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Best Wall Light Panel With Different Colors For Your Homes

Lights are one of the most common requirements of our homes. It is not only something to help us visualize everything, but also lights can create feelings. With different colors and types of lights, these tiny things have the ability to change our mood. It can also transform the entire aesthetic of the interiors. So, choosing the best wall light panel is not only about improving your interiors but also providing a compact space to enhance the look. While there is a range of wall light panels available in the market, it truly takes a lot of knowledge about the lights before choosing them. So before we move ahead to find the best wall light panel, we will find out the top features that we choose while making the recommendation.

  • Size of the panel: The very first thing that you need to consider before choosing a potential wall light panel is size. Whether you want to install it in your office or living room, you would need to have a proper knowledge about its dimensions. Choosing a wall light panel might be a mistake without considering the size. So depending on the space you have or the space you want to install the panel, check the measurement provided by the manufacturer. Make sure that the area you have chosen is slightly bigger than the measurement of the panel. This will enhance the look of the wall.
  • Brightness of panels: The next important thing you must check is the brightness of the lights. However, since these are aesthetic lights, you cannot expect them to be as bright as the primary light source. However, this has a good brightness which is not harsh on your eyes but provides us with a soothing finish to the entire Interior aesthetic. The standard light bulb comes with 60 watts which means it can produce 800 lumens. However, since these are smart decorative lighting, you cannot expect them to be as bright if they remain somewhere between 100 to 300 lumen.
  • Number of colors: When you choose a wall light panel that will also serve as your mood light, you will need quite a good number of colors. So when you choose the wall light panel, make sure that you read the manufacturer’s details and check out the number of colors supported by the wall panel. This will help you to decide if the choice is good for your requirements. With multiple color options, you get improved chances of creating the type of ambiance that you wish.

These are some of the most common features that everyone needs to look for while choosing the best wall light panel. However, if you’re thinking about what those features are, don’t worry, as we will talk about them in the “Buying Guide”. Now let us focus on finding some of the best wall light panels available in the online market. You can totally have faith in these brands as they have received several positive rewards. Besides we will also talk about the specifications of each and every wall light panel so that you are able to decide according to your requirements.

Best Wall Light Panel List

wall light panelMeasurement (per panel)
( D x W x H ) In Inches
No. of panelsNumber of supported colorsLuminous Flux per PanelSmart speaker supportBuy Now
Yescom Wall Light Panel 3.38 x 8 x 151116M + Colors200 lmYesCheck On Amazon
LUMINOSIA Wall Light Panel4 x 3.5 x 1.2613120lmNoCheck On Amazon
Nanoleaf Wall Light Panel8.25 x 9.5 x 0.41516M + Colors100 lmYesCheck On Amazon
Arcwares Wall Light Panel 4.05 x 3.54 x 1.9613120 lmNoCheck On Amazon
Govee Wall Light Panel7.87 x 8.66 x 8.6610multicolor-YesCheck On Amazon
Amailtom Wall Light Panel 0.7 x 4 x 4.5616M + Colors120 lmNoCheck On Amazon
8WASAI Wall Light Panel 7.6 x 9 x 7.75 916M + Colors-YesCheck On Amazon
Hexiher Wall Light Panel4.65 x 1.18 x 4.061016-YesCheck On Amazon

Best Wall Light Panel Reviews

1. Yescom Wall Light Panel

Yescom Wall Light PanelA wall light panel that works for multiple purposes can be a good investment. Yescom LED panels or one of those high-quality light panels that are manufactured with ABS and PC material. One of the biggest reasons we found this LED panel a worthy inclusion in our list is because this is a smart Wi-Fi-enabled LED light. The intelligent hexagon lights can easily work with Razer Synapse 3, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

When you customize it accordingly, you can use your smartphone to change the brightness, colors, and time settings. With more than 16 million colors and 70 dynamic effects included for the gradient and smooth flowing, it enables you to create the mood light.

Additionally, you get the music synchronization mode that helps the lights to dance with the song rhythm and provide an immersive experience. It also has a honeycomb structure to help you make the seamless connection that you need. However, you can easily personalize the type of decoration you need in your rooms.

Even if you want this light to stand alone, it can do that, as it comes with a base. So you can also use it for outdoor parties and other events. It has also been certified by FCC, CE, and RoHS, which guarantees quality. Apart from this, the manufacturer claims to provide a life span of 20,000 hours along with one year of warranty.


  • It has a dimension of 3.38 x 8 x 15 inches.
  • This intelligence light can work with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Razer Synapse 3.
  • More than 16 million colours and over 70 dynamic effects offer smooth flowing.
  • Music synchronization mode to have an immersive experience.
  • Honeycomb structure to get a beautiful look.
  • Comes with a standalone base, making it a portable choice.
  • It has a lifespan of 20,000 hours.
  • Certified By FCC, CE, and RoHS.
  • The lights are made with ABS + PC material.


  • The colors are simply unique.
  • You can easily connect it to google devices.
  • Available at a low price.
  • Feels solid quality.


  • It was not having any kind of response to music.

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2. LUMINOSIA Wall Light Panel

LUMINOSIA Wall Light PanelIf you are looking for a perfect mood light that can be given any kind of shape, you can choose the LUMINOSIA LED Wall Lights. These wall panels come with an excellent effect that makes them a perfect choice for any room.

There is basically no limit to the LED panel light that you can use. However, it is recommended to connect with a USB power cable for 10 lights to get the optimum result. By combining LED lights, you can create a beautiful shape and make your interiors look aesthetically pleasing.

Every package comes with 6 lights. It also includes a cable of 5 feet, 6USB boards, one remote control, 10 rectangular connectors, 8 adhesive pads, a plastic stand, and a manual for understanding. These lights are created in a versatile manner to make it used everywhere you want.

The high-quality light panel can be attached to the plastic stand that comes with it or can be mounted against the wall. It entirely depends on the user about the way they would want the lights to be used. Irrespective of the choice you make, the vast number of light combinations makes it a great choice. It can easily create a cozy ambiance and make it a perfect choice for you.


  • The product measures ‎4″D x 3.5″W x 1.2″H
  • Made of plastic material for easy use.
  • Hexagon shape to help you give your own shape.
  • It can be wall mounted or used with a free plastic stand.
  • 13 different color options.
  • Remote control operation for the ultimate convenience.
  • Simple usage and installation.


  • Good choice for wall decor.
  • The remote control is very helpful.
  • Free-standing lights.


  • Not a sturdy choice.

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3. Nanoleaf  Wall Light Panel

Nanoleaf Wall Light Panel If you want your interior to look immersive and aesthetically pleasing, you certainly require the Nanoleaf lights. It can create a unique look with smart decor and lighting. This is a perfect choice to boost productivity and set an ambiance. It can react to music if you set it properly. This light can create a unique audiovisual experience regardless of the genre that you love in music.

You will be able to get an immersive experience right from your home. Create any background you want, and these lights will create the ambiance. You also get an app from where you can control the light panels easily. The layout assistant included in the app helps you to use a range of settings that come with this unique wall light panel.

With more than 16 million colors that have 1200K – 6500K white lights. The intelligent technology that is named LayoutDetect helps in making color animation flow easily between panels depending on the layout that you create.

You can also choose to wake it up naturally by scheduling the sunrise scene. The refreshing look will make you feel refreshed. The app can be easily accessed on iOS and Android apps. You can enjoy the range of features provided. Apart from this, the manufacturer guarantees 25,000 hours of lifetime.


  • The panel has a measurement of 8.25″ x 9.5″ x 0.4 inches.
  • It is provided with a 5m long PSU cable.
  • 100 lumen panel brightness.
  • 25,000 hours of longevity claimed by the manufacturer.
  • Syncs easily with music to create a great ambiance.
  • 16 million colors for a great experience.
  • Layout Detect technology for intelligent flowing of color animation.
  • Choose a sunrise scene for automatic wake-up.
  • Customize lights using the android and iOS apps.
  • It can also be controlled with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and many more.


  • The lights are really great.
  • It can be adjusted to super bright and super low lights.
  • Better than what you expect.


  • The adhesion is not up to the mark.

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4. Arcwares Wall Light Panel

Arcwares Wall Light PanelThe lights are definitely a necessity in our life. However, when the lights are provided with a remote, it becomes easy to use. One such name is the Hexagon wall light, which can be controlled with a remote and touch. It comes with a dual remote for the hexagon light to get easy control. This touch hlight has 13 monochrome switching modes that can be made through your remote to create a great ambiance.

With the use of the remote, you can perform a lot of things. You can perform slow switching, mono chrome flashing, fast switching, timing, brightness adjustment, and several other features. It does not require any special adapter to adapt to the USB connection.

Using USB makes it even more diverse. You can easily switch effects according to your requirements and to meet your special needs on particular occasions, parties, festivals, carnivals, and others. It helps you enjoy every moment with this hexagon light and is a versatile choice.

Its honeycomb design with modern touch lights makes it a unique inclusion for your rooms. You can create one design and use it everywhere. These hexagon LED lights based on the geometric design can provide the soft warm light that you need while you sleep. The high-quality material with a sensitive touch response makes it one of the best choices for wall light panels.


  • Comes with dual remote controls.
  • 15 to 24 feet of remote range.
  • Easy to connect and touch control.
  • IR remote control for easy use.
  • 21 key remote for the best usage.
  • 13 fix colors with remote settings to let you decide according to your requirements.
  • Ability to set timing.
  • You will be able to decrease or increase brightness in four different grades.
  • Create any shape and design you want.


  • These lights are very expressive.
  • A beautiful inclusion to your home.


  • The size was not close to the pictures.
  • The connectors are really bad.
  • Faced a problem while setting it up.

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5. Govee Wall Light Panel

Govee Wall Light PanelNothing can be better than light panels if you want to improve your home aesthetic. Govee Glide provides one such high-quality customizable light panel. You have the freedom to choose the layout from the range of designs provided in the app. You have the freedom to personalize Christmas lighting in your bedroom, living room, or any other wall decor scene.

Every edge comes with different light colors for producing a range of effects. You can go through the gradient, ultra smooth, and glowing colors on your wall panel. It has a translucent Backshall design to help your wall shine and provide the extra layering that is required during Christmas.

Keeping in mind other needs, these high-quality wall panels are taken care of as well. It has six different kinds of modes for music synchronization that help the panel dance according to the music. You can turn on your videos and favorite songs, and the lights will flow to the symphony to make you enjoy every moment of your party.

You will also be able to select the multi-color animated scene effects depending on nature and holidays. The home app that comes with this light can help you to recognize the hexagon light position to flow effects throughout the design seamlessly. You have the freedom to enjoy other great features included in this home app, like scene and music modes, daily scheduling, user-specific effects, and a lot more. It also works with Google Assistant and Alexa.


  • You can use it in your bedroom, living room, and other rooms as wall decor.
  • Every edge has different colors.
  • Produces effects like gradient and smooth flowing between the wall panels.
  • Translucent Backshall design to provide extra layering onto your wall.
  • Six different kinds of music synchronization modes.
  • Switch on your music to flow with the symphony.
  • Words with Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • Govee Home app for seamlessly using the effects.


  • These lights are great.
  • The phone app works seamlessly.
  • Super bright lights.


  • The adhesives are not good.

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6. Amailtom Wall Light Panel

Amailtom Wall Light PanelFinding a touch sensor wall LED light can be really difficult. With so many choices available in the market, it can be tough to decide on one. However, the Hamilton LED Lights can be a great choice as this is a touch wall light that suits great in creative modern interiors. These are integrated with low-power LED lights with the ability to detect movement of your body.

It instantly turns on when it senses any movement. With the hexagon and floppy, you will be able to make any type of structure you want. The design helps to slide when you need a perfect setting on your room decor. It has modular components, which are equal to systems that easily adapt to any scene. You can also use the magnetic edges for connecting lights together and creating the best structure in your interiors.

It turns on with the physical touch of a user. Included with the capacitive touch of the sensor helps to switch the components on /off when a user touches its surface. Besides, it has a great design to slide when you need it effectively. All you need is to swipe the fingers or arms, or even shoulders to activate these lights. It consumes low power and is an environmentally friendly choice.

As it is a magnetic light with sides of magnets, setting and addition become a breeze. You can get any display you want by simply adding them. Every panel measures 4.5 x 4 x 1 0.7″. Manufactured with high-quality material ensures robust and uniform transmission. The unique geometrical shape is provided to decorate any part of your home.


  • Modular LED lights.
  • Touch-sensitive LEDs that turn on/off with a simple touch.
  • Designed with magnetic edges to connect the blocks.
  • Captive sensor for easy use.
  • Low power consumption and an environment-friendly design.
  • The panel measures 4.5 x 4 x 0.7 inches.
  • Customizable mood lighting.
  • Comes with remote control.


  • The brightness of these lights are great.
  • String adhesive.
  • A great inclusion for every home.


  • The Remote stopped working after a few days.
  • The hexagons are smaller than expected.

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7. 8WASAI Wall Light Panel

8WASAI Wall Light PanelWith 16 million colors, you get multiple choices for creating a design. The Heywasai Led Light Panels is one such product that has nine panels so that it will be able to choose a pattern just the way you need. With 16 million colors and a range of scenes, it is easy for users to create any ambiance for their living room, gaming room, and bedroom. It lets you use your creativity.

It is a wall-mounted design of LED lights that gets turned on and off with a push button. You get the ability to use the power button and the effect with a color-changing button. It becomes easier to adjust the lights according to your requirements. These wall lights come with easy control. The app that can install a new smartphone that runs with Bluetooth helps you to decorate the rooms around you.

If you have Alexa, you can remain sure that these wall lights can work seamlessly within. The triangle shapes are specially designed to give you the freedom to create any design. It has a range of modes with intelligent scene linkage that helps you to enjoy every moment with these lights. All of these can be done through the app.


  • More than 16 million colors.
  • Triangular shapes give you the freedom to create shapes.
  • Voice control that works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
  • Wall-mounted design for easy use.
  • It can be adjusted with music rhythm.
  • Automatic switch on and off can be done through the app.
  • Brightness adjustments can be made.
  • You get several moods.
  • Use sound activated to change colour with music.


  • A great lighting solution for homes.
  • Syncs with music rhythms.
  • Looks great.
  • Very easy to set up.


  • Limited customizable option.

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8. Hexiher Wall Light Panel

Hexiher Wall Light PanelIf you are someone who would like to improve the interior aesthetic, nothing can be better than the hexagon light panels. The Hexiher Hexagon Light Panels has 10 different wall lights that have hexagon shapes. It has a specific patent to get the right display that you want. With 16 million colours displayed, you will be able to create a colorful atmosphere with a cozy ambiance depending on your requirements.

The RGB modular light has the ability to get remote control from your phone. You will be able to use the remote to change color, turn it on and off, adjust brightness, control speed, and a lot more. With a huge range of solid colors and 210 lighting effects with customisable scene mode, you get the extreme ability to make your space vibrant and enjoy the visual experience.

You will also be able to get the music control model. The microphone control model is another addition to the LED lights. The music mode can be a great choice for any festival as a colour changes by your phone. With the microphone mode, the colour will change with the exterior sound. However, you can also turn the two modes, and the lights will follow the music beats and change the color sensitively.

The buckle design on its back makes a secure panel choice for different shapes. It can easily mount on a flat surface with self-adhesive tape. It requires no screws, no drill, and it would not hurt your house. Lastly, you can also take the help of the timing function so that it works automatically.


  • 210 modes to choose effects accordingly.
  • Easily syncs with music.
  • LED LAMP APP helps to control colors, and brightness and switch to the music sync mode.
  • Hexagonal shape for easy use.
  • 10 light panels in the box.
  • Easy fixator design for seamless installation.
  • 10 M colors to give you the ultimate experience.
  • Requires no screw, no drill, and would not hurt your home.


  • Extremely vibrant colors.
  • Provides a smooth effect.
  • Everything is wonderful about these lights.
  • Affordable choice compared to its competitors.


  • The size is really small.

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Buying Guide For Best Wall Light Panel

With detailed information about the best wall light available in the market, hopefully, it will become easier for you to choose one. However, if you want to know in detail about the factors you must keep in mind while choosing an LED light panel, here are some of them. Make sure that you check these specifications while selecting the best wall light panel.

1. Size

When you choose the wall light panels, you must keep in mind the size of the lights. Irrespective of where you would like to set it up, the size is crucial as you don’t want to mess up the interior look. So make sure that the wall has enough space to fit the wall lights. Apart from the size, take a look at the shape as well. Make sure you’re not crowding the wall but making it aesthetically pleasing. Make sure you measure and then buy.

2. Brightness

You should not forget to check the brightness of these LED lights. The brightness is generally mentioned in the lumen. A standard 60 V bulb produces 800 lm, which is enough to light up your interior. However, when it comes to the wall light panel, you have to keep in mind that they have limited brightness. Since these are not the main light, they are generally lower compared to the main light so that they are able to provide aesthetic appeal.

3. Number of colors

The next important thing that you must check is the number of colours. Make sure that the light that you buy lights that help you to enjoy a wide range of colors. Apart from this, also take a look at the effects. With more effects designed on the light panels, you will be able to enjoy different moods and occasions.

4. Remote control

A remote control is another beneficial inclusion on the wall light panel. With the remote control, not only will it be convenient to use the different effects and features on the light panel, but also it makes sure to control everything from space. Besides, there are many light panels that provide improved customization features through the remote control. Have a look at the details provided by the manufacturer to find out more about the remote controls.

5. Advanced specifications

By advanced specifications, we mean that the wall light panels you’re choosing must have the ability to take part in smart homes. It will be great if the wall light panels come with touch control. It helps to control these panels efficiently. Apart from this, you can also check for the smart voice assistant if they are designed accordingly. There are many light panels that work with Google Assistant, Siri, and Amazon Alexa. If you’re looking for a smart inclusion, you need to make a smart decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best wall light panel?

Ans: All the names that we have mentioned above are some of the best wall light panels available in the market. We have thoroughly checked the quality and the features provided by these brands so that it becomes easier for you to make an informed decision. So all you need to do is check the specifications and decide depending on your requirements.

2. How to choose a quality wall light panel?

Ans: To make sure that you choose a quality wall light panel, you have to check all the essential factors. Make sure that the light has a number of color options with effects. This will let you create any ambiance accordingly. Additionally, remote control can be a great choice to control the lights and several other features. Don’t forget to check the smart access with the voice assistant for easy use.

3. Which is the right shape for a smart home?

Ans: There is no such right shape that we can say to you. All the shapes that we have mentioned above help you to create any design that you need. However, if you want something that will work both on the wall and as a free-standing light, you can choose the hexagonal design on the interior. This will help you to create anything you wish.


  • Yescom Wall Light Panel is the first inclusion, as it is an intelligent light that works with voice controls. It has over 16 million colors and 70 dynamic effects to help you provide an immersive experience. The honeycomb structure is specially designed to make it a wall-mounting design along with a standalone design. It has more than 20,000 hours of life span and is certified by CE, RoHS, and FCC.
  • Nanoleaf  Wall Light Panel are again another choice, as it has 25,000 hours of longevity. It synchronizes seamlessly with music and creates a fantastic ambiance for your festival. With 100-lumen panels, it provides the brightness that you need. You can also control the light using the app on your iOS or android phone. With 16 million colors and Layout Detect technology, it offers seamless color animation.
  • Govee Wall Light Panel are a versatile choice for your home. Every edge produces different colors. You can enjoy some effects like smooth flowing gradient on the wall panels. It works seamlessly with voice control like Alexa and Google Assistant. It has a Backshall design that makes the wall shine and an extra layering that is needed at Christmas.

So, now that you have already got a detailed knowledge about the wall light panels, it is time for you to make a choice and improve your home aesthetic.

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