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Leela Prasad


Internet speeds are usually measured in terms of bits per second, and the actual speeds that most people are getting these days as provided by

Macs are great for programmers, especially if you work with Python. They support many programming languages well, and Macs handle Python tasks smoothly. If you’re

To experience the best performance of the Spectrum app, a user must have a TV with all the required compatibility options. Now it can be

Website development has become more than essential – because it’s hard to image a business without a website or App in this digital era. If

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to good music while they are cruising in your car? It is one of the best ways to listen to music

Universal Serial Bus or simply USB is a popular computer interface that we use to connect a variety of peripherals and devices. Some of the

Power Tools help you to cut, make holes, hammer and many other tasks with very little effort and produce pretty accurate and precise results. Of

We use the Electrical Energy provided by our utility company to provide us with light, heat, running appliances etc. Since electric potential (voltage) and current

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI is a very useful electrical device that can save lives. Electric shock is a major cause of injuries (sometimes

Bluetooth is such an easy-to-use technology that almost every smartphone has it and anyone can use it to share files from one device to another.