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7 Best Chop Saws Reviews & Buying Guide

An efficient, versatile and powerful tool used to make precise, quick cuts in the material.”

Chop saw is a power tool that can handle a wide range of materials, like wood, plastic, ceramic, PVC and metals with precision and ease.

These are much faster, cleaner, and easier to cut the material into different pieces with its circular blades than a manual handheld saw. It is a valuable tool for metalworkers or carpenters or construction workers.

If you want to invest in the best chop saw, we recommend you consider the following key factors to get the right one.

  • Blade Size: There are different blades sizes available for the chop saws and the common size range will be 10 – 14 inches. Choose a chop saw with a blade size of a larger 14-inch for professional use to cut thicker objects. While a chop saw with 10 – 12 inches blade size suits for semi-professional or residential use. Also, check the number of teeth on the blade for a perfect cleaner and smoother cut finish.
  • Motor Power: A chop saw blade works with an electric motor (except the gasoline model). A powerful motor offers a higher RPM (speed) and cutting ability to the blade that makes it cut harder and thicker materials quickly and easily. Select a unit with a minimum operating power of 1100 watts and 15 amperes for a high-torque tool to slice through hard metals.
  • Motor Speed: Unlike other materials, metals should be cut at low speeds for precise and safe results. Here the speed range of a chop saw’s blade should be 3000 – 3500 RPM, while for cutting harder and tougher materials like steel, the required speed level should be less than 3000 RPM.

To help you get a clear idea on chop saws, we came up with a detailed “Buying Guide” that includes what factors to consider, how to prevent kickback, safety tips and precautions, advantages, and some FAQ’s.

Also, you can find a list of some of the best chop saw options here along with their main features to know their differences and select the right chop saw for your cutting requirements.

Best Chop Saws on the Market Chart

Best Chop SawsBlade SizeMotor PowerWarrantyBuy Now
PORTER-CABLE Chop Saw14 inch15 amp3 yearsCheck On Amazon
DEWALT D28715 Chop Saw14 inch15 amp3 yearsCheck On Amazon
Metabo HPT Compound Miter Saw10 inch15 amp5 yearsCheck On Amazon
Makita Cut-Off Chop Saw14 inch15 amp1 yearCheck On Amazon
Milwaukee’s Blade Chop Saw14 inch15 amp5 yearsCheck On Amazon
Fein Slugger Chop Saw14 inch1300 Rpm3 yearsCheck On Amazon
Evolution Power Tools Chop Saw14 inch15 amp3 yearsCheck On Amazon

Top Rated Metal Chop Saw: Reviews

1. PORTER-CABLE PCE700 15 Amp Chop Saw


Porter Cable can be a great option if you want to buy power tools like a chop saw. But unlike other brands, it offers a much more affordable option like the chop saw mentioned here.

Porter Cable’s PCE700 chop saw is present in the 1st position in this article as it offers excellent value for money. Even though it has a highly affordable price tag, you get a 14-inch cutting blade in it. This blade is powered by a 15 amp motor that is able to offer a high rotation speed of 3800 RPM. As a result, it can easily cut through most metal pieces.

But despite its lower price tag, it is able to offer a 3-year warranty since it is a reputable warranty. You also get useful features like an inbuilt spark deflector in this chop saw that protects you from flying sparks. Its heavy-duty steel base keeps the chop saw quite stable while cutting metal. And you get a quick-release material clamp that offers ease of use.

Best Features:

  • 14-inch blade size
  • 15 amp motor
  • Up to 3800 RPM rotation speed
  • 3-year warranty
  • Heavy-duty steel base
  • Offers a spark deflector
  • Comes with a quick-release material clamp


  • Cutting blade
  • Chop saw
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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2. DEWALT D28715 14-Inch Quick-Change Chop Saw


Dewalt is a highly reputable brand of power tools that is known to offer all kinds of options. It also makes high-quality chop saws like the one present in this article.

Since Dewalt is a highly popular and reliable brand of power tools, it comes with a 3-year warranty along with great build quality. As a result, you can expect it to last for a long time. Just like various other options present in this article, you get a 14-inch cutting blade. This is powered by a decently powerful 15 amp motor that offers a great cutting performance.

You get a quick lock vise that allows you to quickly and securely clamp metal objects in this saw. Its adjustable fence enables you to cut metal pieces at an angle of 45 degrees quite easily. The blade of this chop saw can also be changed quickly and quite easily if needed. As a result, it is one of the easiest to use chop saw options out there.

Best Features:

  • 14-inch blade size
  • 15 amp motor
  • Up to 4000 RPM rotation speed
  • 3-year warranty
  • Quick-release cutting blade
  • Adjustable fence for 45-degree cuts
  • Ergonomic d-handle design for ease of use


  • Abrasive cutting blade
  • Fence wrench
  • Tool-free flange system
  • Chop saw
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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3. Metabo HPT C10FCGS 10″ Compound Miter Saw


Metabo is a sub-brand of Hitachi Power Tools that is one of the most reputable power tool brands out there. And its chop saw is also quite reliable that we have presented in this article.

One of the best things about this chop saw is that it offers a great build quality along with a 5-year warranty. As a result, it is the most reliable option present in this article. As per its name, it comes with a slightly shorter 10-inch blade size. And this blade is powered by a 15 amp motor that offers a decent cutting performance.

You get a miter cut angle range of 0 to 52 degrees in this chop saw for high flexibility. And the included blade of this chop saw leave a precise and clean cut since it is a 24 teeth TCT saw blade. Since this is a tungsten carbide tipped blade, you can expect it to last for a long time. This chop saw also offers a bevel range of 0 to 45 degrees that is quite useful.

Best Features:

  • 10-inch blade size
  • 15 amp motor
  • Up to 5000 RPM rotation speed
  • 5-year warranty
  • Miter cut range of 0 to 52 degrees
  • Bevel range of 0 to 45 degrees
  • TCT tipped 24 tooth blade


  • Cutting blade
  • Chop saw
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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4. Makita LW1401 Cut-Off Chop Saw

Makita LW1401 Cut-Off Chop SawMakita is a popular brand that manufactures a wide range of power tools including saws, sanders, drills, hammers, grinders, lawn mowers, blowers, trimmers, and wheelbarrows.

Makita’s chop saw runs on a powerful 15 amp motor to deliver a steady speed of 3,800 RPM for getting your metal cutting applications. Using this saw, you can cut up 5 inches round stock, 4-11/16 inches square tube, and 2-3/4  x 9-1/8 inches or 4 x 7-5/8 inches rectangular tubing. For precision cutting, you can adjust the saw to 3 locations depending on the material sizes. Furthermore, you can also adjust the fence up to 45 degrees to achieve accurate angle cuts.

The chop features a two-stage lock-off power button to ensure your safety. There is also an adjustable spark guard that diverts sparks and prevents them from falling on your skin. The handle is large with an ergonomic design to provide comfort while operating the saw. You can adjust the vice without using any tools that allows for easy material clamping. On top of all this, the saw is lightweight with only 37 lbs which allows for easy handling.

Makita backs this chop saw with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. You also get the standard 30-day return policy for this saw.

Best Features

  • 14-inch blade size
  • Powerful 15 amp motor
  • Up to 3,800 RPM rotation speed
  • 1 year warranty
  • Fence adjustment and 3-location adjustments
  • Two-stage lock-off power button
  • Adjustable spark guard
  • Tool-less vice adjustment


  • Cutting blade
  • Chop saw
  • Abrasive cut-off wheel
  • Socket wrench
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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5. Milwaukee’s 14 Inches Blade Chop Saw

Milwaukee’s 14 Inches Blade Chop Saw Milwaukee is a Chinese brand that has been developing innovative solutions to deliver high productivity and unmatched durability for beginners and professional construction users.

The chop saw is powered by a 15 amp motor that delivers 3,900 rpm. Combining this power with a 14 inches blade, you can use this chop saw for a wide range of cutting tasks.

Milwaukee’s chop saw is a versatile cutting tool using which you can cut different materials like angle iron, conduit, pipe, drywall track, and tubing up to a maximum of 5 inches.

The chop saw is lightweight with only 42.5 pounds that allows you to carry it to your workplace conveniently. The wheel guards ensure that you are protected from the debris while operating the saw.

You can easily change the blade by using the spindle lock button. For replacing the cutting materials, you have an easy-to-adjust vise clamp.

The chop saw is covered under a 5 years warranty period from the date of purchase.

Best Features

  • 15 Amp motor
  • 14 inches blade
  • 3,900 rpm
  • Lightweight with only 42.5 lbs
  • Oversized wheel guard for user protection
  • Spindle lock button
  • Adjustable clamp for holding cutting materials
  • 5 years warranty


  • Cutting blade
  • Chop saw
  • Instruction guide

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6. Fein Slugger Metal Cutting Chop Saw

Fein Slugger Metal Cutting Chop SawFein has been one of the popular brands in providing high quality power tools for over 150 years. Their slugger MCCS14 metal cutting saw is capable of providing clean and quick cuts of different materials including stainless steel, steel, aluminum and others.

It is equipped with low speed and high torque motor which ensures less heat and debris is generated. In order to keep the cutting area clean, the base comes with an in-built try where chips and excessive debris is collected.

This chop saw has 14-inches mild steel blade which is made of high-quality material. In order to achieve angle cuts, you can change fence from 45 degrees to 90 degrees based on your preference.

For providing stability while cutting, cast aluminum base is provided. It also comes with an automatic retracting lower safety guard for additional protection. Along with the chop saw, pair of eye protection glasses are also provided.

Best Features

  • 14-inch mild steel saw blade
  • Debris collection tray
  • Clean and quick cuts
  • Less heat generated
  • Cast aluminum base
  • Retracting lower safety guard
  • Low speed and high torque motor


  • Blade change tool
  • Steel saw blade
  • Chop saw
  • Eye protection
  • User manual

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7. Evolution Power Tools R355CPS Chop Saw

Evolution Power Tools R355CPS Chop SawEvolution is another popular brand that designs saws and blades for repetitive metal cutting. The brand uses cold-cut technology that eliminates heat and sparks when you cut steel.

Evolution’s chop saw is powered by a high torque 15 amp motor to deliver a speed of up to 1,550 RPM for multi material cutting. Using this saw, you can achieve large cut capacities with 4-3/4 inches square cuts and 7-1/8 x 3-3/4 inches rectangular cuts at 90 degrees angle. The blade uses a 32T tungsten carbide tip for producing accurate and smooth cuts on a wide range of materials. Even when you cut mild steel, the saw will not produce any heat or burrs.

The chop features a movable vise and clamping wall for achieving up to 45-degree miter cuts. There is a built-in carrying handle that provides maximum portability. Talking about the safety features, the saw uses a V-Block for secure clamping of cylinder materials. For your convenience, the saw comes with mounting holes for bolting it to your workbench.

This saw is backed by a limited 3 years warranty from the date of purchase.

Best Features

  • 14 inches cutting blade
  • Powerful 15 amp motor
  • Delivers up to 1,550 RPM
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • Minimum 160 hours of motor life
  • Tungsten carbide tipped blade
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Mounting holes


  • Multi material cutting blade
  • Chop saw
  • 14 abrasive discs
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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How to Choose the Best Chop Saw

Either you are an enthusiastic DIYer or home renovation contractor, this chop saw is a powerful tool used for various cutting purposes. Here we have compiled a list of must to consider factors while shopping for the chop saw.

Let’s get into its details.

1. Types

A chop saw is a simple yet powerful cutting tool that comes in various types based on their motor and cutting abilities. Gas-powered, corded and cordless are the three common types of chop saws that we explained in detail.

  • Gas Powered Chop Saw – Usually, it comes with a small two-cylinder (or 4-cylinder) gasoline engine. It is powerful and can easily cut through a variety of materials like wood or metals (even the hardest materials). Here the gas engine will provide the required speed and high torque to the cutting blade for its quick chopping. The main drawbacks are noisy, heavier, require more maintenance and exhaust smoke while operating. They are less portable and more expensive than other chop saw types.
  • Corded Chop Saw – Corded models need to be plugged into an electrical wall outlet to power up their electric motor for its efficient working. They are lightweight, easy to maneuver, less noisy, won’t exhaust smoke, and has a long cutting capacity till the power lasts. The main drawbacks are less powerful than gasoline and require a continuous power supply. However, it is the most found and widely used chop saw type.
  • Cordless Chop Saw – It is a highly portable and lightweight cutting tool that uses rechargeable batteries like nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion. One has to keep the batteries charged for its continuous use. They are less powerful that suits light-duty cutting tasks (like cutting metal, aluminum, and wood) than corded or gasoline saws. Choose cut off saw or abrasive chop saw while cutting metals.


A corded or gas-powered chop saw is the best option to work within the workshop that offers excellent chopping results. Though these two types are powerful compared to the cordless tool using rechargeable batteries. But if you want to work on different job sites, prefer to use a cordless one.

2. Blade Size

The chop saws come with different blade sizes and the common blade size range will be 10 – 14 inches. However, most professional-grade chop saws have a larger 14-inch blade to have precise cutting on thicker objects. While a chop saw with a blade size of 10 – 12 inches is suitable for semi-professional or residential usage.

Usually, the cut finish is determined by the number of teeth on the blade. A general rule is, the larger the number of teeth on edges, the smoother and cleaner the cut finish will be. Yet, it slows down the cutting speed as its drawback.

3. Motor Power

Basically, the chop saw blades are powered by an electric motor unless it is a gasoline chop saw which comes with a 2-stroke engine. A powerful motor offers a high speed (RPM) and a high cutting ability to the blade. This means the motor power will directly affect its overall performance.

However, the cut time is reduced and it let you easily cut through harder and thicker materials. A low cutting speed machine is required while cutting metal, yet it needs high power to make smooth cuts. Or else the metal sturdiness will cause stress and has to put a lot of effort to slice through the material by using a low torque motor.

So, it is essential to check the motor power and prefer to purchase a high-torque chop saw, which has an operating power of a minimum of 1100 watts and 15-amperes. These values are sufficient to handle most of the materials to chop. While a low power chop saw may not cut or worsen and leaves an imprecise rough cut.

4. Speed

The motor speed or blade rotation speed will directly affect the cutting performance of a given chop saw. This lets you know how fast the blade of a saw is spinning, which is given in RPM. Though a fast-running tool will help to hasten your work, yet it is not the same in metal cutting.

Metals are strong and sturdy materials that have to be cut at a low steady speed for safe and proper results. Harder materials such as steel need a saw with a speed less than 3000 RPM, while for cutting lighter materials it should be at high speeds of more than 3000 RPM. Ensure not to purchase a chop saw with a speed rate exceeding 3500 RPM, even when cutting aluminum or other softer materials.

It is a must to purchase a metal cutting saw having a lower speed to enhance the cut results and to have a safe cutting operation. Also, check the gear reduction feature in the chop saw, which let you set the variable RPM to reduce the blade’s rotation speed at higher torque.

5. Blade Type

Always choose the blade based on the type of material you are using to cut for your project. However, all chop saw blades are not similar, which means you have to know some facts about their blades.

The basic and the key requirement of a saw blade is to offer a cleaner and precise cut in less time. The chop saw blades are made of either high-speed steel (HSS) or tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) blades.

  • HSS Blades – This blade is used to cut thick and hard objects with a cutting speed of over 3500 RPM. It reduces the required cutting time but provides very coarse cutting.
  • TCT Blades – This blade is used to cut hard objects at low speed, and offers a precise and smooth cut. Use it for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous materials like aluminum, steel, wood, tiles, and ceramic.

If cutting metal is your main purpose, then choose either cold or abrasive saw blades. We advise you to choose a high-quality blade, as they last longer and won’t quickly wear out. Let’s get into its details.

  • Abrasive Chop Saw Blades – These are grinder style blades used to cut through friction. With its coarse surface, this fast-moving blade will grind the metal piece. This cutting produce creates a lot of sparks due to friction and thus raises the temperature of the object which you are cutting. Cut the object by placing it under the blade and clamp or hold it firmly with the hand. It is a must to wear protective gloves if you stay with grip to avoid hand burning.
  • Cold Saw Blade – Just like other regular saws, this blade is used to cut through metal easily with its sharp teeth. It won’t produce much more sparks while cutting and thereby keep the cutting material cool even after its cut. Since it cuts with their sharp teeth, this blade does not require a higher speed and provides a smooth and clean cutting finish.

6. Vise Assembly

This significant feature in metal cutting saw offers a quick-lock function or quick release mechanism. Simply to say, it will lock the chop saw in its place for its efficient working and to enhance your work productivity. If you are looking for a chop saw that works as per your requirement, then go with the saw having a great vise assembly. However, it won’t be hard clamping on different metal sizes.

7. Clamping Mechanism

The clamping mechanism in the chop saw is a safety measure that let you secure the cutting object to the saw. It makes your hands free from object holding task and also lessens the chance of cutting at the wrong place.

Generally, an abrasive saw blade will generate lots of sparks and heat while cutting metal pieces, which makes this mechanism is quite essential to use for your safety. This clamping mechanism will firmly hold the object on the base, reduce the movement when cutting, and thus result in precise length.

Make sure to choose a saw with an appropriate clamping mechanism that can hold various shapes and thicknesses of the material firmly.

8. Blade Change

If you need to cut different types of materials most often for your project, then you have to constantly change the blade as needed to cut the material. However, changing the blade is a bit time-consuming process and also you have to choose a saw that let you quickly change the blade without difficulties.

Most chop saw models come with a single screw to hold the blade. Here you require a wrench or Allen key to change the module. A module with a quick-changing ability can save a lot of time and effort.

9. Portable and Lightweight

One has to choose the weight and portability features of the chop saw based on their workspace and the type of their cutting work.

A general contractor should move their chop saw around most frequently to different job sites. For those people, a highly portable and lightweight chop saw is the best option to carry around easily. A cordless chop saw is a highly flexible and portable option, yet not suits for heavy-duty work.

Choose a chop saw with higher power and cutting ability instead of portability while working in a dedicated workshop, where you need not move the saw around. For this, it is better to invest in a corded unit (affordable option) rather than a gas-powered model.

10. Durability

A chop saw made of high-quality material can easily withstand any type of cutting task and regular wear and tear. Usually, most saws come with an aluminum outer casing, which lowers the saw’s weight and enhances its portability. So, always prefer to buy a chop saw that is quite durable and reliable to last for a longer time.

11. Angle Level Cuts

Sometimes, there is a chance to make some angle cuts at least once instead of the type of your required cuts. Most saws feature adjustable miter gauges and tilt capabilities that let you make angle cuts of up to 45°. Make sure to purchase a model that has a positive stop, which works well for repeatable, and delivers accurate cuts.

12. Cutting Parameters

Though there are various factors that are related to the metal cutting parameters. If using a chop saw for minor household DIY projects, then pick a lightweight option with a cutting parameter of a minimum of 40mm. Choose a model with cutting parameters ranging from 50 – 65 mm while dealing with heavier projects.

13. Base Elevation

A comfortable and easy to use chop saw is an ideal option for regular cutting purposes. However, the elevation of the saw’s base will affect its overall performance. A chop saw with a tall base is the best option, which makes the blade not to touch the ground while pressing it down to cut materials.

14. Sturdy Base

A sturdy and strong base is an essential feature to consider along with a sharp blade and a powerful motor before buying a chop saw. It deters slipping and keep the operator safe while working. As it ensures there is no slipping of saw even while working over a small degree. Also, it ensures cutting accuracy.

While a chop saw with a sturdy base is a bit heavier. However, it becomes tricky to move the tools around, yet well-equipped with heavy-duty materials.

15. Extension Abilities

When you are looking to cut through a wide material, then this extension feature of the saw is quite useful. All you need is to incorporate a slider to the saw that allows you to craft a controlled cut with larger areas. The unit can reach into extension with its clear markings and a steady holding of materials along with constant rotations will offer a clean cut even while dealing with large surfaces.

16. Safety

While operating a power tool, safety is a must to consider for your protection and proper work output. Or else it may result in causing injuries to the operator or may damage the property.

However, the built-in safety features are more efficient in protecting you from injuries while operating the saw. Some of these standard features you have to check include blade guard, accidental start, spark deflector or emergency stop.

17. Replacement Blades

Check whether the replacement blades are easily available in the market or not before buying the chop saw. However, saws have blades, but upon regular usage, they wear down eventually. So, it is vital to choose a model having easily accessible supplies (easy to find blades) or wide compatibility (fits with several different blades) to do your work continuously without any issues.

18. Dust Catching

Irrespective of the type of material you are working with (plastic, metal or wood), the cutting material will release lots of fine particulate into the air. A chop saw incorporating dust catching feature will prevent breathing in too much debris or dust particles. Usually, sawing generates a lot of heat, this feature will help you to avoid fire risks. It keeps the workspace free of clutter while working and thereby ease your maintenance.

19. Laser Sights

A clear and accurate light will help to add precision when cutting material with a chop saw. Laser sights (LED lights) offer a focused beam for a clear-cut direction while working. Thus, it let you work effectively without wasting the material.

20. Power Supply

Most chop saws are powered by a cord, while a few options use a battery (except gasoline models). However, one can choose the type of saw based on the place where they have to work. As expected, choose a cord-operated saw when you are working within the range of generator or electrical socket, whereas it is better to pick a battery-operated saw while working in remote/no-power supply areas.

21. Brand

Branded products are meant for their quality and are a bit pricier than generic products. Choosing a saw from a reputable brand will assure you get the best value in terms of durability, quality and after-sale support. Also, these products come with a warranty that adds value for your money in case of any malfunctions or manufacturing errors.

22. Price

The price of a chop saw will vary depending on several factors like brand, built quality, warranty period and safety features. However, the price of a decent quality saw will start from $200.

Price Under $200 – You can find lots of saw models within this price range and can grab an effective saw. It can cut through slight widths and less focus on angles. Even though its blades are powerful, yet they won’t have a slider and comes with limited beveling.

Price Above $200 – You can get compound miter saws within this price range. They can cut through thicker and hard materials easily. Also, they come with dual-sided bevels and various extra features like laser sights and dust catchers.

23. Warranty

The warranty period offered by a chop saw will determine its durability and reliability. So, it is a must to consider features while purchasing any power tool, including this chop saw. Some chop saws might come with a minimum of 1-year or 2-year warranty, while others offer a 5-year long warranty. As you would expect, a chop saw with a 5-year warranty is much more durable and lasts for a longer time.

How to Prevent Kickbacks while Operating the Chop Saw?

We mostly experience a kickback while operating a chop saw, which causes injury. This kickback occurs whenever the saw blade suddenly stops moving due to any of these reasons like bound, pinched or disarranged saw blade. It makes the saw to lift up and out of the workpiece towards the user.

Here are the ways that let you reduce the kickback and thereby deter any damage to the property or may get injured.

  • Thoroughly check the blade for any lose teeth or bend, which results the module to be stuck suddenly in the object when cutting. With this sudden stall in the blade, the motor still remains in motion and thereby drives the tool quickly back towards the operator.
  • It is a must to hold a saw with your hands for a firm gripand securely place the arm to avoid a kickback. So, always align your body on blade’s both sides, yet not in the line with a module.
  • Never try to pull back the saw or remove it from cutting action when the blade is still in motion. Allow the saw blade to stop its motion completely before attempting a movement to the chop saw.
  • It is better to place the saw blade at the center in the kerfand ensure that the blade teeth won’t embedded in the object before you start the motor/engine. If the blade gets bound in the material, then it may kickback from the working item after it restarts.
  • Avoid using a dull or damaged blade, why because this blade will create extreme friction and thereby rises the chances of kickbacks.
  • Thoroughly check the lower guard for its proper closing. Avoid starting the saw if the guard is not closing instantly or moving freely. Don’t tie or clamp the lower guard into the open position.
  • Use a retracting handle to raise the lower guardand ensure it is moving freely and not touching the blade and other saw parts.

Advantages of Chop Saws:

Various benefits are offered by a chop saw, which you have to know before buying it. Here are some of its benefits discussed, check it out.

  • Versatile – Based on the range and size of the saw, you can easily handle several different sized projects. Some chop saws are designed to work on very hard and thick materials, and a few saws work on smaller-scale tasks. Thus, you can opt for your best-suited option as per your need.
  • Catches Dust While Working – It is quite natural to have messes in the workplace, yet too much dust results in fire risks. However, chop saws having a dust catch feature will keep the area clean while working.
  • Accurate – While dealing with construction projects, it depends on flush surfaces to line up accurately. The chop saws integrate a laser line to create perfect lines every time.
  • Work Quickly – A chop saw can easily cut through thick surfaces without much strain. While handling large tasks such as flooring or fencing, this saw allow you to finish the project efficiently and effectively.
  • Works on Diverse Surfaces – Chop saws can be used on a huge array of surfaces, that ranges from metal sheets to plastic piping. Rather than using multiple tools, it let you tackle countless projects by using a quality chop saw.
  • Powerful Blades – This saw comes with durable blades with distinct teeth, which makes it last longer. It is easy to find replacements while preparing for upcoming work.

Safety Precautions to Follow While Using a Chop Saw:

Proper safety tips and precautions are essential to follow while operating the chop saw. Always go through the user manual to know all about the tool, including how to use it, safety items, and how to troubleshoot the problem and make it work properly.

Here are some of the safety and precaution steps you have to follow while using a chop saw.

  • Stay Alert – Paying attention is a must while using the tool. Don’t lose the guard while operating chop saw, why because any inattention moment will result in serious injury.
  • Wear protective gear and clothing like safety goggles, face shields or gloves while using a chop saw.
  • Unintentional starting should be avoided and one has to be mindful of their fingers on the trigger. The saw should be in the OFF position before connecting to a power source. Avoid pressing the start button when you are not intended to start the saw.
  • A clean cutting platform will prevent the chance of getting any injury. Avoid leaving a wrench or any adjusting keys on the cutting platform when you turn on the machine.
  • It is better to maintain proper footing and balance without overreaching while using the saw. It provides better control over saw operation whenever it arises an unexpected situation.
  • Avoid wearing overhanging jewelry or loose clothing when using the saw. Always keep the gloves, hair, and clothes away from the moving part of the saw to prevent accidental catch in the blade.
  • Always maintain sharp and clean blades, and use them with proper care. Ensure its edges must be sharp and not broken. Sharpen or change the blade when it gets dull.
  • All guards should be secured in their right position before you start the chop saw. Check all are tight and secure to prevent its movement when cutting materials with the chop saw.
  • It’s not good to operate a saw free-handedly. Secure all the material which you want to cut with the saw on the fence to get control over it. Also, ensure that your hands are not too close to the blade.
  • Never raise/touch the blade or remove the material from the workspace while the blade is still in motion (spinning) even the machine is stopped. Wait till it stops completely before attempting any of these things, or else results in causing injury.
  • It is better to operate the saw at the recommended speed range, based on the type of blade and material to cut.
  • Check whether the blade is tightened as needed along with the power cord to ensure that the machine is completely safe to use.

Tips to Follow While Operating a Chop Saw:

Here are some tips that you have to follow for effective usage of the chop saw.

  • Check the thickness and width capabilities of your machine. Before starting the process, check the type of material to slice and whether your saw can meet the demand or not.
  • The RPM of the machine is essential, as the faster the blade spins, the more proficiently it let you cut the materials. Also, it adds to working speed and prevents snags.
  • Confirm that you are having a reliable power source. Check the cord length of the saw and if you want to work outside, then you require an extension cord.
  • Make sure that blade has a proper cover and also it is easy to operate. Thus, it helps you to stay safe when operating the saw or working with blades.
  • If you are looking to do precision work, then investigate the beveling and check whether your saw integrates bevels to let you do your work with accuracy.
  • There should be clear markings at the base of the saw to help you with measurements. Read all these clearly to avoid any issues while operating the saw.
  • Find out the angle range that a saw can easily move before you start using the chop saw. Cross-reference that you have to cut against the angles for better results.

Best Chop Saws – FAQs

1. Shall we use a wood chop saw to cut metal objects?

Ans: Generally, a wood chop saw is designed to cut woods, which are much softer than metal objects. This means you can cut softer and thinner metals with this saw. The main difference is its RPM, the wood saw comes with higher RPM for a quick cut, while metals require lower RPM to have a smoother and clear cut.

In case if your saw is capable to set different blade speeds, then simply lower the RPM to cut metals. Thus, it minimizes the damage of wood saw blades while cutting metal objects. Use it for a limited purpose and if you want to cut more metals, then change the saw blade that suits to cut metals.

2. What’s the difference between a miter saw and a chop saw?

Ans: Since they almost work similarly, which makes it a bit hard to understand their differences. Most of the modern chop saw have miters like miter saws. Size is the main difference, and most chop saws are meant to generate deeper cuts, which makes it the best for coarser projects. While miter saws are smaller and have precision employed in metal or woodcutting. They produce straight, fine, perfect, accurate, and angled repeatable cuts.

3. What we can do with a chop saw?

Ans: One can use a chop saw to deal with a huge range of projects. Here are a few mentioned below.
* Use it to make light work from redoing floors to making fences, as it cut through two-by-four in jiffy and provides an accurate angle.
* Use this for brickwork – a strong saw can quickly get through stone and deter breaks in the rock. Thus, the masonry always stays on point.
* Use a chop saw for plumbing, as it can cut down the pieces into the right size, depending on the depth and angle of the saw’s range with which it can cut easily.
* If you want to use it for large-scale renovations, then go with a heavy-duty chop saw with a strong support structure.

4. What are the uses of a chop saw?

Ans: There is obvious you need to use a chop saw while doing a woodworking project. It is used to make precise and quick cuts in the material. These powerful saws have fast-rotating, reliable blades that can easily slice through tough surfaces. Thus, you can use this saw on any type of board like plastic, wood or metal. It prevents frays at the cut side from anything pipes to siding. So, use a chop saw for smooth and even lines.

5. What is meant by a soft start?

Ans: It is a safety feature used to raise the speed of a blade from 0 to recommended RPMs. It allows a perfect and safe operation by enhancing and regulating the control while the surge power phase.

6. Is it ok to use a miter saw blade on a chop saw?

Ans: Yes, you can use miter saw blades, but it won’t mean you should. Usually, miter saws are designed for wood, and their blades will spin faster. While chop saws spin slowly that makes the miter saw blade get too hot quickly on the chop saw. If looking to cut wood by using a chop saw, then pick an appropriate dry saw wood blade.

7. Shall we cut stainless steel with a miter saw?

Ans: Of course, you can easily cut stainless steel by using a miter saw if having the right blade. Most experts suggest not to cut or limit the steel cutting with a miter saw, why because they will quickly dull the blade and strain the machine. Thus, it reduces the lifespan of the blade and the machine as well.

8. Can I cut PVC with a chop saw?

Ans: Yes, a chop saw can cut through PVC material. All you need to consider is the width of the pipe you have to slice and make sure that your saw can cut through that thickness before starting the process. If it can, then you can make smooth, accurate cuts without any issues.


Chop saws can be used to cut different kinds of metal materials and objects like bars, beams, sheets, and much more. And since they are quite popular, you can find many options in this article along with their details. The detailed guide for the best chop saws present in this article can be quite handy to learn more about chop saws. Although if you are still not able to pick the perfect one for you, here are some of our recommendations:

  • If you want a large-sized chop saw for cutting metal pieces, then you can go with the Milwaukee’s 14 Inches Blade Chop Saw. It offers a large 14-inch blade that is powered by its 15 amp motor. As a result, it can easily cut through most metal pieces without any issue. You also get a 5-year warranty with this chop saw that makes it quite reliable.
  • The Makita LW1401 Cut-Off Chop Saw  can be a great option if you are on a budget. Even though it is the cheapest option present in this article, it offers a 14-inch blade that is powered by a 15 amp motor. Due to this, you can expect a decent performance from it. It can cut the materials at a 45-degree angle with high precision.
  • But if you want a highly reliable chop saw, then the Metabo Hitachi Power Tools C10FCGS chop saw can be a great pick. It offers a long 5-year warranty that makes it the most reliable options present in this article. Since you get a smaller 10-inch blade in this chop saw, it is also the smallest option in this article. Thankfully, you get a powerful 15 amp motor in it.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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