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Keyboards & Mouse


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What is a Computer Keyboard? Computer keyboards have almost fully replaced typewriters. After all, you undo as many mistakes as you want with a backspace.

Mechanical keyboards are by far the preferred choice for gamers, professionals, and typists even though membrane keyboards are flooding the market. The feedback from each

A mouse is an essential peripheral that helps you navigate over the screen and click on your desired files. Without it, a computer will practically

Aside from the Mouse1 and Mouse2 buttons, the scroll wheel has its own significance. No matter what you do on your PC, the scroll wheel

Mouse pads are one of the most important accessories for your computer. The mouse pad offers a suitable surface for your mouse which lets you

Mechanical Keyboards are the preferred choice of keyboards for gamers. The tactile feel of a good mechanical keyboard definitely helps competitive gamers with their key

Bluetooth mouse is commonly used by laptop users because a touchpad is not the most convenient option. There is no doubt that the demand for

Microsoft Surface is a premium line of interactive touch-based PCs developed by Microsoft. Some models such as the Surface Pro come with a detachable screen

Computer Mouse is an important input device for any computer. It is a simple point and click device that simplified the way we interact with

A computer mouse is a simple pointing device that that helps you in moving a cursor (a pointer) in the X-Y plane and click on