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10 Best Hole Saw Kit in 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

Looking for the best hole saw kit? Here are the most durable and budget-friendly options.

Hole saw kit has a significant tool in drilling arsenal – as it helps to create perfect holes effortlessly in different materials that include wood, metal and even ceramic tiles without causing any damage.

They have a ring-shaped blade with 1 to 4 inches diameter and high-speed steel teeth which ensure perfect cuts every single time. Hole saw kits are useful for both professionals and DIY’ers for handling with drilling requirements.

With an increase in the demand for the best hole saw kits, several manufacturers have developing models that differ in terms of several features that include blade length, durability, ergonomics and others.

To make a wise choice that fits into your requirements and budget-level, we recommend analysing the products with below factors.

  • Hole saw size – Which sizes of saw or saw bits are included in the kit is essential to consider before making its purchase. With its wide range of sizes, you can deal with a variety of projects because some are designed for metal or woodworking, while some are for plumbing or light fixing. The general range is 2 ½ inches. Beyond this range, you have to select a kit accommodating your requirement.
  • Hole saw material – You can set the best saw material based on the type of material you are dealing with. A hole saw with a steel blade is perfect to cut plastic, wood, or fiberglass, cobalt saws are durable and heat-resistant which makes them to cut aluminum or steel. Hole saw with tungsten carbide tips cut thick steel or iron. While diamond-encrusted blades are used to dig holes in tile, limestone, glass, or fiberglass.
  • Number of pieces – Similar to drill bits, the hole saws in the kit are available in a set of standard sizes to create a hole of a specific diameter. With its large number of included pieces per pack, you can easily drill various size holes without looking for a set. So, you have to check the number of pieces (range of 7 – 40) included in the pack before buying a kit.

Apart from these key features, there are so many things to consider that we mentioned in our detailed Buying Guide. Also, we enlisted some top-selling Best Hole Saw Kits after doing thorough research on various products in the market. Read on to finalize the correct model as per your cutting requirements and budget.

9 Best Hole Saw Kit in 2024

Best Hole Saw KitIncluded PiecesHole Saw SizesMaterialBuy Now
LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit2620Bi-MetalCheck On Amazon
Milwaukee Hardened Hole Saw Kit 2822Bi-MetalCheck On Amazon
DEWALT Hole Saw Kit1411Bi-MetalCheck On Amazon
SUNGATOR Hole Saw Kit1810Bi-MetalCheck On Amazon
Diablo DHS14SGP Hole Saw Kit1410Bi-MetalCheck On Amazon
Spyder 600887 Hole Saw Kit139Bi-MetalCheck On Amazon
Milwaukee 49-22-4025 Hole Saw Kit139Bi-MetalCheck On Amazon
Greenlee 660 Hole Saw Kit75CarbideCheck On Amazon
BOSCH HSM23 Hole Saw Kit23--Bi-MetalCheck On Amazon
Disston QUICKCORE Hole Saw Kit13--Bi-MetalCheck On Amazon

Best Hole Saw Kit in 2024: Reviews

1. LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit

LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit

Lenox has been serving the professional needs of its customers for a very long time now. You will find a great hole saw kit from Lenox present here.

Our 1st pick for the best hole saw kits are the LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit, and it is perfectly suitable for heavy-duty professional applications. It comprises a total of 26 pieces that are suitable for a wide range of applications, including automotive, construction, welding, and so on. These new designs from Lenix are nearly twice as durable as compared to older Lenox hole saws.

There are 20 different hole saw sizes included in this kit that is pretty much standard and most commonly used. Each of these saws has an increased wall thickness that allows it to undergo a lot more stress before it deforms permanently. Lenox has provided an optimum tooth design on these saws that penetrates most metal without any problem. The longer and equally sharper tooth allows a precise cutting operation and also allows quicker plug ejection.

Best Features:

  • 26 pieces included
  • 20 sizes available
  • Bi-metal hole saw units
  • Best choice for commercial application
  • Staircase design for easy injection
  • Sharper and longer tooth


  • One of the most versatile options
  • Penetrates string materials with ease
  • Highly durable pieces


  • Quite an expensive set

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Milwaukee Hardened Hole Saw Kit 

Milwaukee Hardened Hole Saw Kit 

We have decided to include MILWAUKEE’S on our list today as it is also a very premium option for workshop tools. The following hole saw kit from MILWAUKEE’S features most pieces and sizes.

In the 2nd position, we have yet another ideal hole saw kit designed for professional and commercial usage. The Milwaukee 49-22-4185 consists of 28 different pieces that include 22 holes saw sizes for best applicability. Overall, the Milwaukee 49-22-4185  is very easy to use and yet highly durable. Hence, you can expect a very long lifespan for each of these pieces even after regular usage.

Each hole saw piece available in this set is separately ice-hardened to increase its lifespan by up to 50% compared to the units that aren’t. As for the teeth design, Milwaukee has gone with the Matrix II teeth for enhanced durability. The tooth also has a positive rake angle that eases the penetration and increases the speed of cutting. To make sure the tooth does not wear off easily, the Milwaukee 49-22-4185 is designed with a radiused tooth for an even stress concentration.

Best Features:

  • 28 pieces included
  • 22 sizes available
  • Bi-metal hole saw units
  • Premium hole saw kit
  • Ice hardened tooth
  • Up to 50% extended lifespan
  • Matrix II tooth


  • Best choice for commercial application
  • Highly durable hole saw pieces
  • Most sizes available


  • Very expensive hole saw kit

Buy Now From Amazon

3. DEWALT Hole Saw Kit

DEWALT Hole Saw Kit

You all must know Dewalt if you have looked for any operation-related tool or machine. Dewalt has been supplying decent quality machines and tools for more than a decade, and its hole saw kit is not an exception.

Our 3rd pick for the best hole saw kits is coming from a well-known brand Dewalt. The DEWALT Hole Saw Kit delivers you the best value for your investment as the kit consists of 14 pieces in total. Here, you will be getting 11 standard saw sizes that are very strong and user-friendly. Each of these saws is designed with a C clamp design. Thus, you can install any of these saw units on your machine without needing any tool. This also reduces the surface damage on the saw, increasing its lifespan.

The kit also comes with comparatively taller bushings compared to those seen on standard hole saw kits. As these saw units operate on alignment windows, you will be getting the most accurate performance with these units. There are two adjustable bushings provided within the kit that accepts all standard backsets to make sure it’s applicable with your machine

Best Features:

  • 14 pieces included
  • 11 sizes available
  • Bi-metal hole saw units
  • C clamp design
  • Tool-free clamping mechanism
  • Two adjustable bushings included in the package


  • Compatible with a wide range of machine
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Additional adjustable bushing provided


  • Only a few sizes available

Buy Now From Amazon

4. SUNGATOR Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit

SUNGATOR Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit

SUNGATOR is the most popular brand to enter on our picks today. Rightfully so, as SUNGATOR is providing the most affordable choice for the best hole saw kits.

The SUNGATOR Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit is the cheapest option you will find in the market right now. Still, it is constructed with high-quality material to prevent rusting and corrosion. Each of the 10 included saw units is 2 mm thick, making them at least 50% more durable than thinner saw units. There are sharp teeth produced on these saw units that make them perfect for hole cutting, even on metal. Each obtained cut is clean and smooth with a varying depth of cut within 43 to 50 mm.

The complete SUNGATOR Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit includes 18 pieces in total that include a spare pilot drill, a large mandrel, a small mandrel, and a medium adapter apart from the hole saws. With the additional mandrels for different sizes, you will find this kit very easy to use. You will also get a large crying case that can perfectly house all of these components.

Best Features:

  • 18 pieces included
  • 10 sizes available
  • Bi-metal hole saw units
  • High-quality material
  • 50% longer lifespan
  • 43 to 50 mm depth of cut


  • Cheapest hole saw kit in the market
  • A decent number of sizes available for the price
  • The depth of cut is quite deep


  • Not suitable for regular commercial usage

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Diablo DHS14SGP Hole Saw Kit

Diablo DHS14SGP Hole Saw Kit

You might not be familiar with the brand Diablo as it is one of the fresher brands in the industry right now. But, this is also why you will find Diablo saw kit one of the most affordable choices right now.

Diablo DHS14SGP saw kit is comparatively cheaper than most choices added to our list of the best hole saw kits. There are 14 pieces present in the package that allow creating holes of 11 different sizes with ease. The maximum cutting depth for these saw units is around 2 ⅜ inches possible in a single pass. This allows you to produce up to 40% deeper holes that increase the productivity of the operation.

The Diablo DHS14SGP includes ⅝ inches mandrel pilot bits and a threaded adaptor that can be fitted within the diameter range of 1 ¼ inch to 6 inches without any consequences. On the other hand, the secondary ½ inch threaded adaptor is suitable for the diameter range of 9/16 inches to 3 1/16 inches. Diablo has also introduced tool-free ejection of plugs which makes it much easier to use. The overall cutting life of Diablo DHS14SGP saw pieces is nearly 20 times compared to other saw pieces.

Best Features:

  • 14 pieces included
  • 10 sizes available
  • Bi-metal hole saw units
  • 2 ⅜ inches cutting depth
  • Two threaded adaptors provided
  • Tool-free ejection process
  • Up to 20 times longer cutting life


  • Very durable choice
  • Suitable for a range of machines
  • Additional accessories are handy


  • Only 10 sizes are available

Buy Now From Amazon

6. Spyder 600887 Hole Saw Kit

Spyder metal steel hole cutter saw

Unlike most brands mentioned on our picks today, Spyder is a brand that produces a versatile range of options. Its hole saw kit is a decent choice if you are on a tight budget.

Are you looking for a high-speed hole saw kit under an affordable price range, look no further. The Spyder 600887 is the best hole saw kit for your needs as it allows you to create holes up to 5 times faster than its competitors. It has a rapid core eject technology that ejects the plugs simply with a press of a button once the process is complete. You will be able to use the Spyder 600887 with many different materials such as wood, plastic, metal, and even plaster.

Spyder 600887 hole saw kit includes 13 different pieces in the package. This gives you 9 different size options for creating holes in different materials. Spyder has also included universal arbors within the set that is suitable for almost any hole saw a machine that you may own in the future. There is also an 8/10 inches long hex pilot and 8/10 inches long arbor adaptors present with the rest of the pieces.

Best Features:

  • 13 pieces included
  • 9 sizes available
  • Bi-metal hole saw units
  • Up to 5 timers faster-cutting speed
  • Rapid core eject technology
  • 8 and 10 inches hex pilot bits and arbor adapters


  • Allows you to increase productivity with faster operation
  • Suitable for wood, metal, plastic, and plaster material
  • Universal arbors for increased compatibility


  • Allows only 9 hole sizes

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Milwaukee 49-22-4025 Hole Saw Kit

Milwaukee 49-22-4025 Hole Saw Kit

IF you are on a tighter budget, you should prefer a brand like Milwaukee as it provides you a decent product within an acceptable price range. The following hole saw kit from Milwaukee is a similar choice.

Finding the best value for the money tools is quite difficult, especially if you are looking for heavy-duty tools like a hole saw kits. These tools require high strength and durability to operate for a longer period of time. The Milwaukee 49-22-4025 provides you with such a hole saw kit within a decent budget range. This is a 13 piece hole saw kit that is designed for a longer lifespan and faster cutting operation in mind. It includes 9 different sizes for the saw units that will be decent for most applications.

Each of these saw units features RIP guard teeth specially designed with higher density steel behind the cutting edge for extended strength and durability. Hence, these units are backed by a lifetime tooth break warranty which is great considering it’s a heavy-duty toolset. On the other hand, the low friction and thermoset paint allow faster-cutting speed without any problems.

Best Features:

  • 13 pieces included
  • 9 sizes available
  • Bi-metal hole saw units
  • Designed for long life and faster cutting
  • Low friction thermoset coating
  • RIP guard teeth


  • Teeth are backed by a lifetime brake warranty
  • Heavy-duty option
  • High-quality coating on each saw unit


  • Limited number of sizes available

Buy Now From Amazon

8. Greenlee 660 Hole Saw Kit

Greenlee Hole Making kit

Greenlee is a highly premium brand that specially deals with special-purpose tools and machinery. If you have similar requirements, take a look at the hole saw kit from Greenlee.

The Greenlee Cttr Hole Saw Kit is the most premium choice from our list of the best hole saw kits today. It will cost you a high investment considering it only includes a 7 piece set in the package. Out of which, there are 5 different hole saw units present in the package. All of these units are made up of carbide material that is not found in any other hole saw kit present in the industry. This makes the kit applicable for a variety of stronger materials that bi-metal units cannot penetrate with ease.

Each hole saw unit in the Greenlee Cttr Hole Saw Kit has a flange that prevents the user from over-drilling the workpiece. There is also an ejector spring that automatically removes the plug once the hole is finished. This saves a lot of time considering back-to-back applications. The carbide teeth on the hole saw units allow optimum performance and increased durability, which is suitable for the price tag.

Best Features:

  • 26 pieces included
  • 20 sizes available
  • Carbide hole saw units
  • Premium hole saw kit
  • Flange to stop over drilling
  • Ejector spring for fast plug removal


  • High penetration strength
  • Fast and accurate performance
  • Durable tooth


  • Only 5 sizes available

Buy Now From Amazon

9. BOSCH HSM23 Hole Saw Kit

BOSCH HSM23 Hole Saw KitWhen it comes to finding the right hole saw kit, BOSCH has something to offer. They’re a top brand known for quality products across various sectors, including tools for professionals. One of their impressive offerings is the HSM23 23-Piece Sheet Metal Hole Saw Set.

This kit stands out for its reliability and versatility. It includes a wide range of hole saw sizes, from 3/4-inch to 3 inches, to meet different cutting needs.

The set comes with a durable 3-3/8-inch Cobalt pilot bit for precise drilling. Its threadless design prevents seizing in the mandrel, making it easy to switch between saws. Plus, its positive lock design reduces wobbling for clean, accurate cuts.

For added convenience, the kit features easy plug removal and ejector springs for automatic disk ejection on hole saws 1-3/4 inches and larger, making it efficient and user-friendly.

Best Features:

  • Comprehensive 23-piece set providing a wide range of sizes.
  • Sizes ranging from 3/4-inch to 3 inches cater to various cutting needs.
  • Positive lock design minimizes wobble, ensuring precise cuts.
  • Easy plug removal and automatic disk ejection for efficient operation.


  • Includes a 3-3/8-inch Cobalt pilot bit for durability and precision.
  • Suitable for professional use.
  • Threadless design allows for quick and easy mandrel changes.


  • Higher price may deter occasional users.
  • Limited use for very large diameter holes.

Buy Now From Amazon

10. Disston QUICKCORE Hole Saw Kit

Disston QUICKCORE Hole Saw KitAnother affordable hole saw kit we recommend is the Disston QUICKCORE. It’s known for its smart features and good performance. With 13 pieces and weighing just 2.5 pounds, it’s light and handy for different cutting jobs. Made to be precise and tough, this kit has various hole saw sizes: 3/4″, 7/8″, 1-1/8″, 1-1/2″, 1-3/4″, and 2″ diameters. It works on wood, stainless steel, plastic, and metal, fitting both DIY enthusiasts and pros.

The QuickCore uses a special technology to eject cores up to 10 times faster because of its unique open-ended design. Its patented mandrel lets you change hole saw sizes quickly, saving time and effort. The kit’s wide diamond slots and open back arbors make cutting easier, keeping things precise and safe.

Best Features:

  • 13 Pieces Included
  • Versatile compatibility with wood, metal, and plastic
  • Assorted hole saw sizes (3/4″ to 6″) for different project requirements
  • Lightweight design (2.5 pounds) for easy handling


  • Budget-friendly option without compromising on quality
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Compatible with various materials including wood, metal, and plastic.


  • Limited depth of cut compared to premium hole saw sets.

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best Hole Saw Kits

Being an essential workshop tool, it is wise to invest in a model that is durable, efficient, and versatile. For this, you have to take several factors into your account while choosing the product. We have mentioned all those details in this guide to help you in making a wise buying decision.

Here is a list of factors to be considered while shopping for this hole saw kit.

1. Blade Material

Different types of hole saw materials (like steel, carbide-tipped, cobalt, tungsten carbide) available to drill through different types of stock materials. Choose the hole saw material depending on the type of objects you are dealing with (cutting requirements).

A steel hole saw is the most preferred option to drill through plastics, wood, or fiberglass. It is a stronger yet cheaper option that is designed to deal with a bit tougher materials.

Cobalt hole saw is harder, and more robust (than steel) that works well to drill through dense and harder materials (like aluminum or steel). Usually, heat will gradually make the drills get dull and worn out quickly. Since it is made of cobalt-steel alloy, the hole saw gets extra strength and heat resisting competence. Thus, this affordable option deflects heat and enhances the longevity of the attachment.

Hole saw with carbide-tipped blades will stay stronger, sharper, and durable for a long time. Whereas, titanium-tipped or tungsten hole saw blades are considered the best all-rounder that can efficiently cut through any material (harder material like thick or stainless steel, or iron). Hence, these two are commonly used materials in this saw kits.

Diamond-encrusted blades of a hole saw are the perfect option to cut a hole in hard materials (where metal saws won’t work) like ceramic, limestone, tile, glass, or porcelain slate.

2. Hole Saw Sizes

It is essential to know the saw sizes that come in the hole saw kit or set before making its purchase. This lets you know what can be used to get perfect results. A hole saw kit with a wide range of sizes will allow you to do a variety of projects easily, which includes pet houses, doorknobs, or lighting fixtures. In general, the hole saw kits are mostly used for wood, plastic, or metalworking.

Most household plumbing comes smaller than 2 ½ inches, yet some require a hole saw over this range (in rare situations) to make holes while plumbing. So, this is the reason that most hole saw kits have 2 ½-inch as their largest bit.

In case, if you need to drill a hole larger than 2 ½-inch for any special use, then you have to pick a kit that comes with the hole saw bits sufficient to accommodate your purpose. If it doesn’t drill enough holes for your need, then it is not your required or preferred option.

We suggest you know the largest hole which you want to drill/cut and ensure that your chosen kit has bits (even as large size one) to use properly.

3. Hole Width

Usually, a hole saw kit comes with bits of various sizes to accommodate several projects. Thus, it ensures you can use the saw bit to drill the correct sized hole required for the specific project. For this, hole width is essential to consider while investing in this saw kit, because this width will define how large a bit can produce the hole. If you are buying an individual hole saw then check for the apt hole width required for your given project/task.

4. Blade Diameter

Saw blades are included with a wide variety of diameters in the hole saw kit to help you perform several projects efficiently. The general diameter range of these blades will be from ¾-inch to 4 ¾ inches. The blade has open slots on the side for removing the plug easily after drilling/cutting. You can find a minimum of 10 saw blades, a set of arbors, and mandrels to hold various blade sizes in the saw kit.

5. Teeth

TPI and tooth design are two main things you have to consider while checking the teeth of the hole saw. Both these factors will direct you in selecting the correct option.

Teeth Per Inch (TPI) refers to the number of teeth (tooth count) per inch of the saw blade. This TPI rating will impact the quality and speed of the cut and also determine the type of material the particular saw cut through easily. So, it is essential to consider while choosing the hole saw.

The tooth design of the hole saws can be either standard or square, in which square tooth design is the best option to cut through harder materials like ceramic or metal.

6. Drill Bits

Alike pilot bits, the drill bits in the saw kit will fit perfectly in the center of the round saw blade and act as a guide to set the blade in the center of the material. The numerous bits in the saw kit will serve as a backup for the user whenever the drill bit break or is worn down.

These bits are available in different sizes and shapes, in which the longer bit will be more effective to anchor the hole saw to the material. While less flex and more stability are provided by shorter drill bits, which means they are perfect to deal with harder materials.

7. Hole Saw Arbors Vs. Drill Chucks

You have to consider the difference in the size of the saw kit’s arbor and the size of the drill’s chuck. You can get arbors of different sizes in the kit to work with different diameters of hole saws. You might be limited to fit the specific hole saw’s type when having a small drill with a 1/4-inch chuck.

The top range of most hole saw kits will be 2 ½ inches, and arbors fitting these bits will easily fit all drills of a standard 3/8-inch chuck. Apart from this size, use large arbors that need a drill having a ½-inch chuck.

Also, check the size of the drill’s chuck while buying a hole saw kit to ensure that your chosen kit fits perfectly with your drill. For instance, a drill that has a ½-inch chuck will fit apt to work with every hole saw, while a drill having a 3/8-inch chuck is best suited with several kits along with hole saws that come under 2 ½ inches. However, a drill with ¼-inch chucks won’t fit properly in the hole saws, which means you have to check it thoroughly.

8. Power Source

Being a power tool, these are powered by either an electric outlet or battery. Among them, a cordless drill is a convenient and portable option for outdoor use, whereas a corded drill is a more powerful option yet less convenient to use.

Usually, more power is needed for the proper functioning of the hole saw compared to the standard drill bit. Thus, the corded drill is a powerful option that produces high RPMs and more torque than its counterparts. Also, it runs on a continuous power source to power up these tools.

9. Speed

The style and the built material of the saw blade will decide the cutting speed of a hole saw. High-speed steel and bimetal blades are the quick types of blades used to cut or drill through any material. the speed of any power tool is measured in rotation per minute (RPM), in which the higher the RPM value, the quicker you can cut the material.

Blades having deep gullets and aggressive teeth angles are the best to eradicate more material in every rotation, as they cut deeper and quickly. Hence this blade type doesn’t make smooth cuts like a blade with more TPI, whereas a blade with smaller gullets will eventually consume a long time to cut through the material.

10. Durability

Durability is another factor to check before buying a hole saw kit. Treat the construction materials and saw blades properly in the hole saw kit making. This will enhance its longevity, reliability, and durability with simple care and proper use.

For its proper maintenance, we suggest you go through the user manual to get a clear idea about your specific product (drilling speed, materials it can deal with, power source, blade type, or hole width). Thus, it will let you set the things properly and thereby prevents you from ruining the hole saw.

11. Purpose

With the availability of numerous hole saw models that vary in sizes, build quality, and shapes, choosing the correct option is a bit challenging. Some hole saws are apt to perform specific tasks while others won’t. So, you should know the intended use or purpose of using the hole saw – like for cutting through wood or drywall, (or) making holes in metal before shopping for it. After you came to know the actual purpose, then go to the store or online market to select the saw designed to cut through the specific material.

12. Other Features

These add-on features will ease your usage, enhance the productivity and help you to quickly finish the work. Some of these extra features are mentioned below, in which you can choose them as per your requirement.

  • Diamond Tip – The saws with this tip are preferred for tougher jobs (like cutting through ceramic) where other hole saws unable to handle.
  • Extra-Thin Kerfs – It let the device work for a quick and efficient hole-cutting/drilling process.
  • Carbide-Tipped Teeth – The teeth on the saw will make it ideal to cut through Formica or fiberglass.
  • Raised Shoulder – This feature will deter the over-drilling of the device.

13. Gear Case

You might notice small parts like a special bit in the hole saw kit used to attach its mandrels, saw blades, and adapters of various drill types or impact drivers. So, the design and durability of the case are essential to consider while buying a hole saw kit to protect them from external elements and debris, especially when you are using this kit in different workplaces.

14. Ease of Use

These saws are straightforward to install and use for altering drill bits to enhance productivity and do the work quickly. Also, it removes the waste material properly, especially working on metal or plumbing projects, where it is hard clearing the waste material manually.

15. Adapters

The right adapter is essential for proper usage of drills or impact drivers of different brands. Mostly, it comes in the hole saw kit, and we recommend you have different drill adapters to meet your requirements.

Types of Hole Saws and Its Uses

Various types of hole saws are available in the market, in which each type is meant for a specific use. As a user, you should clearly know which type is suitable for a particular purpose/task. Here are some commonly used types mentioned.

Carbon Steel – A common and affordable option that is used mostly to cut malleable or softer materials (like softwood or plastic). They are named as multipurpose or general use hole saws. These are mostly used by DIYers, yet not much by professionals.

Bi-Metal – A common yet most expensive option with its flexibility and durability. Since it is made of two types of metal-carbon steel and high-speed steel, which last longer under any extreme situations. These are used to cut tougher materials like hardwood, steel, plasterboard, non-laminated plastic, or cast iron.

High-Speed Steel (HSS) – This HSS hole saw is hard and offers clean cuts, yet lacks a flexible carbon steel element, which makes it not an ideal tool for general purposes. These are used in electrical work or other fields, especially where you need a clean cut.

Single Tooth – As the name implies, single tooth hole saws have only a single (one) tooth that is used to cut through cement or wood sheeting. The tooth is made of tungsten carbide-tipped which aids in efficiency and durability. Also, it has incredible speed and a quick collection of debris.

Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) – This TCT is a versatile and perfect option to deal with hard materials like ceramic and fiberglass. They work as single tooth models, yet it consists of several teeth rather than a single tooth.

Diamond Grit – Rather than traditional teeth, we find a diamond-grit edge in the hole saw that offers heat resistance and durability. A perfect option to cut tougher materials like ceramic or fiberglass. Ensure to take proper care on the tip by watering often to maintain them cool till you stop working.

Adjustable – Here you can adjust the saw to set on a variety of hole cut sizes. For this, you have to move the metal strips of the unit into particular grooves or adjust the screw tightness based on the model you are using.

Core Cutters – It is a special hole saw used widely to clear cylindrical chunks of material and aids in better cutting depth. This saw is built with TCT or diamond edging and made of strong materials and used for tougher jobs like drilling plasterboard or fiberglass.

Best Hole Saw Kit – FAQs

1. Can I use a hole saw to cut through stainless steel?

Yes, you can. A bimetal hole saw is designed to easily cut through hard or tough materials like stainless steel or thin-gauge steel.

2. Is a hole saw used without a pilot bit?

Usually, a pilot bit serves as a guide to center a hole saw. In fact, you won’t use a pilot bit with a hole saw, yet it is difficult to center the saw for its proper cutting/drilling.

3. What is meant by arbor hole saw?

A ring-shaped saw blade found in the hole saw kit is an arbor hole saw. They accompany the pilot drill bit to restrict the saw teeth from moving.

4. Do we use a hole saw to cut metal?

The main purpose of using a hole saw is to cut through thin-gauge metal materials, such as steel, and aluminum. Make sure to apply water or oil to lubricate the surface to reduce overheating of the bit, which further damage the bit.

5. What type of materials are used in the making of hole saws?

These hole saws are manufactured with various types of tool steels like carbon steel, bimetal, and high-speed steel. Among them, bi-metal is the most common material used in the making of harder and durable hole saws.

6. How to use a 6-inch hole saw?

Like other hole saws, a 6-inch hole saw has the same process to use them. Yet following the user guide will help you in getting the best results.

7. Can a diamond hole saw cut steel?

Generally, diamond edge hole saws are tough, hard, and strong to cut through hard materials (like steel). But not an ideal option to drill hardened material (such as stainless steel), because the steel might clog them).

8. What is meant by a hole saw kit?

It is a toolbox comprising several bits in various sizes and other accessories stored in a hard protective case. Since it has all those required to do several projects, this kit is the best option for both novice and professionals. Upon its regular usage, you may buy specific hole saws to meet all your sawing requirements (or) swap the worn-out pieces.

9. How to plug in a hole saw?

Since most of these hole saws are corded models, use the drill with a minimum of 14V and hook it to the chuck arbor. Then connect the hole saw to the pilot drill and lock the saw. For further assistance, we recommend you follow the user instruction of your specific saw.

10. What is the common hole saw sizes available in the kit?

Saw depth and diameter are used to measure the hole saws. One can notice hole saws of different sizes in the saw kit. You can choose a saw with a diameter ranging from 14 mm – 210 mm, while a depth with a cutting range of 22mm – 350mm. You have to choose the exact hole saw size depending on the intended use or purpose. Moreover, you can buy an arbor extension or adjustable hole saw to accomplish a little more precise hole size.


If you are in need of a hole saw kit, you have arrived at the right place. Today, we have given you the best option for the hole saw kits being sold in the industry right now and a handful of pros and cons with each of our choices. This will make it much easier to make a choice as you can decide what pros suit your needs the best. You can also go through our buying guide for any additional help that you need before buying a hole saw kit. Although, if you want to make a quick decision, here are some of the best holes saw kits that will suit a lot of applications.

  • Not everyone requires a high-end kit, especially if you are going to use it for DIY projects. In such a case, we should buy an affordable option such as the SUNGATOR Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit , which is much cheaper than any other hole saw kit in the market. You will find 10 sizes included in this package that are bi-metal.
  • The Milwaukee 49-22-4185 Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit  is an all-purpose recommendation as it features the most number of hole saw pieces. There are 22 different sizes present in a single package that will allow you to use this set for a versatile set of applications.
  • Lastly, we will recommend the Greenlee – Carbide Hole saw kit as it is the only choice from our picks today that features carbide-made hole saw pieces. It is suitable only for special purpose applications as there are only 5 sizes available.

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