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7 Best Metal Cutting Saws In 2024

A Metal Cutting Saw is a power tool that allows you to cut through various varieties of metals (even for a thick piece of metal) quickly, safely and easily. This saw will be an addition to the craftsman’s home or workshop, especially who are in welding or other metal related disciplines. So, either you are a professional user or DIYer, choose a best metal cutting saw to make a smooth, precise and clean cuts with minimum effort.

There are so many options available in the market and choosing the best one will become an overwhelming task. So, keep these two points in your mind before purchasing to grab the best one.

Power Source – Selecting the right kind of power source will help you perform your work properly. In general, there are three types of power sources available to run the saw.  Choose them wisely as per your requirement.

  • Gas Powered: These type of saws run on gas powered engine and the motor is very powerfully and cuts various metals effectively. It is suitable for heavy duty jobs. They are expensive, heavier, and also noisy.
  • Corded Electric Powered: This models is powered by the electricity from any standard power outlet. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver but restricts its performance to limited area due to its power cord.
  • Cordless Battery Powered: This model uses energy from a rechargeable battery. It is suitable for light duty tasks but won’t withstand heavy duty jobs. It is less powerful than above two types.

Types of Blades – There are two types of blades we generally use in metal cutting saw.

  • Abrasive Disc Blades: These are lightweight, affordable and suits best for starters and DIYer but throws sparks and leave cuts with less burrs.
  • Cold Saw Blades: These are heavier, expensive and cut the metal quickly and accurately without producing spars or heat on its finish.
  • Also, make sure to check the blade revolutions and its teeth count, that suits perfect for your project needs.

Apart from this you have to check various factors before its purchase, which are clearly mentioned in the below “Buying Guide” along with some best-selling metal cutting saws.

Best Metal Cutting Saws Table

Metal Cutting SawsBlade SizeMotor RPMWarrantyBuy Now
PORTER-CABLE Metal Cutting Saw14 inch3800 RPM3 yearsCheck On Amazon
DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw14 inch1300 RPM1 yearCheck On Amazon
Makita Metal Cutting Saw12 inch1700 RPM3 yearsCheck On Amazon
Milwaukee Metal Cutting Saw14 inch3800 RPM5 yearsCheck On Amazon
Jancy Metal Cutting Saw14 inch1300 RPM3 yearsCheck On Amazon
Milwaukee Metal Cutting Saw8 inch3700 RPM2 yearsCheck On Amazon
Evolution Metal Cutting Saw15 inch1400 RPM3 yearsCheck On Amazon

7 Best Metal Cutting Saw Reviews

1. PORTER-CABLE Metal Cutting Saw

PORTER-CABLE PCE700 15 Amp Chop Saw

Porter-Cable is known to make a lot of power tools that offer different kinds of functionality. And today, we are here with one of the most popular metal cutting saws offered by Porter-Cable.

The Porter-Cable PCE700 is in the 1st position in this article as it is one of the cheapest options in this article. And even then it offers a 14 inch cutting blade with a speed of 3800 RPM. This allows you to cut almost all kinds of metal pieces using this metal cutting saw from Porter Cable. And the best part about this saw is that it is also highly reliable as it comes with a 3 year warranty against any defects or issues.

It is able to cut various kinds of metal pieces due to its powerful 15 amp motor. You also get various useful features in this metal cutting saw like quick release material clamp, adjustable cutting fence, heavy-duty steel base for stability, an inbuilt spark deflector, and much more. And all of these things result in a great overall experience while using this saw for cutting metal pieces.


  • Inbuilt spark deflector
  • Sturdy heavy duty steel base
  • Quick release material clamp
  • 3 year warranty
  • 15 amp motor
  • 3800 RPM
  • 14 inch abrasive blade


  • Metal cutting saw
  • Blade
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Buy Now From Amazon

2. DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw

DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw

Dewalt is one of the more premium brands out there if you want to buy power tools for your construction projects. And as you would expect, it also offers multiple metal cutting saw options out there including the one we have mentioned here.

If you are looking for a carbide tipped metal cutting saw, then the Dewalt DW872 can be a great option. It is in the 2nd position in this article as it offers a great cutting performance due to its carbide tipped 14 inch cutting blade. Since this is a carbide tipped blade, it spins at just 1300 RPM and still offers a great cutting performance. And since Dewalt is a highly reputable brand of power tools, this saw is quite durable and comes with a 1 year warranty.

The 14 inch carbide blade has a total of 66 teeth and it is more cost effective than most other abrasive blades out there. And it offers a great cutting performance due to its 15 amp 4 HP motor. Just like various other saws out there, this one also comes with a quick release vertical release that makes this metal cutting saw quite easy to use.


  • 66 teeth 14 inch carbide tipped blade
  • 15 amp 4 HP motor
  • Large sized base
  • Quick release vertical material clamp
  • 1 year warranty
  • 1300 RPM


  • Metal cutting saw
  • Blade
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Makita Metal Cutting Saw

Makita LC1230 12" Metal Cutting Saw

Makita is another popular power tools brand which is a bit on the expensive side. And while the Makita metal cutting saw present in this article is not a value for money option, it certainly offers a great cutting performance to its users.

This metal cutting saw from Makita is in the 3rd position in this article as it is one of the best performing 12 inch saws out there. And the 12 inch carbide tipped blade allows it to offer a great balance between compact size and cutting power. This blade spins at 1700 RPM which is quite good for a carbide blade. You also get a 3 year warranty from this metal cutting saw which is to be expected from an expensive power tools brand like Makita.

It comes with a powerful 15 amp motor that you can use to cut metal pieces of 4-½ inches at 90 degrees and 3-½ inches at 45 degrees. You also get a quick release tool-less guide plate in this metal cutting saw. It allows you to easily cut metal pieces in this saw with miter cutting. This saw even has a metal shaving collecting tray on the bottom for ease of use.


  • 12 inch carbide tipped blade
  • Spins at 1700 RPM
  • Powerful 15 amp motor
  • Offers a 3 year warranty
  • Quick release guide plate
  • Inbuilt shavings collection plate
  • Includes multiple accessories


  • Metal cutting saw
  • Blade
  • Socket Wrench
  • Safety Goggles
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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4. MILWAUKEE Metal Cutting Saw

M18 Fuel Metal Cutting Circular SawMilwaukee Group is a well-known brand for providing high quality machines and devices. Their M18 metal cutting circular saw has taken place in our list because of its quality and reliable performance. It is also the only cordless device in the list as it is battery operated.

It is equipped with brushless motor with 3900 RPMs which ensures perfect cutting every single time. The M18 Red Lithium batteries deliver up to 370 cuts in ¾” Emt. The listing doesn’t include battery. As there are no wearable components, they will last pretty long.

A hang hook is integrated which lets you to hand it on building materials like ladders. It comes with different blades which helps to handle cutting of different materials. This machine also comes with Reline intelligence which ensures unmatched durability.


  • Brushless motor with 3,900RPM
  • Delivers fastest cuts
  • 370 cuts in ¾” EMT
  • No wearable components
  • Integrated hook
  • Longest tool life


  • Metal cutting saw
  • Instruction manual
  • Blade
  • Warranty

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5. Jancy Metal Cutting Saw

Slugger by FEIN MCCS14 Metal Cutting Saw

FEIN is a highly reputable brand of power tools which also includes metal cutting saws. And today we are here with a popular saw from FEIN which is called Slugger. It is one of the more premium metal cutting saw options available out there.

As per the name Slugger MCCS14, this metal cutting saw comes with a 14 inch cutting blade. And this blade is powered by a 2200 watt low speed high torque motor. In other words, it is a high performance motor and it can be used for cutting multiple pieces with ease. When compared with cut off saws, this saw generated very low heat due to its blade design. And you also get a retracting lower safety guard in this metal cutting saw.

A great thing about this metal cutting saw is that it comes with a cast aluminum base. As a result, the saw is highly stable and does not move when you are cutting metal pieces using it. Its powerful motor allows you to cut 5-⅛ inch metal at 90 degrees and 1-⅛ inch metal at 45 degrees. And it is able to offer this power while being UL/CSA safety approved.


  • 2200 watt motor
  • 14 inch cutting blade
  • Low heat blade
  • Cast aluminum base
  • 3 year warranty
  • UL/CSA safety approved
  • Retracting lower safety guard
  • Inbuilt eye protection


  • Metal cutting saw
  • Blade
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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6. Milwaukee 6370-21 Metal Cutting  Saw

Milwaukee 6370-21 13 Amp 8-Inch Metal Cutting Circular Saw

Next from out list is a metal saw from Milwaukee. It is one of the most popular and premium power tools brands out there that offer various options including the compact saw present in this article.

When compared with all of the other options in this article, this Milwaukee saw comes with an 8 inch blade. As a result, this is a compact metal cutting saw that can be used for portable use as well. It even comes with a carrying bag for easily taking this metal cutting saw with you wherever you go. This saw offers a 13 amp powerful motor that offers a blade speed of 3700 RPM. And it allows you to easily cut most metal items with ease.

Despite having a small size, you get various useful features in this saw like a quick release blade shield. You also get a spark and chip deflector in this saw which is quite useful. Even though this saw is quite small, it can easily cut through even ¾ inch steel plates.


  • Inbuilt spark deflector
  • Sturdy heavy duty steel base
  • Quick release material clamp
  • 3 year warranty
  • 15 amp motor
  • 3800 RPM
  • 14 inch abrasive blade


  • Metal cutting saw
  • Blade
  • Wrench
  • Case
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Evolution Metal Cutting Saw

Evolution Metal Cutting SawComing to the last metal cutting saw option in this article, we have Evolution S380CPS, a formidable chop saw designed for metalworking enthusiasts seeking unparalleled precision, power, and versatility. Unleash your project’s potential with a robust 15-amp motor. It effortlessly cuts through mild steel with the finesse of an experienced craftsman. The high-quality 14-inch blade, with carbide tips, ensures smooth and cool cuts without any rough edges. This minimizes sparks, making your work environment safer. Elevate your capabilities by opting for the 15-inch blade upgrade, expanding your cutting capacity to new heights.
Designed for ultimate flexibility, the S380CPS lets you make precise angle cuts from 0 to 45 degrees. This is made easy with the help of the cast iron vise and fence. Easily handle various metals, from aluminum to stainless steel, thanks to the wide range of blade options available. The strong die-cast aluminum alloy base gives stability and lasting durability. Plus, the built-in chip collection tray keeps your workspace clean and safe.
Weighing in at 62 lbs, this robust chop saw effortlessly tackles up to 5-inch square tubes, 5-inch round tubes, and 4-inch x 6-inch rectangular tubes. The Evolution S380CPS boasts a miter angle range from 0 to 45 degrees and is backed by a reliable 3-year warranty. Elevate your metalworking experience with the ultimate precision instrument.


  • Powerful 15-amp motor
  • Premium 14-inch carbide-tipped blade
  • Upgradeable to a 15-inch blade
  • Precise angle cuts from 0 to 45 degrees with cast iron vise and fence
  • Versatile blade options
  • Heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum alloy base
  • Integrated chip collection tray for a clean and safe workspace
  • Cutting capacity of up to 5-inch square tube, 5-inch round tube, and 4-inch x 6-inch rectangular tube
  • Miter angle range: 0-45 degrees


  • Metal cutting saw
  • Blade
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Buy Now From Amazon

What is a Metal Cutting Saw?

As the name implies, this metal cutting saw is a powerful tool used to cut various types of metals. It comes with a powerful motor and cutting wheel that is mounted on the rotating arm, which is connected to a fixed base plate. One can easily cut various metals like cast-iron, sheet metal, I-beams, steel pipes or chunky angle stock with this metal saw without spending much energy & time.

These are specially designed to generate less heat & sparks. Most of these saws are equipped with a gearbox to reduce loading problem and thereby provides smooth results. It can tilt generally from 0 – 45-degree angle with the bevel tilt. The sturdy base will make it durable and to use it for many years with less maintenance.

How to Choose the Best Metal Cutting Saw?

A metal cutting saw may release less to no metal burrs while using it. This let you use the saw for a longer period without any fatigue feel. It is safe to use and gives clean finish. It is widely used for a variety of cuts in rigid materials with easy adjustments. It is easy to clean and maintain.

Types of Metal Cutting Saw

How you’re going to use this metal saw will help you to determine which type of metal saw suits best for you. In general, we find four different types of metal cutting saws in the market. knowing about these types will help you to choose the best one for your project.

  • Chop Metal Saw – It suits best for those who are looking for a quick quality cuts in less time. It is a large, stationary power tool with multi-toothed blade or abrasive disk mounted on the pivoting arm. This arm is mounted on the saw’s base plate and brought down onto the workpiece. It is perfect for making straight and bevel cuts precisely and quickly.
  • Circular Metal Saw – It is small and portable metal saw that uses either heat treated alloy blade or abrasive disc blade for cutting larger objects. It uses rotating motion in which the blade spins around arbor to cut the materials. This handheld power tool is more versatile than large chop saws. It allows the user to work quickly and helps them to cut long lengthy slices in light materials like sheet metal or aluminum.
  • Reciprocating Metal Saw – With this type of saw, one can easily cut various variety of materials without limiting to metal applications. Its blade uses back and forth motions to cut through any material in no time. This power tool will allow you to work on hard to reach places, but the end result is not quite as finished. Due to this reason, they are used as go-to option while dealing with demolition project.
  • Band Metal Saw – This Specialized tool is perfect for cutting metal pipes and other long, heavy stock. Its blade runs horizontally that allows for quick easy cuts through the workpiece. This are portable and become cumbersome while used for cutting thicker pieces. So, this type of saw is used for specific projects.

Although, these saw types are used for cutting metals effectively, but a few used for specific purpose while others can be used in any situation. So, choose the right tool that meets all your requirement and works perfect for your project.

Things to Consider before Buying Metal Cutting Saws

Here we are providing some few key factors, which you have to consider when purchasing this metal chop saw.  Take a look on them to select the best and most suited one.

1. Power Source

To perform your work properly, you should select right kind of power source to run your saw. Based on this power source, we can classify this metal cutting saw into three main types. Let us know about them in detail.

  • Gas Powered
    • The motor uses gasoline to run the saw device and it is a most powerful type of power source.
    • It is widely used to chop or slice through various metals.
    • It delivers high speed and torque but due to gasoline, this tool is noisy and also requires constant maintenance for its longevity.
    • They are not only heavier but also harder to maneuver when compared with other types.
  • Electric Powered
    • It is powered by the electricity from any standard power outlet to run the motor effectively.
    • These corded saws are generally quieter (with less noise), lightweight and easy to maneuver.
    • Suits best for heavy to medium duty jobs (like cuts most of the metals) but considered as less powerful than gas powered saws.
    • It can be operated for a longer time but restricted to limited area due to its power cord.
  • Battery Powered
    • The saw runs on the energy gets from a rechargeable battery (mostly lithium-ion or NiCad).
    • These cordless saws are perfect for light duty tasks like cutting aluminum.
    • They are unable to withstand heavier duty jobs, as it works until the battery charge is lowered or emptied.
    • One can use this type of saw anywhere, even in hard to reach places.
    • They are considered as less powerful than above two types.

2. Metal Cutting Saw Blades

The blades designed to cut metal will be different from blades, which are used to cut wood or plastic. The metal saw’s blades have a special coating of either carbide tipped or ceramic blend that let them cut through hard materials easily without buildup of heat, and thereby extends the life of the blade. The metal blade will cut the metal cleaner with more accuracy and it won’t require any coolant to keep the blade cool.

A. Types of Blades

In general, there are two types of blades used in this metal cutting saw – Abrasive Disc Blades and Cold Saw Blades (Carbide Blades).

Abrasive Blades – It produce a lot of sparks while cutting the metal and thus leave the material piping hot after cutting. It uses high friction blades that makes it not safe to use for aluminum or other soft metals. This type of blade designed to withstand wear easily due to its coating even after repeated usages whereas the cold saw gets sharpened due to its usage. The blades speed (rotation per minute, RPM) is 3800.

  • Pros – These are lightweight, cheaper and works best for starters and hobbyists.
  • Cons Metal cutting is slow and throws sparks while operating. It leaves cuts with little burrs and also leaves hot finish.

Cold Saw Blades – It cut the metal with less to no sparks and thus leave the metal cool to touch even right after cutting. It uses metallic toothed blade and cut the material faster than abrasive blades. This type of blades is durable, rigid and produce much more cleaner results when slicing or chopping through metal stock & pipes.

  • Pros – Quick cutting of the metal in accurately and cleanly without leaving any burrs. It won’t produce sparks and no heat left on the finish.
  • Cons – It is a heavier and expensive blade.

B. Blade Tooth Count

The blade’s teeth are specially designed to dissipate the heat and keep temperature of the blade and work piece as low as possible. The blades designed to cut through metals will range from a tooth count (teeth per inch) will be around 60 – 100 to give a precise, clean and burr-free cutting.

Most of them (teeth) are designed with carbide tipped blade with teeth settings that range from 24 to 72. This allows the user to have faster cuts while cutting at variable lengths and depths. It provides the user to have a variety of cuts with easy adjustments. They are built to give 1000 cuts before replacing them.

The metal blades with sharp teeth are made with stainless steel or durable composite like aluminum oxide. They come with a special coating to reduce the count of dangerous sparks, which are created while tackling the project.

So, choose the proper TPI of the blade for your project to save your time and energy along with ensuring the completion of project in safe and correct way.

C. Blade Size

The size of the blade you’re going to choose will depend on the size of the metal you’re going to chop. So, always make sure to get the right sized blade for cutting various sizes of the metal bar. In general, the blade size will range from 7 – 14 inches.

  • For smaller or household uses, a 12-inch or less is sufficient.
  • For heavier duty or industrial use, choose a blade with 14-inches or more.
  • For most of the tasks, a 7-inch blade will perform well.
  • For hobbyist or DIYer, prefer to buy a 12-inch blade for performing tasks.

D. Blade Rotation Speed

We don’t need a fastest tool while cutting the metals, why because, the metal is a harder material and need to be cut at low speed to gain accurate cut in a safe way. The rotational speed of the blade is measured in terms of revolutions per minute (RPM) A general rule of thumb is to maintain the speed on the lower end of the spectrum to get best results and thereby to complete the operation safely.

  • For cutting soft materials, choose higher speed that exceed 3000 RPM (revolutions per minute) but make sure not to exceed 3500 RPM, even for cutting aluminum or other soft metals.
  • For cutting Haber metals, prefer to cut them at speed lower than 3000 RPM.
  • To use carbide blades for cutting, look for a tool that delivers at least 1300 RPM.
  • To cut the metal with abrasive disc blade, choose a tool that delivers at least 3000 RPM.

3. Motor Power

Although, metal cutting can be done at low speed but the motor requires high power for this cutting operation. So, high torque is required to slice through metal by depending on its strength. Simply choose a device that comes with a motor of at least 15 amperes and 1100 watts of operating power.

Also, check whether the motor runs evenly with sufficient power supply or not before getting into the project. It is suggested to look for a saw that comes with a strong motor but works at low speed, why because it results in little to no spark while operating.

4. Angled Cuts / Fence Adjustment

Irrespective of cuts you are making, there is always a chance that you need to cut the material at an angle for at least once in your project. Most of these metal cutting saws comes with adjustable miter gauges and tilt capabilities, which allows you to cut the metal at any angle up to 45 degrees.

Without having fence, you are unable to make effective cuts. This adjustable angle fence will allow you to position the work-piece at precise angle for cutting. You can find more positive stops in industrial metal cutting saws to make perfect, accurate and repeatable cuts.

5. Vise Adjustment

A sturdy vise will function to lock this power tool in one place. Some saws have an angle plate to hold the work piece at the right angle and this vise will lock the material in that place to make it cut easily. We can find some saw vises that comes with quick lock and quick release features.

So, it is suggested to choose the right vice (easy to adjust) to let the saw for quick clamping on various sizes of materials and thereby increases the productivity. It will help to save you time in the long run.

6. Spark Deflectors

We find most of the metal cutting saws comes with spark deflectors. This will help to deflect the sparks produced while cutting the metal, to keep them away from the surrounding persons or materials. So, check and choose the spark deflectors that are adjustable as per your requirement.

7. Portability

Portability of the saw will depend on the type of workplace you’re going to use this metal saw.

  • In case, if you’re working on the site where you need to take this metal cutting saw along with you. Then you prefer to choose a cordless or gas powered saw rather than corded one.
  • If you’re working in the workshop, then simply invest in a corded one which is affordable and powerful than cordless one. It helps you to achieve perfect cutting due to efficient power supply.

8. Warranty

Choose a good quality branded power tool to get better warranty, even though, it costs a little more. As it is considered as one-time investment for a longer run. Also, make sure to check the warranty option of the tool properly before purchasing. Most of this metal cutting saws comes with 3 year warranty.

Metal Cutting Saw – Safety Tips

The saws are life-threatening machines and working with them is dangerous, if not taken proper care and some safety types. However, they come with various safety features like trigger stops, auto-shut off (to prevent overcharge or overheat) and a few can detect skin contact and stop getting injuries. One should always know how to operate this power tool safely and effectively.

  • Make sure to check whether the saw comes with an eye protection plate or blade guard to protect you while operating.
  • Must wear protective gear like safety googles, proper hand gloves, and face shield before plugging the tool.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry and loose clothes while using this saw to prevent the risk of getting them caught in the saw.
  • Never ever keep your hands close to the moving blade and also won’t touch the blade right after the saw stops spinning / working. Also, allow the blade to stop spontaneously without touching it.
  • It’s suggested to operate the metal saw at the speed that is recommended for the blade which you are using to cut the material.
  • Always check the power source, power cord and blade (tighten up to the mark) and other features to make sure that the saw is safe to run and use it for cutting purpose.

Best Metal Cutting Saw – FAQs

1. Shall we use a metal cutting saw to cut wood?

Ans: The metal cutting saw are designed to cut the hard material like iron pipe or solid steel quickly, and effectively. But a few projects you deal may involve the usage of wood. So, you may wonder if it is possible to cut the wood with these metal saws. Here are a few points that clarify your doubts.
A few metal saw models are capable of cutting the wood, but it will not be fine, clean cut that you get using a wood blade. Stainless steel blades or carbide blades are used to cut various types of metals rather than wood. If done, the blades will wear out quickly.
Metal saw’s blades are built with smaller teeth with teeth count (TPI) ranging from 60 – 100 per blade but saw blade used for wood cutting will come with TPI as 24. The blades with fewer teeth (like wood cutting blades) will give aggressive cut but provides rough finishes.
Coming to stainless steel blades, they come with 80 teeth on an average and cutting the wood with this blade will take longer time and may cause friction, which make the blade to bind / stuck in that thick piece of wood. Finally, the metal cutting saw is perfect to capable the wood tackling, but one should consider the thickness of the wood.
Cutting thin piece of wood (like plywood) can be done with this metal blades. In case, if you are dealing with a thicker wood slabs then you have to drop down to the blade that comes with lower tooth count. One can also change the blades (as they come replaceable blades) in the metal cutting saw to use for both wood and metal cutting.

2. What is the difference between Metal Chop Saw and Miter Saw?

Ans: Most of these metal chop saws comes with miter gauges and bevel cut capabilities. One has to know what exactly will differentiate this chop saw with a miter saw. Let us know about them.
The chop saws are used to cut straight 90° angle whereas the miter saws are used for 90° crosscut and bevel cuts at different angles. But now the technology develops and equips the miters in the chop saws. This makes it difficult to know when to choose one saw from other.
Size is the main difference we can see. The chop saws produce deeper cuts and ideal to use for coarser work, whereas the milter saw is smaller than chop saw and ideal for precision wood or metal cutting. The miter saw will produce fine, accurate cuts that are perfect for straight or angle repeatable cuts.


  • If you are on a budget, then you can go with the PORTER-CABLE Metal Cutting Saw. Even though it is the cheapest option present in this article, it offers a powerful 14 inch blade that spins at 3800 RPM. And despite its budget price tag, you get a 3 year warranty which makes it highly reliable.
  • On the other hand, the Milwaukee 6370-21 Metal Cutting  Saw is one of the more premium metal cutting saw options out there. And it is much more compact and portable than other options at just 8 inch blade size. You also get a carrying case which makes this compact metal cutting saw even more practical.

Hope you got a clear information on the metal cutting saws and this will help you to choose the best one from the list of best products. Do share your queries or experience with us about the metal cutting saw in the below comments box. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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