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8 Best Quiet Keyboard Switches Reviews

Mechanical keyboards have been really popular for a long time now and mostly because of the modular design of the keyboard which allows you to use the same unit for years to come. However, the most important parameter of any mechanical keyboard is the set of keys that are installed on the unit.

Therefore, you should pay attention to what types of keys you are getting with the keyboard. And even if you are willing to replace some or all keys of your keyboard, you can simply get a set of mechanical keys and replace the set yourself. Here are some things to keep in mind while you are looking for mechanical keyboard switches.

  • Type of Switches: The type of switches on a mechanical keyboard is crucial because it directly impacts the typing experience because of their tactile feedback, actuation force, and overall responsiveness of the keys. Whether you prefer a light and linear feel, a noticeable tactile bump, or a combination of both, selecting the right switches ensures comfortable and efficient typing.
  • Actuation Force: The actuation force of the keys is also an important factor. This is basically the force you need to provide input from a key. The actuation force of a mechanical switch changes for different types of keys. While some silent options have a slightly lesser actuation force to maintain the silent performance.
  • No. of Keys: If you are buying a set of mechanical switches, you should also pay attention to actually how many units you are getting in the package. It affects how many keys you can replace on your keyboard. While some may want to replace all the keys on their keyboard, some would prefer to only change the alphabet switches to get a silent typing experience.

While mechanical keyboards have a lot of benefits and offer the best typing experience, a lot of users have trouble with the keyboard because of its loud typing noise. And this problem is common for a wide range of options that come with standard tactile keys. But instead of having to buy a new keyboard entirely, you can always buy a set of silent mechanical switches and replace some or all of your keys with a silent alternative. But before that, make sure you take a look at our “Buying Guide” for the best quiet keyboard switches to understand some key aspects of these switches.

Best Quiet Keyboard Switches Chart

Best Quiet Keyboard SwitchesNumber of KeysType of KeyActuation ForceBuy Now
EPOMAKER Quiet Keyboard Switch30 piecesLinear Mechanical47 gfCheck On Amazon
Akko CS Quiet Keyboard Switch45 piecesTactile Mechanical36 gfCheck On Amazon
YUNZII AKKO Quiet Keyboard Switch45 piecesLinear Mechanical43 gfCheck On Amazon
DROP Quiet Keyboard Switch70 piecesTactile Mechanical60 gfCheck On Amazon
Glorious Quiet Keyboard switch36 piecesLinear Mechanical67 gfCheck On Amazon
Outemu Quiet Keyboard Switch20 piecesTactile & clicky Mechanical45 gfCheck On Amazon
GK GAMAKAY Quiet Keyboard Switch35 piecessilent Linear Mechanical40 gfCheck On Amazon
Kailh Quiet Keyboard Switch90 piecessilent Mechanical35 gfCheck On Amazon

Best Quiet Keyboard Switches Reviews

1. EPOMAKER Quiet Keyboard Switch

EPOMAKER Quiet Keyboard SwitchEPOMAKER is one of the most famous options that we are putting on our list today. And since this is also one of the heavy duty choices on this list, we have decided to start off with it.

In the 1st place, we have the EPOMAKER Flamingo Linear Mechanical Keyboard Switches Set. This is a set of 30 mechanical switches, all of which are linear mechanical switches. So, you will get an actuation force rating of just 47 gf for these keys, making it very easy on your fingers and suitable for fast typing. Also, each of these switches feature a light pink housing which might be what you are looking for to go with the theme of your setup.

As for the material, all of these switches consist of a POM stem with a PC housing to further minimize the noise. It also helps to create a scratchless typing experience while extending the lifespan of the keys. You won’t need to customize these keys anymore as they are factory lubed and built with a self-lubricating mechanism to maintain a smooth experience.

 Best Features

  • The set contains 30 switches
  • These are linear mechanical switches
  • They require 47 gf actuation force
  • Factory lubed mechanical switches


  • One of the popular options on the market
  • Relatively cheaper choice for quiet keys
  • Self-lubricating mechanism


  • Actuation force is lesser with other options

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Akko CS Quiet Keyboard Switch

Akko CS Quiet Keyboard SwitchAs we are on the topic of popular options, we have the most popular silent mechanical switch coming from Akko. Not only are these switches preferred by thousands of buyers, but also are quite cheaper compared to other choices.

In the 2nd position, we are putting the Akko CS Switches. These switches are the most popular option that we have for you today. While being budget-friendly is one of its strong suits, you can also rely on its rugged build quality since these are tactile switches. Also, the actuation force needed for these switches is only 36 gf, which is quite good for tactile switches. And with the travel distance of 4 mm, you can expect pretty noticeable feedback from the keys.

On top of that, there are 26 different color options available with these switches, allowing you to choose between a variety of shades to match your setup. As for the construction, these switches are made with 18 mm extension springs, implemented to a unique and smooth feedback. You can also notice a high tactile bump of about 0.5 mm on each keystroke. And if you are a DIY enthusiast, you will surely get the best out of these keys with the built-in LED slot, which is SMD compatible.

Best Features

  • The set contains 45 switches
  • These are tactile mechanical switches
  • They require 36 gf actuation force
  • Built-in SMD compatible LED slot


  • Most popular option for a quiet keyboard switch
  • Rated for 60 million keystrokes
  • Compatible with many standard keyboards


  • Larger travel distance may affect typing speed

Buy Now From Amazon

3. YUNZII AKKO Quiet Keyboard Switch

YUNZII AKKO Quiet Keyboard SwitchUp next, we have one more budget option from Akko. Since this brand only deals with mechanical keyboards and its accessories, you should definitely check out this option before moving forward.

In the 3rd position, we have the 3-pin mechanical switch set from Akko. The YUNZII  AKKO CS Switch is also a great choice for DIY projects as it is compatible with all MX mechanical keyboards. Another interesting fact about his set is that you will get 45 keys in the set, allowing you to replace more keys without increasing the expenses. These keys also have a built-in LED slot which is perfect for modification.

As for reliability, Akko is also ensuring a pretty long lifespan with these keys with a 50 million keystroke rating. And just like our last pick, these keys also feature a unique spiral spring, offering a slightly better typing experience. Each of these keys needs an actuation force of 43 gf and offers a total travel distance of 3.5 mm, which is not too bad for casual gaming as well as working.

Best Features

  • The set contains 45 switches
  • These are linear mechanical switches
  • They require 43 gf actuation force
  • 3-pin design offers compatibility with 3-pin and 5-pin keyboards.


  • One of the budget choices with 45 switches in the set
  • Coming from a reliable brand
  • Color choice is pretty good


  • Build quality and material could have been better

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4. DROP Quiet Keyboard Switch

DROP Quiet Keyboard SwitchA lot of you might be looking to replace all of your keyboard switches with a premium option instead of buying a new keyboard. If yes, then the following silent mechanical switch set from Drop might be perfect for you.

The DROP Halo True Mechanical Keyboard Switches is one of the most premium and heavy-duty options we include on this list today. This set includes 70 units, meaning you can replace all the keys you want on your keyboard, and still have some units stored as backup. The cherry MX style design of the keys makes them compatible with almost all industry-standard keyboards. Although, these keys fall into the medium to heavy-tactile category, making the noise output slightly higher than others.

The signature tactile feedback of these keys will surely feel different from other keys without the added tension at rest position, offering a smooth transition from start to finish. All of these switches are pre-loaded to ensure tactile feedback without having any effect on your typing performance. And the total travel distance of 4 mm is yet another beneficiary fact considering its strong tactile feedback.

Best Features

  • The set contains 70 switches
  • These are tactile mechanical switches
  • They require 60 gf actuation force
  • Provides tactile feedback without the additional noise


  • Premium set of mechanical silent switches
  • A lot of keys are available in the set
  • Best option for larger keyboards


  • Actuation force is double compared to other choices

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5. Glorious Quiet Keyboard switch

Glorious Quiet Keyboard switchWhile almost all standard mechanical switches are 3-pin, some specific keyboards are only compatible with 5-pin switches. Therefore, we are including the next option from Glorious on this list.

The Glorious Lynx Switch Is yet another fabulous choice on our list of the best, the best quiet keyboard switches. But more importantly, this is one of the few choices that offer a 5-pin design which adds up to the compatibility of the set. You will receive 36 units in this set of linear mechanical switches which are pre-lubed. So, you won’t find the need to buy a separate lube or O-rings for these keys to achieve a silent performance.

These keys also feature a unique polycarbonate exterior and nylon PA12 bottom shell to deliver an ultimately premium build quality. Plus, it also adds up to the soft and smooth performance of the keys which you simply won’t get with many other choices on the market. Even the spring used for the keys has an imported Nickel plating to make the linear actuation much more smoother. With that, you will find these keys to be compatible with all + stem keyboards.

Best Features

  • The set contains 36 switches
  • These are linear mechanical switches
  • They require 67 gf actuation force
  • Compatible with all + stem keyboards


  • Factory lubed switches
  • 5-pin design for better compatibility
  • No customization is required


  • Installation is a bit trickier than other options

Buy Now From Amazon

6. Outemu Quiet Keyboard Switch

Outemu Quiet Keyboard SwitchIf you own a budget-friendly keyboard, chances are you are already using outemu switches with your mechanical keyboard. And since you are already aware of the reliability of these switches, it is a considerably better choice for the long run.

The outemu Brown RGB Switches are ranked next on our list today and rightfully so as this is a very popular and renowned brand for mechanical switches. In fact, outemu almost exclusively designs switches with a few keyboard models released recently. This also happens to be the cheapest option on this list with a set of 20 keys which allows you to test the keys thoroughly before buying another set.

Even though these are tactile and clicky mechanical switches, there is almost no loud clicking noise on these switches. Also, the dust-proof housing of the switches maintains its appearance over a long period of time. And with the 4 mm total travel and 45 gf of actuation force, you can’t miss the feedback of the keys which is one of the most important aspects of a mechanical keyboard.

Best Features

  • The set contains 20 switches
  • These are tactile and clicky mechanical switches
  • They require 45 gf actuation force
  • Ideal choice for hot-swappable keyboards


  • Suitable for typing as well as gaming
  • Sensible feedback without loud clicking noise
  • Suitable for DIY projects


  • Not as silent as other options

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7. GK GAMAKAY Quiet Keyboard Switch

GK GAMAKAY Quiet Keyboard SwitchComing back to our budget range of options for a silent mechanical switch set, we have a decent option coming from GK GAMAKAY. This is also a fairly popular option when it comes to mechanical keyboards.

The GK GAMAKAY Silent Linear Mechanical Keyboard Switch is also a great set since it is an affordable choice and you get 35 units in each set. Also, these are pre-lubed switches which is a great aspect for a budget option. These 3-pin switches can be used for LK67 TK75 or CK68 keyboards without any doubt in terms of compatibility. Plus, the actuation force of 40 gf paired with the total travel distance of 4 mm brings these keys on par with the premium choices in terms of experience and performance.

On top of that, these switches also come with a silicone O-ring, making the keys feel a lot softer. It also prevents fatigue caused by rigorous usage. The approximate lifespan of each of these keys is about 50 million keystrokes, which is not that far away from what you get with a premium option. Also, there is a built-in LED slot on each switch, making it ideal for modding and self-assembly.

Best Features

  • The set contains 35 switches
  • These are silent linear mechanical switches
  • They require 40 gf actuation force
  • Each switch has an LED slot


  • One of the budget choices for silent mechanical switch
  • Travel distance and actuation force is pretty good
  • Compatible with MX keyboard structure


  • More keys should have been included in the set

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8. Kailh Quiet Keyboard Switch

Kailh Quiet Keyboard SwitchFor the last position, we have reserved yet another popular mechanical switch brand called Kailh. Kailh is also a leading supplier of mechanical switches for budget-friendly mechanical keyboards.

We are finishing off our picks for the best quiet keyboard switches with yet another highly reliable and popular option, Kailh Box Silent Mechanical Keyboard Switches. Also, this is one more ideal choice for you if you need a lot of switches since this set offers 90 units. However, the most important parameters of this keyboard is its 3.6 mm travel distance and linear mechanism available with pink and brown versions.

As this is one of the reliable brands on the market, you can expect a lifespan of about 80,000,000 cycles for each key, making it last for years before you need another replacement. And with the universal 3-pin design, the installation of the keys becomes pretty easy on any hot-swap capable mechanical keyboard. Overall, these keys also turn out to be favorable by both writers and gamers.

Best Features

  • The set contains 90 switches
  • These are silent mechanical switches
  • They require 35 gf actuation force
  • Favored by writers and gamers alike


  • Silent linear keyboard with low actuation force
  • Largest st of silent mechanical switches
  • Up to 80,000,000 cycle lifespan rating


  • Other options are much more affordable

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best Quiet Keyboard Switches

So far, we have discussed some of the best options available out there for a set of quiet mechanical keyboard switches. So if you are looking for a set, you have landed on the right page. You can also find the best features of each set mentioned alongside a brief review to help you understand the product completely.

But when it comes to comparing 2 or more options, you need to be aware of some important factors that make a lot of difference in the performance of these switches. So to help you with that, we have also prepared this helpful buying guide for the best quiet keyboard switches. In this guide, we will go over some of these factors and explain their importance as well as which option you should choose to get the best performance from your keyboard.

1. Type of Switch

Since you are looking for mechanical switches designed to offer a silent performance, you should first check out what type of switches you are getting in a set. The type of switch is particularly important when it comes to a mechanical quiet keyboard switch set. Quiet switches are designed to minimize the noise produced during typing, making them ideal for office environments, shared spaces, or situations where noise reduction is desired.

The choice of the switch determines the mechanism used to register key presses and the sound they produce. With that in mind, it is important to consider that not all mechanical switches are designed to be silent. In fact, there are a handful of tactile options which can be annoyingly loud. For such an option, you will need dampeners or rubber pads to help reduce the noise generated when the keycap hits the switch housing or when the switch resets. In any case, linear mechanical switches are comparatively quieter than tactile options.

2. Actuation Force & Travel Distance

The actuation force and travel distance are important considerations when choosing a mechanical quiet keyboard switch set. The right combination of actuation force and travel distance can definitely ensure a comfortable, efficient, and more importantly, a quiet typing experience.

Actuation force refers to the amount of pressure required to register a keystroke. It affects the level of effort needed to type and can significantly impact typing speed and fatigue. A lighter actuation force allows for faster and more effortless typing, reducing strain on the fingers and hands. On the other hand, a heavier actuation force may provide better precision and reduce the likelihood of accidental key presses.

Travel distance refers to the distance a key travels from the resting position to actuation. A shorter travel distance means the key requires less physical movement to register, which can lead to faster typing speeds. It also reduces the time between keystrokes, improving overall responsiveness. Conversely, a longer travel distance may provide more satisfying tactile feedback and a sense of key stability.

3. Material

The material of the switch is yet another factor that can impact the noise level of the switches as well as the overall build quality and reliability of the switch. The material used in constructing the switch components, such as the stem, housing, and dampeners, can play a crucial role in reducing noise.

Certain materials, like nylon or POM (polyoxymethylene), are often used for switch housing or sliders as they can help dampen the sound generated during key presses. The use of materials with good sound-absorbing properties can also contribute to a quieter typing experience, making them ideal for quiet keyboard switch sets. Apart from that, The material of the stem and slider also affects the smoothness of key travel and actuation force.

4. Switch Set

Lastly, we will recommend you check the number of keys available in a set to ensure whether you are buying the most compatible option for your keyboard or not. First of all, the number of keys in a set should match the layout of the keyboard you intend to use.

Different keyboard layouts, such as full-size, tenkeyless (TKL), or compact 60% keyboards, have varying key configurations. Ensuring that the switch set has the appropriate number of keys helps with the compatibility factor and also allows for a seamless installation without any missing or unused key slots. It also depends on how many switches you are willing to replace on your keyboard. Buying a set of premium switches will not be of much use if you are unable to replace all the important keys of your keyboard.

Quiet Keyboard Switches – FAQs

1. Is it possible to customize keyboard switches

Ans: Yes, it is possible to customize the sound level of your keyboard switches to some extent. However, you should keep in mind that the difference between buying an entire set of silent switches and customizing the keys are two completely different methods. And to be fair, the prior will offer a noticeable difference whereas the difference may be negligible with the latter. But if you still wish to customize your keys, you can use special switch lubricants or O-ring dampeners for your keys.

2. Which mechanical switch requires the least actuation force?

Ans: Right now, the linear pink switches from Kailh appear to be one of the lightest silent mechanical key switches. These keys require only 35 gf of force with a travel distance of 3.6 mm. Plus, these are authentic linear mechanical switches, which means that there is smaller tactile feedback on the switches, offering an even quieter performance. Another great thing about these switches is that they are rated for up to 80,000,000 cycles, offering reliability for years to come.

3. Are linear switches quieter than tactile ones?

Ans: If you put both tactile and linear keys against each other, you will notice that linear keys are somewhat quieter than clicky or tactile options. The main reason behind that is the fact that  linear switches have a smooth keystroke without any tactile bump or audible click. When you are pressing a key with a linear switch, there is a consistent and linear force needed throughout the entire key travel. So, there is almost no additional tactile or auditory feedback coming from the switch.

4. Which mechanical switch is better for gaming?

Ans: While a lot of buyers prefer linear switches for gaming to avoid unnecessary noise, tactile keys are also equally preferred by those who use the same keyboard for working as well as gaming. Linear switches offer smooth and consistent keystrokes without a tactile bump, making them suitable for fast and repetitive key presses. Tactile switches have a noticeable bump that provides tactile feedback, aiding in key recognition and precise inputs. As you can imagine, both options offer benefits in different genres of games. So ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference for a mechanical switch.


Nowadays, almost everything has become modular so that you can simply replace some parts of the unit instead of having to replace an entire thing. The same goes for mechanical keyboards, especially the ones that allow hotkey swapping. This is a simple mechanism implemented in mechanical keyboards which allow its users to replace the key switches without having to desolder or physically modify the keyboard. So, you can simply buy a set of mechanical switches of your preference and install them on your keyboard, making it feel exactly like a new model.

And since a lot of users prefer having a silent mechanical keyboard, we have created this list of the best mechanical switches available right now which are not only silent but also very light and responsive. You can get all the necessary information along with each of our choices along with a short review to help you understand the key completely. You can also check out our buying guide for the best quiet keyboard switches to help you make a decision quickly. Lastly, we will talk about some of our personal favorite picks from this list which can also be ideal in your case.

  • Outemu is one of the most highly renowned switch manufacturers on the market and almost all budget mechanical keyboards are paired with outemu switches. On our picks, outemu is bringing the cheapest option for a silent key switch, the Outemu Quiet Keyboard Switch. These 3-pin switches are designed for gaming and offer a higher travel distance of 4 mm with an actuation distance of 2 mm. These are also relatively stronger since they require an actuation force of 45 gf. You will receive 20 keys in this set which is good enough to test the keys before buying a bunch.
  • Although, if you are looking forward to replacing almost all switches on your keyboard, then the Kailh Quiet Keyboard Switch set will be perfect for you. Since Kailh is also a renowned brand, there is no doubt about the reliability of the switches. What’s more important is that you will get 90 units in a single set, bringing down the effective cost of each switch. These are also authentic linear switches that offer a 3.6 mm travel distance and need an actuation force of only 35 gf. And since this is a reliable brand, Kailh is assuring up to 80,000,000 cycles lifespan for each switch.
  • Since most of you will be looking for a reliable option, our last recommendation would be the Akko CS Quiet Keyboard Switch. These are also pretty cheap compared to other options as you are getting 45 units in the set, all of which are tactile and operate on a 36 gf actuation force. Each of these keys is rated for 60 million keystrokes, ensuring their reliability for many years to come. Another great fact about these keys is that they require a relatively lower 36 gf operating force compared to other options. So, you can enjoy the switches at your maximum typing speed without any problem.

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