatically, and you can download the necessary software from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Network Connection: Ensure that both your Canon printer and the device with the document are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This is important for smooth communication during printing.
  • Router Compatibility: See if your router has a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button. If it does not, the WPS method may not work, and you’ll need to use the manual connection method.

How To Connect a Canon Printer To Wi-Fi?

Connecting your Canon printer to Wi-Fi makes printing from various devices on your network easy. You can do this by pressing the WPS button on your router or by setting it up manually. Let’s explore both methods to help you connect your Canon printer to Wi-Fi effortlessly.

Method – 1: Connect your Canon Printer Through WPS

The WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) method is a quick and secure way to connect your Canon printer to your Wi-Fi network. This method involves using the printer’s touch panel. Follow these steps to connect your Canon printer to Wi-Fi easily.

Note: If your router doesn’t have a WPS button, skip to the next method.

  • Access Wi-Fi Settings on Your Printer: Tap the network button on your Canon printer, it looks like an “i” with curved lines.
  • Navigate to Wi-Fi Settings: Select “Wi-Fi” to open the “Wi-Fi setting list” menu. From there, proceed to “Settings” and click on “Wi-Fi setup” in the “Wi-Fi” menu.
  • Choose WPS (Push Button Method): In the “Wi-Fi setup” menu, select WPS (Push button method) to initiate the WPS connection process.
  • Confirm Your Selection: Confirm your choice by selecting “OK” on your printer’s screen.
  • Activate WPS on Your Router: Hold down the WPS button on your router. Continue holding the button while moving on to the next step.
  • Finalize Connection on Printer: On your printer screen, select “OK” to finalize the connection.

That’s it, you have successfully connected your Canon printer to your Wi-Fi network

Method – 2: Connect your Canon Printer Manually

If your router lacks a WPS button, manual connection becomes the go-to option for linking your Canon printer to Wi-Fi. This method, also known as standard setup, involves entering the network password manually, ensuring a secure and straightforward setup. Here’s how:

  • Accessing Wi-Fi Setup: Press the setup button on your Canon printer, typically shown as an icon with pliers and a screwdriver.
  • Navigating Wi-Fi Settings: Use the printer’s arrow buttons to find and select “Wi-Fi setup” in the menu.
  • Selecting Manual Connect: Inside “Wi-Fi setup,” choose “Manual connect” to start manual connection.
  • Choosing Your Router: Pick your router’s network name from the available networks listed.
  • Ensuring Network Compatibility: Make sure your computer is on the same Wi-Fi network as your printer for them to communicate effectively.
  • Entering Router Password: Use the printer’s interface to input your router’s password. Consult Canon’s help page for specific instructions on this step.
  • Finalizing Connection: After entering the password, press “OK” for two seconds to confirm. If the printer doesn’t connect, press OK, then Back, and try entering the password again.

How To Connect Your PC To The Printer After Connecting To The Wi-Fi?

Once your Canon printer is successfully connected to your Wi-Fi network, linking your PC to the printer follows a few straightforward steps. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Connect PC to Wi-Fi: Make sure your PC is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Canon printer.
  • Access PC Settings: Go to your PC’s settings and choose “Devices” or “Printers & Scanners,” depending on your system.
  • Add Printer: Click “Add a printer or scanner” to search for printers on the network.
  • Select Your Canon Printer: Your PC should find the Canon printer on the Wi-Fi network. Select it from the list of available devices.
  • Install Printer Software (if needed): If asked, follow the on-screen instructions to install any necessary printer software on your PC.
  • Test Print: To check the connection, print a test page from your PC to the Canon printer. This confirms the setup is working.

Connect Canon Printer To Wi-Fi – FAQs

1. What if my Canon printer doesn’t have a WPS button?

Ans: If your printer lacks a WPS button, you can opt for the manual connection method. Refer to the printer’s manual or manufacturer’s instructions for specific steps to connect manually.

2. Can I connect multiple devices to the same Canon printer over Wi-Fi?

Ans: Yes, once connected to the Wi-Fi network, the Canon printer can be accessed by multiple devices that are also connected to the same network.

3. How do I reconnect my Canon printer to a new Wi-Fi network or router?

Ans: If you change your Wi-Fi network or router, you’ll need to reconfigure the printer’s connection settings. Follow the setup process again to connect your Canon printer to the new network.

4. How to Resolve Connectivity Problems When Setting Up Canon Printer Wi-Fi Connection?

Ans: If you face connectivity issues, ensure that your Wi-Fi network is stable and that both the printer and the device attempting to connect are within range of the router. Restarting the setup process or consulting the printer’s manual can help troubleshoot issues.


In summary, this guide has shown you how to connect your Canon printer to Wi-Fi easily. Whether you opt for the WPS method or manual setup, both provide a straightforward process for setting up a wireless connection. With your Canon printer now linked to your Wi-Fi, you can enjoy printing wirelessly from anywhere in your home or office. Hope this information is helpful!

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