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The 7 Best Scroll Saws Reviews and Buying Guide

Be it a new hobby or professional work, Scroll Saws are the perfect tool for intricate pattern cutting and detailing. Apart from wood, scroll saws are can also deal with metal, fiber glass, bone, acrylic, leather and others materials. This is the reason why even craftsmen and artist prefer this scroll saw over other types. So, in this article, we will see a list of some of the Best Scroll Saws you can buy online.

But before diving into the list, you have to consider two main factors when it comes to picking the right scroll saw:

1. Blade Types: There are mainly two types of blades available for scroll saw – pinned and pinless (or unpinned) blades. Most of the models (old or new) will accept both these two blade types.

  • Pinned Blades use pins to hold the blade in that place and it is easy to change the blade, which is connected to cross-piece which rests within the hook. Useful for larger projects.
  • Unpinned Blades / Flat Blades are not easy to replace and connected to the slots located above and below the worktable. Used to work on projects of smaller stature.

2. Speed Settings: The SPM (stroke per minute) will determine the speed of the saw. Variable speed will provide the user better control over the cutting work. Fast speed setting (1200 to 2500 SPM) are suitable hard materials while slow speeds (400 to 800 SPM) are suitable for softer materials.

Apart from these two factors, there are other things to consider as well, which we have mentioned clearly in our detailed “Buying Guide”

We came up with some best scroll saw products available in the market. Have a look at these products and choose your best as per your requirement.

Best Scroll Saws

Scroll SawSpeed (in Strokes per Minute-SPM)Dimensions (inches)WarrantyBuy Now
Wen Scroll Saw550 – 160026.4 X 13 X 14.82 YearsCheck On Amazon
Rockwell Scroll Saw300016.1 X 17.5 X 8.33 YearsCheck On Amazon
Dewalt Scroll Saw400 – 175029.5 X 19.5 X 12.13 YearsCheck On Amazon
Dremel Scroll Saw400 – 1750 18.5 X 14.5 X 4.82 YearsCheck On Amazon
Delta Scroll Saw400 – 175030 X 20 X 135 YearsCheck On Amazon
Shop Fox Scroll Saw550 – 170012.8 X 26.4 X 15.92 YearsCheck On Amazon
Rockwell Scroll Saw550 – 170026 x 16 x 262 YearsCheck On Amazon

Best Scroll Saws Reviews

1. Wen Scroll Saw

wen scroll saw

WEN 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw offers an array of user-friendly features that make it a tool for woodworking enthusiasts of all levels. The scroll saw has a speed control that you can adjust between 400 and 1600 strokes per minute. This means you can make it go slower or faster to match the kind of material you’re cutting and the specific needs of your project.

It has a special feature is that you can change the cutting blade easily without needing any tools. This makes switching blades fast and simple when you’re moving from one job to another, without any extra hassle.

This scroll saw also maintains a clean workspace with its built-in air pump and dust port, keeping wood debris at bay. Plus, its ability to accept blades in two directions, both standard and 90 degrees, offers endless capabilities.

Product Information

  • Dimensions – 26.4″ x 13″ x 14.8″
  • Material – Metal
  • Table Size – 16″ x 11″
  • Capacity – 2″ vertical and 16″ throat
  • Table Bevel – 0 to 45 degrees
  • Variable Speed – 550 to 1600 SPM
  • Blades – 5″ (both pinned & pinless)
  • Dust Port – 1 to 1/2 inches
  • Voltage – 120V
  • Wattage – 144 W
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Weight – 25.9 lbs.

Things We Liked

  • Its unique design will accept the blades in two directions (standard and 90-degree – pinned or pinless blades).
  • It cut the wood for up to thickness of 2″ with a throat depth of 16″ in the standard position.
  • It comes with a cast iron base, thumb screw blade adapter for tool-free blade changes, a dust port, an air pump, onboard storage, a flex light, 3 blades and foot lock clamp.
  • Value for money.
  • Made with solid stable metal and uses fine blades for perfect cutting.
  • Quick release lever on the rear and air tube blows away the sawdust.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • A little bit noisy and vibration over time.
  • It is difficult to use pinless spiral blades on this scroll saw.
  • The blade holder is made with pot metal and can strip out and the LED light is too short to illuminate the light.

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2. Rockwell Scroll Saw

rockwell saw

Rockwell RK7323 4-Inch Portable Table Saw offers portability, versatility, and power in a single package. This table saw isn’t just for cutting wood; it can easily cut through other stuff like ceramic tile, plastic, aluminum, and even metal. So, it’s a handy tool to have in your workshop for a wide range of projects.

The adjustable miter gauge helps you make very accurate angled cuts, up to 60 degrees. It is convenient because it has a special place to keep your tools and accessories right on it.

The vacuum port allows you to connect a shop vac, keeping your workspace clean from dust and debris while you cut. The tool-less blade change mechanism ensures that swapping out blades is a hassle-free, saving you time and effort.

Product Information

  • Dimensions – 16.1″ x 17.5″ x 8.3″
  • Weight – 17 lbs.
  • Warranty – 3 years limited consumer warranty
  • Power Source – Electric Powered
  • Voltage – 120 V
  • No-Load Speed – 3000 strokes per minute
  • Power Input – 5.5 A
  • Table Size – 15-3/4″ x 17″
  • Cutting Capacity – 1 – ½ inch (wood), 1/8 inch (steel), 1-1/4 inch (PVC pipe), 3/8 inch (aluminum & ceramic).
  • Stroke Length – 3/4″

Things We Liked

  • It is lightweight, portable and compatible tabletop scroll saw.
  • It cuts various materials in a few seconds and performs multiple cuts like scroll cut, rip, miter, cross and inside cuts.
  • It comes with tool free blade changes (3 seconds), built-in carry handle (to carry anywhere), compatible with any 4-inch t-shank jigsaw blades, & rip fence for controlled long cuts.
  • Value for money and it is easy to install and use.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is not meant for heavy duty thick cuts.
  • It is not recommended for large projects, and contractors.

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3. Dewalt Scroll Saw

dewalt scroll saw

DEWALT DW788 20″ Variable-Speed Scroll Saw is a powerhouse of precision, making it a tool for woodworking projects of all kinds. It has cutting capabilities span a wide range of materials, effortlessly slicing through wood, metal, and plastic with ease.

The variable speed control is like a useful because it lets you adjust how fast the saw goes. This means you can achieve the level of precision your work demands.

Blade changes are easy with the tool-free system, making quick replacements hassle-free. The big work table gives you plenty of space to work on, and you can tilt it up to 45 degrees in both directions. The special double arm design is important because it makes the saw much less shaky and noisy.

Product Information

  • Dimensions – 29.5″ x 19.5″ x 12.1″
  • Power Source – Electric Powered
  • Color – Yellow
  • Weight – 56 lbs.
  • Voltage – 120 V
  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Table Size – 16″ X 23-3/4″
  • Variable Speed – 400 to 1750 SPM
  • Current – 1.3 A
  • Material – Metal
  • Table Bevel – 0 to 45-degrees
  • Cut Depth – 2″

Things We Liked

  • It is easy to use and best for beginners.
  • It comes with less noise level, excellent speed controls & dust collection.
  • It is a double parallel link arm design that reduces the noise and vibration while operating it.
  • The blade can easily thread through material for inside cuts.
  • The front upper arm contains electronic variable speed, on/off switch, blade tensioning lever, and flexible dust blower.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The blade sometimes is not centered at higher speeds.

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4. Dremel Scroll Saw 

dremel scroll saw

Dremel MS2001 Moto-Saw is an addition to your woodworking toolkit, combining power and versatility to deliver precise cuts across a range of materials. This scroll saw effortlessly slices through wood, plastic, laminates, and metal, making it a choice for diverse projects. You can adjust the saw’s speed to match what you’re cutting and the kind of project you’re doing.

The quick-change mechanism for the blades is easy to use. You can also detach it and use it by hand if you want. This gives you more options for how you cut things. The fast-clamp base easily attaches to various tables, benches, and surfaces, giving you a stable platform for your work.

Keeping your workspace clean and your line of sight clear, the dust port adapter is a thoughtful addition. Furthermore, tool-free blade changes ensure that you can replace blades quickly and easily.

Product Information

  • Dimensions – 18.5″ x 14.5″ x 4.8″
  • Weight – 9.07 lbs.
  • Color – Gray
  • Power Source – Electric Powered
  • Voltage – 120 V
  • Wattage – 120 W
  • Motor Power – 0.6 A
  • Warranty – 2 years

Things We Liked

  • The dust port adapter will help to keep the line-of-sight clear and work space clean.
  • The variable speed control will help for optimal cutting in a variety of materials.
  • Detachable coping function for this handheld will make it use as an effective tool in the work place.
  • One can attach this fast clamp base to various benches, tables and surfaces.
  • Auto-tensioning quick-change mechanism will allow you to change the accessory easily and thereby blade tensioning.
  • Comes with 2 years warranty on any manufacturing defects.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Overpriced product
  • No table bevel

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5. Delta Scroll Saw

delta scroll saw

Delta 40-694 20″ Variable Speed Scroll saw excels in cutting wood, delivering smooth, finished cuts that reflect the craftsmanship. You can change how fast the saw works to match what you’re cutting and what you’re trying to do. This makes your cuts more precise and adaptable for different tasks.

The special double arm design not only makes the saw less shaky but also much quieter, so you can work peacefully while getting precise cuts. Changing the blade is easy because you don’t need any tools, making it quick and simple to switch between different tasks.

With a generous 20-inch throat depth and a 16-inch table width, this scroll saw is ready to handle sizable projects with ease. Moreover, its ability to bevel from 0° to 45° in both left and right directions adds a new dimension of versatility to your cutting capabilities.

Product Information

  • Motor Power – 1.3 A
  • Speed – 400 to 1750 SPM
  • Capacity – 20″
  • Stroke Length – 3/4″
  • Table Size – 16″ x 24″
  • Table Tilt – 0 to 45-degree (left and right)
  • Assembled Depth – 39″
  • Assembled Width – 16″
  • Material – Metal
  • Dimensions – 30″ x 20″ x 13″
  • Weight – 60 lbs.
  • Power Source – Electric Powered
  • Voltage – 120 V
  • Warranty – 5 years

Things We Liked

  • It is easy to use, easy to change (blades) and worth buying for both beginners and professionals.
  • It has no noise or vibration-less operation which allows the user to have precision wood cutting and accuracy in their work.
  • The speed is variable and it ranges from 400 to 1750 SPM, which allows the user to perform different types of projects.
  • It incorporates a locking pin towards the back of the saw to hold the blade in upper arm and go for proper cutting.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Noise and vibration at higher speeds.

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6. Shop Fox Scroll Saw

SHOPFOXShop Fox W1872 16″ Scroll Saw is Powered by a robust 1/6 HP motor, it can effortlessly slice through wood up to 2-1/4″ thick. The variable speed control allows you to fine-tune its performance to match your material and project, ensuring accurate results. The table can tilt to make angled cuts, and there’s a dust port to keep your workspace tidy.

Blade changes are easy with compatibility for both pin-less and pin-end blades, and the convenient foot pedal operation adds to your cutting convenience. The extra tool lets you do more, and the bright light makes it easier to see your work, so you can make more accurate cuts.

The miter gauge aids in achieving precise angle cuts, and safety and control are ensured with the blade guard and hold-down shoe.

Product Information

  • Dimensions – 25″L x 13″W x 20″H
  • Material – Steel
  • Table Bevel – -5 to 45 degrees
  • Variable Speed – 550 – 1600 spm
  • Blades – 16 Inches
  • Dust Port – 1-1/4″
  • Voltage – 120 Volts
  • Wattage – 1849 Watts
  • Warranty – 2 Years
  • Weight –  26 Pounds

What We Like

  • Powerful motor
  • Variable speed control
  • Tilting table for bevel cuts
  • User-friendly features
  • Dust port for cleanliness

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lack of specific details on noise
  • Durability and other features

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7. Rockwell Scroll Saw

Rockwell Store ShopSeries RK7315 Scroll SawShopSeries is well-known for providing superior engineering and design to their wide range of power tools that are designed to last for a long time.

This scroll saw is equipped with 1.2amp motor which is powerful enough to handle a variety of woodworking jobs like joints, intricate cuts, and curves. It ensures clean and accurate cuts every single time without causing any mess.

Product Information

  • Voltage – 110 V / 60 Hz
  • Motor Amperage – 1.2 A
  • Speed – 550 to 1700 SPM
  • Maximum Cutting Width – 16″
  • Maximum Cutting Thickness – 2″
  • Blade Stroke – 3/4″
  • Weight – 31 lbs.
  • Table Tilt – 0 to 45-degrees
  • Power Source – Electric Powered
  • Material – Cast iron
  • Dimensions – 26 x 16 x 26 inches
  • Warranty – 2 years

Things We Liked

  • Combination of engineering and design
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • In-built blower to keep dust from blocking the view
  • Enhanced operate safety

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Tedious to reclamp the blades

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What is Scroll Saw and How Does it Work Exactly?

It is a small pedal operated or electric operated saw which is helpful in cutting fine details and curves on various materials that include wood and metal. The fine sharpness of the blade will make it easy to carve more delicately than power jigsaw, hand coping saw or fretsaw.

The working mechanism is a bit similar to a band saw. Instead of continuous loop, scroll saw also uses reciprocating blade. Through pre-drilled starting hole, blade of scroll saw can be either placed or removed. This will help you make interior cutouts without any need of entry slot.

When it comes to design, it looks like mini version of a band saw. Similar features in both these machines is the thin blade. However, compared to band saws scroll saws use reciprocating action for removing out the materials. Because of the arm movement and blade movement (up and down), it is also considered similar to working principle of a sewing machine.

Despite having a thin blade, scroll saws can easily cut through thick materials as well like wood blocks. But they can work only with fixed height which represents maximum thickness of material you can use to shape.

How to Choose The Best Scroll Saw?

Scroll saws are used for fine artworks and high quality finishes. If you choose a wrong product, then it can affect the results. So, it is very important to consider certain factor while purchasing a scroll saw. We have mentioned a detail buying guide below which contains all the information required to take the decision.

1. Arm Type

The component arm represents the connection between the work and motor. It is mounted over the blade and lets you cut the material properly. Generally, scroll saws are available in three different types of arm that include parallel linked, parallel type and C-arm. A detail information on these three types is mentioned below…

  • Parallel Type Arm – This type contains two arms which are connected in the middle pivot point of each arm. This positioning makes the arm to travel at same time. The lower part of arm is connected to motor under the worktable of scroll saw. While the upper part will run on the top of worktable. It is mounted over the front arm to connect the blade. Both upper and lower arms meet at back of scroll saw which allows the blade to work in up and forward (reciprocating motion).
  • Parallel Linked Arm – This is modern version of arm type and specially designed with less vibrations. Saw’s blade will be placed between upper and lower arm. The reciprocating motion makes the blade to replicate the motion to cut. The arm of this parallel linked is shorter than other two types and thereby results in back to front movement. Also, this arm type is found in high-end / modern scroll saws. Parallel-linked arm is usually found in high-end scroll saws.
  • C Type Arm – It contains one pivot point that allows the blade to move in upwards and downwards along with moving in a slight arc. It is the most aggressive arm type than others, why because it provides a faster cut. So, it is mostly found in experienced woodworkers (who have high levels of skill to provide high level of accuracy)

2. Scroll Saw Size

Dimensions of the scroll saw play an important role in performance of the product. Shorter scroll saws come with dual-link parallel arms. They are quiet and have minimum blade vibrations. While analyzing the dimensions, you have to consider throat length and thickness of the cut.

  •  Throat Length : Scroll saws are mainly differentiated based on throat size. It represents the distance between blade and rear frame of the saw. Scrolls saws available in the market have 12″ to 30″ throat length. Few models have more than 30″ throat length range. For entry-level machines have 16″ throat length which makes them suitable for small jobs and beginners. For general wood cutting works, 120″ throat length size is suitable. For professionals and heavy-duty works, 30″ scroll is suitable.
  •  Throat Depth: Also referred as thickness of cut, it represents thickness of wood pieces the scroll saw can cut. In simple terms, it determines maximum thickness of material you can cut using this machine. Standard throat depth range is considered as 2″. Some scroll saw models are available with more thickness range. But most of the woodwork done using scroll saw doesn’t require large cut depth. Some scroll saws are specially designed with 3 ¼” thickness for shaping materials.

3. Speed Range

Speed of scroll saw is measured in SPM (strokes per minute). Ideal scroll saws will have several speed settings which let you adjust the speed as per the cuts and mediums. Variable speed will provide the user better control over the cutting work. Fast speed setting are suitable hardwoods while slow speeds are suitable for softer woods.

We recommend to purchase a scroll saw that comes with a varied speed range from slowest to fastest as it will provide cleanest cuts in several mediums. Slow speeds range from 400 to 800 SPM while fast speed ranges from 1200 to 2500 SPM. While working on soft wood material, you should select low speed. For thick wood material, you can choose higher speeds.

4. Motor Power

Just like most of the power tools, scroll saws are equipped with electric motors as well. Power of scroll saws is represented in terms of amps or volts. Usually, power is not an important consideration unless you are using scroll saw for cutting metal or stone pieces. Scroll saw that has at least 1.2A motor is efficient enough for most of the cutting needs.

5. Blade Types

When it comes to scroll saw, there are two types – pinless and pinned blades. Both old and new versions of scroll saws accept both these blade types.

  • Pinned Blades: These are found mostly in old versions of scroll saws. As pins hold the blade in place, they are named as pinned blades. Also, it is easy to change the blade, as they held into place by holding hook which is connected to cross-piece which rests within the hook. To release the blades, you can adjust the tension of the blade and then remove the hook. Useful while working on projects of larger size
  • Unpinned/Flat/Plain Blades: These are not easy to replace, as they threaded through the piece. It connects the slots located above and below the table. Then they must be tightened at both ends to ensure for proper connection. Useful when you’re working on the project of smaller stature. Unpinned blades provide more options of cutting wood. Pinless blades are capable of providing tighter and detail cuts.
  • Bottom Line: Pinned blades are simple to change, thicker, wider and faster making them perfect for intricate cutting. Pinless blades are too thin but capable of providing precise cuts. Apart from that, you should also remember that tools that are easier to repair are more valuable. So, before making the purchase make sure the blades are easy to change without any issues or extra tools. You should also make sure the scroll saw comes with storage area for keeping the blades secure and organized.

6. Tool or Tool-less Blade

While shopping for best scroll saw, you should check out how the blade is mounted.

  • Tooled blades suitable for works that require many cuts. However, with this option, you have to change the blades for making every cut. Some tooled blades need separate tools for changing the blades. For some people, the process of changing the blades can be extremely annoying and tiring. So, consider this upfront before making the purchase.
  • Most of the professionals like tool-less blade but remember that because little mechanism is required for changing the blades. These pieces are destructible so remember to consider best scroll for you to purchase. Tool-less blade tensioning system is also an important consideration. Make sure to choose the one that the is comfortable.

7. Blade Size

Blades for scroll saw are available in several sizes. And unfortunately, choosing the right blade size is tricky there is no universal measuring system for them. Based on semi-standard numbering system, blade system ranges from #0 to #12.

This makes somewhat difficult for beginners to choose the right blade. A general rule is that the higher number of the blade will be the thicker blade and less TPI (teeth per inch) of blade. The space in between the teeth is called as gullet.

8. Scroll Saw Blade Types

Different blades are capable for cutting different materials. Below, we have provided a detail information on six different blade types. Read it thoroughly to find out which one suits you better.

  • Regular Tooth Blades – They are the standard category of blade style. They have evenly spaced distance between blade teeth. They are made with metal material making them suitable for cutting different materials that include plastic, wood and also some exotic compositions (that are specifically designed for exclusive tasks).
  • Skip Tooth Blades – They are perfect for beginners as they look much similar to standard ones. However, they have more gullets than standard blade. The user can replace the tooth on each and every spaces. It won’t heat up quickly and cut the material a little bit slower than standard blade.
  • Double Tooth Blades – They are similar to skip tooth blades. However, a gullet is available on every third tooth. This is the reason why these blades provide smooth cut making them perfect for performing work projects. These blades also won’t heat up quickly and has high resistance to work for a longer session.
  • Reverse Tooth Blades – The blade bottom has teeth flipped to other side, simply the blades will face in the opposite direction. It is perfect for plywood working, as it has opposite facing teeth that prevent splintering on the blade bottom of cut.
  • Ultra Reverse Blades – They are the modern and improved version of reverse skip tooth blade. These blades are an upgrade in terms of the quick removal of sawdust from the worksite.
  • Crown Tooth Blades – As the blades are designed in crown shape, they are referred as crown tooth blades. Blade teeth are available in pairs in which one tooth will face up while other one will face down. Using this blade, you can cut the material in any direction. It has small gullet that lies between these pairs and when the tooth become blunt then you can switch the blade to opposite direction.
  • Spiral Blades – The blades are designed in twisted pattern hence the name spiral blades. This blade allows the user to make cuts in all directions. Spiral blades don’t provide accurate finish which is why they are used for beginning inside cuts and rough cuts where precision doesn’t matter. This is the reason why they are least preferred option.
  • Precision Ground Blades – These blades have small teeth that let you provide smooth results. The teeth of these blades are different than other types. Other options made cut into that particular shape. While precision blades are grounded to have that shape. Apart from this, the look and design of these blades is similar to skip tooth blades.

9. Tilt

While handling wood working projects, beveled edge cuts are very common. Using a scroll saw that has tilting tabletop, it is very simple to achieve these cuts. Not all scroll saws available in the market have tabletops that are capable of beveled cuts. If you have to follow these cuts regularly, then make sure the model you choose has this feature. Standard slope to tilt is considered 45 degrees. Some models provide shallow tilt of 15 degrees. Best scroll saw will have 45 degrees tilt on both sides while some only tilt to one side.

10. Work Table

It is the place where the user will use the scroll saw for cutting the wood or other materials. While analyzing this feature, you have to consider three important factors that include size, durability and material.

  • Size of work table varies from one brand to another. The best scroll table provides adequate space for the user to work on their work comfortably. Apart from that, it should be sturdy enough to support the work piece.
  • When it comes to material, you have to make sure the edges and table are smooth enough. So that you don’t incur any scratches or injuries. And should not affect the quality of the cut as well.
  • Durability of the work table ensures you don’t have to waste money in regular replacements. Make sure the table is tough enough to support the work piece. It is better to avoid wooden tables and choose cast iron or aluminum ones.

11. Additional Features

As we have covered some of the core features, now we shall discuss additional features and accessories often found in scroll saw products. These features enhance the capabilities of using scroll saw. We have mentioned them below for your reference.

  •  Blade Tension Knob: This factors represents how tight/loose the blade is (when the blade is mounted on top of table to the bottom of table). Most of the experts can adjust the blade tension without any issues. They know all the pros and cons of scroll saw and blades as they spend several hours working on it. To ease up this process for beginners, manufacturers added blade tension adjustment feature to their scroll saws. It will remove the confusion and hassle associated with blade tension. Blade tension adjustment in these models is often present in the form of trigger or knob. These options are equipped with key clamp that will tighten or loosen the tension. This makes the adjusting process much easier than doing it manually.
  •  Adjustable Lighting: Most of the scroll saws have adjustable lamp which will illuminate the space in darkened or dim lighted workspaces. Apart from providing better lighting conditions, it also provides more visibility while working on delicate and difficult shapes. based on your preference, lights can be fitted as a bulb or LED. Most of the lights are adjustable but some cannot be adjusted as they are fixed.
  •  Dust Collection System: Dust collection or air blowers are an important feature to look out for in scroll saws. As the name implies, a small tube is present blow away excess dust generated while cutting process. This will keep the workplace clear and also prevents you from breathing any dust and harmful material. Few air blowers are connected to dust ports which will collect any dust that is created during a cutting session. This is convenient for people who think a scroll saw is messy with the all the dust that compiles.
  •  Stand Alone/Table Mounted: Some scroll saws should be installed on table as some models can stand on their own. Models that are table mounted generate more vibrations that scroll saw models that stand alone. Because these models are specially equipped with technology that will dampen the vibration.
  •  Hold Down Foot: This is the component that keep the cutting material in place so that you can work on conveniently. It is very important to make sure this piece is reliable. If not, then the cutting material may slip and damage the work completely. As the work involves delicate work details, it is a massive issue to deal with.

12. Budget and Price

It is the best option to purchase a product within your budget. However, never choose low-priced ones as low quality materials will be used in them. But higher prices do not mean they are the right choice. First fix the amount you can spend maximum on the product. Based on that, check out the available products within that range. You can analyze them and choose the one that suits your requirements.

Generally, scroll saws price starts from $100 to $2000. If you are a professional, then spending a little more will ensures a model with accurate and easy to use results.

13. Warranty

Most of the quality tools will come with some warranty for a few months or years. A warranty won’t mean that the product is high – quality and guarantee to have long productive life but it means that your investment is protected and comes back either by replacing or repairing the product defects.

A 1-year warranty is basic one that should come for scroll saw (or any power tools) and if the scroll saw comes with 3-years warranty is best to make that the money is wisely invested. So, check the warranty before purchasing this scroll saw.

Benefits of Using a Scroll Saw

There are several benefits of using a scroll saw. You should check out them before making the purchase.

  • It is the most preferred scroll saw by artisans, woodworkers and craftsmen as it capable of cutting intricate patterns and designs on metal, wood and plastic.
  • If you want to make cool jigsaw puzzles, carvings or other crafts (either to sell or decorate), scroll saw is the best option as it can make finer cuts and detailing.
  • It contains small blade which makes it easy to cut precisely and make accurate cuts. They are also suitable for smooth and fine cuttings that don’t need no sanding at all. Which crafting wooden toys, small furniture, or jewelry box, the scroll saw user can easily cut dovetail joints.
  • One of the main specialties of scroll saw is its ability to cut inside the material or make plunge cuts. Scroll saw will be capable of making intricate designs, make a circle inside the material without passing through outer perimeter of work piece.

Drawbacks of Using Scroll Saw

Though scroll saw is one of the best power tools equipment for cutting materials, they still have some drawbacks. We have mentioned them below for your reference.

  • Scroll saws have thin blades. Though they are reliable to make precise cuts, they are still a troublesome if you work on very thick materials. Materials should be within ¾ inch for easy cutting. More than this range is hard to cut using scroll saw.
  • Though scroll saws are capable of making straight cuts, they are not as good as power saws. Because they swerve or wander while making straight cuts. This can ultimately affect the quality of the cut too.

Safety Tips to Consider While Using Scroll Saw

Unlike table saws and band saws, scroll saws are usually not considered as dangerous equipment. However, you should still be careful while using it. Some of common injuries occurred while using scroll saw are lacerations to fingers and hands. To prevent them, we recommend considering below safety tips…

  • Before starting to use the scroll saw, we recommend to review and understand the information thoroughly. You can find it in the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer.
  • Make sure to inspect the scroll saw for any disrepair or damage. Apart from that, make sure the blade teeth are sharp, undamaged, and placed securely in vertical position.
  • You should inspect the electrical cord and plugs for any defects or damages.
  • If the scroll saw has any damages, then you should inform your parent, guardian or get a professional to deal with the repair.
  • Make sure to wear a face shield or safety glasses while using the scroll saw. It will prevent any dust or other particles form hurting your eyes.
  • While operating the scroll saw, never wear rings, jewelry, loose clothing, or watch. Always tie your hair and secure it under a cap.
  • Before starting, make sure the blade guard and belt guard is the right place.
  • It is recommended to use narrow blade for curving cuts. Make sure to use correct saw blade based on the cutting tasks.
  • You should cut only on a flat bottom surface and adjust the hold down according to wood thickness.
  • You have to select the speed setting based on the task you will be performing.
  • It is important to keep the fingers at the side of saw blade. Don’t let the finger to be placed in front of saw blade.
  • It is important for the fingers to be positioned at least 2 inches away from blades, especially while operating.
  • If you have to cut a round or cylindrical, then secure the V fixture.
  • Before making any scroll saw adjustments, make sure to turn off the power source.
  • To clear the wood scraps from saw blade, never use fingers. Instead use stick of brush.
  • If saw blade becomes loose or breaks, then move immediately away from it. Turn off the power immediately to prevent any potential accidents.
  • If you are injured while operating scroll saw, then you have to notify guardian, parent or get medical help immediately.
  • Make sure there is enough lighting so that you can see the lines better and complete the task accurately.

How to Use a Scroll Saw?

Below, we have mentioned step-by-step process of using scroll saws. Read them thoroughly to understand the process of using scroll saw safely.

  • First thing to do is – draw an intended cut or secure template over the material.
  • You have to make sure the blade width and tooth size are appropriate for the material.
  •  Set the blade tension appropriately.
  •  The height of the material should be enough to pass over the guard without any issues.
  •  make sure there is enough room on the back side of blade so that material can exit properly.
  •  If you have to make internal cuts, make a hole inside cut initially.
  •  Now decrease the blade tension that it can be removed easily. Make a note of how many times you rotate the knob tension. This will let you restore it easily to previous position.
  • Now remove the blade, pass it through hole and attach it again to the machine.
  • If you wear jewelry, the remove them. Make sure to wear secured clothing and tie back your hair.
  •  If the scroll saw has air hose, you have to aim it at cutting point as it will remove any saw dust immediately.
  •  Now, turn on the machine.
  •  Now hold the materials firmly and gently feed it through the blade. Make sure to keep your hands away from the blade.
  •  Once the cutting work is completely, turn off the blade and remove the material.
  •  If you have any internal cuts, then you should remove the blade and reinstall the appropriate one.
  • After turning off the machine, remove any wood scrapes or dust using vacuum or dust pan.

Scroll Saw – FAQs

1. What is the difference between scroll saw and brand saw?

Ans: Scroll saw uses reciprocating blade and remove the material. The working mechanism is a bit similar to sewing machine where the arm will move the saw blade up and down for making internal cutting. When it comes to band saw, thin continuous loop blade will be passed though the material for making the incision.

Most of the band saws will come with adjustable height that is used for cutting blocks or boards. But scroll saws don’t come with fixed height for cutting the maximum material thickness. Scroll saws are best suited for intricate and delicate woodworking projects. But for increased productivity, band saws are the choice. because they are versatile and suitable for common cuts. 

2. Why should we purchase a scroll saw?

Ans: Scroll saw is one of the versatile tools to have in a workshop as it performs detail and inside cuts. It is specially designed for cutting details from solid wood, making parquetry, decorative scroll motifs, fretwork patterns and other kind of wood cuts.

Experts can use it for making delicate and intricate works with a lot of precision. It is capable of creating smooth edges, sharp angles and hard cuts. You can also easily make dovetail joints and endless cutting possibilities. As it is a compact machine, it will not occupy much space in your workshop.

3. What is the difference between scroll saw and jigsaw?

Ans: Both these machines are used for cutting organic shapes. However, scroll is capable of providing more precision and intricate designs unlike jig saw. Scroll saw is a power tool that helps in making intricate details. However, it can make these details only on materials not more than 2″ thick or less.

Unlike jigsaw tools, scroll saw options are silent and produce less dust. They are also capable of 3D fractals and plunge cuts which is not possible with jigsaw model. Jigsaw is actually highly portable and handheld saw which moves up and down similar to scroll saw but it doesn’t have an orbital action. Jigsaws are suitable making odd shapes, circles and curves.

4. What materials can scroll saw cut or work on?

Ans: Apart from wood, scroll saw can also deal with other materials like metal, acrylic, fiber glass, plastic, ceramic tiles, leather and bone. The thickness of the material should not be more than ¾”.

5. Which cuts and designs can be made using scroll saw?

Ans: Compared to other saws, scroll saw can do several cuts and designs. Some of the designs and cuts that can be done using scroll saw are – angled cuts, thick cuts, dovetail cut, curved cut and plunge cuts and interior cuts.

6. Which one is better – pin blades or plain blades?

Ans: Pinned blades are suitable for beginners are they are easy to change as well operate. Once you master the skill of using scroll saw, you can upgrade from pinned blades to plain end blades. With pinned blades you can get all types and sizes. Apart from that, pin blades are thick and wide making them ideal for intricate cutting.


Although, all the above-mentioned scroll saw products are best and work efficiently but we pick Wen Scroll Saw two-direction variable speed scroll saw as our first and best product. The reason is that, it has a spacious table of about 16″ depth for cutting large workpieces and bevels up to 45 degrees to the left.

It accepts both plain and pinned blades for cutting and allows you to adjust the speed from 550 to 1600 strokes per minute (SPM) by simple turning the knob. The warm work LED light is flexible to adjust and move the light to illuminate the work pieces of any size and shape. The cast iron base will reduce the vibrations and walking and gives a clear vision over cutting / woodworking & comes with 2-year warranty.

Which one you’re going to pick in this 203? Do share your queries or any experience with scroll saw with us in the below comments section.

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