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How to Turn Off Someone’s iPhone?

If you desperately want to switch off someone’s iPhone, surprisingly there are more than one ways to do it. If you are wondering how this article will help you get a perspective about this thing. The easiest way to shut down a distant iPhone is by sending a text message reading ‘Shutdown’. Once the recipient of the message checks it through an iPhone it automatically shuts down. Moreover, this is not all, you can also delete the sim card by turning on aeroplane mode. For alternate methods, you can also try to use the ‘Find my iPhone’ application.

Many people might find it funny and astonishing that you are turning someone’s iPhone off with such high-level security. Well, this can be achieved due to a small glitch in the operating system of the iPhone. On receiving the message on the iMessage app the iPhone will immediately reboot itself. This method applies to all iOS devices. However, after this happens, if you are concerned with the privacy settings of your iOS device then you can request a factory reset for the same.

How to Shut Down the iPhone Using the ‘Find my iPhone’ Feature?

Once you are aware of the iPhone user’s iCloud credentials. You can easily shut down the phone remotely by transferring it to the lost mode.

When the iPhone is now in lost mode, every data on that particular iPhone is deleted or removed from the memory. But, this feature will not successfully shut down the phone. The person who now has the phone can see some message that you decide to put for them on the screen.

Some other tasks can be fulfilled with the ‘Find my iPhone’ application. They are listed below.

  • It can disable apps like Apple Pay.
  • It can temporarily enable the location of the device to let you know.
  • It can customise a message so that it appears on the screen.
  • It can change the speaker settings to mute. So, now there will be no sounds played when receiving any messages or calls.
  • It can also lock the iPhone completely so that no person without knowing the password can get through the phone.

How to shut down any iPhone with a text?

So, believe it or not, there is a text that can cause an iPhone to malfunction or even turn off. This happens due to a bug that is present in the iOS software. Also, this bug is not new and was also found in the 2008 and 2013 versions of the iOS software. Likewise, a top social media app like Whatsapp has also faced a similar issue. The netizens termed it the ‘text bomb’.



لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣH ॣ ॣ


The above text is the message which will force shut down your iPhone. This message is the ‘Word of Death’ coded in a unique way which will cause the app to crash while opening it. Invariably, the phone’s system will crash and only the reboot option will restore your iPhone to the normal settings.

Are There Any Other ways to Shut Down the iPhone Remotely?

If in any case, you have lost your precious iPhone, the first thing that you would want to do is switch it off so that no one else can access your data. The applications installed in the iPhone can not turn the phone off as the iPhone does not allow them to mess with the operating system. Some of the ways to turn off the iPhone remotely are listed below.

  • The safest and best option to turn your iPhone off remotely is by using the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature from iCloud.
  • You can also turn your iPhone off or disable it remotely if the device is synced with your Apple Watch.

Can you Freeze Someone Else’s iPhone?

If you have ever wished to freeze someone else’s phone then it has now been made possible with just a single evil message. If any iPad or iPhone user is on your radar, you can try sending a string of text which acts as a bug for the iOS software.

This bug will cause the iPhone to crash or hang for a few minutes before restoring to the original settings. This is an amazing way to prank anyone with an Apple device. The iOS software has trouble with this string bug as it combines three symbols that the software fails to read. Now, someone’s iPhone can also be frozen with the use of a password remotely.

Can you Fix a Power Glitch on an iPhone?

Well, yes it is possible to fix a glitch on someone else’s iPhone. There are some ways to do it. The first one is by sending a shutdown text message which will force the phone to reboot. Once it turns on, the controls will be restored to normal. The next way is that you can try to restart the phone.

This is a safe way as it will not delete any kind of data, contacts or contents. The glitch is usually caused by any software update on the iPhone which can be fixed by restarting or rebooting your phone.

Final Word

The best way to turn off anyone’s iPhone remotely is by the use of the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature that can be downloaded from iCloud. However, if your iPhone is not updated, then you also try turning the phone off by using the ‘shutdown’ text message. We have tried to answer all ways to turn off the iPhone remotely. If you still have doubts, you can write to us in the comments section below.

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