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Aluminum is one of the most popular metals that are used to make a wide range of commercial applications. Owing to its protective natural and

Welding is a craft that requires the utmost patience and attention. Welding has been practiced centuries before and the Iron Pillar of Delhi (310 AD)

You can find a wide range of welding methods and welding machines out there that get used for different welding requirements. Out of all these,

Welding is a potentially hazardous job. Accidents can happen even after taking all the safety measures. For these reasons wearing appropriate clothing while welding is

To use a welding machine in your workshop or garage, there is a lot more than just your welding machine that you are going to

TIG welders are one of the versatile options for finer and high quality weld finish. Compared to other welding techniques, it offers great operation control

After finishing the welding operation, you might think the overall process is complete. But the post-welding process is equally important in any welding operation. This

In industrial applications, joining two metal bodies is the most critical process. As load concentration is maximum at the welded joints, a proper welding process

It is not possible to simply connect a welding gun to a regular wall outlet and get enough power output to perform the welding task.

A proper welding cable is as important as other parts of the welding system, such as the welder or a welding gun. The welding cable